Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies from 1955: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey!

Roll out the red carpet and dust off your vintage popcorn machine, because we’re about to take a nostalgic trip back to 1955 – a golden year in cinematic history! This was a time when Marilyn Monroe was the reigning queen of Hollywood, James Dean was the heartthrob du jour, and the silver screen was filled with technicolor dreams. From heart-wrenching dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, 1955 had it all. So, whether you’re a film buff, a history enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good flick, buckle up! We’re about to countdown the top 20 fan-favorite movies from this iconic year. These are the films that made audiences laugh, cry, and gasp in surprise, and they’re still just as captivating today. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the reel and dive into the cinematic gems of 1955!
Pather Panchali

Pather Panchali

Release Date: 1955-08-26

Genres: Drama

“Pather Panchali” is a captivating movie released in 1955 that tells the story of Harihar Ray, an impoverished priest from rural Bengal. Determined to improve his family’s life, Harihar embarks on a journey in search of work. With a talented cast including Subir Banerjee, Uma Das Gupta, and Karuna Banerjee, this film beautifully portrays the struggles and dreams of a family in a mesmerizing way.

Cast: Subir Banerjee (Apurba Ray) , Uma Das Gupta (Durga Ray) , Karuna Banerjee (Sarbojaya Ray) , Kanu Bannerjee (Harihar Ray) , Chunibala Devi (Indir Thakrun) , Runki Banerjee (Little Durga Ray) , Reba Devi (Seja Thakrun) , Aparna Devi (Nilmoni’s wife) , Tulsi Chakraborty (Prasanna, school teacher) , Haren Banerjee (Chinibas, Sweet-seller) , Rampada Das () , Nibhanani Devi (Dasi Thakurun) , Rama Gangopadhaya (Ranu Mookerjee) , Roma Ganguli (Roma) , Binoy Mukherjee (Baidyanath Majumdar) , Haridhan Nag () , Harimohan Nag (Doctor) , Kshirod Roy (Priest) , Suren Roy ()

Directors: Satyajit Ray

Writers: Satyajit Ray, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Tags: robbery, move, monsoon, difficult childhood, misery, priest, remembered death, teacher, writer, railroad, unemployment



Release Date: 1955-01-09

Genres: Drama

“Ordet” is a thought-provoking Danish film from 1955 that explores the religious beliefs of a devout farmer’s three sons. As their differing faiths clash, the family is faced with a challenging situation when the eldest son’s wife experiences a difficult childbirth. With a stellar cast including Henrik Malberg and Birgitte Federspiel, this movie delves into the complexities of faith and tests the characters’ beliefs in a captivating way.

Cast: Henrik Malberg (Morten Borgen (uncredited)) , Birgitte Federspiel (Inger Borgen (uncredited)) , Emil Hass Christensen (Mikkel Borgen (uncredited)) , Preben Lerdorff Rye (Johannes Borgen (uncredited)) , Cay Kristiansen (Anders Borgen (uncredited)) , Ejner Federspiel (Peter Petersen (uncredited)) , Gerda Nielsen (Anne Petersen (uncredited)) , Sylvia Eckhausen (Kirstin Petersen (uncredited)) , Ann Elisabeth Groth (Maren Borgen (uncredited)) , Susanne Rud (Lilleinger Borgen (uncredited)) , Ove Rud (Pastor (uncredited)) , Henry Skjær (The Doctor (uncredited)) , Edith Trane (Mette Maren (uncredited)) , Hanne Agesen (Karen (uncredited)) , Kirsten Andreasen ((uncredited))

Directors: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Writers: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Kaj Munk

Tags: faith, religion, religious fundamentalism, pregnant wife

The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter

Release Date: 1955-08-26

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“The Night of the Hunter” is a thrilling movie set in the Deep South of 1955. Starring Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, and Lillian Gish, it follows the chilling story of a serial-killing preacher on the hunt for two young children who hold the key to a hidden fortune. With a stellar cast and a gripping plot, this film is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful thrillers from the 1950s.

Cast: Robert Mitchum (Harry Powell) , Shelley Winters (Willa Harper) , Lillian Gish (Rachel Cooper) , James Gleason (Birdie Steptoe) , Evelyn Varden (Icey Spoon) , Peter Graves (Ben Harper) , Don Beddoe (Walt Spoon) , Billy Chapin (John Harper) , Sally Jane Bruce (Pearl Harper) , Gloria Castillo (Ruby) , James Griffith (District Attorney (uncredited)) , Gloria Pall (Burlesque Dancer (uncredited))

Directors: Charles Laughton

Writers: James Agee, Charles Laughton, Davis Grubb

Tags: prison, window, fanatic, count, film noir, murder, money, religion, theft, doll, hymn, children on the run

East of Eden

East of Eden

Release Date: 1955-04-10

Genres: Drama

“East of Eden” is a captivating drama set in the Salinas Valley during World War I. It follows Cal Trask as he navigates the challenges of competing with his brother for their father’s love. Frustrated by the war, business, and his relationship with his estranged mother, Cal’s journey is brought to life by an incredible cast including James Dean, Julie Harris, and Raymond Massey. Released in 1955, this movie is a must-watch for anyone seeking a compelling story of love, rivalry, and self-discovery.

Cast: James Dean (Cal Trask) , Julie Harris (Abra Bacon) , Raymond Massey (Adam Trask) , Richard Davalos (Aron Trask) , Jo Van Fleet (Kate Trask) , Burl Ives (Sam the Sheriff) , Albert Dekker (Will Hamilton) , Lois Smith (Anne) , Harold Gordon (Gustav Albrecht) , Nick Dennis (Rantani) , Abdullah Abbas (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)) , John Alban (Townsman (uncredited)) , Rose Allen (Townswoman at Carnival (uncredited)) , Frank Baker (Townsman (uncredited)) , Barbara Baxley (Nurse (uncredited)) , John Beradino (Coalman at Lettuce Field (uncredited)) , Joe Brooks (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)) , Nora Bush (Townswoman at Carnival (uncredited)) , Timothy Carey (Joe (uncredited)) , Jack Carr (Charlie (Townsman at Carnival) (uncredited)) , Wheaton Chambers (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)) , Lonny Chapman (Roy Turner (Automobile Mechanic) (uncredited)) , Edward Clark (Draft Board Member (uncredited)) , Harry Cording (Bouncer (uncredited)) , Roger Creed (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited))

Directors: Elia Kazan

Writers: John Steinbeck, Paul Osborn

Tags: individual, sibling relationship, rebel, southern usa, based on novel or book, birthday, big wheel, love, money, beans, 1910s, monterey

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause

Release Date: 1955-10-29

Genres: Drama

“Rebel Without a Cause” is a classic movie from 1955 that tells the story of Jim Stark, a rebellious teenager who moves to a new town and tries to start fresh. However, trouble finds him as he forms a bond with a troubled classmate and falls for a girl who happens to be the girlfriend of a tough guy in the neighborhood. With an amazing cast including James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo, this film explores themes of teenage angst, love, and the challenges of fitting in. It was released on October 29, 1955, and is considered one of the best movies of that year.

Cast: James Dean (Jim Stark) , Natalie Wood (Judy) , Sal Mineo (John ‘Plato’ Crawford) , Jim Backus (Frank Stark) , Ann Doran (Carol Stark) , Corey Allen (Buzz Gunderson) , William Hopper (Judy’s Father) , Rochelle Hudson (Judy’s Mother) , Dennis Hopper (Goon) , Edward Platt (Ray Fremick) , Steffi Sidney (Mil) , Marietta Canty (Crawford Maid) , Virginia Brissac (Jim’s Grandmother) , Beverly Long (Helen) , Ian Wolfe (Dr. Minton) , Frank Mazzola (Crunch) , Robert Foulk (Gene) , Jack Simmons (Cookie) , Tom Bernard (Harry) , Nick Adams (Chick) , Jack Grinnage (Moose) , Clifford Morris (Cliff) , Almira Sessions (Planetarium Teacher (uncredited)) , Paul Birch (Police Lieutenant (uncredited)) , Dorothy Abbott (Nurse (uncredited))

Directors: Nicholas Ray

Writers: Nicholas Ray, Irving Shulman, Stewart Stern

Tags: individual, rebel, street gang, car race, parent child relationship, underground world, authority, unsociability, coming of age, based on short story, teen rebel, griffith observatory, teenager



Release Date: 1955-04-11

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Marty” is a heartwarming movie set in 1955 about a kind-hearted butcher named Marty who lives with his mother in the Bronx. Despite being constantly pressured by his loved ones to settle down, Marty has accepted his single life. However, everything changes when he meets Clara, a school teacher who may not fit society’s standards of beauty but shares a deep emotional connection with him. As their story unfolds, Marty must navigate the opinions of his family and friends while deciding whether to pursue a relationship with Clara. Starring Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair, this beloved film was released on April 11, 1955, and is considered one of the best movies of that year.

Cast: Ernest Borgnine (Marty Piletti) , Betsy Blair (Clara Snyder) , Esther Minciotti (Mrs. Theresa Piletti) , Augusta Ciolli (Aunt Catherine) , Joe Mantell (Angie) , Karen Steele (Virginia) , Jerry Paris (Tommy) , James Bell (Mr. Snyder (uncredited)) , John Beradino (Man in Bar (uncredited)) , Charles Cane (Lou – Bartender (uncredited)) , Paddy Chayefsky (Leo (uncredited)) , John Dennis (Andy (uncredited)) , Walter Kelley (The Kid (uncredited)) , Doris Kemper (Bit Role (uncredited)) , John Milford ((uncredited)) , Silvio Minciotti (Butcher (uncredited)) , Robin Morse (Joe (uncredited)) , Kathleen Mulqueen (Irish Lady Talking in Bar (uncredited)) , George Nardelli (Bar Patron (uncredited)) , Jerry Orbach (Ballroom Patron (uncredited)) , Edwin Rochelle (Hotel Clerk (uncredited)) , Glenn Strange (Bit Role (uncredited)) , Frank Sutton (Ralph (uncredited)) , Hal Taggart (Churchgoer Extra (uncredited)) , Minerva Urecal (Mrs. Rosari (uncredited))

Directors: Delbert Mann

Writers: Paddy Chayefsky

Tags: italian american, butcher, marriage, love, teacher, crying, overbearing mother, dance hall, old maid

Smiles of a Summer Night

Smiles of a Summer Night

Release Date: 1955-12-26

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Smiles of a Summer Night” is a charming and witty movie set in the early 20th century. It follows the story of a middle-aged lawyer and his young wife who haven’t consummated their marriage, leading to a series of romantic entanglements. With a talented cast and a plot filled with unexpected pairings and seductive bets, this 1955 film is a delightful choice for a cozy movie night.

Cast: Gunnar Björnstrand (Fredrik Egerman) , Ulla Jacobsson (Anne Egerman) , Eva Dahlbeck (Desirée Armfeldt) , Harriet Andersson (Petra) , Margit Carlqvist (Countess Charlotte Malcolm) , Jarl Kulle (Count Carl Magnus Malcolm) , Åke Fridell (Frid) , Björn Bjelfvenstam (Henrik Egerman) , Naima Wifstrand (Desirée’s Mother) , Jullan Kindahl (Beata) , Gull Natorp (Malla) , Birgitta Valberg (Actress) , Bibi Andersson (Actress) , Gunnar Nielsen (Niklas (uncredited)) , Gösta Prüzelius (Manservant (uncredited)) , Svea Holst (Dresser (uncredited)) , Mona Malm (Maid (uncredited)) , Lena Söderblom (Maid (uncredited)) , Josef Norman (Guest (uncredited)) , Yngve Nordwall (Ferdinand (uncredited)) , Hans Strååt (Adolf Almgren (uncredited)) , Lisa Lundholm (Mrs. Almgren (uncredited)) , Börje Mellvig (Clerk (uncredited)) , David Erikson (Tobacconist (uncredited)) , Arne Lindblad (Actor (uncredited))

Directors: Ingmar Bergman

Writers: Ingmar Bergman

Tags: country house, ex-lover, lawyer, mistress, extramarital affair, early 1900s, unconsummated marriage

All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows

Release Date: 1955-12-25

Genres: Drama, Romance

“All That Heaven Allows” is a captivating 1955 movie that tells the story of Cary Scott, a wealthy widow who unexpectedly falls in love with her younger gardener. As their romance blossoms, they face disapproval and criticism from Cary’s children and country club friends due to their different social classes. With a stellar cast including Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson, this heartfelt film explores the challenges of love and societal expectations in a beautifully portrayed tale set in 1950s America.

Cast: Jane Wyman (Cary Scott) , Rock Hudson (Ron Kirby) , Agnes Moorehead (Sara Warren) , Conrad Nagel (Harvey) , Virginia Grey (Alida Anderson) , Gloria Talbott (Kay Scott) , William Reynolds (Ned Scott) , Charles Drake (Mick Anderson) , Hayden Rorke (Dr. Hennessy) , Jacqueline deWit (Mona Plash) , Leigh Snowden (Jo-Ann Grisby) , Donald Curtis (Howard Hoffer) , Alex Gerry (George Warren) , Nestor Paiva (Manuel) , Forrest Lewis (Mr. Weeks) , Tol Avery (Tom Allenby) , Merry Anders (Mary Ann) , Helen Andrews (Myrtle (uncredited)) , Eleanor Audley (Mrs. Humphrey (uncredited)) , Lillian Culver (Mrs. Taylor (uncredited)) , John Davidson (Man (uncredited)) , Alan DeWitt (Station Master (uncredited)) , Helen Dickson (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Donna Jo Gribble (Miss Taylor (uncredited)) , Jim Hayward (John (uncredited))

Directors: Douglas Sirk

Writers: Edna L. Lee, Peggy Thompson, Harry Lee

Tags: widow, gardener, new england, older woman younger man relationship



Release Date: 1955-12-22

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

“Sissi” is a heartwarming romantic film released in 1955. Set in Austria, it tells the enchanting story of a young Bavarian princess named Elisabeth, affectionately known as Sissi. During a chance encounter while fishing, Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph fall deeply in love, creating a captivating tale of unexpected romance. Starring Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Böhm, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking a delightful and timeless love story.

Cast: Romy Schneider (Princess Elisabeth) , Karlheinz Böhm (Emperor Franz Joseph) , Magda Schneider (Duchess Ludovika) , Uta Franz (Princess Helene) , Gustav Knuth (Duke Max) , Vilma Degischer (Archduchess Sophie) , Josef Meinrad (Major Böckl) , Erich Nikowitz (Archduke Franz Karl) , Karl Fochler (Grünne) , Franz Böheim (Johann Petzmacher) , Peter Weck (Archduke Karl Ludwig) , Hilde Wagener (Baronin Wulffen) , Fritz Muliar (Blumenbote) , Egon von Jordan (Minister) , Richard Eybner (Postmeister von Ischl) , Otto Treßler (Radetzky)

Directors: Ernst Marischka

Writers: Ernst Marischka

Tags: sibling relationship, love at first sight, husband wife relationship, marriage proposal, attachment to nature, love of one’s life, anonymity, bavaria, germany, emperor, mistake in person, love of animals, ball, horseback riding, telegram, bad mother-in-law, chase, biography, schloss schönbrunn, historical figure, royalty, empress, wedding, period drama, vienna, austria, austria-hungary, habsburger, empress elisabeth of austria

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

Release Date: 1955-05-19

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

“The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz” is a dark and twisted black comedy from 1955 that follows the story of a man named Archibaldo who harbors an unusual ambition – to become a notorious serial killer of women. Starring Ernesto Alonso, Miroslava, and Rita Macedo, this bizarre film takes you on a wild ride as Archibaldo’s plans don’t quite go as expected. Released on May 19, 1955, this movie is sure to leave you both intrigued and perplexed.

Cast: Ernesto Alonso (Archibaldo de la Cruz) , Miroslava (Lavinia) , Rita Macedo (Patricia Terrazas) , Andrea Palma (Mrs. Cervantes) , Rodolfo Landa (Alejandro Rivas) , Ariadna Welter (Carlota Cervantes) , José María Linares Rivas (Willy Corduran) , Leonor Llausás (The Governess) , Eva Calvo (Señora de la Cruz, Archibaldo’s mother) , Enrique Díaz ‘Indiano’ (Señor de la Cruz, Archibaldo’s father) , Carlos Riquelme (The Commissioner) , Carlos Martínez Baena (Priest) , Manuel Dondé (Colonel at wedding) , Armando Velasco (Judge) , Armando Acosta (Man at Gordo’s (uncredited)) , Eduardo Alcaraz (Gordo Azuara (uncredited)) , Janet Alcoriza (American tourist (uncredited)) , Rafael Banquells hijo (Archibaldo as a boy (uncredited)) , Antonio Bravo (Antiques dealer (uncredited)) , Emilio Brillas (Mannequin maker (uncredited)) , Lupe Carriles (Maid at Carlota’s home (uncredited)) , Jorge Casanova (Draftsman (uncredited)) , Jorge Chesterking (Tourist from Oklahoma (uncredited)) , Ángel Di Stefani (Police agent (uncredited)) , Enedina Díaz de León (Maid (uncredited))

Directors: Luis Buñuel

Writers: Luis Buñuel, Eduardo Ugarte, Rodolfo Usigli

Tags: surrealism, dark comedy, wedding, car accident, older man younger woman relationship, nonlinear timeline, suicide note, dress shop, american tourist

The Swindle

The Swindle

Release Date: 1955-10-07

Genres: Drama, Crime

“The Swindle” is a captivating 1955 movie starring Broderick Crawford, Giulietta Masina, and Richard Basehart. It follows the story of Augusto, an aging small-time conman, who teams up with two younger men, Roberto and Bruno, for a series of misadventures. As mishaps and personal entanglements unfold, Augusto’s world takes a turn for the worse. With a talented cast and a release date of October 7, 1955, this film promises an intriguing tale of deception and unexpected consequences.

Cast: Broderick Crawford (Augusto) , Giulietta Masina (Iris) , Franco Fabrizi (Roberto) , Richard Basehart (Picasso) , Lorella De Luca (Patrizia, Augusto’s daughter) , Xenia Valderi (Luciana) , Alberto de Amisis (Rinaldo) , Giacomo Gabrielli (le Baron Charlie Vargas) , Gianni Di Segni (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Sue Ellen Blake (Susanna) , Irene Cefaro (Marisa) , Riccardo Garrone (Riccardo) , Paul Grenter () , Emilio Manfredi () , Lucetta Muratori () , Mario Passante () , Sara Simoni () , Mara Werlen () , Maria Zanoli () , Ettore Bevilacqua ()

Directors: Federico Fellini

Writers: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano

Tags: con man, black and white

To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief

Release Date: 1955-08-03

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Comedy

“To Catch a Thief” is a thrilling 1955 movie starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. It follows the story of an ex-thief who is wrongly accused of a new crime spree. Determined to clear his name, he embarks on a mission to catch the imposter thief who is copying his unique style. With a stellar cast and an intriguing plot, this film is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful classics.

Cast: Cary Grant (John Robie) , Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens) , Jessie Royce Landis (Jessie Stevens) , John Williams (H. H. Hughson) , Charles Vanel (Bertani) , Brigitte Auber (Danielle Foussard) , Jean Martinelli (Foussard) , Georgette Anys (Germaine) , René Blancard (Commissaire Lepic (uncredited)) , William ‘Wee Willie’ Davis (Big Man in Kitchen (uncredited)) , Bess Flowers (Masquerade Party Guest (uncredited)) , Bernard Sell (Casino Patron (uncredited)) , Charles Sherlock (Detective (uncredited)) , Philip Van Zandt (Jewelry Clerk (uncredited)) , Alfred Hitchcock (Man Sitting Next to John Robie on Bus (uncredited)) , Roland Lesaffre (Bertani Employee (uncredited)) , George Boyce (Party Guest (uncredited)) , John Alderson (Detective at the Costume Ball (uncredited)) , Louis Mercier (Croupier (uncredited)) , Alberto Morin (Detective (uncredited)) , Manuel París (Croupier (uncredited)) , Gladys Holland (Elegant French Woman / Additional Voices (uncredited))

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: David Dodge, John Michael Hayes

Tags: hotel, falsely accused, villa, jealousy, age difference, cat, expensive restaurant, nice, southern france, masked ball, roof, picnic, fireworks, côte d’azur, jewelry, police, blonde, french riviera, cat burglar, riviera

Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Day at Black Rock

Release Date: 1955-01-13

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Western

“Bad Day at Black Rock” is a gripping 1955 movie that follows the story of John J. Macreedy, a one-armed war veteran who arrives in the quiet town of Black Rock. As he delves deeper into the town’s secrets, he uncovers a web of lies, secrecy, and murder. With an incredible cast including Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, and Anne Francis, this film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys thrilling mysteries set in small-town America.

Cast: Spencer Tracy (John J. Macreedy) , Robert Ryan (Reno Smith) , Anne Francis (Liz Wirth) , Dean Jagger (Tim Horn) , Walter Brennan (Doc T.R. Velie Jr.) , John Ericson (Pete Wirth) , Ernest Borgnine (Coley Trimble) , Lee Marvin (Hector David) , Russell Collins (Mr. Hastings) , Walter Sande (Sam) , Billy Dix (Cafe Lounger (uncredited)) , K.L. Smith (Cafe Lounger (uncredited)) , Robert Griffin (Second Train Conductor (uncredited)) , Harry Harvey (First Train Conductor (uncredited)) , Bobby Johnson (One of Two Porters (uncredited)) , Francis McDonald (Tall – White-haired Cafe Lounger (uncredited))

Directors: John Sturges

Writers: Millard Kaufman, Don McGuire, Howard Breslin

Tags: film noir, murder, racism, desert, based on short story, post world war ii, southwestern u.s., one armed man, japanese american, 1940s

The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers

Release Date: 1955-12-08

Genres: Comedy, Crime

“The Ladykillers” is a classic comedy from 1955 that tells the story of five eccentric criminals who pose as musicians to plan a bank heist. They rent rooms from an elderly widow, played by Katie Johnson, and chaos ensues as their true intentions are revealed. With a talented cast including Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, and Herbert Lom, this film is a must-watch for fans of witty humor and clever plot twists.

Cast: Alec Guinness (Professor Marcus) , Cecil Parker (Claude, alias ‘Major Courtney’) , Herbert Lom (Louis, alias ‘Mr. Harvey’) , Peter Sellers (Harry, alias ‘Mr. Robinson’) , Danny Green (‘One-Round’, alias ‘Mr. Lawson’) , Katie Johnson (Mrs. Wilberforce) , Jack Warner (The Superintendent) , Philip Stainton (The Sergeant) , Frankie Howerd (The Barrow Boy) , Madge Brindley (Large Lady (uncredited)) , Hélène Burls (Hypatia (uncredited)) , Kenneth Connor (Cab Driver (uncredited)) , Michael Corcoran (Burglar (uncredited)) , Harold Goodwin (Parcels Clerk (uncredited)) , Fred Griffiths (Junk Man (uncredited)) , Lucy Griffiths (Miss Pringle (uncredited)) , George Hilsdon (Security Van Driver (uncredited)) , Vincent Holman (Station Master (uncredited)) , Stratford Johns (Security Guard (uncredited)) , Sam Kydd (Second Cab Driver (uncredited)) , Edie Martin (Lettice (uncredited)) , Jack Melford (Detective (uncredited)) , Arthur Mullard ((uncredited)) , Ewan Roberts (Constable (uncredited)) , George Roderick (Radio Car Policeman (uncredited))

Directors: Alexander Mackendrick

Writers: William Rose, Jimmy O’Connor

Tags: parrot, gang of thieves, widow, dark comedy, money, criminal, old lady, landlady, planning, steam locomotive, octogenarian, quintet, armored van robbery, rented rooms, bumbling crooks

Don Camillo's Last Round

Don Camillo’s Last Round

Release Date: 1955-09-29

Genres: Comedy, History

“Don Camillo’s Last Round” is a delightful 1955 movie that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring Fernandel, Gino Cervi, and Claude Sylvain, the film follows the story of Don Camillo, a good-hearted priest who discovers that his rival, Peppone, plans to run for parliament. Against the Lord’s recommendations, Don Camillo decides to campaign against him, leading to a hilarious clash of wits and a heartwarming tale of friendship and rivalry.

Cast: Fernandel (Don Camillo Tarocci) , Gino Cervi (Peppone) , Claude Sylvain (Clotilde) , Leda Gloria (Maria Botazzi, moglie di Peppone) , Umberto Spadaro (Bezzi, il contadino) , Memmo Carotenuto (lo Spiccio) , Saro Urzì (il Brusco) , Guido Celano (il maresciallo) , Luigi Tosi (il Pretore) , Marco Tulli (lo smilzo) , Giuseppe Vinaver () , Lamberto Maggiorani (un cittadino democristiano) , Manuel Gary (avv. Cerratini, delegato del PCI) , Giovanni Onorato (il Lungo) , Renzo Giovampietro (il prigioniero ferito) , Carlo Duse (il Bigio) , Gustavo De Nardo (Filetti) , Gaston Rey (Bollini) , Stefano Alberici (il figlioletto di Peppone) , Aldo Vasco (il mezzadro Tasca) , Mario Siletti (avv. Stiletti, l’esaminatore) , André Hildebrand (un membro dell’opposizione) , Spartaco Pellicciari ()

Directors: Carmine Gallone

Writers: Giovanni Guareschi

Tags: rome, italy, pastor, communist, shenanigan, election campaign

The Man with the Golden Arm

The Man with the Golden Arm

Release Date: 1955-12-26

Genres: Drama, Crime

“The Man with the Golden Arm” is a gripping 1955 movie that tells the story of a drug addict named Frankie, played by Frank Sinatra. Set in the 1950s, the film explores Frankie’s struggle to confront his inner demons and overcome his addiction. With a stellar cast including Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak, this powerful drama is a must-watch for fans of classic cinema.

Cast: Frank Sinatra (Frankie Machine) , Eleanor Parker (Zosch Machine) , Kim Novak (Molly) , Arnold Stang (Sparrow) , Darren McGavin (Louie) , Robert Strauss (Schwiefka) , John Conte (Drunky) , Doro Merande (Vi) , George E. Stone (Sam Markette) , George Mathews (Williams) , Leonid Kinskey (Dominiwski) , Emile Meyer (Detective Bednar) , Shorty Rogers (Band Leader) , Shelly Manne (Drummer) , Herschel Graham (Club Safari Patron (uncredited)) , Frank Mills (Street Vagrant (uncredited)) , Harry ‘Snub’ Pollard (Street Vagrant (uncredited)) , Jeffrey Sayre (Club Safari Patron (uncredited))

Directors: Otto Preminger

Writers: Ben Hecht, Nelson Algren, Walter Newman, Lewis Meltzer

Tags: prison, poker, gambling, underground world, sense of guilt, jazz, drug dealer, rehabilitation, junkie, wheelchair, suspicion of murder, cold turkey, ex-lover, drums, insanity

The Miracle of Marcelino

The Miracle of Marcelino

Release Date: 1955-02-24

Genres: Drama, Comedy

“The Miracle of Marcelino” is a heartwarming movie released on February 24, 1955. It tells the story of Marcelino, a young boy raised by monks in a monastery. Feeling lonely, Marcelino discovers a special friend in the attic, who grants him a heartfelt wish. With a talented cast including Pablito Calvo, Rafael Rivelles, and Antonio Vico, this film is sure to touch your heart with its tale of friendship and kindness.

Cast: Pablito Calvo (Marcelino) , Rafael Rivelles (Padre Superior) , Antonio Vico (Fray Puerta) , Juan Calvo (Fray Papilla) , Fernando Rey (Monje narrador) , José Nieto (Civil Guard Commander) , José Marco Davó (Pascual) , Juanjo Menéndez (Fray Giles) , Matilde F. Vilariño (Marcelino (voice) (uncredited)) , Adriano Domínguez (Monk)

Directors: Ladislao Vajda

Writers: Ladislao Vajda, José María Sánchez Silva


Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly

Release Date: 1955-04-28

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Crime

“Kiss Me Deadly” is a thrilling film released in 1955 that follows the story of Hammer, a man who gives a ride to an escaped hitchhiker named Christina. Unfortunately, they are ambushed by thugs who cause a car crash, leading to Christina’s tragic death. Fueled by vengeance and a desire to uncover a mysterious conspiracy, Hammer embarks on a relentless pursuit of justice, hoping to unravel the truth behind it all. Starring Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, and Cloris Leachman, this movie promises an intense and gripping experience.

Cast: Ralph Meeker (Mike Hammer) , Albert Dekker (Dr. G.E. Soberin) , Paul Stewart (Carl Evello) , Juano Hernández (Eddie Yeager) , Wesley Addy (Lt. Pat Murphy) , Marian Carr (Friday) , Maxine Cooper (Velda) , Cloris Leachman (Christina Bailey) , Gaby Rodgers (Lily Carver) , Nick Dennis (Nick) , Jack Lambert (Sugar Smallhouse) , Jack Elam (Charlie Max) , Jerry Zinneman (Sammy) , Leigh Snowden (Cheesecake) , Percy Helton (Doc Kennedy) , Marjorie Bennett (Manager) , Strother Martin (Harvey Wallace) , John George (Popcorn Vendor (uncredited)) , Fortunio Bonanova (Carmen Trivago) , Nat King Cole (Self – Singer (voice)) , Kitty White (Club Vocalist) , Mady Comfort (Nightclub Singer) , Art Loggins (Bartender (uncredited)) , Robert Sherman (Gas Station Man (uncredited)) , Eddie Beal (Sideman (uncredited))

Directors: Robert Aldrich

Writers: A.I. Bezzerides, Mickey Spillane

Tags: film noir, hitchhiker, beach house, convertable

The Man from Laramie

The Man from Laramie

Release Date: 1955-08-19

Genres: Drama, Western

“The Man from Laramie” is a gripping Western film released in 1955, starring James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, and Donald Crisp. Set in an isolated town in New Mexico, the story follows Will Lockhart as he embarks on a mission to uncover the seller of rifles to the Apache tribe. However, he soon finds himself entangled in the complex lives of a secretive ranching family. With a stellar cast and a captivating plot, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Cast: James Stewart (Will Lockhart) , Arthur Kennedy (Vic Hansbro) , Donald Crisp (Alec Waggoman) , Cathy O’Donnell (Barbara Waggoman) , Alex Nicol (Dave Waggoman) , Aline MacMahon (Kate Canaday) , Wallace Ford (Charley O’Leary) , Jack Elam (Chris Boldt) , John War Eagle (Frank Darrah) , James Millican (Tom Quigby) , Gregg Barton (Fritz) , Boyd Stockman (Spud Oxton) , Frank De Kova (Padre) , Beulah Archuletta (Woman at Indian Wedding (Uncredited)) , Jack Carry (Mule Driver (uncredited)) , Bill Catching (Mule Driver (uncredited)) , Frank Cordell (Mule Driver (uncredited)) , Kay Koury (Indian (uncredited)) , Frosty Royce (Mule Driver (uncredited)) , Eddy Waller (Dr. Selden (uncredited))

Directors: Anthony Mann

Writers: Philip Yordan, Frank Burt, Thomas T. Flynn

Tags: arms smuggling, apache nation, family secrets, mysterious man, based on short story, cattle ranch, new mexico territory

We're No Angels

We’re No Angels

Release Date: 1955-07-07

Genres: Comedy, Crime

“We’re No Angels” is a heartwarming and humorous movie released in 1955. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter Ustinov, and Joan Bennett, it tells the story of three convicts who escape from prison just before Christmas and end up in a French colonial town. Initially planning to take advantage of a struggling family, the convicts have a change of heart when they discover the family’s financial troubles. This feel-good film is definitely worth watching!”

Cast: Humphrey Bogart (Joseph) , Aldo Ray (Albert) , Peter Ustinov (Jules) , Joan Bennett (Amelie Ducotel) , Basil Rathbone (Andre Trochard) , Leo G. Carroll (Felix Ducotel) , John Baer (Paul Trochard) , Gloria Talbott (Isabelle Ducotel) , Lea Penman (Mme. Parole) , John Smith (Medical Officer Arnaud) , George Dee (Coachman (uncredited)) , John George (Vendor (uncredited)) , Jack Kenny (Vendor (uncredited)) , Torben Meyer (Butterfly Man (uncredited)) , Paul Newlan (Port Captain (uncredited)) , Joe Ploski (Coat Customer (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: Ranald MacDougall, Albert Husson

Tags: prison, prisoner, prison escape, devil’s island, christmas

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