Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1992: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Fasten your seatbelts, folks! We’re about to take a cinematic DeLorean ride back to 1992, a year that gifted us with an eclectic mix of unforgettable movies. From the heart-stopping thrillers to the tear-jerking dramas, and not forgetting the laugh-out-loud comedies, 1992 was a year that had it all. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported back to a time when cell phones were the size of bricks and grunge was the height of fashion. We’re about to countdown the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1992. Whether you’re a film buff looking to revisit some classics, or a curious newbie eager to explore the cinematic gems of yesteryears, this nostalgic journey is sure to entertain and inspire. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the tape and press play on a year that truly rocked the silver screen.
Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Release Date: 1992-09-02

Genres: Crime, Thriller

“Reservoir Dogs” is a gripping crime thriller released in 1992. Set in the aftermath of a failed robbery, the movie follows a group of criminals as they suspect a police informant among them. With an all-star cast including Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen, this Quentin Tarantino masterpiece delves into the dark and violent world of crime, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cast: Harvey Keitel (Mr. White / Larry Dimmick) , Tim Roth (Mr. Orange / Freddy Newandyke) , Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde / Vic Vega) , Chris Penn (“Nice Guy” Eddie Cabot) , Steve Buscemi (Mr. Pink) , Lawrence Tierney (Joe Cabot) , Randy Brooks (Detective Holdaway) , Kirk Baltz (Officer Marvin Nash) , Edward Bunker (Mr. Blue) , Quentin Tarantino (Mr. Brown) , Rich Turner (Sheriff #1) , David Steen (Sheriff #2) , Tony Cosmo (Sheriff #3) , Stevo Polyi (Sheriff #4) , Michael Sottile (Teddy) , Robert Ruth (Shot Cop) , Lawrence Bender (Young Cop) , Linda Kaye (Shocked Woman) , Suzanne Celeste (Shot Woman) , Steven Wright (K-Billy DJ (voice)) , Laurie Lathem (Background Radio Play (voice)) , Maria Strova (Background Radio Play (voice)) , Burr Steers (Background Radio Play (voice)) , Craig Hamann (Background Radio Play (voice)) , Rowland Wafford (Diner Patron (uncredited))

Directors: Quentin Tarantino

Writers: Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary

Tags: traitor, jewelry, psychopath, thief, heist, betrayal, escape, gang, plan gone wrong, cult film, nonlinear timeline, warehouse, told in flashback, heist gone wrong, botched robbery, foreshadowing, rendezvous, iconic, set in one room, uneasy alliance, rag tag group, based on short film



Release Date: 1992-08-07

Genres: Western

“Unforgiven” is a gripping 1992 movie that tells the story of William Munny, a retired killer turned gentle widower and hog farmer. When he accepts one last bounty-hunter mission to find the men who brutalized a prostitute, he is joined by his former partner and a cocky greenhorn. With an incredible cast including Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Morgan Freeman, this film takes you on a thrilling journey as they confront a corrupt sheriff. Released on August 7, 1992, “Unforgiven” is a must-watch for fans of intense Western dramas.

Cast: Clint Eastwood (William Munny) , Gene Hackman (‘Little’ Bill Daggett) , Morgan Freeman (Ned Logan) , Jaimz Woolvett (The Schofield Kid) , Richard Harris (English Bob) , Anna Levine Thomson (Delilah Fitzgerald) , Frances Fisher (Strawberry Alice) , Saul Rubinek (W.W. Beauchamp) , David Mucci (Quick Mike) , Rob Campbell (Davey Bunting) , Anthony James (Skinny Dubois) , Ron White (Clyde Ledbetter) , Jefferson Mappin (Fatty Rossiter) , Jeremy Ratchford (Deputy Andy Russell) , Philip Maurice Hayes (Lippy MacGregor) , Tara Frederick (Little Sue) , Beverley Elliott (Silky) , Liisa Repo-Martell (Faith) , Shane Meier (Will Munny) , Robert Koons (Crocker) , Mina E. Mina (Muddy Chandler) , John Pyper-Ferguson (Charley Hecker) , Walter Marsh (Barber) , Larry Reese (Tom Luckinbill) , Blair Haynes (Paddy McGee)

Directors: Clint Eastwood

Writers: David Webb Peoples

Tags: prostitute, sheriff, regret, wyoming, usa, right and justice, kansas, usa, revenge, mutilation, one last job, reputation, 19th century, englishman, pig farmer

Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

Release Date: 1992-12-23

Genres: Drama

“Scent of a Woman” is a heartwarming movie released on December 23, 1992. It follows the story of Charlie Simms, a student from a humble background, who takes a job looking after the grumpy retired Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, during Thanksgiving. With an incredible cast including Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell, this film beautifully portrays the unlikely friendship that develops between the two characters, making it one of the best voted movies of 1992.

Cast: Chris O’Donnell (Charlie Simms) , Al Pacino (Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade) , James Rebhorn (Mr. Trask) , Gabrielle Anwar (Donna) , Philip Seymour Hoffman (George Willis, Jr.) , Bradley Whitford (Randy) , Richard Venture (W.R. Slade) , June Squibb (Mrs. Hunsaker) , Frances Conroy (Christine Downes) , Rochelle Oliver (Gretchen) , Tom Riis Farrell (Garry) , Nicholas Sadler (Harry Havemeyer) , Todd Louiso (Trent Potter) , Gene Canfield (Manny) , Ron Eldard (Officer Gore) , Sally Murphy (Karen Rossi) , Michael Santoro (Donny Rossi) , Anh Duong (Sofia) , Leonard Gaines (Freddie Bisco) , David Lansbury (Michael) , Baxter Harris (George Willis, Sr.) , Francie Swift (Flight Attendant) , William Beckwith (Oak Room Maitre D’) , Peter Carew (Bootblack) , Dan Gifford (Man in Hotel Lobby (uncredited))

Directors: Martin Brest

Writers: Bo Goldman, Ruggero Maccari, Giovanni Arpino, Dino Risi

Tags: new york city, blindness and impaired vision, tango, thanksgiving, boarding school, prank, colonel, blind, tears, new england, change of heart, preparatory school, ex military, blind man

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Release Date: 1992-11-18

Genres: Drama, History

“Malcolm X” is a powerful and thought-provoking movie released in 1992. Starring Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, and a talented ensemble cast, it pays tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation. The film explores his journey from hitting rock bottom during imprisonment in the ’50s to becoming a Black Muslim and a prominent figure in the Nation of Islam. Ultimately, his assassination in 1965 left a lasting legacy of self-determination and racial pride.

Cast: Denzel Washington (Malcolm X) , Angela Bassett (Betty Shabazz) , Albert Hall (Baines) , Al Freeman Jr. (Elijah Muhammad) , Delroy Lindo (West Indian Archie) , Spike Lee (Shorty) , Theresa Randle (Laura) , Kate Vernon (Sophia) , Lonette McKee (Louise Little) , Tommy Hollis (Earl Little) , James McDaniel (Brother Earl) , Ernest Lee Thomas (Sidney) , Jean-Claude La Marre (Benjamin 2X) , O.L. Duke (Pete) , Larry McCoy (Sammy) , Maurice Sneed (Cadillac) , Debi Mazar (Peg) , Phyllis Yvonne Stickney (Honey) , Scot Anthony Robinson (Daniel) , Sonny Jim Gaines (Cholly) , Joe Seneca (Toomer) , LaTanya Richardson Jackson (Lorraine) , Wendell Pierce (Ben Thomas) , Michael Guess (William X) , Leland Gantt (Wilbur Kinley)

Directors: Spike Lee

Writers: Spike Lee, Alex Haley, Malcolm X, Arnold Perl

Tags: islam, new york city, prison, assassination, ku klux klan, muslim, police brutality, beach, koran, jail guard, prison cell, bible, civil rights, biography, martin luther king, nation of islam, mekka, pilgrimage, cabriolet, police, historical figure, based on memoir or autobiography, african american history

A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men

Release Date: 1992-12-11

Genres: Drama

“A Few Good Men” is a gripping military drama released in 1992. Starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, and an ensemble cast, the film follows the story of two lawyers assigned to a murder case. As they dig deeper, they uncover a shocking hazing ritual that could implicate high-ranking officials. With intense performances and a thought-provoking plot, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of 1992.

Cast: Tom Cruise (Lt. Daniel Kaffee) , Jack Nicholson (Col. Nathan R. Jessep) , Demi Moore (Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway) , Kevin Bacon (Capt. Jack Ross) , Kiefer Sutherland (Lt. Jonathan Kendrick) , Kevin Pollak (Lt. Sam Weinberg) , James Marshall (Pfc. Louden Downey) , J.T. Walsh (Lt. Col. Matthew A. Markinson) , Christopher Guest (Dr. Stone) , J.A. Preston (Judge Randolph) , Matt Craven (Lt. Dave Spradling) , Wolfgang Bodison (Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson) , Xander Berkeley (Capt. Whitaker) , John M. Jackson (Capt. West) , Noah Wyle (Cpl. Jeffrey Barnes) , Cuba Gooding Jr. (Cpl. Carl Hammaker) , Lawrence Lowe (Bailiff) , Joshua Malina (Tom) , Oscar Jordan (Steward) , John M. Mathews (Guard #1) , Aaron Sorkin (Man in Bar) , Alex Wexo (Guard #2) , Frank Cavestani (Agent #1) , Jan Munroe (Jury Foreman) , Ron Ostrow (M.P.)

Directors: Rob Reiner

Writers: Aaron Sorkin

Tags: suicide, underdog, suspicion of murder, court case, navy, dying and death, guantanamo bay, marine corps, military court, code red, command, military base, u.s. navy, sexism, right and justice, flashback, based on play or musical, court martial, platoon leader, military law, legal thriller

My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny

Release Date: 1992-03-13

Genres: Comedy

“My Cousin Vinny” is a hilarious comedy released in 1992 that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. The story follows two friends who find themselves wrongly accused of murder while traveling through Alabama. Luckily, one of them has a cousin, Vincent Gambini, who’s a newly qualified lawyer from Brooklyn. With his leather-clad girlfriend by his side, Vinny takes on his first case, bringing a refreshing and comical twist to the Deep South. Starring Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marisa Tomei, and a talented cast, this movie is a must-watch for a good laugh.

Cast: Joe Pesci (Vincent ‘Vinny’ Gambini) , Ralph Macchio (William ‘Billy’ Gambini) , Marisa Tomei (Mona Lisa Vito) , Mitchell Whitfield (Stan Rothenstein) , Fred Gwynne (Judge Chamberlain Haller) , Lane Smith (Jim Trotter III) , Austin Pendleton (John Gibbons) , Bruce McGill (Sheriff Farley) , Maury Chaykin (Sam Tipton) , Paulene Myers (Constance Riley) , Raynor Scheine (Ernie Crane) , James Rebhorn (George Wilbur) , Chris Ellis (J.T.) , Lou Walker (Grits Cook) , Michael Burgess (Prison Van Driver) , Michael Simpson (Neckbrace) , Kenny Jones (Jimmy Willis) , Thomas Merdis (Man in Town Square) , J. Don Ferguson (Guard #1) , Michael Genevie (Guard #2) , Jeff Lewis (Deputy #1) , Ron Leggett (Deputy #2) , Aubrey J. Osteen (Deputy #3) , Larry Shuler (Hotel Clerk) , Suzi Bass (Woman)

Directors: Jonathan Lynn

Writers: Dale Launer

Tags: prison, southern usa, small town, alabama, court case, suspicion, cousin, court, lawyer, fish out of water, convenience store robbery, courtroom, defense attorney, wrongful arrest, expert witness, murder suspect, engaged couple, courtroom drama, best friends, deep south

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Release Date: 1992-11-13

Genres: Romance, Horror

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is a captivating 1992 movie that tells the story of Dracula’s quest to find his long-lost love, Mina Murray, in London. With an all-star cast including Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, and Anthony Hopkins, this film takes you on a thrilling journey as vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing tries to put an end to the madness. Released on November 13, 1992, this movie is a must-watch for fans of gothic horror and classic literature adaptations.

Cast: Gary Oldman (Dracula) , Winona Ryder (Mina Murray / Elisabeta) , Keanu Reeves (Jonathan Harker) , Anthony Hopkins (Professor Abraham Van Helsing) , Sadie Frost (Lucy Westenra) , Cary Elwes (Lord Arthur Holmwood) , Richard E. Grant (Dr. Jack Seward) , Billy Campbell (Quincey P. Morris) , Tom Waits (R.M. Renfield) , Monica Bellucci (Dracula’s Bride) , Florina Kendrick (Dracula’s Bride) , Michaela Bercu (Dracula’s Bride) , Jay Robinson (Mr. Hawkins) , I.M. Hobson (Hobbs) , Laurie Franks (Lucy’s Maid) , Maud Winchester (Downstairs Maid) , Octavian Cadia (Deacon) , Robert Getz (Priest) , Dagmar Stansova (Sister Agatha) , Eniko Öss (Sister Sylva) , Nancy Linehan Charles (Older Woman) , Tatiana von Fürstenberg (Younger Woman) , Jules Sylvester (Zookeeper) , Hubert Wells (Zookeeper) , Daniel Newman (News Hawker)

Directors: Francis Ford Coppola

Writers: Bram Stoker, James V. Hart

Tags: london, england, transylvania, adultery, camping, maze, vampire, bite, remake, rough sex, wake, religious conflict, correspondence, 19th century, 15th century



Release Date: 1992-08-13

Genres: Horror, Comedy

“Braindead” is a hilarious horror-comedy that was voted as one of the best movies of 1992. When a Sumatran rat-monkey bites Lionel Cosgrove’s mother, she turns into a zombie and chaos ensues as she starts infecting the entire town. With an amazing cast including Timothy Balme and Diana Peñalver, this film will keep you entertained as Lionel races against time to control the situation. Released on August 13, 1992, it’s definitely a must-watch for fans of dark humor and gory fun.

Cast: Timothy Balme (Lionel) , Diana Peñalver (Paquita) , Elizabeth Moody (Mum) , Ian Watkin (Uncle Les) , Brenda Kendall (Nurse McTavish) , Stuart Devenie (Father McGruder) , Jed Brophy (Void) , Elizabeth Brimilcombe (Zombie Mum) , Stephen Papps (Zombie McGruder) , Murray Keane (Scroat) , Glenis Levestam (Mrs. Matheson) , Lewis Rowe (Mr. Matheson) , Elizabeth Mulfaxe (Rita) , Harry Sinclair (Roger) , Davina Whitehouse (Grandmother) , Silvio Famularo (Father) , Brian Sergent (Vet) , Peter Vere-Jones (Undertaker) , Tina Regtien (Mandy) , Bill Ralston (Stewart) , Tony Hopkins (Winston) , Tony Hiles (Zoo Keeper) , Duncan Smith (Drunk) , Tich Rowney (Barry) , George Port (Lawrence)

Directors: Peter Jackson

Writers: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair

Tags: poison, infidelity, new zealand, reanimation, zombie, back from the dead, monkey, attempted rape, cult film, wellington new zealand, splatter

The Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans

Release Date: 1992-08-26

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, War

“The Last of the Mohicans” is a captivating historical drama set in colonial America during a brutal conflict between the British, French, and Native American allies. When the daughter of a British Colonel and her companions are taken captive by Huron warriors, they find hope in the form of three brave Mohican trappers who come to their rescue. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe, this 1992 film takes you on a thrilling journey through war-torn landscapes and showcases the resilience of the human spirit.

Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis (Hawkeye) , Madeleine Stowe (Cora) , Jodhi May (Alice) , Russell Means (Chingachgook) , Wes Studi (Magua) , Eric Schweig (Uncas) , Steven Waddington (Heyward) , Maurice Roëves (Colonel Munro) , Patrice Chéreau (General Montcalm) , Edward Blatchford (Jack Winthrop) , Terry Kinney (John Cameron) , Tracey Ellis (Alexandra Cameron) , Justin M. Rice (James Cameron) , Dennis Banks (Ongewasgone) , Peter Postlethwaite (Captain Beams) , Colm Meaney (Major Ambrose) , Mac Andrews (General Webb) , Malcolm Storry (Phelps) , David Schofield (Sergeant Major) , Eric D. Sandgren (Coureur De Bois) , Mike Phillips (Sachem) , Mark A. Baker (Colonial Man) , Dylan Baker (Bougainville) , Tim Hopper (Ian) , Gregory Zaragoza (Abenaki Chief)

Directors: Michael Mann

Writers: Michael Mann, John L. Balderston, Christopher Crowe, James Fenimore Cooper, Philip Dunne, Jeff Balsmeyer, Paul Perez, Daniel Moore, Timothy Braniff

Tags: love triangle, based on novel or book, revenge, interracial relationship, native american, period drama, historical, warfare, colonialism, 18th century, warrior, french and indian war

Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross

Release Date: 1992-09-15

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

“Glengarry Glen Ross” is a gripping drama set in 1992 that follows a group of real estate salesmen in Chicago. With an all-star cast including Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin, the movie delves into the intense competition and high stakes faced by these salesmen when they learn that most of them will be fired. As tensions rise and a plan to steal leads unfolds, the tough-talking characters find themselves in a complex and thrilling situation.

Cast: Al Pacino (Ricky Roma) , Jack Lemmon (Shelley Levene) , Alec Baldwin (Blake) , Alan Arkin (George Aaronow) , Ed Harris (Dave Moss) , Kevin Spacey (John Williamson) , Jonathan Pryce (James Lingk) , Bruce Altman (Larry Spannel) , Jude Ciccolella (Detective) , Paul Butler (Policeman) , Lori Tan Chinn (Coat Check Girl) , Neal Jones (Man in Donut Shop) , Barry Rohrssen (Assistant Detective) , Leigh French (Additional Voices (voice)) , George Cheung (Additional Voices (voice)) , Murphy Dunne (Additional Voices (voice)) , Dana Lee (Additional Voices (voice)) , Julie Payne (Additional Voices (voice)) , Gregory Snegoff (Additional Voices (voice)) , Skipp Lynch (Telephone Service Man (uncredited))

Directors: James Foley

Writers: David Mamet

Tags: robbery, office, shop, estate agent, contest, cowardliness, cult film, real estate, neo-noir

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Release Date: 1992-06-03

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Horror

“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” is a captivating 1992 mystery film that takes place in the peculiar towns of Deer Meadow and Twin Peaks. When an FBI agent disappears while investigating a teenage girl’s murder, Agent Dale Cooper predicts that the killer will strike again. As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey filled with dark visions, supernatural encounters, and the haunting presence of Laura Palmer, a beautiful young woman whose fate seems destined for tragedy. Starring Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Phoebe Augustine, David Bowie, Eric DaRe, Miguel Ferrer, Pamela Gidley, and Heather Graham, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cast: Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) , Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) , Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson) , Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) , Phoebe Augustine (Ronette Pulaski) , David Bowie (Phillip Jeffries) , Eric DaRe (Leo Johnson) , Miguel Ferrer (Albert Rosenfeld) , Pamela Gidley (Teresa Banks) , Heather Graham (Annie Blackburn) , Chris Isaak (Chester Desmond) , Moira Kelly (Donna Heyward) , Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings) , David Lynch (Gordon Cole) , James Marshall (James Hurley) , Jürgen Prochnow (Woodsman) , Harry Dean Stanton (Carl Rodd) , Kiefer Sutherland (Sam Stanley) , Lenny Von Dohlen (Harold Smith) , Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer) , Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper) , Frances Bay (Mrs. Tremond (Chalfont)) , Catherine E. Coulson (The Log Lady) , Michael J. Anderson (Man From Another Place) , Frank Silva (Bob)

Directors: David Lynch

Writers: David Lynch, Robert Engels, Mark Frost

Tags: detective, sexual abuse, small town, drug addiction, orgy, surreal, investigation, supernatural, murder, rural area, prostitution, cult film, psychotronic, disturbed teenager

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness

Release Date: 1992-10-31

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy

“Army of Darkness” is a thrilling and hilarious movie from 1992 that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash, a shotgun-toting and chainsaw-armed department store clerk, the story takes a wild turn when he gets transported back in time to England’s Dark Ages. There, he finds love, battles hordes of the undead, and delivers an entertaining adventure you won’t want to miss.

Cast: Bruce Campbell (Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams / Evil Ash) , Embeth Davidtz (Sheila) , Marcus Gilbert (Lord Arthur) , Ian Abercrombie (Wiseman) , Richard Grove (Duke Henry the Red) , Timothy Patrick Quill (Blacksmith) , Michael Earl Reid (Gold Tooth) , Bridget Fonda (Linda) , Patricia Tallman (Possessed Witch) , Ted Raimi (Cowardly Warrior / Second Supportive Villager / S-Mart Clerk) , Deke Anderson (Mini-Ash #2) , Deke Anderson (Mini-Ash #1) , Bruce Thomas (Mini-Ash #2) , Sara Shearer (Old Woman) , Shiva Gordon (Pit Deadite #1) , Billy Bryan (Pit Bitch) , Nadine Grycan (Winged Deadite) , Bill Moseley (Deadite Captain) , Micheal Kenney (Henry’s Man) , Andy Bale (Lieutenant #1) , Robert Brent Lappin (Lieutenant #2) , Rad Milo (Tower Guard) , Brad Bradbury (Chief Archer) , Sol Abrams (Fake Shemp) , Lorraine Axeman (Fake Shemp)

Directors: Sam Raimi

Writers: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi

Tags: prophecy, witch, swordplay, supermarket, castle, catapult, chain saw, time frame, skeleton, pit, windmill, incantation, time travel, undead, knight, zombie, cult film, middle ages, necronomicon, doppelgänger, psychotronic, 13th century

A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own

Release Date: 1992-07-01

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“A League of Their Own” is a heartwarming and inspiring movie set during World War II. It tells the story of a professional all-female baseball league that emerges in the Midwest, thanks to a publicity-hungry candy maker. With an incredible cast including Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell, this film follows the journey of competitive sisters, Dottie and Kit, as they navigate fame, sibling rivalry, and the guidance of their grumpy coach. Released in 1992, it’s one of the best voted movies of that year and is definitely worth watching!

Cast: Tom Hanks (Jimmy Dugan) , Geena Davis (Dottie Hinson (C)) , Madonna (Mae Mordabito (CF)) , Lori Petty (Kit Keller (P)) , Rosie O’Donnell (Doris Murphy (3B)) , Megan Cavanagh (Marla Hooch (2B)) , Tracy Reiner (Betty Horn (LF/P)) , Bitty Schram (Evelyn Gardner (RF)) , Ann Cusack (Shirley Baker (LF)) , Anne Ramsay (Helen Haley (1B)) , Freddie Simpson (Ellen Sue Gotlander (SS/P)) , Renée Coleman (Alice Gaspers (LF/C)) , Robin Knight (‘Beans’ Babbitt (SS)) , Patti Pelton (Marbleann Wilkenson (2B)) , Kelli Simpkins (Beverly Dixon (OF)) , Neezer Tarleton (Neezer Dalton (OF)) , Connie Pounds-Taylor (Connie Calhoun (OF)) , Kathleen Marshall (‘Mumbles’ Brockman (OF)) , Sharon Szmidt (Vivian Ernst (2B)) , Pauline Brailsford (Miss Cuthbert) , David Strathairn (Ira Lowenstein) , Garry Marshall (Walter Harvey) , Jon Lovitz (Ernie Capadino) , Bill Pullman (Bob Hinson) , Justin Scheller (Stilwell)

Directors: Penny Marshall

Writers: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Kim Wilson, Kelly Candaele

Tags: baseball, world war ii, sports, baseball player, female athlete, home front, woman director, 1940s

Batman Returns

Batman Returns

Release Date: 1992-06-18

Genres: Action, Fantasy

“Batman Returns” is a thrilling superhero movie released in 1992. Starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, and Christopher Walken, the film follows Batman as he confronts the Penguin, a deformed man with evil intentions. Things get even more complicated when a corrupt businessman’s employee transforms into the Catwoman. With an all-star cast and a release date of June 18, 1992, this movie is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of action-packed superhero flicks.

Cast: Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne / Batman) , Michelle Pfeiffer (Selina Kyle / Catwoman) , Danny DeVito (Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin) , Christopher Walken (Max Shreck) , Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth) , Pat Hingle (Commissioner James Gordon) , Michael Murphy (Mayor) , Cristi Conaway (Ice Princess) , Andrew Bryniarski (Charles ‘Chip’ Shreck) , Vincent Schiavelli (Organ Grinder) , Steve Witting (Josh) , Jan Hooks (Jen) , John Strong (Sword Swallower) , Rick Zumwalt (Tattooed Strongman) , Anna Katarina (Poodle Lady) , Gregory Scott Cummins (Acrobat Thug One) , Erika Andersch (Knifethrower Dame) , Travis McKenna (Fat Clown) , Doug Jones (Thin Clown) , Branscombe Richmond (Terrifying Clown 1) , Paul Reubens (Penguin’s Father) , Diane Salinger (Penguin’s Mother) , Stuart Lancaster (Penguin’s Doctor) , Cal Hoffman (Happy Man) , Joan Jurige (Happy Woman)

Directors: Tim Burton

Writers: Bob Kane, Sam Hamm, Daniel Waters

Tags: corruption, double life, crime fighter, villain, hallucination, darkness, christmas tree, vigilante, superhero, based on comic, revenge, dark hero, super power, super villain, deformed, bird cage, evil circus, christmas, good versus evil, burton

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

Release Date: 1992-03-20

Genres: Thriller, Mystery

“Basic Instinct” is a thrilling crime movie released in 1992, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Set in the backdrop of a murder investigation, the film follows a violent police detective as he delves into a brutal crime that may involve a seductive and manipulative novelist. With a stellar cast and a release date of March 20, 1992, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of that year.

Cast: Michael Douglas (Det. Nick Curran) , Sharon Stone (Catherine Tramell) , George Dzundza (Gus Moran) , Jeanne Tripplehorn (Dr. Beth Garner) , Leilani Sarelle (Roxy) , Denis Arndt (Lt. Philip Walker) , Bruce A. Young (Andrews) , Chelcie Ross (Capt. Talcott) , Dorothy Malone (Hazel Dobkins) , Wayne Knight (John Correli) , Daniel von Bargen (Lt. Marty Nilsen) , Stephen Tobolowsky (Dr. Lamott) , Benjamin Mouton (Harrigan) , Jack McGee (Sheriff) , Bill Cable (Johnny Boz) , Stephen Rowe (Internal Affairs Investigator) , Mitch Pileggi (Internal Affairs Investigator) , Mary Pat Gleason (Juvenile Officer) , Freda Foh Shen (Berkeley Registrar) , William Duff-Griffin (Dr. Myron) , James Rebhorn (Dr. McElwaine) , David Wells (Polygraph Examiner) , Mary Ann Rodgers (Nurse) , Adilah Barnes (Nurse) , Irene Olga López (Maid)

Directors: Paul Verhoeven

Writers: Joe Eszterhas

Tags: california, sexual obsession, san francisco, california, detective, jealousy, eroticism, suspicion of murder, bisexuality, dying and death, dangerous, lover, striptease, sadism, police, psychopath, celebrity, femme fatale, sociopath, dead, neo-noir, erotic thriller, manipulative woman, novel writing, killed during sex

Sister Act

Sister Act

Release Date: 1992-05-28

Genres: Music, Comedy

“Sister Act” is a hilarious and heartwarming movie from 1992 that tells the story of a Reno singer who witnesses a mob murder. To protect her from the hitmen, the police hide her in a nunnery, where she faces skepticism from the strict mother superior. However, she manages to turn things around by rescuing the failing choir and getting involved in community projects, all while trying to avoid being identified by the mob. With an amazing cast including Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, and Kathy Najimy, this film is a must-watch for its blend of comedy, music, and a touch of suspense.

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg (Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence) , Maggie Smith (Mother Superior) , Kathy Najimy (Sister Mary Patrick) , Wendy Makkena (Sister Mary Robert) , Mary Wickes (Sister Mary Lazarus) , Harvey Keitel (Vince LaRocca) , Bill Nunn (Lt. Eddie Souther) , Robert Miranda (Joey) , Richard Portnow (Willy) , Ellen Albertini Dow (Choir Nun) , Carmen Zapata (Choir Nun) , Pat Crawford Brown (Choir Nun) , Prudence Wright Holmes (Choir Nun) , Ruth Kobart (Choir Nun) , Susan Browning (Choir Nun) , Edith Diaz (Choir Nun) , Beth Fowler (Choir Nun) , Joseph Maher (Bishop O’Hara) , Jenifer Lewis (Michelle) , Charlotte Crossley (Tina) , A.J. Johnson (Lewanda) , Michael Durrell (Larry Merrick) , Mike Jolly (Biker #1) , Jeremy Roberts (Biker #2) , Jim Beaver (Clarkson)

Directors: Emile Ardolino

Writers: Paul Rudnick

Tags: nun, church choir, witness protection, gospel, concert, murder, singer, singing nun, fish out of water, witness to murder, mother superior, monastery, catholic church, mob boss

Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her

Release Date: 1992-07-30

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

“Death Becomes Her” is a dark comedy released in 1992, starring Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, and Meryl Streep. The movie revolves around a twisted love triangle between Madeline, Ernest, and Helen. Things take a supernatural turn when a magic potion enters the picture, leading to unexpected complications in their murder plot. Get ready for a hilarious and thrilling ride with this star-studded cast!”

Cast: Goldie Hawn (Helen Sharp) , Bruce Willis (Dr. Ernest Menville) , Meryl Streep (Madeline Ashton Menville) , Isabella Rossellini (Lisle von Rhuman) , Ian Ogilvy (Chagall) , Adam Storke (Dakota) , Nancy Fish (Rose) , Alaina Reed Hall (Psychologist) , Michelle Johnson (Anna) , Mary Ellen Trainor (Vivian Adams) , William Frankfather (Mr. Franklin) , John Ingle (Eulogist) , Clement von Franckenstein (Opening Man) , Petrea Burchard (Opening Woman) , Jim Jansen (Second Man) , Mimi Kennedy (Second Woman) , Paulo Tocha (Landlord) , Mark Davenport (Eviction Cop) , Thomas Murphy (Eviction Cop) , Michael Mills (Police Officer) , Sonia Jackson (Psychiatric Patient) , Jill C. Klein (Psychiatric Patient) , Jean St. James (Psychiatric Patient) , Debra Jo Rupp (Psychiatric Patient) , Carol Ann Susi (Psychiatric Patient)

Directors: Robert Zemeckis

Writers: David Koepp, Martin Donovan

Tags: jealousy, beauty, immortality, rivalry, potion, drinking, 2020s

Far and Away

Far and Away

Release Date: 1992-05-22

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Western

“Far and Away” is a captivating movie set in 1893, following the journey of a young Irish man and his landlord’s daughter as they leave their homeland for a chance at a better life in Oklahoma. Fueled by their dream of owning land, they face numerous challenges, including a brutal boxing match, betrayal, and the harsh realities of winter. With Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman leading the cast, this heartfelt tale explores love, resilience, and the pursuit of the American dream.”

Cast: Tom Cruise (Joseph Donnelly) , Nicole Kidman (Shannon Christie) , Thomas Gibson (Stephen Chase) , Robert Prosky (Daniel Christie) , Barbara Babcock (Nora Christie) , Cyril Cusack (Danty Duff) , Eileen Pollock (Mary Kay) , Colm Meaney (Kelly) , Douglas Gillison (Dermody) , Michelle Johnson (Grace) , Wayne Grace (Bourke) , Niall Tóibín (Joe Donnelly) , Jared Harris (Paddy Donnelly) , Steven O’Donnell (Colm Donnelly) , Barry McGovern (McGuire) , Gary Lee Davis (Gordon) , Peadar Lamb (Farmer) , Mark Mulholland (Peasant) , P.J. Brady (Peasant) , Wesley Murphy (Landlord) , Jimmy Keogh (Priest) , J.G. Devlin (Villager) , Gerry Walsh (Villager) , Brendan Cauldwell (Tavern Keeper) , Derry Power (Peter)

Directors: Ron Howard

Writers: Ron Howard, Bob Dolman

Tags: father murder, american dream, suspicion of murder, lovers, kiss

Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3

Release Date: 1992-05-15

Genres: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime

“Lethal Weapon 3” is a thrilling action-packed movie from 1992 that reunites the iconic buddy cops Riggs and Murtaugh. This time, they are on a mission to take down a former police lieutenant turned black market weapons dealer. With the addition of the beautiful and tough internal affairs sergeant Lorna Cole, played by Rene Russo, the movie promises a perfect blend of romance and intense high-stakes action. Starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, and directed by Stuart Wilson, this film is a must-watch for fans of the Lethal Weapon series.

Cast: Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs) , Danny Glover (Roger Murtaugh) , Joe Pesci (Leo Getz) , Rene Russo (Lorna Cole) , Stuart Wilson (Jack Travis) , Steve Kahan (Captain Ed Murphy) , Mary Ellen Trainor (Stephanie Woods) , Darlene Love (Trish Murtaugh) , Traci Wolfe (Rianne Murtaugh) , Ebonie Smith (Carrie Murtaugh) , Damon Hines (Nick Murtaugh) , Thomas A. Geas (Man at Hamburger Stand) , Gregory Millar (Tyrone) , Nick Chinlund (Hatchett) , Alan Scarfe (Herman Walters) , Delores Hall (Delores) , Mark Pellegrino (Billy Phelps) , John Cenatiempo (Smitty) , Pete Antico (Henchman #1 / Hubie) , Sven-Ole Thorsen (Henchman #2) , Paul Tuerpe (Henchman #3) , Veronica Alicino (Squad Member #1 (as Ronnie Alicino)) , Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. (Squad Member #4 (as Miguel Nunez)) , Philip Moon (Squad Member #5) , Vince Howard (Preacher (as Vincent Howard))

Directors: Richard Donner

Writers: Robert Mark Kamen, Jeffrey Boam, Shane Black

Tags: showdown, police, sequel, mixed martial arts, los angeles, california, rookie cop, wisecrack humor, buddy cop, lapd, maverick cop, aftercreditsstinger, action hero

Wayne's World

Wayne’s World

Release Date: 1992-02-14

Genres: Comedy, Music

“Wayne’s World” is a hilarious comedy that follows the adventures of two metal-head friends, Wayne and Garth. They host a talk-show called “Wayne’s World” from Wayne’s basement, which catches the attention of a sleazy network executive. As they fight to save their show and Wayne’s rock singer girlfriend, Cassandra, the movie takes you on a wild ride filled with laughter and memorable moments. Starring Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, and more, this 1992 gem is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

Cast: Mike Myers (Wayne Campbell) , Dana Carvey (Garth Algar) , Rob Lowe (Benjamin Kane) , Tia Carrere (Cassandra) , Lara Flynn Boyle (Stacy) , Donna Dixon (Dreamwoman) , Chris Farley (Security Guard) , Brian Doyle-Murray (Noah Vanderhoff) , Michael DeLuise (Alan) , Meat Loaf (Tiny) , Robert Patrick (Bad Cop / T-1000) , Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper) , Ed O’Neill (Glen) , Colleen Camp (Mrs. Vanderhoff) , Lee Tergesen (Terry) , Kurt Fuller (Russell Finley) , Mike Hagerty (Davy) , Charles Noland (Ron Paxton) , Ione Skye (Elyse) , Frank DiLeo (Frankie Sharp) , Robin Ruzan (Waitress) , Frederick Coffin (Officer Koharski) , Carmen Filpi (Old Man Withers)

Directors: Penelope Spheeris

Writers: Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner

Tags: romantic rivalry, heavy metal, parody, singer, television producer, breaking the fourth wall, buddy, duringcreditsstinger, woman director, multiple endings, best friends, after credits stinger

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