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Liz Boltz Ranfeld


Liz Boltz Ranfeld is a writer and educator in Indiana with an MFA in Creative Writing. She has been writing and teaching about movies, TV, and books for years. You’ll find her at her desk at home, surrounded by art and mementos from Stranger Things, The Big Lebowski, Our Flag Means Death, and anything Oscar Isaac-themed. You can find her on TikTok

Archie Fenn

Archie Fenn

Archie Fenn is an entertainment writer from South London. He spends most of his free time (and his work hours) watching and writing about Kryptonians in blue spandex and hip-hop samurai. His parents are very proud of him. You can learn more at archiefenn.com and theinsightfulnerd.com

Amanda Anthony

Amanda Anthony

Amanda is a freelance writer passionate about horror and fantasy films. When she’s not writing about the latest celebrity hijinks and epic on-screen moments, you can find her watching Blumhouse films through the delicate fibers of a protective blanket. Amanda lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband, kiddos, and goofy golden doodle, Ripley.

William Buttersworth

William Buttersworth

Will Butterworth first started reporting on entertainment news when he was a kid in Barney pajamas giving news reports to his parents while sitting in a cardboard box. Now, he still sits in a cardboard box, but his audience has grown in number (at least that’s what his mom tells him). Entertainment junkies unite!

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