Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies from 1936: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Welcome, film aficionados and nostalgia enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a cinematic time machine as we journey back to 1936, a golden year in the annals of Hollywood history. This was a time when the silver screen was truly silver, when the stars were larger than life, and when the magic of movies was still a relatively new phenomenon. We’re about to unveil the top 20 fan-favorite films from this remarkable year, a list that’s sure to stir memories, provoke debates, and perhaps even inspire a vintage movie marathon. So, dust off your projector, pop some corn, and settle into your favorite armchair. It’s time to revisit the classics, the hidden gems, and the unforgettable stories that 1936 had to offer. Lights, camera, action – let the nostalgic journey begin!
Modern Times

Modern Times

Release Date: 1936-02-05

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Modern Times” is a heartwarming and humorous movie from 1936 that tells the story of a lovable Tramp who finds himself struggling to adapt to the challenges of modern society. With the support of a young homeless woman, played by Paulette Goddard, the Tramp embarks on a journey filled with laughter and unexpected encounters. Starring the talented Charlie Chaplin, this film is a must-watch for anyone looking for a delightful escape into the past.

Cast: Charlie Chaplin (A Factory Worker) , Paulette Goddard (A Gamin) , Henry Bergman (Cafe Proprietor) , Tiny Sandford (Big Bill) , Chester Conklin (Mechanic) , Hank Mann (Burglar) , Stanley Blystone (Gamin’s Father) , Al Ernest Garcia (President of the Electro Steel Corp.) , Richard Alexander (Cellmate) , Cecil Reynolds (Minister) , Mira McKinney (Minister’s Wife) , Murdock MacQuarrie (J. Widdecombe Billows) , Wilfred Lucas (Juvenile Officer) , Edward LeSaint (Sheriff Couler) , Fred Malatesta (Headwaiter) , Sammy Stein (Turbine Operator) , Juana Sutton (Woman with Buttoned Bosom) , Ted Oliver (Billows’ Assistant) , Norman Ainsley (Billows’ Silent Assistant (uncredited)) , Bobby Barber (Worker (uncredited)) , Heinie Conklin (Assembly Line Worker Next to Big Bill (uncredited)) , Gloria DeHaven (Gamin’s Sister (uncredited)) , Pat Flaherty (Jail Guard (uncredited)) , Chuck Hamilton (Worker (uncredited)) , Pat Harmon (Paddywagon Policeman (uncredited))

Directors: Charlie Chaplin

Writers: Charlie Chaplin

Tags: factory, ambulance, invention, tramp, great depression, industrial revolution, slapstick comedy, black and white, machine, pardon, guilty, silent film

My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey

Release Date: 1936-09-02

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“My Man Godfrey” is a delightful comedy from 1936 that tells the story of a wealthy socialite named Irene Bullock. In order to win a scavenger hunt, Irene hires a forgotten man named Godfrey Park as her servant. As Godfrey navigates the eccentricities of Irene’s family, he ends up teaching them some valuable life lessons. With a star-studded cast including William Powell and Carole Lombard, this movie is a must-watch for fans of classic comedies.

Cast: William Powell (Godfrey) , Carole Lombard (Irene Bullock) , Alice Brady (Angelica Bullock) , Gail Patrick (Cornelia Bullock) , Eugene Pallette (Alexander Bullock) , Jean Dixon (Molly) , Alan Mowbray (Tommy Gray) , Mischa Auer (Carlo) , Pat Flaherty (Mike Flaherty) , Robert Light (Faithful George) , Bess Flowers (Mrs. Merriweather (uncredited)) , Bert Moorhouse (Card Playing Party Guest (uncredited)) , Franklin Pangborn (Guthrie (uncredited)) , Grady Sutton (Charlie Van Rumple (uncredited)) , Jane Wyman (Socialite (uncredited)) , Ernie Adams (Forgotten Man (uncredited)) , Jimmy Aye (Party Guest (uncredited)) , James Carlisle (Socialite (uncredited)) , Jack Chefe (Headwaiter (uncredited)) , Phyllis Crane (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Eddie Fetherston (Process Server (uncredited)) , Grace Field (Socialite (uncredited)) , James Flavin (Detective (uncredited)) , Edward Gargan (Detective (uncredited)) , Carlton Griffin (Socialite (uncredited))

Directors: Gregory La Cava

Writers: Eric Hatch, Morrie Ryskind

Tags: europe, butler, screwball comedy

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Release Date: 1936-04-09

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

“Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” is a heartwarming and hilarious movie from 1936 that tells the story of Longfellow Deeds, a simple small-town guy who unexpectedly inherits a fortune. As he moves to the big city, he becomes the target of everyone’s attention, but with his wit and charm, he outsmarts them all. Things take an interesting turn when he meets Babe Bennett, a big-city girl, and their encounter leads to unpredictable and delightful adventures. Starring Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur, this film is a must-watch for its captivating storyline and brilliant performances.

Cast: Gary Cooper (Longfellow Deeds) , Jean Arthur (Babe Bennett) , George Bancroft (MacWade) , Lionel Stander (Cornelius Cobb) , Douglass Dumbrille (John Cedar) , Raymond Walburn (Walter) , H.B. Warner (Judge May) , Ruth Donnelly (Mabel Dawson) , Walter Catlett (Morrow) , John Wray (Farmer) , Stanley Andrews (James Cedar (uncredited)) , Irving Bacon (Frank (uncredited)) , Hank Bell (Unemployed Farmer in Line and Courtroom (uncredited)) , Billy Bevan (Cabby (uncredited)) , Spencer Charters (Mal (uncredited)) , Dora Clement (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Gino Corrado (Strolling Violinist (uncredited)) , George Cooper (Bob (uncredited)) , Cecil Cunningham (Minor Role (uncredited)) , Emma Dunn (Mrs. Meredith (uncredited)) , Mary Lou Dix (Shop Girl (uncredited)) , Ann Doran (Girl on Bus (uncredited)) , Muriel Evans (Theresa (uncredited)) , Bess Flowers (Minor Role (uncredited)) , Charles K. French (Unemployed Farmer (uncredited))

Directors: Frank Capra

Writers: Robert Riskin, Clarence Budington Kelland

Tags: new york city, newspaper, small town, postcard, money, lawyer, reporter, black and white, vermont, heir, tuba, tuba player, damsel in distress



Release Date: 1936-06-05

Genres: Crime, Drama

“Fury” is a gripping 1936 film starring Sylvia Sidney and Spencer Tracy. Set in a small town, the story follows Joe, who gets mistaken for a kidnapper and ends up behind bars, despite being innocent. With a stellar cast and a thrilling plot, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Sylvia Sidney (Katherine Grant) , Spencer Tracy (Joe Wilson) , Walter Abel (District Attorney) , Bruce Cabot (Kirby Dawson) , Edward Ellis (Sheriff) , Walter Brennan (Bugs Meyers) , Frank Albertson (Charlie Wilson) , George Walcott (Tom Wilson) , Arthur Stone (Durkin) , Morgan Wallace (Fred Garrett) , George Chandler (Milton Jackson) , Roger Gray (Stranger) , Edwin Maxwell (Vickery) , Howard Hickman (Governor) , Jonathan Hale (Defense Attorney) , Leila Bennett (Edna Hooper) , Esther Dale (Mrs. Whipple) , Helen Flint (Franchette) , Erville Alderson (Plumber (uncredited)) , Ernie Alexander (Peanut Vendor (uncredited)) , Ricca Allen (Townswoman Gossip (uncredited)) , Herbert Ashley (Oscar (uncredited)) , F. Blinn (Juror (uncredited)) , Ward Bond (Man (uncredited)) , Harry Bowen (Baggage Clerk (uncredited))

Directors: Fritz Lang

Writers: Fritz Lang, Norman Krasna, Bartlett Cormack

Tags: small town, kidnapping, love, revenge, film noir, murder, jail, money, trial, presumed dead, lynch mob, engaged couple, fury, innocent man, rush to judgment

The Only Son

The Only Son

Release Date: 1936-09-15

Genres: Drama

“The Only Son” is a heartwarming movie released in 1936 that tells the story of a hardworking silk factory worker who sacrifices everything to support her son’s education. Despite their poverty, she manages to send him to college. Years later, she embarks on a journey to Tokyo to reunite with her successful son. Starring Chōko Iida and Shinichi Himori, this touching film is a testament to a mother’s unwavering love and the power of education.

Cast: Chōko Iida (Tsune Nonomiya (O-Tsune)) , Shinichi Himori (Ryosuke Ninomiya) , Masao Hayama (Ryosuke Nonomiya, as child) , Yoshiko Tsubouchi (Sugiko) , Mitsuko Yoshikawa (O-Taka) , Chishū Ryū (Professor Ookubo) , Tomoko Naniwa (Ookubo’s wife) , Bakudan Kozo (Okubo’s son) , Tomio Aoki () , Eiko Takamatsu (Jokou) , Seiichi Katô (Kinjo no ko) , Kazuo Kojima (Kimiko) , Kiyoshi Seino (Matsumura, old man)

Directors: Yasujirō Ozu

Writers: Yasujirō Ozu, Tadao Ikeda, Masao Arata

Tags: parent child relationship, tokyo, japan, 1930s

After the Thin Man

After the Thin Man

Release Date: 1936-12-25

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery

“After the Thin Man” is a thrilling mystery film released in 1936. Starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, it follows the adventurous couple Nick and Nora Charles as they investigate the disappearance of Nora’s cousin’s husband. Their search leads them into a web of intrigue involving a popular nightclub, a talented singer and her enigmatic brother, a lost love, and Nora’s eccentric aunt. With a stellar cast and a release date just in time for Christmas, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: William Powell (Nick Charles) , Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) , James Stewart (David Graham) , Elissa Landi (Selma Forrest Landis) , Joseph Calleia (‘Dancer’) , Jessie Ralph (Aunt Katherine Forrest) , Alan Marshal (Robert Landis) , Teddy Hart (Floyd Casper) , Sam Levene (Lt. Abrams) , Penny Singleton (Polly Byrnes) , William Law (Lum Kee) , George Zucco (Dr. Adolph Kammer) , Paul Fix (Phil Byrnes / Ralph West) , Skippy (Asta) , Ward Bond (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Donald Briggs (Reporter (uncredited)) , Mary Gordon (Rose (uncredited)) , Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins (Screwy (uncredited)) , Hal Le Sueur (Polly’s Admirer (uncredited)) , Roger Moore (Reporter (uncredited)) , Tom Ricketts (Henry the Butler (uncredited)) , Constantine Romanoff (Wrestler at Party (uncredited)) , Zeffie Tilbury (Aunt Lucy (uncredited)) , Sue Moore (Sexy Blonde (uncredited)) , Lucille Ward (Prison Matron (uncredited))

Directors: W.S. Van Dyke

Writers: Dashiell Hammett, Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett

Tags: new year’s eve, husband wife relationship, nightclub, married couple, murder, whodunit, black and white, private detective, murder investigation, thin man

Libeled Lady

Libeled Lady

Release Date: 1936-10-09

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Libeled Lady” is a hilarious 1936 comedy that follows the story of a wealthy socialite, Connie Allenbury, who sues a major newspaper for accusing her of being a home-wrecker. To turn the tables on her, the newspaper’s editor, Warren Haggerty, comes up with a clever plan involving his fiancée, Gladys, and his charming friend, Bill. With a star-studded cast including Jean Harlow, William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Spencer Tracy, this movie promises amusing and unexpected results. Released on October 9, 1936, it’s definitely a must-watch for fans of classic comedies.

Cast: Jean Harlow (Gladys Benton) , William Powell (William ‘Bill’ Stephens Chandler) , Myrna Loy (Constance ‘Connie’ Allenbury) , Spencer Tracy (Warren Haggerty) , Walter Connolly (James B. Allenbury) , Charley Grapewin (Hollis Bane) , Cora Witherspoon (Mrs. Burns-Norvell) , E. E. Clive (Fishing Instructor) , Bunny Beatty (Barbara ‘Babs’ Burns-Norvell) , Otto Yamaoka (Ching) , Charles Trowbridge (Graham) , Spencer Charters (McCall the Magistrate) , George Chandler (Bellhop) , William Benedict (Joe) , Hal K. Dawson (Harvey Allen) , William Newell (Divorce Detective) , Hattie McDaniel (Scrubwoman in Grand Plaza Hall (uncredited)) , George Davis (Waiter (uncredited)) , Barry Downing (Waif (uncredited)) , Tommy Bond (Waif (uncredited)) , Buster Phelps (Waif (uncredited)) , Bobby Watson (Waif (uncredited)) , Bobs Watson (Waif (uncredited)) , Norman Ainsley (Allenbury’s Butler Roberts (uncredited)) , Harry Allen (Jacques (uncredited))

Directors: Jack Conway

Writers: George Oppenheimer, Howard Emmett Rogers, Wallace Sullivan, Maurine Dallas Watkins

Tags: newspaper, fishing, marriage, love, lawyer, reporter, wedding, divorce, screwball comedy, high society, editor, libel



Release Date: 1936-09-23

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Dodsworth” is a captivating movie released in 1936 that follows the story of a retired auto manufacturer and his wife as they embark on a long-awaited European vacation. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they realize they have different desires in life. With a stellar cast including Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, and David Niven, this film promises to deliver a thought-provoking exploration of relationships and personal aspirations.

Cast: Walter Huston (Sam Dodsworth) , Ruth Chatterton (Fran Dodsworth) , Paul Lukas (Arnold Iselin) , Mary Astor (Edith Cortright) , David Niven (Captain Clyde Lockert) , Gregory Gaye (Baron Kurt Von Obersdorf) , Maria Ouspenskaya (Baroness Von Obersdorf) , Odette Myrtil (Renée de Penable) , Spring Byington (Matey Pearson) , Harlan Briggs (Tubby Pearson) , Kathryn Marlowe (Emily Dodsworth McKee) , John Payne (Harry McKee) , Bobby Barber (Italian Taxi Driver (Uncredited)) , Wilson Benge (Steward on Queen Mary (Uncredited)) , Ted Billings (Man on Railroad Platform (Uncredited)) , Eugene Borden (Baggage Carrier at Train Station (Uncredited)) , Horace B. Carpenter (Motor Company Employee (Uncredited)) , Gino Corrado (American Express Clerk (Uncredited)) , Jean De Briac (Official (Uncredited)) , Helen Dickson (Tourist (Uncredited)) , Jack George (Orchestra Leader in Vienna (Uncredited)) , Fred Malatesta (Waiter (Uncredited)) , Beatrice Maude (Mary (Uncredited)) , Louis Mercier (French Railroad Conductor (Uncredited)) , Inez Palange (Teresa (Uncredited))

Directors: William Wyler

Writers: Sidney Howard, Sinclair Lewis

Tags: soulmates, husband wife relationship, industrialist, snob, retirement, drifting, love affair, divorcee, older woman younger man relationship, selfishness, ocean voyage, drifting apart, starting over, fling, marital crisis, europe vacation, wealthy couple, middle aged couple, kindred spirit, chance reunion

The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

Release Date: 1936-02-08

Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

“The Petrified Forest” is a gripping 1936 movie starring Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart. Set in an isolated Arizona diner, the film follows the story of Gabby, a waitress with big dreams, who forms a connection with a penniless intellectual named Alan. However, their lives take a dangerous turn when notorious killer Duke Mantee and his gang hold them hostage overnight. With a captivating plot and stellar performances, this movie is a must-watch from 1936!”

Cast: Leslie Howard (Alan Squier) , Bette Davis (Gabby Maple) , Humphrey Bogart (Duke Mantee) , Genevieve Tobin (Mrs. Chisholm) , Dick Foran (Boze Hertzlinger) , Porter Hall (Jason Maple) , Charley Grapewin (Gramp Maple) , Paul Harvey (Mr. Chisholm) , Joe Sawyer (Jackie) , Eddie Acuff (Lineman) , Adrian Morris (Ruby) , Nina Campana (Paula) , Slim Thompson (Slim) , John Alexander (Joseph) , Arthur Aylesworth (Black Horse Troopers Commander (uncredited)) , Jack Cheatham (Deputy (uncredited)) , Jim Farley (Sheriff (uncredited)) , George Guhl (Black Horse Trooper (uncredited)) , Gus Leonard (Jim (uncredited)) , Tom McGuire (Driver (uncredited)) , Addison Richards (Radio Announcer (voice) (uncredited)) , Francis J. Scheid (Second Lineman (uncredited)) , Perc Teeple (Driver (uncredited))

Directors: Archie Mayo

Writers: Robert E. Sherwood, Delmer Daves, Charles Kenyon

Tags: arizona, gangster, film noir, based on play or musical, fugitive, diner, drifter, desert, hostage situation, aspiration, poetry recitation, françois villon, isolated place, kindred spirit, roadside diner

Our Relations

Our Relations

Release Date: 1936-09-15

Genres: Comedy

“Our Relations” is a hilarious comedy released in 1936 that follows the misadventures of two sailors, played by the iconic duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Things take a wild turn when they unexpectedly come face-to-face with their long-lost twins, leading to a series of hilarious mix-ups. With a talented cast and a release date of September 15, 1936, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of that year.

Cast: Stan Laurel (Stan / Alf Laurel) , Oliver Hardy (Ollie / Bert Hardy) , Alan Hale (Joe Grogan) , Sidney Toler (Captain of SS Periwinkle) , Daphne Pollard (Mrs. Daphne Hardy) , Betty Brown (Mrs. Betty Laurel) , James Finlayson (Finn) , Iris Adrian (Alice) , Lona Andre (Lily) , Ralf Harolde (Gangster Boss) , Noel Madison (Second Gangster at Pirate’s Club) , Arthur Housman (Drunk) , Virginia Grey (Pirate’s Club Customer (uncredited)) , Charlie Hall (Man in Pawnshop (uncredited)) , James C. Morton (Bartender at Denker’s Beer Garden (uncredited)) , Tiny Sandford (Wharf tough guy (uncredited)) , Edna Smith (Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)) , Rosemary Theby (Pirate’s Club Customer (uncredited))

Directors: Harry Lachman

Writers: Richard Connell, Charley Rogers, W.W. Jacobs, Felix Adler, Jack Jevne

Tags: letter, twin brother, mistaken identity, black and white, twins, sailor, doppelgänger, pawnshop, mix-up, drunkenness, beer garden, 1930s



Release Date: 1936-12-26

Genres: Drama, Romance, History

“Camille” is a captivating movie set in 1847 Paris, where the vibrant city’s charm and harsh realities collide. The film follows the enchanting Marguerite Gautier, played by the iconic Greta Garbo, as she embarks on a lavish romance with Armand Duval, portrayed by Robert Taylor. With a stellar cast and a storyline filled with gambling dens, extravagant parties, and the complexities of love, this 1936 release is a must-watch for anyone seeking a glimpse into the spirited yet unforgiving world of 19th-century Paris.

Cast: Greta Garbo (Marguerite Gautier) , Robert Taylor (Armand Duval) , Lionel Barrymore (Monsieur Duval) , Elizabeth Allan (Nichette) , Jessie Ralph (Nanine) , Henry Daniell (Baron de Varville) , Lenore Ulric (Olympe) , Laura Hope Crews (Prudence Duvernoy) , Rex O’Malley (Gaston) , Lita Chevret (Woman in Theatre Box (uncredited)) , E. E. Clive (Saint Gaudens (uncredited)) , Elspeth Dudgeon (Fireplace Attendant (uncredited)) , Effie Ellsler (Grandma Duval (uncredited)) , Elsie Esmond (Madame Duval (uncredited)) , Dorothy Granger (Woman in Theatre Box (uncredited)) , Joan Leslie (Marie Jeanette (uncredited)) , Gwendolyn Logan (Governess (uncredited)) , Eily Malyon (Therese the Maid in Country House (uncredited)) , Edwin Maxwell (Doctor (uncredited)) , Ferdinand Munier (Priest at Wedding (uncredited)) , Barry Norton (Emile (uncredited)) , Lionel Pape (General (uncredited)) , Frank Reicher (Creditor Agent (uncredited)) , Douglas Walton (Henri (uncredited))

Directors: George Cukor

Writers: James Hilton, Frances Marion, Alexandre Dumas fils, Zoe Akins

Tags: paris, france, courtesan, terminal illness, death, illness, tuberculosis, star crossed lovers, camelia, dying in arms

Swing Time

Swing Time

Release Date: 1936-08-27

Genres: Comedy, Music, Romance

“Swing Time” is a delightful 1936 movie starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The story follows Lucky, who must earn $25,000 to marry Margaret, but his plans take an unexpected turn when he meets dancing instructor Penny. As Lucky and Penny form a successful dance partnership, their romance faces obstacles due to their past attachments. With a charming cast and a mix of romance and dance, this film is a must-watch for fans of classic movies.

Cast: Fred Astaire (Lucky Garnett) , Ginger Rogers (Penny Carrol) , Victor Moore (Pop Cardetti) , Helen Broderick (Mabel Anderson) , Eric Blore (Gordon) , Betty Furness (Margaret Watson) , Georges Metaxa (Ricky Romero) , Landers Stevens (Judge Watson (uncredited)) , Jack Goode (Dancer (uncredited)) , Gerald Hamer (Eric Lacanistram (uncredited))

Directors: George Stevens

Writers: Erwin S. Gelsey, Dorothy Fields, Howard Lindsay, Allan Scott

Tags: new york city, dancing, musical, ballroom dancing, singing, black and white, gambler, based on short story, dance instructor, dance act, back stage, jilted woman

The Devil-Doll

The Devil-Doll

Release Date: 1936-07-10

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction

“The Devil-Doll” is a thrilling 1936 movie that follows the story of Paul Lavond, who is wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. With the help of a brilliant scientist, Lavond escapes from prison and discovers a way to shrink humans. Seeking revenge on those who framed him, Lavond uses this incredible technology to clear his name and protect his daughter. Starring Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan, and Frank Lawton, this film is packed with suspense and unexpected twists. Released on July 10, 1936, it’s definitely one of the best movies of that year!

Cast: Lionel Barrymore (Paul Lavond) , Maureen O’Sullivan (Lorraine Lavond) , Frank Lawton (Toto) , Rafaela Ottiano (Malita) , Robert Greig (Emil Coulvet) , Lucy Beaumont (Madame Lavond) , Henry B. Walthall (Marcel) , Grace Ford (Lachna) , Pedro de Cordoba (Charles Martin) , Arthur Hohl (Victor Radin) , Juanita Quigley (Marguerite Coulvet) , Claire Du Brey (Mme. Coulvet) , Rollo Lloyd (Detective) , Eily Malyon (Laundry Supervisor) , Frank Reicher (Doctor (uncredited)) , Billy Gilbert ()

Directors: Tod Browning

Writers: Tod Browning, Erich von Stroheim, Garrett Fort, Guy Endore, Abraham Merritt

Tags: revenge, scientist, criminal, miniature people, shrunken human

The Charge of the Light Brigade

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Release Date: 1936-10-22

Genres: Drama, Adventure, War

“The Charge of the Light Brigade” is a thrilling historical drama set in 1853, during the intense rivalry between the British and Russian empires for control over India. Starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, the film follows Major Geoffrey Vickers as he endures betrayals and misfortunes, leading up to his ultimate revenge on October 25, 1854, during the Crimean War. Released in 1936, this movie showcases a star-studded cast and offers a captivating glimpse into the political intrigues and alliances of the time.

Cast: Errol Flynn (Major Geoffrey Vickers) , Olivia de Havilland (Elsa Campbell) , Patric Knowles (Captain Perry Vickers) , Henry Stephenson (Sir Charles Macefield) , Nigel Bruce (Sir Benjamin Warrenton) , Donald Crisp (Colonel Campbell) , David Niven (Captain Randall) , C. Henry Gordon (Surat Khan) , G.P. Huntley (Major Jowett) , Robert Barrat (Count Igor Volonoff) , Spring Byington (Lady Octavia Warrenton) , E. E. Clive (Sir Humphrey Harcourt) , J. Carrol Naish (Subahdar-Major Puran Singh) , Walter Holbrook (Cornet Barclay) , Princess Baba (Prema’s Mother) , Charles Sedgwick (Cornet Pearson) , Scotty Beckett (Prema Singh) , George Regas (Wazir) , Helen Sanborn (Mrs. Jowett) , John Bose (Soldier (uncredited)) , Jack Curtis (Sepoy (uncredited)) , Herbert Evans (Majordomo (uncredited)) , Olaf Hytten (Officer (uncredited)) , Georges Renavent (Gen. Canrobert (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: Rowland Leigh, Michael Jacoby

Tags: british army, british empire, marriage engagement, british colonialism, epic battle, crimean war (1853-56), brothers love same woman, the light brigade, british lancers, society ball, brother brother relationship

Things to Come

Things to Come

Release Date: 1936-03-31

Genres: Drama, Science Fiction

“Things to Come” is a thought-provoking movie set in a post-apocalyptic world. After a devastating war, society is left in ruins, but a group of determined individuals work together to rebuild civilization and even venture into space. With a talented cast including Raymond Massey and Ralph Richardson, this 1936 film takes you on a captivating journey through a century of turmoil and hope.

Cast: Raymond Massey (John Cabal / Oswald Cabal) , Edward Chapman (Pippa Passworthy / Raymond Passworthy) , Ralph Richardson (The Boss) , Margaretta Scott (Roxana / Rowena) , Cedric Hardwicke (Theotocopulos) , Maurice Braddell (Dr. Harding) , Sophie Stewart (Mrs. Cabal) , Derrick De Marney (Richard Gordon) , Ann Todd (Mary Gordon) , Pearl Argyle (Catherine Cabal) , Kenneth Villiers (Maurice Passworthy) , Ivan Brandt (Morden Mitani) , Anne McLaren (The Child) , Patricia Hilliard (Janet Gordon) , Charles Carson (Great Grandfather) , Patrick Barr (World Transport Official (uncredited)) , Noel Brophy (Irishman (uncredited)) , John Clements (The Airman (uncredited)) , Anthony Holles (Simon Burton (uncredited)) , Allan Jeayes (Mr. Cabal (uncredited)) , Pickles Livingston (Horrie Passworthy (uncredited)) , George Sanders (Celestial Body (uncredited)) , Abraham Sofaer (The Jew (uncredited)) , Terry-Thomas (Man of the Future (uncredited))

Directors: William Cameron Menzies

Writers: H.G. Wells

Tags: future, progress, black and white, scientist

Tarzan Escapes

Tarzan Escapes

Release Date: 1936-11-06

Genres: Action, Adventure

“Tarzan Escapes” is an exciting adventure film released in 1936. It follows the story of Tarzan, a wild man living in the jungle, who is captured by a white hunter named Captain Fry. With the help of Jane’s cousins, Eric and Rita, they embark on a thrilling journey to claim a fortune left for Jane. Starring Johnny Weissmüller and Maureen O’Sullivan, this movie is a must-watch for fans of action-packed jungle tales.

Cast: Johnny Weissmüller (Tarzan) , Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane) , John Buckler (Captain Fry) , Benita Hume (Rita Parker) , William Henry (Eric Parker) , Herbert Mundin (Rawlins) , E. E. Clive (Masters) , Darby Jones (Bomba)

Directors: William A. Wellman, John Farrow, Richard Thorpe, George B. Seitz, James C. McKay

Writers: Cyril Hume, Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tags: africa, tree house, elephant, cage, tarzan, deception, jungle, inheritance, trap, wild animal, chimpanzee, tribes, cousins

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Release Date: 1936-03-01

Genres: Crime, Horror, Science Fiction

“The Walking Dead” is a thrilling 1936 movie that tells the story of John Ellman, a man wrongly accused of a judge’s murder. Despite proving his innocence, it’s too late to save him from execution. However, a doctor brings him back to life through an experimental procedure, leading to unexpected consequences. Starring Boris Karloff and Ricardo Cortez, this film is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful and thought-provoking stories.

Cast: Boris Karloff (John Ellman) , Ricardo Cortez (Nolan) , Edmund Gwenn (Dr. Evan Beaumont) , Marguerite Churchill (Nancy) , Warren Hull (Jimmy) , Barton MacLane (Loder) , Henry O’Neill (District Attorney Werner) , Joe King (Judge Roger Shaw) , Addison Richards (Prison Warden) , Paul Harvey (Blackstone) , Robert Strange (Merritt) , Joe Sawyer (‘Trigger’ Smith) , Eddie Acuff (‘Betcha’) , Kenneth Harlan (Stephen Martin) , Miki Morita (Loder’s Butler Sako) , Ruth Robinson (Mrs. Shaw) , George Beranger (Nolan’s Butler (uncredited)) , Wade Boteler (Cellist’s Guard (uncredited)) , Frank Darien (Cemetery Caretaker (uncredited)) , Edward Gargan (Guard Sitting Outside Warden’s Office (uncredited)) , Crauford Kent (British Radio Announcer (uncredited)) , Milton Kibbee (Reporter (uncredited)) , William H. O’Brien (Juror (uncredited)) , Paul Panzer (Man in Courtroom (uncredited)) , Leo White (Man in Courtroom (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: Joseph Fields, Lillie Hayward, Peter Milne, Robert Hardy Andrews, Ewart Adamson

Tags: cemetery, musician, crooked lawyer, murder, doctor, execution, confrontation, district attorney, super power, racketeers, living dead, playing piano, frame up, return from dead, wrongful conviction, framed for murder, witness to a crime, witnesses, innocent man

The Great Ziegfeld

The Great Ziegfeld

Release Date: 1936-04-08

Genres: Drama, Music, Romance

“The Great Ziegfeld” is a captivating biographical film released in 1936. Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Luise Rainer, it tells the fascinating story of Flo Ziegfeld, a renowned producer who rose to fame as Broadway’s ultimate starmaker. With a star-studded cast and a release date of April 8, 1936, this movie is a must-watch for anyone interested in the glamorous world of theater and the captivating life of one of its biggest legends.

Cast: William Powell (Florenz ‘Flo’ Ziegfeld Jr.) , Myrna Loy (Billie Burke) , Luise Rainer (Anna Held) , Frank Morgan (Billings) , Fanny Brice (Fannie Brice) , Virginia Bruce (Audrey Dane) , Reginald Owen (Sampston) , Ray Bolger (Ray Bolger) , Ernest Cossart (Sidney) , Joseph Cawthorn (Dr. Ziegfeld) , Nat Pendleton (Sandow) , Dennis Morgan (Stage Singer in “Pretty Girl” Number) , Marcelle Corday (Marie) , Robert Greig (Ziegfeld’s Butler (uncredited)) , Harriet Hoctor (Herself) , Jean Chatburn (Mary Lou) , Paul Irving (Erlanger) , Herman Bing (Costumer) , Charles Judels (Pierre) , Raymond Walburn (Sage) , A.A. Trimble (Will Rogers) , Buddy Doyle (Eddie Cantor) , Wallis Clark (Stock Broker) , Wanda Perry (Ziegfeld Girl (uncredited)) , William Demarest (Gene Buck (uncredited))

Directors: Robert Z. Leonard

Writers: William Anthony McGuire

Tags: biography, producer, broadway

Dracula's Daughter

Dracula’s Daughter

Release Date: 1936-05-11

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

“Dracula’s Daughter” is a captivating horror film released in 1936. Set in Transylvania, it follows the story of a countess who seeks the help of a psychiatrist to overcome her vampiric cravings. With a talented cast including Gloria Holden and Otto Kruger, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you delve into the mysterious world of vampires.

Cast: Gloria Holden (Countess Marya Zaleska) , Otto Kruger (Dr. Jeffrey Garth) , Marguerite Churchill (Janet) , Irving Pichel (Sandor) , Gilbert Emery (Sir Basil Humphrey) , Edward Van Sloan (Prof. Van Helsing) , Nan Grey (Lili) , Halliwell Hobbes (Police Sgt. Hawkins) , Billy Bevan (Police Constable Albert) , E. E. Clive (Detective Sergeant Wilkes) , Hedda Hopper (Lady Esme Hammond) , Claud Allister (Sir Aubrey) , Eily Malyon (Miss Peabody) , Edgar Norton (Hobbs) , Vernon Steele (Detective Orderly Squires) , Joseph R. Tozer (Dr. Graham) , Douglas Wood (Dr. Townsend) , Fred Walton (Dr. Beemish) , Paul Weigel (Transylvania Innkeeper) , Hodwiga Reicher (Innkeeper’s Wife) , William Schramm (Zoltan – Groom in Transylvania) , Agnes Anderson (Elena – Bride in Transylvania) , Owen Gorin (Zoltan’s Friend) , Christian Rub (Coach Driver in Transylvania) , Wilhelm von Brincken (Lead Transylvanian Gendarme)

Directors: Lambert Hillyer

Writers: Bram Stoker, John L. Balderston, Garrett Fort, Charles Belden, R.C. Sherriff, Finley Peter Dunne

Tags: london, england, transylvania, parent child relationship, monster, castle, vampire, sequel, murder, countess, undead, curse, black and white, madman

Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Release Date: 1936-05-31

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance

“Secret Agent” is a thrilling World War I spy movie released in 1936. Starring a talented cast including Madeleine Carroll, John Gielgud, and Peter Lorre, the film follows three British agents on a mission to assassinate a mysterious German spy. As the story unfolds, the agents find themselves torn between their duty and their own moral compasses, making for a captivating and suspenseful watch.

Cast: Madeleine Carroll (Elsa Carrington) , John Gielgud (Richard Ashenden / Edgar Brodie) , Peter Lorre (The General) , Robert Young (Robert Marvin) , Percy Marmont (Caypor) , Florence Kahn (Mrs. Caypor) , Charles Carson (“R”) , Lilli Palmer (Lilli) , Denys Blakelock (Man (uncredited)) , Sebastian Cabot (Man (uncredited)) , Tom Helmore (Colonel Anderson (uncredited)) , Andreas Malandrinos (Manager (uncredited)) , Howard Marion-Crawford (Karl (uncredited)) , René Ray (Maid (uncredited)) , Michael Redgrave (Army Officer (uncredited)) , Michael Rennie (Army Captain (uncredited)) , Michel Saint-Denis (Coachman (uncredited))

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: Charles Bennett, W. Somerset Maugham, Campbell Dixon, Ian Hay, Jesse Lasky Jr.

Tags: spy, hotel, switzerland, world war i, black and white

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