Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1938: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey!

Roll out the red carpet and dust off your vintage popcorn machine, because we’re about to take a glamorous trip back to 1938! A year that gifted us with cinematic gems that still sparkle in the annals of film history. From heart-stopping thrillers to heartwarming romances, 1938 had it all. So, whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or a curious newcomer, buckle up for a nostalgic journey through the silver screen’s golden age. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1938, each one a celluloid time capsule that continues to captivate audiences, eight decades on. So, sit back, relax, and let’s rewind the reel to a time when Hollywood was just finding its feet, and every movie was a new adventure. Lights, camera, action!
Angels with Dirty Faces

Angels with Dirty Faces

Release Date: 1938-11-26

Genres: Crime, Drama

“Angels with Dirty Faces” is a classic movie from 1938 that tells the story of childhood friends Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connelly. As they grow up, Rocky becomes a notorious gangster while Jerry becomes a priest. The film explores their contrasting paths and the challenges they face in their old neighborhood. Starring James Cagney, Pat O’Brien, and Humphrey Bogart, this movie is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and heartfelt stories set in the 1930s.

Cast: James Cagney (Rocky Sullivan) , Pat O’Brien (Jerry Connolly) , Humphrey Bogart (James Frazier) , Ann Sheridan (Laury Ferguson) , George Bancroft (Mac Keefer) , Billy Halop (Soapy) , Bobby Jordan (Swing) , Leo Gorcey (Bim) , Gabriel Dell (Pasty) , Huntz Hall (Crab) , Bernard Punsly (Hunky) , Joe Downing (Steve) , Edward Pawley (Edwards) , Adrian Morris (Blackie) , Frankie Burke (Rocky – as a Boy) , William Tracy (Jerry – as a Boy) , Marilyn Knowlden (Laury – as a Child) , Poppy Wilde (Girl at Gaming Table) , Michael Stark ()

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: Ben Hecht, Warren Duff, Charles MacArthur, John Wexley, Rowland Brown

Tags: casino, based on novel or book, gangster, black and white, dead end kids, juvenile delinquent, reform school, catholic priest

Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

Release Date: 1938-02-18

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Bringing Up Baby” is a hilarious 1938 comedy starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Set in the backdrop of a bone-collecting museum curator, David Huxley, the movie takes a wild turn when he crosses paths with the adventurous Susan Vance. Together, they embark on a series of misadventures involving a mischievous leopard named Baby. With a stellar cast and a release date of February 18, 1938, this film is sure to keep you entertained with its comedic chaos and unexpected encounters.

Cast: Katharine Hepburn (Susan Vance) , Cary Grant (David Huxley) , Charles Ruggles (Horace Applegate) , Walter Catlett (Constable Slocum) , Barry Fitzgerald (Aloysius Gogarty) , May Robson (Elizabeth Random) , Fritz Feld (Fritz Lehman) , Leona Roberts (Hannah Gogarty) , George Irving (Alexander Peabody) , Tala Birell (Mrs. Lehman) , Virginia Walker (Alice Swallow) , John Kelly (Elmer) , William Benedict (David’s Caddy (uncredited)) , Billy Bevan (Joe (uncredited)) , Ward Bond (Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)) , Jack Carson (Circus Roustabout (uncredited)) , Judith Ford (Hatcheck Girl (uncredited)) , Edward Gargan (Zoo Official (uncredited)) , Paul Guilfoyle ((uncredited)) , Karl ‘Karchy’ Kosiczky (Midget (uncredited)) , Skippy (George (uncredited)) , Jack Gardner (Delivery Man (uncredited))

Directors: Howard Hawks

Writers: Dudley Nichols, Hagar Wilde

Tags: prison, donation, zoo, museum, paleontologist, leopard, bone, cross dressing, black and white, screwball comedy

The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes

Release Date: 1938-10-07

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Comedy

“The Lady Vanishes” is a thrilling mystery set in a fictional European country in 1938. When a group of travelers gets stranded in a hotel due to an avalanche, young Iris befriends an elderly woman named Miss Froy. However, when Iris wakes up from a brief unconsciousness, she discovers that Miss Froy has vanished, and the other passengers deny her existence. As Iris teams up with another traveler to investigate, they uncover a web of secrets and romance blossoms amidst their sleuthing. Starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave, this suspenseful film was released on October 7, 1938, and is one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Margaret Lockwood (Iris Matilda Henderson) , Michael Redgrave (Gilbert Redman) , May Whitty (Miss Froy) , Paul Lukas (Dr. Hartz) , Basil Radford (Charters) , Naunton Wayne (Caldicott) , Cecil Parker (Eric Todhunter) , Linden Travers (‘Mrs.’ Margaret Todhunter) , Mary Clare (Baroness Isabel Nisatona) , Emile Boreo (Boris the Hotel Manager) , Googie Withers (Blanche) , Sally Stewart (Julie) , Philip Leaver (Signor Doppo) , Selma Vaz Dias (Signora Doppo) , Catherine Lacey (The Nun) , Josephine Wilson (Madame Kummer) , Charles Oliver (The Officer) , Kathleen Tremaine (Anna) , Ernest Blyth (Foreign Office Man (uncredited)) , Alfred Hitchcock (Man in London Railway Station (uncredited)) , Roy Russell (Violinist (uncredited)) , Wallace Bosco (Gasthof Petrus Guest (uncredited)) , Alf Casha (Gasthof Petrus Guest (uncredited)) , Nan Kearns (Dancing Woman (uncredited)) , John Miller (Rudolf – Gasthof Waiter (uncredited))

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: Ethel Lina White, Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder

Tags: secret agent, concussion, flowerpot, search for witnesses, gay interest, conspiracy, train, old lady, missing person, magician

You Can't Take It with You

You Can’t Take It with You

Release Date: 1938-09-01

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“You Can’t Take It with You” is a heartwarming romantic comedy from 1938 starring Jean Arthur and James Stewart. It tells the story of Alice, a normal girl who falls in love with Tony Kirby, but their relationship faces opposition from Tony’s wealthy and snobbish parents. When the two families come together for a dinner, chaos ensues, leading to unexpected twists and turns. With a talented cast and a release date of September 1, 1938, this movie is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a delightful and entertaining classic.

Cast: Jean Arthur (Alice Sycamore) , James Stewart (Tony Kirby) , Lionel Barrymore (Grandpa Martin Vanderhof) , Edward Arnold (Anthony P. Kirby) , Mischa Auer (Boris Kolenkhov) , Ann Miller (Essie Carmichael) , Spring Byington (Penny Sycamore) , Samuel S. Hinds (Paul Sycamore) , Donald Meek (Mr. Poppins) , H.B. Warner (Mr. Ramsey) , Halliwell Hobbes (Mr. DePinna) , Dub Taylor (Ed Carmichael) , Mary Forbes (Mrs. Anthony P. Kirby) , Lillian Yarbo (Rheba) , Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson (Donald) , Clarence Wilson (John Blakely) , Josef Swickard (Professor) , Ann Doran (Maggie O’Neill) , Christian Rub (Schmidt) , Bodil Rosing (Mrs. Schmidt) , Charles Lane (Henderson) , Harry Davenport (Judge) , Irving Bacon (Henry – the Head Waiter (uncredited)) , Ward Bond (Mike – the Detective (uncredited)) , James Burke (Chief Detective (uncredited))

Directors: Frank Capra

Writers: Robert Riskin, Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman, Charles C. Coleman

Tags: harmonica, monopoly, tycoon, house, love, friends, based on play or musical, eccentric, secretary, free spirit, black and white, rich snob, stenographer, eccentric family

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Release Date: 1938-05-13

Genres: Adventure, Romance, History

“The Adventures of Robin Hood” is a classic 1938 movie that tells the thrilling tale of Robin Hood’s noble fight against the wicked Sir Guy of Gisbourne. With a star-studded cast including Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Basil Rathbone, this film brings to life the legendary hero’s quest for justice and his pursuit of the beautiful Maid Marian. Released on May 13, 1938, it’s no wonder this movie made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year!

Cast: Errol Flynn (Robin Hood) , Olivia de Havilland (Maid Marian) , Basil Rathbone (Sir Guy of Gisbourne) , Claude Rains (Prince John) , Patric Knowles (Will Scarlett) , Eugene Pallette (Friar Tuck) , Alan Hale (Little John) , Melville Cooper (High Sheriff of Nottingham) , Ian Hunter (King Richard the Lion-Heart) , Una O’Connor (Bess) , Herbert Mundin (Much) , Montagu Love (Bishop of the Black Canons) , Leonard Willey (Sir Essex) , Robert Noble (Sir Ralf) , Kenneth Hunter (Sir Mortimer) , Robert Warwick (Sir Geoffrey) , Colin Kenny (Sir Baldwin) , Lester Matthews (Sir Ivor) , Harry Cording (Dickon Malbete) , Howard Hill (Captain of Archers (uncredited)) , Ivan F. Simpson (Proprietor of Kent Road Tavern (uncredited)) , Carole Landis (Guest at Banquet (uncredited)) , Herbert Evans (Seneschal (uncredited)) , Jack Gordon (Villager at Tournament (uncredited)) , Frank Hagney (Man-at-Arms (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz, William Keighley

Writers: Norman Reilly Raine, Seton I. Miller

Tags: repayment, sword, richard the lionheart, robin hood, archer, sword fight, nottingham, sherwood forest, historical fiction, disguise, swashbuckler, medieval, technicolor, based on myths, legends or folklore, saxons, action hero, 12th century, king richard, vigilante justice



Release Date: 1938-05-26

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Released in 1938, “Holiday” is a captivating romantic comedy starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. The film follows the story of Johnny Case, a free-spirited financier, who falls in love with Julia Seton, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. However, their plans for a carefree holiday take an unexpected turn when Julia insists on Johnny working in her father’s bank. With a stellar cast and an intriguing plot, this movie promises to deliver a delightful blend of romance and comedy.

Cast: Katharine Hepburn (Linda Seton) , Cary Grant (Johnny Case) , Doris Nolan (Julia Seton) , Henry Kolker (Edward Seton) , Lew Ayres (Ned Seton) , Edward Everett Horton (Professor Nick Potter) , Jean Dixon (Susan Elliott Potter) , Henry Daniell (Seton Cram) , Binnie Barnes (Laura Cram) , Marion Ballou (Portrait of Grandmother Seton) , Edward Biby (Churchgoer) , Beatrice Blinn (Maid) , Mabel Colcord (Setons’ Cook) , Luke Cosgrave (Portrait of Grandfather Seton) , Ann Doran (Kitchen Maid) , Bess Flowers (Dorothy – Party Guest) , Mitchell Harris (Jennings) , Howard Hickman (Churchgoer) , Leota Lorraine (Churchgoer) , Eric Mayne (Churchgoer) , Tom McGuire (Party Guest) , Matt McHugh (Taxi Driver) , Frank McLure (Churchgoer) , Edmund Mortimer (Bunny – Party Guest) , Wedgwood Nowell (Party Guest)

Directors: George Cukor

Writers: Philip Barry, Donald Ogden Stewart, Sidney Buchman

Tags: holiday, sibling relationship, new year’s eve, sister, romantic comedy, free spirit, best friend, mansion, alcoholic, millionaire, stubbornness, marriage engagement, high society, social class, christmas, college professor, drunkard, wealthy family

Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

Release Date: 1938-11-24

Genres: Drama, History, War

“Alexander Nevsky” is a captivating historical film released on November 24, 1938. Set in Russia, it tells the inspiring story of Prince Alexander Nevsky who leads his outnumbered troops against invading German knights. As the Teutonic soldiers take control of an eastern Russian city, Alexander stages a courageous stand at Novgorod, culminating in a thrilling battle on the frozen Lake Chudskoe. Amidst the action, two of Alexander’s soldiers, Vasili and Gavrilo, engage in a brave competition to win the heart of a local maiden. With a talented cast including Nikolai Cherkasov, Nikolai Okhlopkov, and Andrei Abrikosov, this movie is a must-watch for history enthusiasts and fans of epic battles.

Cast: Nikolai Cherkasov (Alexander Nevsky) , Nikolai Okhlopkov (Vasili Buslai) , Andrei Abrikosov (Gavrilo Oleksich) , Valentyna Ivashova (Olga Danilovna – a Maid of Novgorod) , Lev Fenin (The Archbishop) , Sergei Blinnikov (Tverdilo – Traitorous Mayor of Pskov) , Nikolai Arsky (Domash Tverdislavich – a Novgorod Boyar) , Varvara Massalitinova (Amelfa Timoferevna – Buslai’s Mother)

Directors: Sergei Eisenstein, Dmitriy Vasilev

Writers: Sergei Eisenstein, Pyotr Pavlenko

Tags: battle, alexandre nevski, alexander nevsky, 13th century

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

Release Date: 1938-07-20

Genres: Crime, Drama

Hey, I just found this cool movie from 1938 called “The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse”! It’s about a wealthy doctor who decides to study criminal behavior by actually becoming a criminal himself. He joins a gang of thieves and ends up taking over as their leader, which doesn’t sit well with the original boss. It stars Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor, and Humphrey Bogart, and was released on July 20, 1938. Sounds like a fascinating watch!

Cast: Edward G. Robinson (Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse) , Claire Trevor (Jo Keller) , Humphrey Bogart (‘Rocks’ Valentine) , Allen Jenkins (Okay) , Donald Crisp (Police Inspector Lewis Lane) , Gale Page (Nurse Randolph) , Henry O’Neill (Judge) , John Litel (Mr. Monroe, Prosecuting Attorney) , Thurston Hall (Grant) , Ward Bond (Tug) , Ronald Reagan (Radio Announcer (voice) (uncredited)) , Mary Field (Millie – Mrs. Updyke’s Maid (uncredited)) , Maxie Rosenbloom (Butch) , Vladimir Sokoloff (Popus) , Bert Hanlon (Pat) , Curt Bois (Rabbit) , Billy Wayne (Candy) , Robert Homans (Lt. Johnson) , Irving Bacon (Foreman of Jury) , John Alban (Guest (uncredited)) , Frank Anthony (Gambler in Room 920 (uncredited)) , Wade Boteler (Captain MacLevy (uncredited)) , Sidney Bracey (Police Chemist (uncredited)) , John Breen (Spectator at Robbery (uncredited)) , Georgia Caine (Mrs. Frederick R. Updyke (uncredited))

Directors: Anatole Litvak

Writers: John Huston, Barré Lyndon, John Wexley

Tags: robbery, paranoia, psychology, gangster, research, society, jewelry, sociopath, dark comedy, doctor, criminal, criminal mind



Release Date: 1938-03-26

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Jezebel” is a captivating movie set in 1850s Louisiana, where the headstrong nature of a fiery Southern belle puts everyone who cares for her at risk. Starring Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, and George Brent, this 1938 film takes you on a thrilling journey through love, passion, and the consequences of one woman’s rebellious spirit.

Cast: Bette Davis (Julie Marsden) , Henry Fonda (Preston Dillard) , George Brent (Buck Cantrell) , Margaret Lindsay (Amy Bradford Dillard) , Donald Crisp (Dr. Livingstone) , Fay Bainter (Aunt Belle Massey) , Richard Cromwell (Ted Dillard) , Henry O’Neill (General Theopholus Bogardus) , Spring Byington (Mrs. Kendrick) , John Litel (Jean La Cour) , Irving Pichel (Huger) , Theresa Harris (Zette) , Janet Shaw (Molly Allen) , Margaret Early (Stephanie Kendrick) , Lou Payton (Uncle Cato) , Gordon Oliver (Dick Allen) , Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson (Gros Bat) , Matthew Beard (Ti Bat) , Georges Renavent (De Lautruc) , Mary Field (Woman at the Olympus Ball (uncredited)) , Amzie Strickland (Woman at the Olympus Ball (uncredited)) , Trevor Bardette (Sheriff at Plantation (uncredited)) , Al Bridge (New Orleans Sheriff (uncredited)) , Maurice Brierre (Drunk (uncredited)) , Jack Norton (Drunk (uncredited))

Directors: William Wyler

Writers: John Huston, Robert Buckner, Abem Finkel, Clements Ripley, Owen Davis, Louis F. Edelman

Tags: southern usa, self-destruction, love of one’s life, new orleans, louisiana, louisiana, yellow fever, female protagonist, epidemic, pride, vanity, southern belle



Release Date: 1938-08-19

Genres: Comedy, War

“Block-Heads” is a hilarious comedy released in 1938, starring the iconic duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Set in the aftermath of World War I, the movie follows Stan, who is unaware that the war has ended and continues to patrol the trenches in France. When Oliver discovers Stan’s picture in the newspaper, he pays him a visit and invites him back home. Get ready for a delightful adventure filled with laughter and friendship as these two lovable characters navigate their way through post-war confusion.

Cast: Stan Laurel (Stan) , Oliver Hardy (Ollie) , Patricia Ellis (Mrs. ‘Toots’ Gilbert) , Minna Gombell (Mrs. Hardy) , Billy Gilbert (Mr. Gilbert) , James Finlayson (Man on Stairs) , Tommy Bond (Neighbor’s Son)

Directors: John G. Blystone

Writers: Arnold Belgard, James Parrott, Felix Adler, Harry Langdon, Charley Rogers

Tags: france, hunter, infidelity, fight, world war i, neighbor, black and white, car accident, wedding anniversary, elevator crash, gas explosion, trenches, timeline, domineering wife, 1930s, army veteran

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife

Release Date: 1938-03-25

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife” is a delightful romantic comedy from 1938 starring Claudette Colbert and Gary Cooper. The film follows the story of a spirited young woman named Nicole who refuses to be just another wife in the long line of her wealthy husband’s exes. With a clever strategy up her sleeve, Nicole sets out to tame her multi-millionaire husband and bring some excitement into their marriage. Released on March 25, 1938, this movie is a must-watch for fans of classic romantic comedies.

Cast: Claudette Colbert (Nicole De Loiselle) , Gary Cooper (Michael Brandon) , Edward Everett Horton (Marquis De Loiselle) , David Niven (Albert De Regnier) , Elizabeth Patterson (Aunt Hedwige) , Herman Bing (Monsieur Pepinard) , Warren Hymer (Kid Mulligan) , Franklin Pangborn (Assistant Hotel Manager) , Armand Cortes (Assistant Hotel Manager) , Rolfe Sedan (Floorwalker) , Lawrence Grant (Professor Urganzeff) , Lionel Pape (Monsieur Potin) , Tyler Brooke (Clerk) , Leon Ames (Ex-Chauffeur (uncredited)) , Gino Corrado (Waiter Arranging Furniture (uncredited)) , Joseph Crehan (American Tourist (uncredited)) , George Davis (Maurice – Second Porter (uncredited)) , Mariska Aldrich (Nurse at Door (uncredited)) , Lenore Aubert (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Eugene Borden (Waiter on the Stairs (uncredited)) , Barlowe Borland (Uncle Fernandel (uncredited)) , Marie Burton ((uncredited)) , Albert D’Arno (Newsboy (uncredited)) , Dorothy Dayton ((uncredited)) , Jean De Briac (Waiter in the Hall (uncredited))

Directors: Ernst Lubitsch

Writers: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, Alfred Savoir, Charlton Andrews

Tags: millionaire

Vivacious Lady

Vivacious Lady

Release Date: 1938-05-13

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Vivacious Lady” is a delightful romantic comedy released in 1938, starring the talented duo Ginger Rogers and James Stewart. Set in a college town, the movie follows the hilarious chaos that ensues when a reserved botany professor secretly marries a fiery night-club singer. With a stellar cast and a release date of May 13, 1938, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of that year!

Cast: Ginger Rogers (Francey Brent) , James Stewart (Peter Morgan Jr.) , James Ellison (Keith Morgan) , Beulah Bondi (Martha Morgan) , Charles Coburn (Peter Morgan Sr.) , Frances Mercer (Helen) , Phyllis Kennedy (Jenny) , Franklin Pangborn (Apartment Manager) , Grady Sutton (Culpepper) , Jack Carson (Charlie) , Willie Best (Train Porter) , Spencer Charters (Man Shaving on Train (uncredited)) , Phyllis Fraser (Minor Role (uncredited)) , Lloyd Ingraham (Mr. Noble (uncredited)) , Alec Craig (Joseph (uncredited)) , Franklyn Farnum (2nd Train Conductor (uncredited)) , Kenner G. Kemp (Man in Train Corridor (uncredited)) , Bert Moorhouse (Nightclub Patron (uncredited)) , Kay Sutton (Woman Exiting Train at Old Sharon (uncredited)) , Bobby Barber (Italian Waiter at Nightclub (uncredited)) , Lee Bennett (Student (uncredited)) , Maude Eburne (Nagging Wife of Man Shaving on Train (uncredited)) , Hattie McDaniel (Hattie – Maid at Prom Dance (uncredited)) , Dorothy Moore (Hat-Check Girl (uncredited))

Directors: George Stevens

Writers: P.J. Wolfson, Ernest Pagano, I.A.R. Wylie

Tags: professor, marriage crisis

The Dawn Patrol

The Dawn Patrol

Release Date: 1938-12-24

Genres: Action, Drama, War

“The Dawn Patrol” is a thrilling war film set in 1915 France, during World War I. It follows Major Brand, who leads the 39th Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. With a talented cast including Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, and David Niven, the movie depicts the challenges faced by the young airmen as they fly in outdated and vulnerable aircraft. As the casualty rate rises, tensions escalate between Brand and the insubordinate Captain Courtney. This gripping story showcases the bravery and resilience of these pilots, as they face danger with a stiff upper lip. Released on December 24, 1938, “The Dawn Patrol” is a must-watch for fans of action-packed war dramas.

Cast: Errol Flynn (Capt. Courtney) , Basil Rathbone (Maj. Brand) , David Niven (Lt. Scott) , Donald Crisp (Phipps) , Melville Cooper (Sgt. Watkins) , Barry Fitzgerald (Bott) , Carl Esmond (Hauptmann Von Mueller) , Peter Willes (Hollister) , Morton Lowry (Donnie Scott) , Michael Brooke (Capt. Squires) , James Burke (Flaherty – Motorcycle Driver) , Stuart Hall (Bentham) , Herbert Evans (Scott’s Mechanic) , Sidney Bracey (Major Brand’s Orderly (as Sidney Bracy)) , Leo Nomis (Aeronautic Supervisor) , Hal Brazeale (Gregory) , Tyrone Brereton (Orderly) , Richard Deane (‘B’ Flight Replacement) , Fred Graham (Running Man on Airfield) , Ivo Henderson (Soldier) , Tim Henning (Orderly) , Shep Houghton (Young Recruit) , George Kirby (Kirby – Orderly) , Anthony Marsh (Rutherford) , John Meredith (‘B’ Flight Replacement)

Directors: Edmund Goulding

Writers: Seton I. Miller, John Monk Saunders, Dan Totheroh

Tags: germany, raf (royal air force), england, world war ii, bomber, air force, dogfight

Boys Town

Boys Town

Release Date: 1938-09-08

Genres: Drama

“Boys Town” is a heartwarming and inspiring movie from 1938 that tells the story of Father Flanagan, a devoted and determined man who runs a unique community called Boys Town. Instead of treating the boys as criminals, Father Flanagan helps them become better individuals. Starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, this film showcases the challenges faced by Father Flanagan when he encounters Whitey Marsh, a troubled young boy with a criminal background. With a stellar cast and a powerful message, “Boys Town” is a must-watch classic that will leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful.

Cast: Spencer Tracy (Father Flanagan) , Mickey Rooney (Whitey Marsh) , Henry Hull (Dave Morris) , Leslie Fenton (Dan Farrow) , Gene Reynolds (Tony Ponessa) , Edward Norris (Joe Marsh) , Addison Richards (Judge) , Minor Watson (Bishop) , Jonathan Hale (John Hargraves) , Bobs Watson (Pee Wee) , Martin Spellman (Skinny) , Mickey Rentschler (Tommy Anderson) , Frankie Thomas (Freddie Fuller) , Jimmy Butler (Paul Ferguson) , Sidney Miller (Mo Kahn) , Robert Emmett Keane (Burton) , Victor Kilian (The Sheriff) , Arthur Aylesworth (Tim (uncredited)) , King Baggot (Derelict in Mission (uncredited)) , Barbara Bedford (Nun (uncredited)) , George Cooper (Tramp (uncredited)) , Nell Craig (Nun (uncredited)) , John Hamilton (Prison Warden (uncredited)) , Claire McDowell (Nun (uncredited)) , Jay Novello (Gangster (uncredited))

Directors: Norman Taurog

Writers: Dore Schary, Eleanore Griffin, John Meehan

Tags: priest, juvenile delinquent, lincoln nebraska, boys’ boarding school, nebraska, reform, accident, boys town



Release Date: 1938-09-02

Genres: Comedy, Music, Romance

“Carefree” is a delightful romantic comedy released on September 2, 1938. Starring the iconic duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the movie follows Dr. Tony Flagg as he tries to help his friend Steven with his relationship troubles. However, things take an unexpected turn when Tony’s hypnosis techniques lead to a complicated love triangle. With a talented cast and a charming storyline, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of 1938.

Cast: Fred Astaire (Tony Flagg) , Ginger Rogers (Amanda Cooper) , Ralph Bellamy (Stephen Arden) , Luella Gear (Aunt Cora) , Jack Carson (Connors) , Clarence Kolb (Judge Travers) , Franklin Pangborn (Roland Hunter) , Walter Kingsford (Dr. Powers) , Kay Sutton (Miss Adams) , Bobby Barber ((uncredited)) , Edward Gargan (Policeman (uncredited)) , Jack Gargan (Taxi Driver (uncredited)) , Paul Guilfoyle (Elevator Starter (uncredited)) , Hattie McDaniel (Hattie (uncredited)) , Bert Moorhouse (Country Club Member (uncredited)) , Ray Hendricks (Waiter (uncredited)) , James Conaty (Country Club Guest (uncredited)) , Dub Taylor (Bit Part (uncredited)) , Dorothy Vernon (Woman at Country Club (uncredited))

Directors: Mark Sandrich

Writers: Dudley Nichols, Hagar Wilde, Irving Berlin, Marian Ainslee, Ernest Pagano, Guy Endore, Allan Scott

Tags: new york city, dancing, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, musical, singer, singing, black and white, psychiatrist, hypnotism

Test Pilot

Test Pilot

Release Date: 1938-04-16

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Test Pilot” is a thrilling 1938 movie starring Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, and Spencer Tracy. It follows the story of Jim, a test pilot, whose wife Ann and best friend Gunner do their best to keep him safe and sober in his dangerous profession. With a stellar cast and a gripping plot, this film takes you on a wild ride through the exhilarating and risky life of a test pilot.

Cast: Clark Gable (Jim Lane) , Myrna Loy (Ann “Thursday” Barton) , Spencer Tracy (Gunner Morse) , Lionel Barrymore (Howard B. Drake) , Gloria Holden (Mrs. May Benson) , Samuel S. Hinds (General Ross) , Marjorie Main (Landlady) , Ted Pearson (Joe) , Louis Jean Heydt (Greg Benson) , Virginia Grey (Sarah) , Priscilla Lawson (Mable) , Claudia Coleman (Mrs. Barton) , Arthur Aylesworth (Mr. Frank Barton) , Lulu Mae Bohrman (Saleslady) , Claire McDowell (Funeral Home Associate (uncredited)) , Dewey Robinson (Man on Roller Coaster) , Lester Dorr (Pilot (uncredited)) , James Flavin (Pilot (uncredited)) , Bert Moorhouse (Reporter (uncredited)) , Forbes Murray (Pilot in Cafe (uncredited)) , William H. O’Brien (Waiter (uncredited)) , Cyril Ring (N.A.A. Official (uncredited)) , Byron Foulger (Designer (uncredited))

Directors: Victor Fleming

Writers: Waldemar Young, Frank Wead, Vincent Lawrence

Tags: test pilot

In Old Chicago

In Old Chicago

Release Date: 1938-04-15

Genres: Action, Drama

“In Old Chicago” is a captivating movie set in 1938 that tells the story of the O’Leary brothers, Jack and Dion. As they rise to power in Chicago, they become both allies and rivals, creating an intriguing dynamic. With a star-studded cast including Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, and Don Ameche, this film takes us back to the eve of the Great Fire, offering a thrilling glimpse into the lives of these influential characters.

Cast: Tyrone Power (Dion O’Leary) , Alice Faye (Belle Fawcett) , Don Ameche (Jack O’Leary) , Alice Brady (Molly O’Leary) , Andy Devine (Pickle Bixby) , Brian Donlevy (Gil Warren) , Phyllis Brooks (Ann Colby) , Tom Brown (Bob O’Leary) , Sidney Blackmer (General Phil Sheridan) , Berton Churchill (Senator Colby) , June Storey (Gretchen) , Paul Hurst (Mitch) , Tyler Brooke (Specialty Singer) , J. Anthony Hughes (Pat O’Leary) , Gene Reynolds (Dion O’Leary (as a boy)) , Bobs Watson (Bob O’Leary (as a boy)) , Billy Watson (Jack O’Leary (as a boy)) , Madame Sul-Te-Wan (Hattie) , Spencer Charters (Commissioner W.J. Beavers) , Rondo Hatton (Rondo – Body Guard) , Thelma Manning (Carrie Donahue) , Ruth Gillette (Miss Lou) , Eddie Collins (Drunk) , Scotty Mattraw (Beef King) , Joe Twerp (Stuttering Clerk)

Directors: Henry King

Writers: Lamar Trotti, Sonya Levien, Niven Busch

Tags: chicago, illinois, fire, musical, conflagration, disaster movie, great fire, brother brother relationship, brothers

Room Service

Room Service

Release Date: 1938-09-21

Genres: Comedy

“Room Service” is a hilarious comedy released in 1938, starring the iconic Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, and Harpo) along with talented actors Lucille Ball, Ann Miller, and more. The film follows Gordon Miller, a struggling playwright, as he desperately tries to find a backer for his new play while dealing with a persistent hotel manager who wants to evict him and his cast. With a release date of September 21, 1938, this movie is sure to provide plenty of laughs and entertainment.

Cast: Groucho Marx (Gordon Miller) , Chico Marx (Harry Binelli) , Harpo Marx (Faker Englund) , Lucille Ball (Christine Marlowe) , Ann Miller (Hilda Manny) , Frank Albertson (Leo Davis) , Cliff Dunstan (Joseph Gribble) , Donald MacBride (Gregory Wagner) , Philip Loeb (Timothy Hogarth) , Philip Wood (Simon Jenkins) , Alexander Asro (Sasha Smirnoff) , Charles Halton (Dr. Glass)

Directors: William A. Seiter

Writers: Morrie Ryskind, Allen Boretz, John Murray

Tags: hotel, room service

Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss

Release Date: 1938-05-20

Genres: Comedy, Music

“Swiss Miss” is a hilarious comedy from 1938 starring the iconic duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. In this film, they play mousetrap salesmen who venture to Switzerland in search of more business, believing that the abundance of cheese in the country will attract more mice. With a talented cast and a release date of May 20, 1938, this movie promises to deliver laughter and entertainment for all comedy lovers.

Cast: Stan Laurel (Stan) , Oliver Hardy (Ollie) , Grete Natzler (Anna Albert (as Della Lind)) , Walter Woolf King (Victor Albert) , Eric Blore (Edward) , Adia Kuznetzoff (Chef) , Charles Judels (Cheese Shop Owner) , Ludovico Tomarchio (Luigi) , Franz Hug (Flag Thrower) , Jean De Briac (Enrico) , George Sorel (Joseph) , Charles Gemora (Gorilla (as Charles Gamore)) , Boots Mallory (Dancer (uncredited)) , Gustav von Seyffertitz (Gardener (uncredited)) , Doodles Weaver (Taxicab Driver (uncredited))

Directors: John G. Blystone

Writers: Jean Negulesco, Charley Rogers, James Parrott, Felix Adler, Charlie Melson

Tags: gorilla, switzerland, tyrol, black and white, swiss alps, rope bridge, piano, mousetrap, suspension bridge, saint bernard dog

A Slight Case of Murder

A Slight Case of Murder

Release Date: 1938-02-26

Genres: Comedy, Crime

“A Slight Case of Murder” is a hilarious 1938 movie starring Edward G. Robinson, Jane Bryan, and Allen Jenkins. Set in the era of prohibition, it follows the story of Remy Marco, a former bootlegger who finds himself dealing with pesky bankers, a potential son-in-law, and the challenge of explaining four mysterious corpses. With a talented cast and a release date of February 26, 1938, this film promises to be a delightful and entertaining watch for fans of classic cinema.

Cast: Edward G. Robinson (Remy Marko) , Jane Bryan (Mary Marko) , Allen Jenkins (Mike) , Ruth Donnelly (Nora Marko) , Willard Parker (State Trooper Dick Whitewood) , John Litel (Mr. Post, banker) , Edward Brophy (Lefty) , Harold Huber (Guiseppe) , Eric Stanley (Ritter) , Paul Harvey (Mr. Whitewood) , Bobby Jordan (Douglas Fairbanks Rosenbloom) , Joe Downing (Innocence) , Margaret Hamilton (Mrs. Cagle) , George E. Stone (Kirk) , Bert Hanlon (Sad Sam) , Jean Benedict (Remy’s Secretary) , Harry Seymour (The Singer) , Betty Compson (Loretta) , Joe Caits (No-Nose Cohen) , George Lloyd (Little Dutch) , John Harmon (Blackhat Gallagher) , Duke York (Champ) , Pat Daly (Pete Ryan) , Harry Tenbrook (The Stranger) , Myrtle Stedman (Nurse (uncredited))

Directors: Lloyd Bacon

Writers: Earl Baldwin, Damon Runyon, Howard Lindsay, Joseph Schrank

Tags: prohibition era, singapore, beer, bootlegger, police, hooligan, organized crime, money, murder mystery

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