Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies from 1941: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a nostalgic cinematic journey back to 1941. A time when Hollywood was in its golden age, and the silver screen was filled with iconic stars, unforgettable stories, and timeless classics. From the heart-wrenching drama to the side-splitting comedy, the year 1941 was a treasure trove of cinematic gems that have stood the test of time. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported back to a simpler time. Whether you’re a die-hard film buff or just a casual movie-goer, this list of the top 20 fan-favorite movies from 1941 is sure to stir up some fond memories and maybe even introduce you to a few old classics you’ve yet to discover. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the reel and dive right in!
Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

Release Date: 1941-04-17

Genres: Mystery, Drama

“Citizen Kane” is a captivating drama released in 1941, starring Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten. The movie follows the life of Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper magnate who was taken from his mother as a child and raised by a wealthy industrialist. Throughout his life, every decision he makes seems to be influenced by this traumatic event. With a stellar cast and a thought-provoking storyline, “Citizen Kane” is definitely one of the best movies of 1941.

Cast: Orson Welles (Charles Foster Kane) , Joseph Cotten (Jedediah Leland) , Dorothy Comingore (Susan Alexander Kane) , Ray Collins (Jim W. Gettys) , George Coulouris (Walter Parks Thatcher) , Agnes Moorehead (Mary Kane) , Paul Stewart (Raymond) , Ruth Warrick (Emily Norton Kane) , Erskine Sanford (Herbert Carter) , William Alland (Jerry Thompson/Narrator) , Everett Sloane (Mr. Bernstein) , Fortunio Bonanova (Signor Matiste) , Gus Schilling (John) , Philip Van Zandt (Mr. Rawlston) , Georgia Backus (Bertha Anderson) , Harry Shannon (Jim Kane) , Sonny Bupp (Charles Foster Kane III) , Buddy Swan (Young Charles Foster Kane) , Gregg Toland (Interviewer) , Don Ackerman (Man at Party in Everglades (uncredited)) , Nat King Cole (Pianist in ‘El Rancho’ (uncredited)) , Gino Corrado (Gino (uncredited)) , Maurice Costello (Extra (uncredited)) , Demetrius Alexis (Newsreel Man (uncredited)) , Gene Coogan (Newsreel Man (uncredited))

Directors: Orson Welles

Writers: Orson Welles, Herman J. Mankiewicz

Tags: journalist, newspaper, florida, capitalist, banker, media tycoon, art collector, sleigh, money, black and white, child

The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon

Release Date: 1941-10-18

Genres: Mystery, Crime, Thriller

“The Maltese Falcon” is a thrilling detective movie released in 1941, starring Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Peter Lorre. Set in a world of eccentric criminals, the story follows a private detective who gets entangled with these characters while trying to solve a case involving a valuable statuette. With a captivating plot and a stellar cast, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of 1941.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart (Samuel Spade) , Mary Astor (Brigid O’Shaughnessy) , Peter Lorre (Joel Cairo) , Sydney Greenstreet (Kasper Gutman) , Lee Patrick (Effie Perine) , Gladys George (Iva Archer) , Elisha Cook Jr. (Wilmer Cook) , Barton MacLane (Lt. of Detectives Dundy) , Ward Bond (Det. Tom Polhaus) , Jerome Cowan (Miles Archer) , James Burke (Luke) , Murray Alper (Frank Richman) , John Hamilton (District Attorney Bryan) , Charles Drake (Reporter (uncredited)) , Chester Gan (Bit Part (uncredited)) , Creighton Hale (Stenographer (uncredited)) , Robert Homans (Policeman (uncredited)) , William Hopper (Reporter (uncredited)) , Walter Huston (Captain Jacoby (uncredited)) , Hank Mann (Reporter (uncredited)) , Jack Mower (Announcer (uncredited)) , Emory Parnell (Ship’s Mate (uncredited))

Directors: John Huston

Writers: Dashiell Hammett, John Huston

Tags: san francisco, california, loss of loved one, detective, based on novel or book, film noir, murder, statuette, whodunit, black and white, private detective, black bird, private eye

The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes

Release Date: 1941-08-29

Genres: Drama, Romance, History

“The Little Foxes” is a captivating drama set in the deep South during the early 20th century. It follows the cunning Regina Giddons as she manipulates her daughter to bring her estranged husband back home, all while plotting a sneaky business deal with her two brothers. With a stellar cast including Bette Davis and Herbert Marshall, this 1941 film explores themes of family, greed, and the struggle for independence in a society poisoned by wealth and power.

Cast: Bette Davis (Regina Hubbard Giddens) , Herbert Marshall (Horace Giddens) , Teresa Wright (Alexandra “Zan” Giddens) , Richard Carlson (David Hewitt) , Dan Duryea (Leo Hubbard) , Patricia Collinge (Birdie Hubbard) , Charles Dingle (Ben Hubbard) , Carl Benton Reid (Oscar Hubbard) , Jessica Grayson (Addie) , John Marriott (Cal) , Russell Hicks (William Marshall) , Lucien Littlefield (Manders) , Virginia Brissac (Mrs. Hewitt) , Terry Nibert (Julia) , Henry ‘Hot Shot’ Thomas (Harold) , Charles R. Moore (Simon) , Hooper Atchley (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Al Bridge (Dawson (uncredited)) , Tex Driscoll (Bank Customer (uncredited)) , Jesse Graves (Headwaiter (uncredited)) , Lew Kelly (Train Companion (uncredited)) , Henry Roquemore (Depositor (uncredited)) , Kenny Washington (Servant (uncredited))

Directors: William Wyler

Writers: Lillian Hellman, Niven Busch

Tags: bathroom, southern usa, bank, staircase, alabama, family relationships, money, business, train, theft, apple, embezzlement, railway station, heart condition, safe deposit box, cotton mill, father daughter relationship

Sullivan's Travels

Sullivan’s Travels

Release Date: 1941-11-30

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Romance

“Sullivan’s Travels” is a captivating movie from 1941 that follows the journey of John L. Sullivan, a successful movie director. Determined to create a masterpiece, Sullivan disguises himself as a hobo and embarks on a trouble-filled adventure. Along the way, he encounters unexpected twists, including a train ride back to Hollywood and a beautiful blonde companion. This film, starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake, takes you on a rollercoaster ride of comedy, drama, and even a stint on a chain gang. Released on November 30, 1941, it’s definitely a must-watch for movie enthusiasts.

Cast: Joel McCrea (John Sullivan) , Veronica Lake (The Girl) , Robert Warwick (Mr. LeBrand) , William Demarest (Mr. Jones) , Franklin Pangborn (Mr. Casalsis) , Porter Hall (Mr. Hadrian) , Byron Foulger (Johnny Valdelle) , Margaret Hayes (Secretary) , Robert Greig (Burroughs) , Eric Blore (Sullivan’s Valet) , Torben Meyer (The Doctor) , Victor Potel (Cameraman) , Richard Webb (Radio Man) , Charles R. Moore (Colored Chef) , Almira Sessions (Ursula Kornheiser) , Esther Howard (Miz Zeffie) , Frank Moran (Tough Chauffeur) , Georges Renavent (Old Tramp) , Harry Rosenthal (The Trombenick) , Al Bridge (The Mister) , Jimmy Conlin (Trusty) , Jan Buckingham (Mrs. Sullivan) , Robert Winkler (Bud) , Chick Collins (Capital) , Jimmie Dundee (Labor)

Directors: Preston Sturges

Writers: Preston Sturges

Tags: movie business, homeless person, great depression, chain gang, on the road, riding the rail, hobo, film director

Ball of Fire

Ball of Fire

Release Date: 1941-12-02

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Crime

“Ball of Fire” is a delightful 1941 comedy that follows a group of dedicated academics who have been cooped up in a house, working on an encyclopedia. When one of them realizes his section on slang is outdated, he embarks on an adventure to learn about the ever-evolving language. Along the way, he meets Sugarpuss O’Shea, a talented nightclub singer who happens to need a place to stay. Starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, this film is a charming and humorous exploration of language and unexpected connections.

Cast: Gary Cooper (Professor Bertram Potts) , Barbara Stanwyck (Sugarpuss O’Shea) , Oskar Homolka (Prof. Gurkakoff) , Henry Travers (Prof. Jerome) , S.Z. Sakall (Prof. Magenbruch) , Tully Marshall (Prof. Robinson) , Leonid Kinskey (Prof. Quintana) , Richard Haydn (Prof. Oddly) , Aubrey Mather (Prof. Peagram) , Allen Jenkins (Garbage Man) , Dana Andrews (Joe Lilac) , Dan Duryea (Duke Pastrami) , Ralph Peters (Asthma Anderson) , Kathleen Howard (Miss Bragg) , Charles Lane (Larsen) , Charles Arnt (McNeary) , Elisha Cook Jr. (Waiter) , Mary Field (Miss Totten) , Alan Rhein (‘Horseface’) , Eddie Foster (Pinstripe) , Aldrich Bowker (Justice of the Peace) , Addison Richards (District Attorney) , Kenneth Howell (College Boy) , Tim Ryan (Motor Policeman) , Gene Krupa (Himself — Orchestra Leader)

Directors: Howard Hawks

Writers: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, Thomas Monroe

Tags: slang, marriage proposal, professor, nightclub, gangster, research, encyclopedia, singer, us republican party, conga, nightclub performer

Meet John Doe

Meet John Doe

Release Date: 1941-03-14

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Meet John Doe” is a captivating movie released on March 14, 1941. Starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, and Edward Arnold, it tells the story of a fired reporter who fabricates a letter from a fictional character named John Doe, sparking a political movement. As the paper capitalizes on the situation, the film explores the cynical exploitation of the “John Doe” philosophy. With a talented cast and an intriguing plot, this movie is definitely worth watching if you’re into thought-provoking dramas from the 1940s.

Cast: Gary Cooper (Long John Willoughby) , Barbara Stanwyck (Ann Mitchell) , Edward Arnold (D.B. Norton) , Walter Brennan (The Colonel) , Spring Byington (Mme Mitchell) , James Gleason (Henry Connell) , Gene Lockhart (Mayor Lovett) , Rod La Rocque (Ted Sheldon) , Irving Bacon (Beany) , Regis Toomey (Bert Hansen) , J. Farrell MacDonald (‘Sourpuss’) , Warren Hymer (Angelface) , Harry Holman (Mayor Hawkins) , Andrew Tombes (Spencer) , Pierre Watkin (Hammett) , Stanley Andrews (Weston) , Mitchell Lewis (Bennett) , Charles C. Wilson (Charlie Dawson) , Vaughan Glaser (Governor) , Sterling Holloway (Dan) , M.J. Frankovich (Radio Announcer) , Knox Manning (Radio Announcer) , John B. Hughes (Radio Announcer) , Harry Davenport (Former Bulletin Owner (uncredited)) , Ann Doran (Mrs. Hansen (uncredited))

Directors: Frank Capra

Writers: Robert Riskin, Richard Connell, Robert Presnell Sr.

Tags: baseball player, radio broadcast, suicide note, domain

The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve

Release Date: 1941-02-25

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“The Lady Eve” is a captivating romantic comedy from 1941 that tells the story of Jean, a clever con artist who sets her sights on the wealthy Charles. However, things get complicated when Jean unexpectedly falls in love with her target. After being dumped by Charles, Jean is determined to seek revenge and win him back. With a mix of love, deception, and a touch of aristocracy, this film promises an entertaining and intriguing plot. Starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, “The Lady Eve” is a must-watch classic from the early 1940s.

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck (Jean Harrington) , Henry Fonda (Charles Pike) , Charles Coburn (‘Colonel’ Harrington) , Eugene Pallette (Horace Pike) , William Demarest (Muggsy) , Eric Blore (Sir Alfred McGlennan Keith) , Melville Cooper (Gerald) , Martha O’Driscoll (Martha) , Janet Beecher (Janet Pike) , Robert Greig (Burrows) , Dora Clement (Gertrude) , Luis Alberni (Emile, Pike’s chef) , Bobby Barber (Ship’s Waiter with Toupee (uncredited)) , Eddie Hall (Chauffeur (uncredited)) , Arthur Stuart Hull (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Wilda Bennett (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Evelyn Beresford (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Georgie Cooper (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Bess Flowers (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Kenneth Gibson (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Alfred Hall (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Bertram Marburgh (Party Guest (uncredited)) , George Melford (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Gayne Whitman (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Abdullah Abbas (Man with Potted Palm (uncredited))

Directors: Preston Sturges

Writers: Preston Sturges, Monckton Hoffe

Tags: gambling, snake, passenger, ship, fraud, daughter, revenge, wealth, con artist, money, hair, cardsharp, screwball comedy

How Green Was My Valley

How Green Was My Valley

Release Date: 1941-10-28

Genres: Drama

“How Green Was My Valley” is a heartwarming movie set in a Welsh mining village during the early 1900s. It follows the nostalgic journey of a man in his fifties as he fondly recalls his childhood. With a talented cast including Walter Pidgeon and Maureen O’Hara, this film takes you on a captivating trip down memory lane, exploring the beauty and challenges of a close-knit community. Released in 1941, it’s no wonder this movie made it to the list of the 20 best voted films of that year.

Cast: Walter Pidgeon (Mr. Gruffydd) , Maureen O’Hara (Angharad Morgan) , Anna Lee (Bronwyn) , Donald Crisp (Gwilym Morgan) , Roddy McDowall (Huw Morgan) , John Loder (Ianto Morgan) , Sara Allgood (Beth Morgan) , Barry Fitzgerald (Cyfartha) , Patric Knowles (Ivor Morgan) , Morton Lowry (Mr. Jonas) , Arthur Shields (Mr. Parry) , Ann E. Todd (Ceinwen) , Frederick Worlock (Dr. Richards) , Richard Fraser (Davy Morgan) , Evan S. Evans (Gwilym Morgan Jr.) , James Monks (Owen Morgan) , Rhys Williams (Dai Bando) , Lionel Pape (Evans) , Ethel Griffies (Mrs. Nicholas) , Marten Lamont (Iestyn Evans) , Irving Pichel (Adult Huw (Voice))

Directors: John Ford

Writers: Philip Dunne, Richard Llewellyn

Tags: based on novel or book, wales, family relationships, rural area, black and white, gossip, mining town, coal mining, coal mine, corporal punishment, coal miner

Sergeant York

Sergeant York

Release Date: 1941-09-27

Genres: History, War, Drama

“Sergeant York” is a captivating movie released in 1941 that tells the inspiring true story of Alvin York, a hillbilly sharpshooter. Despite his initial rough demeanor, Alvin undergoes a remarkable transformation into a religious pacifist. However, when duty calls during World War I, he overcomes his deep moral objections to fighting and becomes one of America’s most celebrated heroes. Starring Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, and Joan Leslie, this film is a must-watch for its powerful portrayal of courage and personal growth.

Cast: Gary Cooper (Alvin C. York) , Walter Brennan (Pastor Rosier Pile) , Joan Leslie (Gracie Williams) , George Tobias (“Pusher” Ross) , Stanley Ridges (Major Buxton) , Margaret Wycherly (Mother York) , Ward Bond (Ike Botkin) , Noah Beery Jr. (Buck Lipscomb) , June Lockhart (Rosie York) , Dickie Moore (George York) , Clem Bevans (Zeke) , Howard Da Silva (Lem) , Charles Trowbridge (Cordell Hull) , Harvey Stephens (Captain Danforth) , David Bruce (Bert Thomas) , Carl Esmond (German Major) , Joe Sawyer (Sergeant Early) , Pat Flaherty (Sergeant Harry Parsons) , Robert Porterfield (Zeb Andrews) , Erville Alderson (Nate Tomkins) , Murray Alper (But! Boy (uncredited)) , Frank Faylen (But! Boy (uncredited)) , James Anderson (Eb (uncredited)) , Arthur Aylesworth (Marten – Bartender (uncredited)) , Eugene Beday (Private (uncredited))

Directors: Howard Hawks

Writers: Howard Koch, John Huston, Abem Finkel, Harry Chandlee, Alvin C. York, Tom Skeyhill

Tags: patriotism, hero, world war i, us army, firearm, conversion, conscientious objector, infantry, one man army, hillbilly, war hero, war propaganda



Release Date: 1941-11-14

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Thriller

“Suspicion” is a captivating 1941 film starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine. It tells the story of Lina McLaidlaw, a wealthy woman who falls for the charming but dubious Johnnie Aysgarth. Despite warnings about his intentions, Lina marries him and remains devoted, until she starts suspecting that he plans to murder her for her inheritance. With a stellar cast and a thrilling plot, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of 1941.

Cast: Cary Grant (John D. ‘Johnnie’ Aysgarth) , Joan Fontaine (Lina McLaidlaw Aysgarth) , Cedric Hardwicke (General McLaidlaw) , Nigel Bruce (Gordon Cochrane ‘Beaky’ Thwaite) , May Whitty (Mrs. McLaidlaw) , Isabel Jeans (Mrs. Newsham) , Heather Angel (Ethel the Maid) , Auriol Lee (Isobel Sedbusk) , Reginald Sheffield (Reggie Wetherby) , Leo G. Carroll (Captain George Melbeck) , Billy Bevan (Ticket Taker (uncredited)) , Faith Brook (Alice Barham (uncredited)) , Violet Campbell (Mrs. Barham (uncredited)) , Leonard Carey (The McLaidlaw’s Butler Burton (uncredited)) , David Clyde (Trunk Man (uncredited)) , Clyde Cook (Photographer (uncredited)) , Alec Craig (Hogarth Club Desk Clerk (uncredited)) , Carol Curtis-Brown (Jessie Barham (uncredited)) , Vernon Downing (Benson (uncredited)) , Rex Evans (Mr. Bailey (uncredited)) , Edward Fielding (Antique Shop Proprietor (uncredited)) , Gavin Gordon (Dr. Bertram Sedbusk (uncredited)) , Lumsden Hare (Inspector Hodgson (uncredited)) , Alfred Hitchcock (Man Mailing Letter (uncredited)) , Gertrude Hoffmann (Mrs. Wetherby (uncredited))

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: Samson Raphaelson, Alma Reville, Anthony Berkeley, Joan Harrison

Tags: poison, telegram, honeymoon, kiss, investigation, money, murderer, loan

The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man

Release Date: 1941-12-12

Genres: Horror, Drama

“The Wolf Man” is a thrilling horror movie released in 1941. It follows the story of Larry Talbot, who returns home after his brother’s death and gets bitten by a werewolf, leading to a series of unfortunate events. With a talented cast including Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, and Bela Lugosi, this film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Cast: Lon Chaney Jr. (Larry Talbot / The Wolf Man) , Claude Rains (Sir John Talbot) , Ralph Bellamy (Colonel Montford) , Warren William (Dr. Lloyd) , Patric Knowles (Frank Andrews) , Bela Lugosi (Bela) , Maria Ouspenskaya (Maleva) , Evelyn Ankers (Gwen Conliffe) , Fay Helm (Jenny Williams) , J. M. Kerrigan (Charles Conliffe) , Forrester Harvey (Twiddle) , Jessie Arnold (Gypsy Woman (uncredited)) , Gertrude Astor (Townswoman (uncredited)) , Caroline Frances Cooke (Townswoman (uncredited)) , Harry Cording (Wykes (uncredited)) , Margaret Fealy (Townswoman (uncredited)) , Gibson Gowland (Villager (uncredited)) , Mercedes Hill (Girl (uncredited)) , Leyland Hodgson (Kendall the Butler (uncredited)) , Olaf Hytten (Villager (uncredited)) , La Riana (Gypsy Dancer (uncredited)) , Connie Leon (Mrs. Wykes (uncredited)) , Doris Lloyd (Mrs. Williams (uncredited)) , Ottola Nesmith (Mrs. Bally (uncredited)) , Monty O’Grady (Villager (uncredited))

Directors: George Waggner

Writers: Curt Siodmak

Tags: gypsy, fortune teller, wales, shotgun, wolf, amulet, transformation, full moon, beautiful woman, trap, wolfman, man beast, cane, pentagram, werewolf, black and white, antiques shop, lycanthrope, wolf’s bane, gypsy camp



Release Date: 1941-12-25

Genres: Comedy, Music

“Hellzapoppin'” is a hilarious and innovative comedy from 1941 that follows the adventures of stage comedians Olsen and Johnson. As they attempt to turn their play into a movie, they also play matchmakers for a young couple in love. What makes this film truly unique is its constant breaking of the fourth wall, engaging the audience in a fun and interactive experience. With a talented cast including Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson, Martha Raye, and more, this movie is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. Released on December 25, 1941, it’s a perfect choice for a lighthearted movie night.

Cast: Ole Olsen (Ole Olsen) , Chic Johnson (Chic Johnson) , Martha Raye (Betty Johnson) , Hugh Herbert (Quimby) , Jane Frazee (Kitty Rand) , Robert Paige (Jeff Hunter) , Mischa Auer (Pepi) , Richard Lane (Director) , Lewis Howard (Woody Taylor) , Clarence Kolb (Andrew Rand) , Nella Walker (Mrs. Rand) , Shemp Howard (Louie) , Elisha Cook Jr. (Harry Selby) , Frank Darien (Man Calling for Mrs. Jones) , Kay Johnson (Lena – Lady Looking for Oscar) , Gus Schilling (Orchestra Conductor) , Slim Gaillard (Slim) , Slam Stewart (Slam) , Harlem Congeroos (Dancers) , Olive Hatch (Water Ballet Specialty) , Eddie Acuff (Drafted Devil (uncredited)) , Kathryn Adams (Girl (uncredited)) , Sig Arno (Orchestra Bass Player (uncredited)) , Frank Austin (Chauffeur (uncredited)) , Don Brodie (Theatre Manager (uncredited))

Directors: H. C. Potter

Writers: Nat Perrin, Warren Wilson, Don Raye

Tags: musical, chaos, revue, slapstick comedy, cult film, psychotronic, anarchic comedy

That Hamilton Woman

That Hamilton Woman

Release Date: 1941-04-03

Genres: Drama, History, Romance, War

“That Hamilton Woman” is a captivating historical drama set during the Napoleonic Wars. Starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier, the movie tells the story of Emma Hamilton, a courtesan and dance-hall girl, and her relationships with Sir William Hamilton and Admiral Horatio Nelson. Released in 1941, this film takes you on a journey through Emma’s rise and fall, offering a fascinating glimpse into a tumultuous period in history.

Cast: Vivien Leigh (Emma, Lady Hamilton) , Laurence Olivier (Lord Horatio Nelson) , Alan Mowbray (Sir William Hamilton) , Sara Allgood (Mrs. Cadogan-Lyon) , Gladys Cooper (Lady Francis Nelson) , Henry Wilcoxon (Captain Hardy) , Heather Angel (Mary Smith) , Halliwell Hobbes (Rev. Nelson) , Gilbert Emery (Lord Spencer) , Miles Mander (Lord Keith) , Ronald Sinclair (Josiah) , Luis Alberni (King of Naples) , Norma Drury (Queen of Naples) , Olaf Hytten (Gavin) , Juliette Compton (Lady Spencer) , Guy Kingsford (Captain Troubridge) , Leonard Carey (Orderly (uncredited)) , Alec Craig (Ship’s Minister (uncredited)) , George Davis (Gendarme (uncredited)) , Payne B. Johnson (Boy (uncredited)) , Russ Powell (Servant (uncredited)) , Georges Renavent (Hotel Manager (uncredited)) , Harry Strang (Ship’s Medic (uncredited))

Directors: Alexander Korda

Writers: Walter Reisch, R.C. Sherriff

Tags: adultery, ambassador, courtesan, naples, italy, rise and fall, love affair, napoleonic wars, admiral, 18th century, sea battle, battle of trafalgar, 19th century, horatio nelson, calais, adulterous affair

All That Money Can Buy

All That Money Can Buy

Release Date: 1941-10-17

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

“All That Money Can Buy” is a captivating movie released in 1941 that tells the story of Farmer Jabez Stone, who finds himself on the verge of losing his land. In a desperate attempt to save it, he strikes a deal with the devil, Mr. Scratch, who grants him seven years of prosperity before claiming his soul. As the years pass, Jabez uses his newfound wealth to help others and even becomes an advocate for the honorable Sen. Daniel Webster. When his contract with Mr. Scratch comes to an end, Jabez turns to Webster for help in a thrilling trial for his soul. Starring Edward Arnold, Walter Huston, Jane Darwell, and Simone Simon, this movie is a must-watch for its intriguing plot and stellar performances.

Cast: Edward Arnold (Daniel Webster) , Walter Huston (Mr. Scratch) , Jane Darwell (Ma Stone) , Simone Simon (Belle) , Gene Lockhart (Squire Slossum) , John Qualen (Miser Stevens) , H.B. Warner (Justice Hawthorne) , Frank Conlan (Sheriff) , Lindy Wade (Daniel Stone) , George Cleveland (Cy Bibber) , Anne Shirley (Mary Stone) , James Craig (Jabez Stone) , Frank Austin (Spectator (uncredited)) , Walter Baldwin (Hank (uncredited)) , Eddie Borden (Poker Player (uncredited)) , Hazel Boyne (Woman (uncredited)) , Sonny Bupp (Martin Van Buren Aldrich (uncredited)) , Bob Burns (Townsman (uncredited)) , Horace B. Carpenter (Jabez Stone’s Party Guest (uncredited)) , Tex Cooper (Townsman (uncredited)) , Jeff Corey (Tom Sharp (uncredited)) , Alec Craig (Eli Higgins (uncredited)) , Russell Custer (Townsman (uncredited)) , Joan Delmer (Young Girl (uncredited)) , Eddie Dew (Farmer (uncredited))

Directors: William Dieterle

Writers: Peter Berneis, Stephen Vincent Benét, Dan Totheroh

Tags: pact with the devil, devil, farmer

Man Hunt

Man Hunt

Release Date: 1941-06-13

Genres: Thriller, War

“Man Hunt” is a thrilling 1941 movie set during World War II. It follows British hunter Thorndike, who finds himself in a dangerous situation when he tries to assassinate Hitler while on vacation in Bavaria. Captured and left for dead, he manages to escape back to London, where he becomes the target of German agents. With the help of a brave young woman, Thorndike must navigate a treacherous game of cat and mouse. Starring Walter Pidgeon, Joan Bennett, and George Sanders, this action-packed film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Walter Pidgeon (Captain Alan Thorndike) , Joan Bennett (Jerry Stokes) , George Sanders (Major Quive-Smith) , John Carradine (Mr. Jones) , Roddy McDowall (Vaner) , Ludwig Stössel (Doctor) , Heather Thatcher (Lady Alice Risborough) , Frederick Worlock (Lord Gerald Risborough) , Roger Imhof (Captain Jensen) , Holmes Herbert (Saul Farnsworthy) , Egon Brecher (Jeweler) , Eily Malyon (Postmistress) , Herbert Evans (Reeves) , Charles Bennett () , Frank Benson () , Ted Billings () , Walter Bonn () , Sven Hugo Borg () , Cyril Delevanti () , Carl Ekberg () , Richard Fraser () , Arno Frey () , Douglas Gerrard () , William Haade () , Keith Hitchcock ()

Directors: Fritz Lang

Writers: Dudley Nichols, Geoffrey Household

Tags: sniper, on the run

High Sierra

High Sierra

Release Date: 1941-01-23

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller

“High Sierra” is a thrilling crime drama released in 1941, starring the legendary Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino. The movie follows the story of Roy Earle, a recently pardoned ex-convict who dives back into his criminal ways by robbing a luxurious resort. With a stellar cast and an intriguing plot, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of 1941.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart (Roy Earle) , Ida Lupino (Marie) , Alan Curtis (Babe) , Arthur Kennedy (Red) , Joan Leslie (Velma) , Henry Hull (‘Doc’ Banton) , Henry Travers (Pa) , Jerome Cowan (Healy) , Minna Gombell (Mrs. Baughmam) , Barton MacLane (Jake Kranmer) , Elisabeth Risdon (Ma) , Cornel Wilde (Louis Mendoza) , Donald MacBride (Big Mac) , Paul Harvey (Mr. Baughmam) , Isabel Jewell (Blonde) , Willie Best (Algernon) , Spencer Charters (Ed) , George Meeker (Pfiffer) , Robert Strange (Art) , John Eldredge (Lon Preiser) , Dorothy Appleby (Margie (uncredited))

Directors: Raoul Walsh

Writers: John Huston, W.R. Burnett

Tags: prison, robbery, film noir, on the run, dog

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Release Date: 1941-08-07

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

“Here Comes Mr. Jordan” is a heartwarming and intriguing movie released in 1941. It follows the story of Joe Pendleton, a boxer whose spirit is mistakenly taken by a Heavenly Messenger before his time. To rectify the situation, Joe is given the opportunity to inhabit the body of a wealthy man who was recently murdered. As Joe tries to improve the life of his new host, he unexpectedly falls in love, all while dealing with the mystery surrounding the murder. Starring Robert Montgomery, Evelyn Keyes, Claude Rains, and other talented actors, this film is a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and a touch of mystery.

Cast: Robert Montgomery (Joe Pendleton) , Evelyn Keyes (Bette Logan) , Claude Rains (Mr. Jordan) , Rita Johnson (Julia Farnsworth) , Edward Everett Horton (Messenger 7013) , James Gleason (Max Corkle) , John Emery (Tony Abbott) , Donald MacBride (Inspector Williams) , Don Costello (Lefty) , Halliwell Hobbes (Sisk) , Benny Rubin (Bugs) , Warren Ashe (Charlie (uncredited)) , Lloyd Bridges (Sloan (uncredited)) , Chester Conklin (Newsboy (uncredited)) , Maurice Costello (Ringsider at Fight (uncredited)) , Joseph Crehan (Doctor (uncredited)) , Selmer Jackson (Board Member (uncredited)) , Bert Young (Taxi Driver (uncredited)) , Morgan Brown (Man at Missing Persons Bureau (uncredited)) , Eddie Bruce (Reporter (uncredited)) , James Carlisle (Board Member (uncredited)) , Ken Christy (Chuck – Plain Clothes Man (uncredited)) , Heinie Conklin (Reporter (uncredited)) , Mary Currier (Secretary (uncredited)) , Billy Dawson (Johnny – Young Fan (uncredited))

Directors: Alexander Hall

Writers: Sidney Buchman, Seton I. Miller, Harry Segall

Tags: angel, saxophone, boxer, reincarnation, airplane accident, screwball comedy, prizefight

Shadow of the Thin Man

Shadow of the Thin Man

Release Date: 1941-11-21

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery

“Shadow of the Thin Man” is a thrilling detective movie released in 1941. Starring the charismatic duo William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, the film follows their adventures as they delve into a murder case at a race-track. With a mix of high society charm and a cast of shady characters, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: William Powell (Nick Charles) , Myrna Loy (Nora Charles) , Barry Nelson (Paul Clarke) , Donna Reed (Molly Ford) , Sam Levene (Lieutenant Abrams) , Alan Baxter (‘Whitey’ Barrow) , Henry O’Neill (Major Jason I. Sculley) , Richard Hall (Nick Charles, Jr.) , Stella Adler (Claire Porter) , Loring Smith (‘Link’ Stephens) , Joseph Anthony (Fred Macy) , Lou Lubin (‘Rainbow’ Benny Loomis) , Louise Beavers (Stella) , Skippy (Asta) , Oliver Blake (Lawyer Fenster) , Adeline DeWalt Reynolds (Barrows’ Landlady (uncredited)) , George Lloyd (Pipey (uncredited)) , Sid Melton (Fingers (uncredited)) , Jody Gilbert (Lana Webb (uncredited)) , Tor Johnson (“The Irish Thrush”, a wrestler (uncredited)) , The Cardiff Giant (Bearded Wrestler (uncredited)) , Ava Gardner (Passerby at Racetrack (uncredited)) , John George (Wrestling Match Spectator (uncredited)) , Aldrich Bowker (Watchman (uncredited)) , H.B. Haggerty (Mug)

Directors: W.S. Van Dyke

Writers: Dashiell Hammett, Irving Brecher, Harry Kurnitz

Tags: black and white, thin man

49th Parallel

49th Parallel

Release Date: 1941-11-24

Genres: Adventure, Thriller, War

“49th Parallel” is a captivating war drama set during the early days of World War II. It follows a group of German soldiers who, after their U-boat is sunk in Canada’s Hudson Bay, attempt to cross the border into the neutral United States. Along their journey, they encounter courageous individuals from different walks of life, including a French-Canadian fur trapper, a Hutterite farming community leader, an author, and a soldier. With a stellar cast including Leslie Howard, Laurence Olivier, and Raymond Massey, this 1941 film offers a gripping portrayal of the challenges faced by both sides during wartime.”

Cast: Leslie Howard (Philip Armstrong Scott) , Laurence Olivier (Johnnie, the Trapper) , Raymond Massey (Andy Brock) , Adolf Wohlbrück (Peter) , Eric Portman (Lieutenant Hirth) , Raymond Lovell (Lieutenant Kuhnecke) , Richard George (Kommandant Bernsdorff) , Niall MacGinnis (Vogel) , Peter Moore (Kranz) , John Chandos (Lohrmann) , Finlay Currie (The Factor) , Glynis Johns (Anna) , Basil Appleby (Jahner) , Ley On (Nick – the Eskimo) , Charles Victor (Andreas) , Frederick Piper (David) , Tawera Moana (George, the Indian) , Eric Clavering (Art) , Charles Rolfe (Bob) , Theodore Salt (A United States Customs Officer) , O.W. Fonger (A United States Customs Officer) , George Alexander (Cameo) , Robert Beatty (RCMP Mountie in Alberta (voice)) , Eric Berry (Nazi Radio Announcer) , Gron Davies (Officer on Submarine)

Directors: Michael Powell

Writers: Emeric Pressburger, Rodney Ackland

Tags: mountain, canada, world war ii, nazi, propaganda, airplane, escape, impostor, war propaganda, impersonation

They Died with Their Boots On

They Died with Their Boots On

Release Date: 1941-11-20

Genres: Drama, Romance, War, Western

“They Died with Their Boots On” is a captivating historical drama released in 1941. Starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, the movie chronicles the remarkable life of General George Armstrong Custer, from his days at West Point to his tragic death. It takes us through his defiance during the Civil War, his training of the 7th Cavalry, his encounters with Chief Crazy Horse, and ultimately, his fateful battle with the Sioux nation.

Cast: Errol Flynn (George Armstrong Custer) , Olivia de Havilland (Elizabeth Bacon) , Arthur Kennedy (Ned Sharp) , Charley Grapewin (California Joe) , Gene Lockhart (Samuel Bacon, Esq.) , Anthony Quinn (Crazy Horse) , Stanley Ridges (Maj. Romulus Taipe) , John Litel (Gen. Phil Sheridan) , Walter Hampden (William Sharp) , Sydney Greenstreet (Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott) , Regis Toomey (Fitzhugh Lee) , Hattie McDaniel (Callie) , G.P. Huntley (Lt. ‘Queen’s Own’ Butler) , Frank Wilcox (Capt. Webb) , Joe Sawyer (Sgt. Doolittle) , Minor Watson (Senator Smith) , Eddie Acuff (Cpl. Smith (uncredited)) , Tod Andrews (Cadet Brown (uncredited)) , Cyril Archambault (Lakota Sioux Warrior (uncredited)) , Irving Bacon (Uniform Salesman (uncredited)) , Walter Baldwin (Settler (uncredited)) , Roy Barcroft (Officer (uncredited)) , Hank Bell (1st Michigan Officer (uncredited)) , Brooks Benedict (Well-Wisher (uncredited)) , Edward Biby (Military Officer (uncredited))

Directors: Raoul Walsh

Writers: Æneas MacKenzie, Wally Kline

Tags: biography, historical figure, little big horn, custer, sitting bull, george armstrong custer

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