Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies from 1945: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Roll out the red carpet and dust off your vintage popcorn machine, because we’re about to take a nostalgic journey back to 1945 – a golden year in the world of cinema. As the world was emerging from the shadows of war, the silver screen was lighting up with stories of hope, romance, and adventure. From heart-stopping thrillers to tear-jerking dramas, 1945 had it all. So, whether you’re a classic film buff, a history enthusiast, or just someone looking for a good old-fashioned movie night, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 fan-favorite movies from this iconic year. So sit back, relax, and let’s rewind the reel to 1945. The show is about to begin!
Rome, Open City

Rome, Open City

Release Date: 1945-10-08

Genres: Drama, History, War

“Rome, Open City” is a gripping World War II drama set in 1944 during the Nazi occupation of Rome. The movie follows the leader of the Resistance as he desperately tries to find safety and a way to escape from the pursuing Nazis. With a talented cast including Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, and Marcello Pagliero, this intense and suspenseful film takes you on a thrilling journey through the challenges faced by the brave individuals fighting for freedom. Released on October 8, 1945, it is considered one of the best movies of that year.

Cast: Aldo Fabrizi (Don Pietro Pellegrini) , Anna Magnani (Pina) , Marcello Pagliero (Giorgio Manfredi aka Luigi Ferraris) , Francesco Grandjacquet (Francesco) , Harry Feist (Major Fritz Bergmann) , Maria Michi (Marina Mari) , Vito Annichiarico (Marcello) , Ákos Tolnay (Austrian Deserter) , Joop van Hulzen (Captain Hartmann) , Carla Rovere (Lauretta) , Giovanna Galletti (Ingrid) , Nando Bruno (Agostino the Sexton) , Eduardo Passarelli (Neighborhood Police Sergeant) , Carlo Sindici (Police Commissioner) , Turi Pandolfini (Grandfather (uncredited)) , Amalia Pellegrini (Nannina (uncredited)) , Alberto Tavazzi (The Priest (uncredited))

Directors: Roberto Rossellini

Writers: Roberto Rossellini, Sergio Amidei, Federico Fellini

Tags: rome, italy, resistance, fascism, drug addiction, curfew, desertion, nazi, neo realism, italian neo realism

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter

Release Date: 1945-11-24

Genres: Drama, Romance

Hey! I just came across this movie called “Brief Encounter” from 1945, and it seems really interesting. It’s about a bored housewife named Laura who unexpectedly meets a virtuous doctor named Alec during a shopping trip. Their casual friendship quickly turns into something more emotionally fulfilling, and they have to figure out how to navigate the potential consequences it could have on their lives and the lives of those they love. It stars Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway, Joyce Carey, Cyril Raymond, Everley Gregg, Marjorie Mars, Margaret Barton, Wilfred Babbage, and Alfie Bass. It was released on November 24, 1945.

Cast: Celia Johnson (Laura Jesson) , Trevor Howard (Dr. Alec Harvey) , Stanley Holloway (Albert Godby) , Joyce Carey (Myrtle Bagot) , Cyril Raymond (Fred Jesson) , Everley Gregg (Dolly Messiter) , Marjorie Mars (Mary Norton) , Margaret Barton (Tea Room Assistant Beryl Walters) , Wilfred Babbage (Policeman at War Memorial (uncredited)) , Alfie Bass (Waiter at the Royal (uncredited)) , Wallace Bosco (Doctor After Bobbie’s Accident (uncredited)) , Sydney Bromley (Johnnie, the Second Soldier (uncredited)) , Noël Coward (Train Station Announcer (uncredited)) , Nuna Davey (Herminie Rolandson (uncredited)) , Valentine Dyall (Alec’s Friend Stephen Lynn (uncredited)) , Irene Handl (The Cellist and Organist (uncredited)) , Dennis Harkin (Beryl’s Man Stanley (uncredited)) , Edward Hodge (Bill (First Soldier) (uncredited)) , Frederick Kelsey (Man in Cinema (uncredited)) , Jack May (Boat Rental Man (uncredited)) , Avis Scott (Kardomah Waitress (uncredited))

Directors: David Lean

Writers: Noël Coward

Tags: farewell, husband wife relationship, infidelity, narration, housewife, duty, marriage, doctor, love affair, tearjerker, told in flashback, impossible love, shame, guilty conscience, broken heart, hopelessness, scheduled rendezvous, secretiveness

The Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend

Release Date: 1945-11-29

Genres: Drama

“The Lost Weekend” is a gripping 1945 movie starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman. It tells the story of Don Birnam, a recovering alcoholic who struggles to resist his cravings. Despite his loved ones’ efforts to help him, Don embarks on a dangerous four-day drinking spree that could potentially be his last. With a compelling plot and stellar performances, this film is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of intense dramas from the 1940s.

Cast: Ray Milland (Don Birnam) , Jane Wyman (Helen St. James) , Phillip Terry (Wick Birnam) , Howard Da Silva (Nat the Bartender) , Doris Dowling (Gloria) , Frank Faylen (‘Bim’ Nolan) , Mary Young (Mrs. Deveridge) , Anita Sharp-Bolster (Mrs. Foley) , Lillian Fontaine (Mrs. Charles St. James) , Frank Orth (Opera Cloak Room Attendant) , Lewis L. Russell (Charles St. James) , Andy Andrews (Alcoholic (uncredited)) , Walter Baldwin (Man from Albany (uncredited)) , Harry Barris (Pianist at Harry & Joe’s (uncredited)) , Jess Lee Brooks ((uncredited)) , Jack Rube Clifford (Guard (uncredited)) , David Clyde (Dave (uncredited)) , James Conaty (Man in Nightclub Washroom (uncredited)) , Willa Pearl Curtis (Mrs. Wertheim’s Assistant (uncredited)) , John Deauville (Cloakroom Attendant (uncredited)) , Helen Dickson (Mrs. Frink (uncredited)) , Franklyn Farnum (Concert Attendee (uncredited)) , Byron Foulger (Shopkeeper (uncredited)) , Jayne Hazard (M. (uncredited)) , Ted Hecht (Man with Bandaged Ear (uncredited))

Directors: Billy Wilder

Writers: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, Charles R. Jackson

Tags: based on novel or book, paranoia, bartender, brother, addiction, alcoholism, film noir, flashback, suicidal, black and white, writer, alcoholic, bats, low self esteem, dishonesty, hopelessness, delirium tremens, lies, devoted girlfriend

Mildred Pierce

Mildred Pierce

Release Date: 1945-10-20

Genres: Crime, Drama

“Mildred Pierce” is a captivating movie released in 1945 that tells the story of a hard-working mother who goes through a series of challenges after divorcing her husband. Determined to provide for her spoiled daughter, she starts a successful restaurant business, but her journey towards success is not without its share of disasters. Starring Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, and Zachary Scott, this film is a must-watch for its compelling portrayal of a mother’s resilience and the consequences of her choices.

Cast: Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce) , Jack Carson (Wally Fay) , Zachary Scott (Monte Beragon) , Eve Arden (Ida Corwin) , Ann Blyth (Veda Pierce Forrester) , Bruce Bennett (Albert ‘Bert’ Pierce) , Lee Patrick (Maggie Biederhof) , Moroni Olsen (Inspector Peterson) , Veda Ann Borg (Miriam Ellis) , Jo Ann Marlowe (Kay Pierce) , Butterfly McQueen (Lottie (uncredited)) , Bill Alcorn (Soldier (uncredited)) , Betty Alexander (Party Guest (uncredited)) , Ramsay Ames (Party Guest (uncredited)) , George Anderson (Peterson’s Assistant (uncredited)) , Robert Arthur (High School Boy (uncredited)) , Lynn Baggett (Waitress (uncredited)) , Leah Baird (Police Matron (uncredited)) , Dorothy Barrett (Dorothy (uncredited)) , Barbara Brown (Mrs. Forrester (uncredited)) , Claire Carleton (Thieving Waitress (uncredited)) , Doria Caron (Waitress (uncredited)) , Wheaton Chambers (Personnel Man (uncredited)) , Wallis Clark (Wally’s Lawyer (uncredited)) , Chester Clute (Mr. Jones (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: James M. Cain, Ranald MacDougall, Herschel Daugherty

Tags: husband wife relationship, infidelity, restaurant, snob, business woman, daughter, promise, spoiled child, film noir, murder, black and white, beach house, frame up, ex-husband ex-wife relationship, told in flashback, nightclub singer, mother daughter estrangement, business partner, ungrateful child, mother daughter relationship

Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street

Release Date: 1945-12-25

Genres: Drama, Crime

“Scarlet Street” is a captivating 1945 film starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea. Set in the backdrop of a struggling artist’s life, the story follows Christopher Cross, a cashier and aspiring painter, who becomes infatuated with the beautiful Kitty March. However, Kitty’s true intentions lie with a small-time criminal named Johnny. As art dealers show interest in Chris’s work, Kitty and Johnny deceive him into letting Kitty take credit for his paintings. Cross’s love for Kitty blinds him to her manipulations, but there’s a limit to how much he will tolerate. Released on December 25, 1945, this movie is a must-watch for its intriguing plot and stellar performances.

Cast: Edward G. Robinson (Christopher Cross) , Joan Bennett (Katherine ‘Kitty’ March) , Dan Duryea (Johnny Prince) , Margaret Lindsay (Millie Ray) , Jess Barker (David Janeway) , Rosalind Ivan (Adele Cross) , Charles Kemper (Patch-eye Higgins) , Anita Sharp-Bolster (Mrs. Michaels) , Samuel S. Hinds (Charles Pringle) , Vladimir Sokoloff (Pop LeJon) , Arthur Loft (Dellarowe) , Russell Hicks (J.J. Hogarth) , Richard Abbott (Critic at Gallery (uncredited)) , Rodney Bell (Barney (uncredited)) , Richard Cramer (Principal Keeper (uncredited)) , Dick Curtis (Detective (uncredited)) , Tom Daly (Penny – Bartender (uncredited)) , Edgar Dearing (Policeman (uncredited)) , Joe Devlin (Joe Williams, Morning World (uncredited)) , Tom Dillon (Policeman (uncredited)) , William Hall (Policeman (uncredited)) , Robert Malcolm (Policeman (uncredited)) , Neal Dodd (Priest (uncredited)) , Ralph Dunn (First Policeman in Park (uncredited)) , Fred Essler (Marchetti (uncredited))

Directors: Fritz Lang

Writers: Dudley Nichols, Georges de La Fouchardière, André Mouézy-Éon

Tags: new york city, painter, roommate, pimp, death sentence, femme fatale, film noir, murder, electric chair, scam

To Have and Have Not

To Have and Have Not

Release Date: 1945-01-20

Genres: Adventure, Romance, War

“To Have and Have Not” is a captivating movie set during World War II, where a charter boat skipper in Martinique finds himself caught up in the French resistance. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Walter Brennan, this film takes you on a thrilling journey filled with intrigue, romance, and the fight against oppression. Released on January 20, 1945, it’s no wonder this movie made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year!

Cast: Humphrey Bogart (Harry Morgan) , Walter Brennan (Eddie) , Lauren Bacall (Marie Browning) , Dolores Moran (Mme. Hellene de Bursac) , Hoagy Carmichael (Cricket) , Sheldon Leonard (Lt. Coyo) , Walter Szurovy (Paul de Bursac) , Marcel Dalio (Gerard ‘Frenchy’) , Walter Sande (Fishing Customer Johnson) , Dan Seymour (Capt. M. Renard) , Aldo Nadi (Renard’s Bodyguard) , Eugene Borden (Quartermaster (uncredited)) , Lance Fuller (Bit Part (uncredited)) , Maurice Marsac (Gaulist (uncredited)) , Ron Randell (Naval Ensign (uncredited)) , Jack Chefe (Guide (uncredited)) , Adrienne D’Ambricourt (Cashier (uncredited)) , Jean De Briac (Gendarme (uncredited)) , Marcel De La Brosse (Sailor (uncredited)) , Elzie Emanuel (Black Child (uncredited)) , Harold Garrison (Black Child (uncredited)) , Fred Farrell (Headwaiter (uncredited)) , Suzette Harbin (Waitress (uncredited)) , Sir Lancelot (Horatio – Crewman (uncredited)) , Paul Marion (Beauclere – Gaulist (uncredited))

Directors: Howard Hawks

Writers: Jules Furthman, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Frederick de Cordova, Whitman Chambers

Tags: based on novel or book, fishing, island, nazi, film noir, french resistance, singer, alcoholic, hemingway, expatriate, martinique, sidekick



Release Date: 1945-11-08

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Drama

“Spellbound” is a captivating psychological thriller set in a Vermont mental hospital in 1945. When a new director arrives, played by Gregory Peck, a psychoanalyst, portrayed by Ingrid Bergman, uncovers his true identity as an impostor. Together, they embark on a gripping journey to unravel his amnesia and prove his innocence in a murder case. With a stellar cast and a suspenseful plot, this 1945 release is definitely one of the best voted movies of the year.

Cast: Ingrid Bergman (Dr. Constance Petersen) , Gregory Peck (John Ballantine) , Michael Chekhov (Dr. Alexander Brulov) , Leo G. Carroll (Dr. Murchison) , Rhonda Fleming (Mary Carmichael) , John Emery (Dr. Fleurot) , Norman Lloyd (Mr. Garmes) , Bill Goodwin (House detective) , Steven Geray (Dr. Graff) , Donald Curtis (Harry) , Wallace Ford (Hotel masher) , Art Baker (Det. Lt. Cooley) , Regis Toomey (Det. Sgt. Gillespie) , Paul Harvey (Dr. Hanish) , Jean Acker (Matron (uncredited)) , Irving Bacon (Railway Gateman (uncredited)) , Richard Bartell (Ticket Taker (uncredited)) , Harry Brown (Gateman (uncredited)) , Joel Davis (John Ballantine as a Boy (uncredited)) , Jacqueline deWit (Nurse (uncredited)) , Edward Fielding (Dr. Anthony Edwardes (uncredited)) , Alfred Hitchcock (Man Leaving Elevator (uncredited)) , Teddy Infuhr (John Ballantine’s Brother (uncredited)) , Victor Kilian (Sheriff (uncredited)) , George Meader (Hallett – Railroad Clerk (uncredited))

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

Writers: Ben Hecht, Angus MacPhail, Hilary St George Saunders, John Palmer

Tags: amnesia, insane asylum, psychologist, black and white

Leave Her to Heaven

Leave Her to Heaven

Release Date: 1945-12-25

Genres: Drama, Romance, Thriller

“Leave Her to Heaven” is a captivating 1945 film starring Gene Tierney and Cornel Wilde. Set in the backdrop of a blossoming love story, the movie takes a dark turn as Richard Harland, a young novelist, discovers that his wife’s intense jealousy may be the cause of the tragedies in his life. With a stellar cast and a gripping plot, this movie is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers.

Cast: Gene Tierney (Ellen Berent Harland) , Cornel Wilde (Richard Harland) , Jeanne Crain (Ruth Berent) , Vincent Price (Russell Quinton) , Mary Philips (Mrs. Berent) , Ray Collins (Glen Robie) , Gene Lockhart (Dr. Saunders) , Reed Hadley (Dr. Mason) , Darryl Hickman (Danny Harland) , Chill Wills (Leick Thome) , Mae Marsh (Fisherwoman (uncredited)) , Grant Mitchell (Carlson (uncredited)) , Ruth Clifford (Telephone Operator (uncredited)) , Paul Everton (The Judge (uncredited)) , Gertrude Astor (Prison Matron (uncredited)) , Guy Beach (Sheriff (uncredited)) , Audrey Betz (Cook at Robie’s Ranch (uncredited)) , Olive Blakeney (Mrs. Louise Robie (uncredited)) , Harry Depp (Catterson – the Chemist (uncredited)) , Jim Farley (Train Conductor (uncredited)) , Betty Hannon (Tess Robie (uncredited)) , Kenner G. Kemp (Lounge Car Train Passenger (uncredited)) , Thomas Martin (Court Clerk (uncredited)) , Hans Moebus (Juror (uncredited)) , Milton Parsons (Medcraft – Mortician (uncredited))

Directors: John M. Stahl

Writers: Jo Swerling, Ben Ames Williams

Tags: based on novel or book, boat, lake, femme fatale, film noir, murder, told in flashback



Release Date: 1945-11-30

Genres: Drama, Thriller

“Detour” is a gripping 1945 film that follows the life of Al Roberts, a talented pianist working in a New York nightclub. His decision to hitchhike to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend takes a dark turn, leading him into a nightmarish journey. Starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking a thrilling and suspenseful storyline.

Cast: Tom Neal (Al Roberts) , Ann Savage (Vera) , Claudia Drake (Sue Harvey) , Edmund MacDonald (Charles Haskell Jr.) , Tim Ryan (Diner Owner) , Esther Howard (Holly) , Pat Gleason (Joe)

Directors: Edgar G. Ulmer

Writers: Martin Goldsmith

Tags: based on novel or book, film noir, hitchhiker, road movie, poverty row film, male pianist

Dead of Night

Dead of Night

Release Date: 1945-09-09

Genres: Horror, Thriller

“Hey, I just found this amazing movie from 1945 called ‘Dead of Night’! It’s about an architect named Walter Craig who visits a farmhouse and gets trapped in his recurring nightmare. But here’s the twist – he has to listen to all the other guests’ bizarre tales before he can escape. It stars Mervyn Johns, Roland Culver, Mary Merrall, Googie Withers, Frederick Valk, Anthony Baird, Sally Ann Howes, Robert Wyndham, Judy Kelly, and Miles Malleson. You should definitely check it out!”

Cast: Mervyn Johns (Walter Craig (Segment “Linking Story”)) , Roland Culver (Eliot Foley (Segment “Linking Story”)) , Mary Merrall (Mrs. Foley (Segment “Linking Story”)) , Googie Withers (Joan Cortland (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Haunted Mirror”)) , Frederick Valk (Dr. Van Straaten (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Anthony Baird (Hugh Grainger (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Hearse Conductor”)) , Sally Ann Howes (Sally O’Hara (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Christmas Story”)) , Robert Wyndham (Dr. Albury (Segment “The Christmas Story”)) , Judy Kelly (Joyce Grainger (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Hearse Conductor”)) , Miles Malleson (Hearse Driver (Segment “The Hearse Conductor”)) , Michael Allan (Jimmy Watson (Segment “The Christmas Story”)) , Barbara Leake (Mrs. O’Hara (Segment “Linking Story” & “The Christmas Story”)) , Ralph Michael (Peter Cortland (Segment “The Haunted Mirror”)) , Esme Percy (Antiques Dealer (Segment “The Haunted Mirror”)) , Basil Radford (George Parratt (Segment “The Golfing Story”)) , Naunton Wayne (Larry Potter (Segment “The Golfing Story”)) , Peggy Bryan (Mary Lee (Segment “The Golfing Story”)) , Allan Jeayes (Maurice Olcott (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Michael Redgrave (Maxwell Frere (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Elisabeth Welch (Beulah (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Hartley Power (Sylvester Kee (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Magda Kun (Mitzi (Magda Kun “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Garry Marsh (Harry Parker (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”)) , Renee Gadd (Mrs. Craig (Segment “Linking Story”)) , John McGuire (Hugo Fitch (Segment “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”) (Uncredited))

Directors: Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer, Alberto Cavalcanti

Writers: H.G. Wells, Angus MacPhail, T. E. B. Clarke, John Baines, E.F. Benson

Tags: dream, nightmare, insanity, ventriloquist, anthology, evil doll, black and white, ventriloquist’s dummy, recurring dream

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Release Date: 1945-03-01

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” is a captivating movie released in 1945 that tells the story of Dorian Gray, a young man who discovers a unique way to preserve his youth and beauty. After a conversation with Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian’s portrait starts aging while he remains eternally young. As he indulges in his every desire, Dorian’s handsome appearance becomes his greatest asset, until a shocking revelation forces him to confront the consequences of his actions. Starring Hurd Hatfield, George Sanders, Donna Reed, Angela Lansbury, and more, this thought-provoking film raises dangerous questions about the pursuit of pleasure and the true nature of beauty.

Cast: Hurd Hatfield (Dorian Gray) , George Sanders (Lord Henry Wotton) , Donna Reed (Gladys Hallward) , Angela Lansbury (Sibyl Vane) , Peter Lawford (David Stone) , Lowell Gilmore (Basil Hallward) , Richard Fraser (James Vane) , Douglas Walton (Allen Campbell) , Morton Lowry (Adrian Singleton) , Miles Mander (Sir Robert Bentley) , Lydia Bilbrook (Mrs. Vane) , Mary Forbes (Lady Agatha) , Robert Greig (Sir Thomas) , Moyna MacGill (Duchess) , Billy Bevan (Malvolio Jones) , Renee Carson (Young French Woman) , Lilian Bond (Kate) , Devi Dja (Lead Dancer) , John George (Hunchback (uncredited)) , William Holmes (Club Member (uncredited)) , William H. O’Brien (Footman (uncredited)) , Frank O’Connor (Selby Estate Butler (uncredited)) , Leslie Sketchley (Footman (uncredited))

Directors: Albert Lewin

Writers: Albert Lewin, Oscar Wilde

Tags: painting, attic

I Know Where I'm Going!

I Know Where I’m Going!

Release Date: 1945-11-16

Genres: Drama, Romance

“I Know Where I’m Going!” is a captivating 1945 film set in the Scottish Hebrides. It follows the adventurous Joan Webster, who gets stranded on the Isle of Mull due to bad weather while on her way to marry a wealthy man. As she spends time with the warm-hearted locals, Joan finds herself drawn to a mysterious naval officer named Torquil MacNeil, whose secret could change her life forever. With a talented cast and a charming storyline, this movie is definitely worth watching!”

Cast: Wendy Hiller (Joan Webster) , Roger Livesey (Torquil MacNeil) , Pamela Brown (Catriona) , Finlay Currie (Ruairidh Mhór) , George Carney (Mr. Webster) , Nancy Price (Mrs. Crozier) , Catherine Lacey (Mrs. Robinson) , Jean Cadell (Postmistress) , John Laurie (John Campbell) , Valentine Dyall (Mr. Robinson) , Norman Shelley (Sir Robert Bellinger) , Margot Fitzsimons (Bridie) , Murdo Morrison (Kenny) , Walter Hudd (Hunter) , Petula Clark (Cheril) , Anthony Eustrel (Hooper) , Alec Faversham (Martin) , Arthur Chesney (Harmonica Player) , Duncan MacKechnie (Capt. ‘Lochinvar’) , Ian Sadler (Iain) , C.W.R. Knight (Col. Barnstaple) , Donald Strachan (Shepherd) , John Rae (Old Shepherd) , Duncan McIntyre (His Son) , Ivy Milton (Peigi)

Directors: Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell

Writers: Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell

Tags: scotland, island, castle, whirlpool, bagpipe, hebrides, laird

Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut

Release Date: 1945-07-27

Genres: Comedy, Romance

“Christmas in Connecticut” is a heartwarming 1945 movie starring Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, and Sydney Greenstreet. The film follows war hero Jefferson Jones, who, while recovering in a hospital, becomes captivated by the “Diary of a Housewife” column written by Elizabeth Lane. When Jeff’s nurse arranges for him to spend the holiday at Elizabeth’s picturesque Connecticut farm, little do they know that Elizabeth and her editor must quickly create the perfect domestic facade to avoid losing their jobs. Get ready for a delightful mix of comedy and romance as this charming tale unfolds on July 27, 1945.

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck (Elizabeth Lane) , Dennis Morgan (Jefferson Jones) , Sydney Greenstreet (Alexander Yardley) , Reginald Gardiner (John Sloan) , S.Z. Sakall (Felix Bassenak) , Robert Shayne (Dudley Beecham) , Una O’Connor (Norah) , Frank Jenks (Sinkewicz) , Joyce Compton (Nurse Mary Lee) , Dick Elliott (Judge Crothers) , Jody Gilbert (Mrs. Gerseg) , Lillian Bronson (Secretary) , Walter Baldwin (Herb, the Sheriff) , Marie Blake (Mrs. Wright (uncredited)) , Betty Alexander (Nurse Smith) , George Boyce (Party Guest) , Charles Arnt (Homer Higgenbottom (uncredited)) , Arthur Aylesworth (Sleigh Driver (uncredited)) , John Dehner (State Trooper #2 (uncredited)) , Olaf Hytten (Elkins (uncredited)) , Charles Sherlock (Bartender (uncredited))

Directors: Peter Godfrey

Writers: Adele Comandini, Lionel Houser, Aileen Hamilton

Tags: holiday, connecticut, christmas

The Body Snatcher

The Body Snatcher

Release Date: 1945-05-25

Genres: Horror, Thriller

“The Body Snatcher” is a thrilling movie set in Edinburgh in 1831. It follows Gray, a former medical student turned cab driver, who holds a grudge against Dr. MacFarlane for escaping punishment after being convicted of grave robbery. With a star-studded cast including Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, this 1945 film takes you on a suspenseful journey into the illegal trade of grave robbery and the dark secrets it holds.

Cast: Boris Karloff (John Gray) , Bela Lugosi (Joseph) , Henry Daniell (Dr. Wolfe ‘Toddy’ MacFarlane) , Edith Atwater (Meg Camden) , Russell Wade (Donald Fettes) , Rita Corday (Mrs. Marsh) , Sharyn Moffett (Georgina Marsh) , Donna Lee (Street Singer) , Ted Billings (Townsman (uncredited)) , Robert Clarke (Richardson a Medical Student (uncredited)) , Mary Gordon (Mary McBride (uncredited)) , Milton Kibbee (Dan (uncredited)) , Bill Williams (Survis, Medical Student) , Bobby Burns () , Aina Constant () , Carl Kent () , Ethan Laidlaw () , Jim Moran (Angus – Horse Trader (uncredited)) , Larry Wheat ()

Directors: Robert Wise

Writers: Philip MacDonald, Robert Louis Stevenson, Val Lewton

Tags: blackmail, edinburgh, scotland, murder, medical profession, grave robber, cadaver, dissection, medical research, medical student, body snatching, burking, medical education, child in distress, medical ethics, body snatcher

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Release Date: 1945-10-31

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

“And Then There Were None” is a thrilling murder mystery set in 1945. Ten strangers are invited to a secluded island, only to find themselves accused of serious crimes through a chilling recording. As they are hunted down one by one, the survivors must unravel the mystery and discover the identity of the killer among them. With a talented cast including Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, and Judith Anderson, this suspenseful film will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cast: Barry Fitzgerald (Francis Quinncannon) , Walter Huston (Edward Armstrong) , Louis Hayward (Philip Lombard) , Roland Young (William Blore) , June Duprez (Vera Claythorne) , Mischa Auer (Nikita “Nikki” Starloff) , C. Aubrey Smith (John Mandrake) , Judith Anderson (Emily Brent) , Richard Haydn (Thomas Rogers) , Queenie Leonard (Ethel Rogers) , Harry Thurston (Fred Narracott)

Directors: René Clair

Writers: Agatha Christie, Dudley Nichols

Tags: cat, island, guest, fisherman, whodunit, dinner, doctor, power outage, record, nursery rhyme, record player, duplicity, mystery killer, scheming, mind game, devon

Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit

Release Date: 1945-04-05

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

“Blithe Spirit” is a captivating 1945 movie that follows an English mystery novelist who invites a medium to his home for a séance. Hoping to gather material for his book and expose the medium as a fraud, things take an unexpected turn, leading to a series of supernatural events that wreak havoc on the man’s marriage. With a talented cast including Rex Harrison and Constance Cummings, this film is a must-watch for fans of intriguing mysteries and supernatural twists.

Cast: Rex Harrison (Charles Condomine) , Constance Cummings (Ruth Condomine) , Kay Hammond (Elvira Condomine) , Margaret Rutherford (Madame Arcati) , Hugh Wakefield (Dr. George Bradman) , Joyce Carey (Violet Bradman) , Jacqueline Clarke (Edith) , Marie Ault (Cook (uncredited)) , Johnnie Schofield (R.A.C. Man Directing Traffic (uncredited)) , Noël Coward (Narrator (uncredited))

Directors: David Lean

Writers: Ronald Neame, David Lean, Noël Coward, Anthony Havelock-Allan

Tags: love triangle, married couple, exorcism, medium, murder, based on play or musical, trance, author, maid, widower, novelist, screwball comedy, ghost, séance, mystery writer, second wife, first wife, late wife

Objective, Burma!

Objective, Burma!

Release Date: 1945-02-17

Genres: Action, Drama, War

“Objective, Burma!” is a thrilling war film released in 1945. Starring Errol Flynn, Henry Hull, and a talented ensemble cast, the movie follows a group of brave men who parachute into Japanese-occupied Burma on a dangerous mission to destroy a radar station. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when they encounter Japanese forces on their way back, leading to a gripping and suspenseful journey through enemy-occupied jungle.

Cast: Errol Flynn (Capt. Nelson) , Henry Hull (Mark Williams) , George Tobias (Cpl. Gabby Gordon) , Anthony Caruso (Miggleori) , James Brown (SSgt. Treacy) , Richard Erdman (Pvt. Nebraska Hooper) , Joel Allen (Cpl. Brophy – Radioman) , John Alvin (Hogan) , William Hudson (Fred Hollis) , George Tyne (Pvt. Soapy Higgins) , John Whitney (Negulesco) , William Prince (Lt. Sid Jacobs) , Rodd Redwing (Sgt. Chattu) , Frank Tang (Capt. Li) , Warner Anderson (Col. J. Carter) , Mark Stevens (Lt. Barker, pilot) , Hugh Beaumont (Capt. Hennessey) , Erville Alderson (Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell) , Carlyle Blackwell Jr. (Parker, a soldier) , Truman Bradley (Narrator (voice)) , Tom Daly (Stilwell’s Assistant) , Lester Matthews (British Maj. Fitzpatrick)

Directors: Raoul Walsh

Writers: Ranald MacDougall, Lester Cole, Alvah Bessie

Tags: world war ii, parachuting, war correspondent, burma, commando, merrill’s marauders

The Bells of St. Mary's

The Bells of St. Mary’s

Release Date: 1945-12-27

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“The Bells of St. Mary’s” is a heartwarming movie set in 1945. It follows Father O’Malley and Sister Benedict as they team up to save a run-down parochial school from being shut down. With a stellar cast including Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman, this film beautifully portrays their good-natured disagreements and their efforts to keep the school alive. Released on December 27, 1945, it’s definitely one of the best movies of that year!

Cast: Bing Crosby (Father Chuck O’Malley) , Ingrid Bergman (Sister Mary Benedict) , Henry Travers (Horace P. Bogardus) , William Gargan (Joe Gallagher) , Ruth Donnelly (Sister Michael) , Joan Carroll (Patsy Gallagher) , Martha Sleeper (Mary Gallagher) , Rhys Williams (Dr. McKay) , Richard Tyler (Eddie Breen) , Una O’Connor (Mrs. Breen) , Edward Coch Jr. (Baby Jesus (uncredited)) , Aina Constant (Nun (uncredited)) , Jimmy Crane (Luther (uncredited)) , Gwen Crawford (Nun (uncredited)) , Bobby Dolan Jr. (Bobby (uncredited)) , Jimmie Dundee (Cabbie (uncredited)) , Bobby Frasco (Tommy Smith (uncredited)) , Matt McHugh (Sporting Goods Salesman (uncredited)) , Peggy McKim (Schoolgirl (uncredited)) , Betty Jean Nichols (Schoolgirl (uncredited)) , Georgie Nokes (Boy (uncredited)) , Eva Novak (Nun (uncredited)) , Joe Palma (Workman (uncredited)) , Dewey Robinson (Pedestrian Pulling Bogardus from Under Truck (uncredited)) , Cora Shannon (Elderly Woman (uncredited))

Directors: Leo McCarey

Writers: Dudley Nichols, Leo McCarey

Tags: nun, priest, school, black and white, church, catholic

The House of Fear

The House of Fear

Release Date: 1945-03-16

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

“The House of Fear” is a thrilling mystery film released on March 16, 1945. Starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, the movie follows the Good Comrades, a group of gentlemen seeking solitude at Drearcliff House. However, their peaceful existence is shattered when members start dying in gruesome ways, leading the insurance agent to seek Holmes and Watson’s help in uncovering the truth. Get ready for a suspenseful journey filled with intrigue and detective work in this highly acclaimed movie from 1945.

Cast: Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes) , Nigel Bruce (Dr. John Watson) , Aubrey Mather (Alastair) , Paul Cavanagh (Simon Merrivale) , Dennis Hoey (Inspector Lestrade) , Harry Cording (John Simpson) , Holmes Herbert (Alan Cosgrave) , Sally Shepherd (Mrs. Monteith) , Gavin Muir (Chalmers) , Florette Hillier (Alison MacGregor) , David Clyde (Alex MacGregor) , Doris Lloyd (Bessie) , Cyril Delevanti (Stanley Raeburn) , Alec Craig (Angus (uncredited)) , Richard Alexander (Ralph King (uncredited))

Directors: Roy William Neill

Writers: Arthur Conan Doyle, Roy Chanslor

Tags: castle, black and white, series of murders, ancestor, sherlock holmes

Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

Release Date: 1945-08-13

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Music, Romance, War

“Anchors Aweigh” is a delightful 1945 musical film starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Kathryn Grayson. Set during World War II, it follows two sailors, Joe and Clarence, who embark on a four-day shore leave. When Clarence falls for a girl with musical dreams, Joe finds himself torn between friendship and love. With catchy songs, charming performances, and a touch of romance, this movie is a must-watch for fans of classic musicals.

Cast: Frank Sinatra (Clarence Doolittle) , Kathryn Grayson (Susan Abbott) , Gene Kelly (Joseph Brady) , José Iturbi (Himself) , Dean Stockwell (Donald Martin) , Pamela Britton (Girl from Brooklyn) , Rags Ragland (Police Sergeant) , Billy Gilbert (Cafe Manager) , Henry O’Neill (Admiral Hammond) , Carlos Ramírez (Carlos) , Edgar Kennedy (Police Captain) , Grady Sutton (Bertram Kraler) , Leon Ames (Admiral’s Aide) , Sharon McManus (Little Girl Beggar) , James Flavin (Radio Cop) , James Burke (Studio Cop) , Henry Armetta (Hamburger Man) , Chester Clute (Iturbi’s Assistant) , Mimi Aguglia (Old Lady (uncredited)) , Bobby Barber (Salad Cook on Olvera Street (uncredited)) , Douglas Cowan (Sailor (uncredited)) , Eddie Hall (Sailor Discussing Lola (uncredited)) , Milton Kibbee (Bartender Serving Double Scotch (uncredited)) , Gloria Marlen (Woman (uncredited)) , Robert Emmett O’Connor (Cop (uncredited))

Directors: George Sidney

Writers: Isobel Lennart, Natalie Marcin, Sammy Cahn

Tags: new york city, musical, cartoon mouse, live action and animation

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