Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies from 1950: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Roll out the red carpet and dust off your vintage popcorn machine, because we’re about to take a nostalgic journey back to the golden age of cinema. Welcome to our countdown of the top 20 fan-favorite movies from 1950! This was a time when Hollywood was churning out classics faster than a soda jerk could whip up a root beer float. These films, with their iconic stars, unforgettable lines, and timeless themes, have left an indelible mark on the silver screen. So, whether you’re a film buff, a nostalgia enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good flick, we invite you to join us as we revisit the cinematic gems that have stood the test of time. Get ready to be transported back to an era of black-and-white brilliance, larger-than-life legends, and stories that still resonate today. Lights, camera, action – let’s dive into the top 20 fan-favorite movies from 1950!
Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard

Release Date: 1950-08-10

Genres: Drama

“Sunset Boulevard” is a captivating 1950 movie that takes you into the intriguing world of Hollywood. It follows a talented but struggling screenwriter who gets caught up in the life of a former silent film star, now living in obscurity. With a stellar cast including William Holden and Gloria Swanson, this film offers a fascinating glimpse into the dark side of fame and the power of nostalgia.

Cast: William Holden (Joe Gillis) , Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond) , Erich von Stroheim (Max von Mayerling) , Nancy Olson (Betty Schaefer) , Fred Clark (Sheldrake) , Lloyd Gough (Morino) , Jack Webb (Artie Green) , Franklyn Farnum (Undertaker) , Larry J. Blake (1st Finance Man) , Charles Dayton (2nd Finance Man) , Cecil B. DeMille (Cecil B. DeMille) , Hedda Hopper (Hedda Hopper) , Buster Keaton (Buster Keaton) , Anna Q. Nilsson (Anna Q. Nilsson) , H.B. Warner (H.B. Warner) , Ray Evans (Ray Evans) , Jay Livingston (Jay Livingston) , Fred Aldrich (Cop Who Drags Joe’s Body from Pool (uncredited)) , Joel Allen (Prop Man #2 (uncredited)) , Gertrude Astor (Courtier (uncredited)) , Anne Bauchens (Editor (uncredited)) , Edward Biby (Restaurant Patron (uncredited)) , Danny Borzage (Accordionist (uncredited)) , Ken Christy (Homicide Captain (uncredited)) , Ruth Clifford (Sheldrake’s Secretary (uncredited))

Directors: Billy Wilder

Writers: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, D.M. Marshman Jr.

Tags: new year’s eve, screenwriter, jealousy, butler, loss of sense of reality, diva, delusion, film noir, hollywood, los angeles, california, black and white, madness, aging actor, has been, silent film star, grandiose behavior, kept man, movie studio

All About Eve

All About Eve

Release Date: 1950-10-06

Genres: Drama

“All About Eve” is a captivating drama from 1950 that revolves around the ambitious Eve Harrington, who is determined to overthrow the renowned actress Margo Channing. With a stellar cast including Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, and Marilyn Monroe, this movie takes you on a thrilling journey filled with manipulation, fame, and the consequences of deceit. Released on October 6, 1950, it’s no wonder this film made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year!

Cast: Bette Davis (Margo Channing) , Anne Baxter (Eve Harrington) , George Sanders (Addison DeWitt) , Celeste Holm (Karen Richards) , Gary Merrill (Bill Sampson) , Hugh Marlowe (Lloyd Richards) , Thelma Ritter (Birdie Coonan) , Gregory Ratoff (Max Fabian) , Marilyn Monroe (Miss Caswell) , Barbara Bates (Phoebe) , Walter Hampden (Aged Actor (uncredited)) , Randy Stuart (Girl (uncredited)) , Craig Hill (Leading Man (uncredited)) , Leland Harris (Doorman (uncredited)) , Barbara White (Autograph Seeker (uncredited)) , Eddie Fisher (Stage Manager (uncredited)) , William Pullen (Clerk (uncredited)) , Claude Stroud (Pianist (uncredited)) , Eugene Borden (Frenchman (uncredited)) , Helen Mowery (Reporter (uncredited)) , Steven Geray (Captain of Waiters (uncredited)) , Gertrude Astor (Sarah Siddons Awards Guest (uncredited)) , Frank Baker (Waiter (uncredited)) , Ralph Brooks (Sarah Siddons Awards Guest (uncredited)) , Jack Chefe (Sarah Siddons Awards Guest (uncredited))

Directors: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Writers: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Mary Orr

Tags: playwright, hollywood, black and white, relationship, insecurity, broadway, based on short story, broadway star, stage struck



Release Date: 1950-08-26

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

“Rashomon” is a captivating film from 1950 that delves into the concept of truth and justice. With an incredible cast including Toshirō Mifune and Machiko Kyō, the movie explores the complexities of human nature through the perspectives of four individuals recounting different versions of a murder and rape. Through clever camera techniques and flashbacks, director Kurosawa takes us on a thought-provoking journey that will leave you questioning the nature of truth itself.

Cast: Toshirō Mifune (Tajômaru) , Machiko Kyō (Masako) , Takashi Shimura (Woodcutter) , Masayuki Mori (Takehiro) , Minoru Chiaki (Priest) , Kichijirô Ueda (Commoner) , Noriko Honma (Medium) , Daisuke Katō (Policeman)

Directors: Akira Kurosawa

Writers: Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto, Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Tags: japan, rape, samurai, rain, woodcutter, subjectivity, medium, sunlight, court case, dying and death, court, truth, criminal, based on short story, multiple perspectives, jidaigeki, heian period

The Young and the Damned

The Young and the Damned

Release Date: 1950-12-09

Genres: Crime, Drama

“The Young and the Damned” is a powerful and gritty Mexican film from 1950 that delves into the lives of a group of troubled teenagers living in the slums of Mexico City. Led by an outstanding cast, including Alfonso Mejía and Estela Inda, the movie explores the destructive influence of their criminal surroundings on the young protagonist, Pedro. Released on December 9th, this thought-provoking film offers a raw and unflinching portrayal of the moral decay and violence that plagues their lives.

Cast: Alfonso Mejía (Pedro) , Estela Inda (Pedro’s Mother) , Efraín Arauz (Cacarizo) , Miguel Inclán (Don Carmelo the Blind Man) , Roberto Cobo (El Jaibo) , Javier Amézcua (Julián) , Alma Delia Fuentes (Meche) , Mário Ramírez (Ojitos) , Jorge Pérez (Pelón) , Sergio Virel (Gang Member) , Jesús García (Julián’s Father) , Francisco Jambrina (School Farm Director) , Roberto Navarrete (A Scoundrel (uncredited)) , José Loza (An Asylee (uncredited)) , Antulio Jimenez Pons (Chicharronero (uncredited)) , Lupe Carriles (Doña Rufinita, a Neighbor (uncredited)) , Charles Rooner (Elegant Pederast (uncredited)) , Salvador Quiroz (Juan Ferruzca, the Smithy Owner (uncredited)) , Ernesto Alonso (Narrator (uncredited)) , Inés Murillo (Neighbor (uncredited)) , Enedina Díaz de León (Tortilla Seller (uncredited)) , Victorio Blanco (Tramp (uncredited))

Directors: Luis Buñuel

Writers: Luis Buñuel, Luis Alcoriza, Pedro de Urdimalas, Max Aub, José de Jesús Aceves

Tags: slum, mexico, mexico city, mexico, homelessness, fair, delinquent, approved school , teacher, juvenile delinquent, rebellious youth, alcoholic, older woman younger man relationship, los olvidados



Release Date: 1950-12-04

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

“Harvey” is a heartwarming and hilarious movie from 1950 that tells the story of Elwood P. Dowd, a man who befriends a human-sized rabbit named Harvey that only he can see. When his sister tries to have him committed to a mental institution, a series of comedic mishaps ensue, leading to unexpected family healing and even a touch of romance. Starring James Stewart and Josephine Hull, this classic film is a delightful blend of comedy and warmth that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Cast: James Stewart (Elwood P. Dowd) , Josephine Hull (Veta Louise Simmons) , Peggy Dow (Miss Kelly) , Charles Drake (Dr. Sanderson) , Cecil Kellaway (Dr. Chumley) , Victoria Horne (Myrtle Mae Simmons) , Jesse White (Wilson) , William H. Lynn (Judge Gaffney (as William Lynn)) , Wallace Ford (The Taxi Driver) , Nana Bryant (Mrs. Hazel Chumley) , Grayce Mills (Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet (as Grace Mills)) , Clem Bevans (Mr. Herman Shimelplatzer) , Harvey (Himself) , Don Brodie (Mailman (uncredited)) , Pat Flaherty (Policeman (uncredited)) , Eula Guy (Mrs. Johnson – Maid (uncredited)) , Norman Leavitt (Henry Riley – Cab Driver (uncredited)) , Fess Parker (Leslie – Chauffeur (voice) (uncredited)) , Maudie Prickett (Elvira – Cook (uncredited)) , Dick Wessel (Mr. Cracker (uncredited))

Directors: Henry Koster

Writers: Mary Chase, Oscar Brodney, Myles Connolly

Tags: sanatorium, imaginary friend, based on play or musical, mental institution, black and white, police officer, rabbit, mental illness, screwball comedy, commitment, brother sister relationship

In a Lonely Place

In a Lonely Place

Release Date: 1950-05-17

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Crime

“In a Lonely Place” is a captivating 1950 movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame. Set in the backdrop of Hollywood, it tells the story of an aspiring actress who becomes suspicious of her boyfriend’s dark side, suspecting him to be a murderer. With a talented cast and a release date of May 17, 1950, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of that year.

Cast: Humphrey Bogart (Dixon Steele) , Gloria Grahame (Laurel Gray) , Frank Lovejoy (Brub Nicolai) , Carl Benton Reid (Capt. Lochner) , Art Smith (Mel Lippman) , Jeff Donnell (Sylvia Nicolai) , Martha Stewart (Mildred Atkinson) , Robert Warwick (Charlie Waterman) , Morris Ankrum (Lloyd Barnes) , William Ching (Ted Barton) , Steven Geray (Paul) , Hadda Brooks (Singer) , James Arness (Young Detective (uncredited)) , Pat Barton (Second Hat Check Girl (uncredited)) , Guy Beach (Mr. Swan (uncredited)) , David Bond (Dr. Richards (uncredited)) , Hazel Boyne (Woman (uncredited)) , Laura K. Brooks (Lady Wanting Matches (uncredited)) , Charles Cane (Angry Husband in Convertible (uncredited)) , Jack Chefe (Bartender (uncredited)) , Oliver Cross (Person (uncredited)) , George Davis (Waiter (uncredited)) , Melinda Erickson (Tough Girl (uncredited)) , Charles Fogel (Bar Patron (uncredited)) , Arno Frey (Joe (uncredited))

Directors: Nicholas Ray

Writers: Edmund H. North, Dorothy B. Hughes, Andrew Solt

Tags: screenwriter, beach, assault, film noir, murder, hollywood, fear, agent, murder investigation, reckless driving, hopeless, murder suspect, moody, possessive man, disenchantment, insecure woman, volatility

The Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle

Release Date: 1950-05-12

Genres: Crime, Drama

“The Asphalt Jungle” is a captivating crime film released in 1950. It follows the story of legendary burglar “Doc” Riedenschneider, who, after being released from prison, teams up with a group of experienced criminals to pull off a major jewel heist. With a star-studded cast including Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, and Jean Hagen, this movie is a thrilling ride through the world of organized crime in the Midwest.

Cast: Sterling Hayden (Dix Handley) , Louis Calhern (Alonzo D. Emmerich) , Jean Hagen (Doll Conovan) , James Whitmore (Gus Minissi) , Sam Jaffe (Doc Erwin Riedenschneider) , John McIntire (Police Commissioner Hardy) , Marc Lawrence (Cobby) , Barry Kelley (Lt. Ditrich) , Anthony Caruso (Louis Ciavelli) , Teresa Celli (Maria Ciavelli) , Marilyn Monroe (Angela Phinlay) , William ‘Wee Willie’ Davis (Timmons) , Dorothy Tree (May Emmerich) , Brad Dexter (Bob Brannom) , John Maxwell (Dr. Swanson) , Mary Anderson (Police Broadcaster (voice) (uncredited)) , Ray Bennett (Detective in Hardy’s Office (uncredited)) , David Bond (Father Sortine (uncredited)) , Chet Brandenburg (Man at Line-Up (uncredited)) , Benny Burt (Taxi Driver (uncredited)) , Frank Cady (Night Clerk (uncredited)) , Jean Carter (Woman (uncredited)) , Mack Chandler (Gambler (uncredited)) , David Clarke (Mr. Atkinson (Railroad Man) (uncredited)) , John Cliff (Policeman (uncredited))

Directors: John Huston

Writers: John Huston, Ben Maddow, W.R. Burnett

Tags: based on novel or book, film noir, heist, on the run

Night and the City

Night and the City

Release Date: 1950-06-15

Genres: Drama, Crime

“Night and the City” is a captivating film from 1950 that takes us into the gritty underworld of London. Starring Richard Widmark and Gene Tierney, it follows the story of Harry Fabian, a small-time hustler always on the lookout for his next big score. As his schemes start to unravel, tensions rise and relationships are tested, making for a thrilling and suspenseful ride through the city’s dark streets.

Cast: Richard Widmark (Harry Fabian) , Gene Tierney (Mary Bristol) , Googie Withers (Helen Nosseross) , Francis L. Sullivan (Philip Nosseross) , Hugh Marlowe (Adam Dunn) , Herbert Lom (Kristo) , Stanislaus Zbyszko (Gregorius) , Mike Mazurki (The Strangler) , Charles Farrell (Mickey Beer) , Ada Reeve (Molly) , Ken Richmond (Nikolas) , Alan Tilvern (Beggar (uncredited)) , Derek Blomfield (Young Policeman (uncredited)) , Clifford Buckton (Policeman (uncredited)) , Ernest Butcher (Bert, Street Musician (uncredited)) , Peter Butterworth (Thug (uncredited)) , Naomi Chance (Nightclub Hostess (uncredited)) , Edward Chapman (Hoskins (uncredited)) , Clifford Cobbe (Policeman (uncredited)) , Patricia Davidson (Nightclub Hostess (uncredited)) , Maureen Delaney (Anna O’Leary (uncredited)) , Aubrey Dexter (Fergus Chilk (uncredited)) , Stanley Escane (Man (uncredited)) , Thomas Gallagher (Bagrag, Bar Owner (uncredited)) , Rex Garner (Waiter (uncredited))

Directors: Jules Dassin

Writers: Jo Eisinger, Gerald Kersh, Austin Dempster, William E. Watts

Tags: london, england, based on novel or book, hustler, wrestling, film noir, soho london

Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy

Release Date: 1950-01-20

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Action, Romance

“Gun Crazy” is a thrilling crime film released on January 20, 1950. It follows Bart Tare, an ex-Army man with a lifelong obsession with guns, who meets Annie Starr, a talented sharpshooter. Together, they find work at a carnival but are soon fired after upsetting the owner. In a desperate bid for money, they embark on a crime spree, leading to an intense and action-packed story. Starring Peggy Cummins and John Dall, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Peggy Cummins (Annie Laurie Starr) , John Dall (Bart Tare) , Berry Kroeger (Packett) , Morris Carnovsky (Judge Willoughby) , Anabel Shaw (Ruby Tare) , Harry Lewis (Sheriff Clyde Boston) , Nedrick Young (Dave Allister) , Russ Tamblyn (Bart Tare (age 14)) , Trevor Bardette (Sheriff Boston (uncredited)) , Anne O’Neal (Miss Augustine Sifert (uncredited)) , Virginia Farmer (Miss Wynn (uncredited)) , Stanley Prager (Bluey-Bluey (uncredited)) , Harry Hayden (Mr. Mallenberg (uncredited)) , Mickey Little (Bart Tare (age 7) (uncredited)) , Paul Frison (Clyde Boston (age 14) (uncredited)) , David Bair (Dave Allister (age 7) (uncredited)) , Frances Irvin (Danceland Singer (uncredited)) , Robert Osterloh (Hampton Policeman (uncredited)) , Shimen Ruskin (Can Driver (uncredited)) , Alex Ball (Dance Hall Patron (uncredited)) , Tony Barr (Proprietor / Diner Cook (uncredited)) , Don Beddoe (Chicago Man (uncredited)) , Joseph Crehan (Plant Foreman (uncredited)) , Eddie Dunn (State Policeman on Phone (uncredited)) , Dick Elliott (Man Fleeing Robbed Market (uncredited))

Directors: Joseph H. Lewis

Writers: Dalton Trumbo, MacKinlay Kantor, Millard Kaufman

Tags: gun, carnival, film noir, sharpshooter, based on short story, crime spree

Winchester '73

Winchester ’73

Release Date: 1950-07-12

Genres: Western

“Winchester ’73” is a thrilling Western film released in 1950, starring James Stewart, Shelley Winters, and Dan Duryea. The story follows Lin McAdam as he enters a shooting competition against his old rival, Dutch Henry Brown. After winning a rare Winchester rifle, Dutch steals it, leading McAdam on a relentless pursuit to settle their quarrel. Along the way, the rifle changes hands, impacting the lives of various characters. Get ready for an action-packed adventure filled with intense shootouts and gripping twists.

Cast: James Stewart (Lin McAdam) , Shelley Winters (Lola Manners) , Dan Duryea (Waco Johnnie Dean) , Stephen McNally (Dutch Henry Brown) , Millard Mitchell (High Spade) , Charles Drake (Steve Miller) , John McIntire (Joe Lamont) , Will Geer (Wyatt Earp) , Jay C. Flippen (Sergeant Wilkes) , Rock Hudson (Young Bull) , John Alexander (Jack Riker) , Steve Brodie (Wesley) , James Millican (Wheeler) , Abner Biberman (Latigo Means) , Tony Curtis (Doan) , James Best (Crater) , Victor Adamson (Townsman (uncredited)) , Chet Brandenburg (Townsman (uncredited)) , Roy Bucko (Townsman (uncredited)) , Victor Cox (Townsman (uncredited)) , Jack Kenny (Townsman (uncredited)) , Jack Perry (Townsman (uncredited)) , Robert Anderson (Basset (uncredited)) , Mel Archer (Bartender (uncredited)) , Ted Mapes (Bartender (uncredited))

Directors: Anthony Mann

Writers: Stuart N. Lake, Borden Chase, Robert L. Richards

Tags: robbery, showdown, horseback riding, hostility, assault, rifle, stealing, search, contest, poker game, fourth of july, winchester rifle, prize, u.s. cavalry

The Flowers of St. Francis

The Flowers of St. Francis

Release Date: 1950-12-15

Genres: Drama, Comedy, History

“The Flowers of St. Francis” is a heartwarming movie released in 1950 that beautifully captures the teachings of Saint Francis. Directed by Roberto Rossellini and co-written by Federico Fellini, this timeless film follows a series of joyful vignettes, portraying the values of humility, compassion, faith, and sacrifice. With stunning cinematography reminiscent of medieval paintings and a cast of real monks from the Nocera Inferiore Monastery, it offers a moving portrait of the spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Starring Aldo Fabrizi, Gianfranco Bellini, Peparuolo, Severino Pisacane, Roberto Sorrentino, Nazario Gerardi, Arabella Lemaitre, and Renzo Rossellini, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking inspiration and a deeper understanding of the human spirit.

Cast: Aldo Fabrizi (Nicolaio, il Tiranno di Viterbo) , Gianfranco Bellini (Narrator (voice)) , Peparuolo (Giovanni il Sempliciotto) , Severino Pisacane (Fra’ Ginapro (as Fra’ Severino Pisacane)) , Roberto Sorrentino () , Nazario Gerardi (San Francesco (uncredited)) , Arabella Lemaitre (Santa Chiara (uncredited)) , Renzo Rossellini (Narrator (voice) (uncredited))

Directors: Roberto Rossellini

Writers: Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, Brunello Rondi, Antonio Lisandrini, Félix Morlión

Tags: neo realism, italian neo realism

Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

Release Date: 1950-12-25

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

“Born Yesterday” is a classic 1950 movie that tells the story of Harry Brock, a brash and wealthy businessman who heads to Washington D.C. with his mistress, Billie Dawn, aiming to buy some political influence. With a stellar cast including Judy Holliday, Broderick Crawford, and William Holden, this film offers a humorous and entertaining look at the world of politics and the unexpected transformation of Billie Dawn. Released on December 25, 1950, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of witty comedies from that era.

Cast: Judy Holliday (Billie Dawn) , Broderick Crawford (Harry Brock) , William Holden (Paul Verrall) , Howard St. John (Jim Devery) , Frank Otto (Eddie) , Larry Oliver (Congressman Norval Hedges) , Barbara Brown (Mrs. Hedges) , Grandon Rhodes (Sanborn) , Claire Carleton (Helen) , Chet Brandenburg (Hotel Worker (uncredited)) , Charles Cane (Policeman (uncredited)) , Helen Eby-Rock (Manicurist (uncredited)) , Mike Mahoney (Elevator Operator (uncredited)) , Paul Marion (Interpreter (uncredited)) , John Morley (Native (uncredited)) , David Pardoll (Barber (uncredited)) , Bhogwan Singh (Native (uncredited)) , Smoki Whitfield (Bootblack (uncredited))

Directors: George Cukor

Writers: Garson Kanin, Albert Mannheimer

Tags: washington dc, usa, congress, tycoon, based on play or musical, political satire

Variety Lights

Variety Lights

Release Date: 1950-12-06

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance

“Variety Lights” is a heartwarming Italian film from 1950 that follows Checco Dal Monte, a manager of a traveling troupe with a lot of heart but little talent. When he discovers the beautiful and starry-eyed Lily Antonelli, he hires her as a dancer, much to the dismay of his mistress. As Lily’s popularity soars, tensions rise, and she sets her sights on a bigger role, leading to a captivating story of ambition and rivalry. Starring Peppino De Filippo, Carla Del Poggio, Giulietta Masina, and John Kitzmiller, this movie is a must-watch for fans of classic Italian cinema.

Cast: Peppino De Filippo (Checco Dal Monte) , Carla Del Poggio (Liliana “Lilly” Antonelli) , Giulietta Masina (Melina Amour) , John Kitzmiller (Trumpet player Johnny) , Folco Lulli (Adelmo Conti, l’amant de Liliana) , Dante Maggio (Remo) , Checco Durante (Theater Owner) , Gina Mascetti (Valeria del Sole) , Giulio Calì (Magician Edison Will) , Silvio Bagolini (Bruno Antonini) , Giacomo Furia (Duke) , Mario De Angelis (Maestro) , Vanja Orico (Moema – brazilian singer) , Enrico Piergentili (Melina’s Father) , Renato Malavasi (Hotelkeeper) , Joseph Falletta (Pistolero Bill) , Carlo Romano (Enzo La Rosa) , Fanny Marchiò (Soubrette) , Franca Valeri (Mitzy – hungarian designer) , Alberto Bonucci (Night Club Comic) , Vittorio Caprioli (Night Club Comic) , Mirko Baiocchi (Man with the Commander (uncredited))

Directors: Federico Fellini, Alberto Lattuada

Writers: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Alberto Lattuada

Tags: black and white

The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter

Release Date: 1950-06-23

Genres: Western

“The Gunfighter” is a captivating Western film released on June 23, 1950. Starring Gregory Peck, the story revolves around a legendary gunslinger who desperately seeks to escape his notorious reputation as the fastest gun in the West. With a talented cast and an intriguing plot, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of 1950.

Cast: Gregory Peck (Jimmy Ringo) , Helen Westcott (Peggy Walsh) , Millard Mitchell (Marshal Mark Strett) , Jean Parker (Molly) , Karl Malden (Mac) , Skip Homeier (Hunt Bromley) , Anthony Ross (Deputy Charlie Norris) , Verna Felton (Mrs. August Pennyfeather) , Ellen Corby (Mrs. Devlin) , Richard Jaeckel (Eddie) , Victor Adamson (Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)) , Murray Alper (Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)) , C.E. Anderson (Street Loafer (uncredited)) , Carl Andre (Street Loafer (uncredited)) , Beulah Archuletta (Indian woman (uncredited)) , Gregg Barton (Pete’s Pal (uncredited)) , Chet Brandenburg (Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)) , Peter Brocco (Card Player (uncredited)) , Larry Buchanan (Bit Part (uncredited)) , Harry Carter (Townsman (uncredited)) , Cliff Clark (Jerry Marlowe (uncredited)) , Angela Clarke (Mac’s Wife (uncredited)) , David Clarke (Second Brother (uncredited)) , Edmund Cobb (Citizen (uncredited)) , Heinie Conklin (Townsman at Funeral (uncredited))

Directors: Henry King

Writers: Roger Corman, William Bowers, André de Toth, William Sellers

Tags: marshal, saloon, bartender, shootout, gunfighter

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Release Date: 1950-07-07

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“Where the Sidewalk Ends” is a gripping crime drama released in 1950, starring Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. The movie follows a police detective with a violent streak, which hinders his ability to be a good cop. With a talented cast and a release date of July 7, 1950, this film is definitely worth checking out for fans of classic movies and thrilling storylines.

Cast: Dana Andrews (Det. Sgt. Mark Dixon) , Gene Tierney (Morgan Taylor) , Gary Merrill (Tommy Scalise) , Bert Freed (Det. Sgt. Paul Klein) , Tom Tully (Jiggs Taylor) , Karl Malden (Det. Lt. Thomas) , Ruth Donnelly (Martha) , Craig Stevens (Ken Paine) , Fred Aldrich (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)) , Tom Coleman (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)) , Chuck Hamilton (Detective at Staff Meeting (uncredited)) , Ian MacDonald (Detective Casey (uncredited)) , John McGuire (Detective Gertessen (uncredited)) , Clarence Straight (Detective (uncredited)) , Robert B. Williams (Detective (uncredited)) , Phil Tully (Det. Ted Benson, 16th Precinct (uncredited)) , Don Appell (Willie Bender (uncredited)) , Tony Barr (Hoodlum (uncredited)) , John Daheim (Scalise Hoodlum (uncredited)) , Neville Brand (Steve, Scalise Hood (uncredited)) , Herbert Lytton (Joe, Scalise Hood (uncredited)) , Lou Nova (Ernie, Scalise Hood (uncredited)) , Eddie Borden (Pool Hall Patron (uncredited)) , Harry ‘Snub’ Pollard (Pool Hall Patron (uncredited)) , Barry Brooks (Thug (uncredited))

Directors: Otto Preminger

Writers: Ben Hecht, Victor Trivas, Robert E. Kent, Frank P. Rosenberg, William L. Stuart

Tags: new york city, taxi, taxi driver, man woman relationship, cover-up, film noir, bad cop, framed, police detective, policeman, murder investigation, illegal gambling, racketeer, wrongly accused, fashion model

The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

Release Date: 1950-10-06

Genres: Crime, Drama

“The Breaking Point” is a thrilling 1950 movie starring John Garfield, Patricia Neal, and Phyllis Thaxter. Set in the world of fishing, it follows a struggling fisherman who takes a risky job to transport criminals on his boat. With a talented cast and an intriguing plot, this film is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of suspenseful dramas from the 1950s.

Cast: John Garfield (Harry Morgan) , Patricia Neal (Leona Charles) , Phyllis Thaxter (Lucy Morgan) , Juano Hernández (Wesley Park) , Wallace Ford (F.R. Duncan) , Edmon Ryan (Rogers) , Ralph Dumke (Hannagan) , Guy Thomajan (Danny) , William Campbell (Concho) , Sherry Jackson (Amelia Morgan) , Donna Jo Boyce (Connie Morgan) , Victor Sen Yung (Mr. Sing) , John Alvin (Reporter (uncredited)) , Chet Brandenburg (Taxi Driver (uncredited)) , Peter Brocco (Macho (uncredited)) , Mary Carroll (Girl at Bar (uncredited)) , Spencer Chan (1st Chinese Immigrant (uncredited)) , John Close (Deputy (uncredited)) , John Doucette (Gotch Goten (uncredited)) , Juan Duval (Bartender in Mexico (uncredited)) , Norman Field (Dock Attendant (uncredited)) , Alex Gerry (Mr. Phillips (uncredited)) , Donna Gibson (Leona’s Friend (uncredited)) , H.W. Gim (Chinese Immigrant (uncredited)) , Dick Gordon (Racetrack Teller (uncredited))

Directors: Michael Curtiz

Writers: Ranald MacDougall, Ernest Hemingway

Tags: california, mexico, based on novel or book, fishing, illegal immigration, fisherman, film noir, hemingway

47 Talking Corpses

47 Talking Corpses

Release Date: 1950-12-22

Genres: Comedy

“47 Talking Corpses” is a hilarious Italian comedy released on December 22, 1950. The movie follows the story of greedy Baron Antonio Peletti, who refuses to share his father’s precious jewels with the town. In a clever plot, the townspeople fake his death and create an afterlife scenario to convince him to reveal the hidden treasure. With a talented cast including Totò, Silvana Pampanini, and Adriana Benetti, this film promises to be a delightful and entertaining watch for fans of classic comedies.

Cast: Totò (Il barone Antonio Peletti) , Silvana Pampanini (Madame Bonbon, la canzonettista) , Adriana Benetti (Rosetta) , Dante Maggio (Dante Cartoni) , Tina Lattanzi (La moglie dei sindaco) , Aldo Bufi Landi (Gastone) , Eduardo Passarelli (Il farmacista) , Arturo Bragaglia (Il sindaco) , Mario Castellani (Il colonello Bertrand de Tassiny) , Gildo Bocci (Il macellaio) , Franco Pucci (Il dottore) , Carlo Croccolo (Gondrano) , Diana Lante () , Rita Andreana () , Totò Mignone () , Gustavo Serena ()

Directors: Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

Writers: Agenore Incrocci, Furio Scarpelli, Vittorio Metz, Marcello Marchesi, Ettore Petrolini




Release Date: 1950-02-15

Genres: Drama

“Stromboli” is a captivating movie set in the aftermath of World War II, where a young Lithuanian woman and an Italian man from the island of Stromboli impulsively tie the knot. However, their married life on the island proves to be more challenging than she anticipated. Starring the talented Ingrid Bergman and Mario Vitale, this 1950 film takes you on a journey through the complexities of love and the struggles of adapting to a new life.

Cast: Ingrid Bergman (Karin) , Mario Vitale (Antonio Mastrostefano) , Renzo Cesana (The Priest) , Mario Sponzo (The Man from the Lighthouse) , Gaetano Famularo (Man with Guitar (uncredited)) , Angelo Molino (Child (uncredited)) , Roberto Onorati (Man (uncredited))

Directors: Roberto Rossellini

Writers: Roberto Rossellini

Tags: marriage of convenience, fisherman, rural area, post world war ii, tuna, volcanic eruption, unhappy marriage, hasty marriage, social acceptance



Release Date: 1950-04-30

Genres: Drama

“Scandal” is a captivating movie from 1950 that revolves around a court case triggered by a scandalous tabloid story. The film follows the intriguing relationship between a painter and a famous singer, which becomes the center of attention after a celebrity photograph is published. With a talented cast including Toshirō Mifune and Yoshiko Yamaguchi, “Scandal” promises an engaging story filled with drama and intrigue.

Cast: Toshirō Mifune (Ichirô Aoye) , Yoshiko Yamaguchi (Miyako Saijo) , Yōko Katsuragi (Masako Hiruta) , Noriko Sengoku (Sumie) , Eitarō Ozawa (Hori) , Takashi Shimura (Attorney Hiruta) , Shinichi Himori () , Kōji Mitsui (Cameraman A) , Ichirō Shimizu (Arai) , Fumiko Okamura (Miyako’s mother) , Masao Shimizu (Judge) , Tanie Kitabayashi (Yasu Hiruta) , Sugisaku Aoyama (Dr. Kataoka) , Kokuten Kōdō (Old Man #1) , Kichijirô Ueda (Old Man #2) , Bokuzen Hidari (Drunk) , Taiji Tonoyama (Aoye’s friend) , Junji Masuda (News Reporter) , Takashi Kanda () , Minoru Chiaki ()

Directors: Akira Kurosawa

Writers: Akira Kurosawa, Ryūzō Kikushima

Tags: painter, inn, tabloid, low end lawyer, winter into spring

The Men

The Men

Release Date: 1950-08-25

Genres: Drama

“The Men” is a powerful and emotional movie set in the aftermath of World War II. It follows the story of Ken, a paralyzed ex-soldier who struggles with bitterness and isolation. With the help of his fellow patients and a determined physician, Ken begins to find hope and purpose in the paraplegic ward of a veteran’s hospital. Starring Marlon Brando and Teresa Wright, this 1950 film delves into themes of resilience, friendship, and the journey towards healing.

Cast: Marlon Brando (Ken) , Teresa Wright (Ellen) , Everett Sloane (Dr. Brock) , Jack Webb (Norm) , Richard Erdman (Leo) , Arthur Jurado (Angel) , Virginia Farmer (Nurse Robbins) , Dorothy Tree (Ellen’s Mother) , Howard St. John (Ellen’s Father) , Nita Hunter (Dolores) , Patricia Joiner (Laverne) , John Miller (Mr. Doolin) , Cliff Clark (Dr. Kameran) , Ray Teal (Man at Bar) , Margarita Martín (Angel’s Mother) , Sayre Dearing (Bar Patron (uncredited)) , John Hamilton (Justice of the Peace (uncredited)) , DeForest Kelley (Dr. Sherman (uncredited)) , William H. O’Brien (Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)) , Frank O’Connor (Hospital Orderly (uncredited))

Directors: Fred Zinnemann

Writers: Carl Foreman

Tags: post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, broken engagement, war veteran, rehabilitation, wheelchair, paralysis, military hospital, post war life, physical therapy, paraplegia

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