Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1965: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey!

Fasten your seatbelts, cinephiles! We’re about to take a groovy trip back to 1965, a golden year in the world of cinema. A time when the Beatles were still a band, mini-skirts were all the rage, and the silver screen was graced with some of the most iconic films of all time. From heart-wrenching dramas to thrilling spy adventures, 1965 had it all. So, dust off your vinyl records, pour yourself a martini (shaken, not stirred, of course), and prepare to be transported back to a time when movie magic was at its peak. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1965 that will have you yearning for the good old days. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the reel and dive into this nostalgic cinematic journey!
Red Beard

Red Beard

Release Date: 1965-04-03

Genres: Drama

“Red Beard” is a captivating movie released in 1965 that tells the story of Noboru Yasumoto, a young doctor who initially dreams of an easy job but ends up at a small country clinic under the guidance of the gruff yet wise doctor, Red Beard. As Yasumoto rebels against his new assignment, Red Beard patiently teaches him the true essence of being a doctor, exposing him to the less glamorous aspects of the profession. The movie takes an interesting turn when Yasumoto is tasked with caring for a prostitute rescued from a local brothel. Starring Toshirō Mifune, Yūzō Kayama, and Tsutomu Yamazaki, “Red Beard” is a thought-provoking and heartwarming film that explores the journey of a young doctor finding his true calling.

Cast: Toshirō Mifune (Dr. Kyojio Niide (“Red Beard”)) , Yūzō Kayama (Dr. Noboru Yasumoto) , Tsutomu Yamazaki (Sahachi) , Reiko Dan (Osugi) , Miyuki Kuwano (Onaka) , Kyōko Kagawa (Madwoman (“The Mantis”)) , Tatsuyoshi Ehara (Genzô Tsugawa) , Terumi Niki (Otoyo) , Akemi Negishi (Okuni) , Yoshitaka Zushi (Chobo) , Yoshio Tsuchiya (Dr. Handayû Mori) , Eijirō Tōno (Goheiji) , Takashi Shimura (Tokubei Izumiya) , Chishū Ryū (Mr. Yasumoto) , Haruko Sugimura (Kin, the madam) , Kinuyo Tanaka (Madame Yasumoto) , Eijirō Yanagi (Madwoman’s father) , Kōji Mitsui (Heikichi) , Kō Nishimura (Chief retainer) , Nobuo Chiba (Matsudaira) , Kamatari Fujiwara (Rokusuke) , Ken Mitsuda (Genpaku Amano) , Yōko Fujiyama (Chigusa, Masae’s sister) , Yōko Naitō (Masae) , Reiko Nanao (Otoku)

Directors: Akira Kurosawa

Writers: Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Oguni, Ryūzō Kikushima, Masato Ide, Shûgorô Yamamoto

Tags: japan, brothel, small town, heal, lunatic asylum, career, uniform, rural area, clinic, doctor, psychiatrist, intern, jidaigeki

For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More

Release Date: 1965-12-18

Genres: Western

“For a Few Dollars More” is a thrilling Western film released in 1965. Starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef as bounty hunters, the story follows their relentless pursuit of “El Indio,” a notorious fugitive, and his gang. With a star-studded cast and an action-packed plot, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Cast: Clint Eastwood (Manco) , Lee Van Cleef (Col. Douglas Mortimer) , Gian Maria Volonté (El Indio) , Luigi Pistilli (Groggy, Member of Indio’s Gang) , Klaus Kinski (Juan Wild – The Hunchback) , Joseph Egger (Old Prophet) , Panos Papadopulos (Sancho Perez, Member of Indio’s Gang) , Mara Krupp (Mary) , Benito Stefanelli (Luke ‘Hughie’) , Roberto Camardiel (Tucumcari Station Clerk) , Aldo Sambrell (Cuchillo) , Luis Rodríguez (Manuel, Member of Indio’s Gang) , Tomás Blanco (Tucumcari Sheriff) , Lorenzo Robledo (Tomaso, Indio’s Traitor) , Sergio Mendizábal (Tucumcari Bank Manager) , Dante Maggio (Carpenter in Cell with El Indio) , Diana Rabito (Callaway’s Beautiful Girl in Tub) , Giovanni Tarallo (Santa Cruz Telegraphist) , Mario Meniconi (Train Conductor) , Mario Brega (Niño, Member of Indio’s Gang) , José Terrón (Guy Calloway, Mortimer’s 1st Criminal (uncredited)) , José Marco (‘Baby’ Red Cavanaugh (uncredited)) , Werner Abrolat (Slim, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited)) , Frank Braña (Blackie, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited)) , José Canalejas (Chico, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited))

Directors: Sergio Leone

Writers: Sergio Leone, Fulvio Morsella, Luciano Vincenzoni

Tags: bounty hunter, rural area, pot smoking, spaghetti western, right hand man, piano, dollars trilogy

Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures

Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures

Release Date: 1965-07-24

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Crime

“Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures” is a hilarious Soviet film from 1965 that consists of three separate parts. It follows the misadventures of Shurik, a nerdy and naive student, who always manages to cleverly escape ludicrous situations. Starring a talented cast including Aleksandr Demyanenko, Mikhail Pugovkin, and Aleksei Smirnov, this movie became a massive hit and topped the Soviet film charts in 1965.

Cast: Aleksandr Demyanenko (Shurik) , Mikhail Pugovkin (Construction director (segment “Naparnik”)) , Aleksei Smirnov (Fedya (segment “Naparnik”) / Doubting person at market (segment “Operatsiya ‘Y”)) , Yuriy Nikulin (“Dunce”) , Georgiy Vitsin (“Coward”) , Yevgeni Morgunov (“Stager”) , Natalya Seleznyova (Lida (segment “Navazhdeniye”)) , Vladimir Basov (Policeman (segment “Naparnik”)) , Vladimir Vladislavskiy (директор склада) , Emmanuil Geller (Another man (segment “Naparnik”)) , Rina Zelyonaya (Shurik’s neighbour in the bus (segment “Naparnik”)) , Valentina Berezutskaya ((segment “Naparnik”)) , Vladimir Rautbart ((segment “Navazhdeniye”)) , Viktor Pavlov (Student inventor (segment “Navazhdeniye”)) , Valeriy Nosik (Student gambler (segment “Navazhdeniye”)) , Georgi Georgiu (Professor (segment “Navazhdeniye”)) , Zoya Fyodorova (aunt Zoya) , Viktor Uralsky (Food-giver (segment “Naparnik”)) , Guseyn Akhundov ((segment “Naparnik”) (as G. Akhundov)) , Svetlana Ageeva ((segment “Naparnik”)) , Vladimir Gulyaev (милиционер, новелла Напарник) , Natalya Gitserot (dog walker) , Sergey Zhirnov (student) , Viktor Zozulin (Kostya) , Mariya Kravchunovskaya (old lady)

Directors: Leonid Gaidai

Writers: Albert Ivanov, Leonid Gaidai, Moris Slobodskoy, Yakov Kostyukovskiy, Anatoliy Stepanov

Tags: fight, exam, thief, 1950s

Fists in the Pocket

Fists in the Pocket

Release Date: 1965-12-10

Genres: Drama

“Fists in the Pocket” is a thought-provoking movie released in 1965 that revolves around a disturbed young man with epilepsy. In a rather unconventional manner, he decides to murder members of his dysfunctional family for what he believes are altruistic reasons. Starring Lou Castel, Paola Pitagora, Marino Masé, and other talented actors, this film delves into the complexities of family dynamics and the dark depths of the human mind.

Cast: Lou Castel (Alessandro) , Paola Pitagora (Giulia) , Marino Masé (Augusto) , Liliana Gerace (Mother) , Pier Luigi Troglio (Leone) , Jeannie McNeil (Lucia) , Irene Agnelli (Bruna) , Sandra Bergamini () , Celestina Bellocchio (Ragazza alla Festa) , Lella Bertante () , Stefania Troglio (Chambermaid) , Gianni Schicchi (Tonino) , Mauro Martini (The Boy) , Tino Molinari () , Gianfranco Cella (Ragazzo alla Festa) , Alfredo Filippazzi (Doctor)

Directors: Marco Bellocchio

Writers: Marco Bellocchio

Tags: epilepsy, alienation, epileptic, blind mother, low iq

Simon of the Desert

Simon of the Desert

Release Date: 1965-02-08

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Simon of the Desert” is a thought-provoking movie set in the 4th century, following the journey of Simon, a deeply religious man. Determined to be closer to God, he climbs a column, but faces temptation from the Devil who tries to lure him back to Earth. With a talented cast and released in 1965, this film promises to captivate viewers with its exploration of faith and the human struggle against temptation.

Cast: Claudio Brook (Simón) , Silvia Pinal (The Devil) , Hortensia Santoveña (The Mother) , Enrique Álvarez Félix (Brother Matías) , Francisco Reiguera (The Devil as an Old Witch) , Luis Aceves Castañeda (Priest) , Antonio Bravo (Priest) , Enrique del Castillo (The Mutilated One) , Enrique García Álvarez () , Eduardo MacGregor () , Jesús Fernández (Dwarf Goatherd) , Glauber Rocha (Man in nightclub)

Directors: Luis Buñuel

Writers: Luis Buñuel, Julio Alejandro

Tags: nightclub, miracle, faith, goat, prophet, devil, rock band, desert, religious fundamentalism, saint, hypocrisy, temptation, 4th century

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Release Date: 1965-10-18

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, released in 1965, takes us to a charming Carpathian village where Ivan, despite his father’s tragic past, falls deeply in love with Marichka. However, after facing heartbreak, Ivan marries Palagna, but his thoughts remain consumed by his lost love. Filled with captivating village life, breathtaking nature, and even sorcery, this visually stunning film explores Ivan’s journey of grief and eventual confrontation with a sorcerer, all while showcasing the beauty of the changing seasons and the grandeur of traditional ceremonies.”

Cast: Ivan Mykolaichuk (Ivan Paliychuk) , Larysa Kadochnykova (Marichka Gutenyuk) , Tatyana Bestayeva (Palagna) , Nikolay Grinko (Batag) , Spartak Bagashvili (Yurko Malfara) , Leonid Yengibarov (Miko) , Nina Alisova (Paliychuk, Ivan’s Mother) , Oleksandr Hai (Petro Paliychuk) , Neonila Hnepovska (Gutenyuk) , Aleksandr Raydanov (Onufriy Gutenyuk) , Igor Dzyura (Young Ivan) , Valentina Glinko (Young Marichka) , Suren Parajanov (Child (uncredited))

Directors: Sergei Parajanov

Writers: Sergei Parajanov, Ivan Chendej, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi

Tags: based on novel or book, forbidden love, sorcery, rivalry, sorcerer, star crossed lovers, carpathians

The Hill

The Hill

Release Date: 1965-06-17

Genres: Drama, War

“The Hill” is a gripping war film set in North Africa during World War II. It follows a group of British soldiers who face unimaginable challenges as they struggle to climb a treacherous manmade hill under the scorching sun. With an all-star cast including Sean Connery and Michael Redgrave, this intense and thought-provoking movie sheds light on the brutal realities of war and the torment soldiers can face, even from their own comrades. Released in 1965, it’s no wonder this film made it to the list of the 20 best voted movies of that year.

Cast: Sean Connery (Joe Roberts) , Harry Andrews (R.S.M. Wilson) , Ian Bannen (Harris) , Alfred Lynch (George Stevens) , Ossie Davis (Jacko King) , Roy Kinnear (Monty Bartlett) , Jack Watson (Jock McGrath) , Ian Hendry (Staff Sergeant Williams) , Michael Redgrave (The Medical Officer) , Norman Bird (Commandant) , Neil McCarthy (Burton) , Howard Goorney (Walters) , Tony Caunter (Martin)

Directors: Sidney Lumet

Writers: Ray Rigby, R.S. Allen

Tags: prison, africa, world war ii, heat, british army, sadism, libya, sahara desert, military prison, punishment, torture, soldier, cruelty, desert, cult film, libyan desert, military, hill, insubordination, 1940s

Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago

Release Date: 1965-12-22

Genres: Drama, Romance, War

“Doctor Zhivago” is a captivating movie set in Russia during World War I and the October Revolution. It follows the life of a talented physician and poet who finds himself torn between his marriage and his love for a political activist’s wife. With a star-studded cast including Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, and Alec Guinness, this 1965 film beautifully portrays the hardships and emotional turmoil faced by its characters during a tumultuous period in history.

Cast: Omar Sharif (Dr. Yuri Zhivago) , Julie Christie (Lara Antipova) , Geraldine Chaplin (Tonya Gromeko) , Rod Steiger (Viktor Komarovsky) , Alec Guinness (Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago) , Tom Courtenay (Pasha Antipov / Strelnikov) , Siobhán McKenna (Anna) , Ralph Richardson (Alexander Gromeko) , Rita Tushingham (The Girl) , Adrienne Corri (Amelia) , Bernard Kay (The Bolshevik) , Geoffrey Keen (Medical Professor) , Klaus Kinski (Kostoyed Amourski) , Jeffrey Rockland (Sasha) , Gérard Tichy (Liberius) , Noel Willman (Razin, Liberius’ Lieutenant) , Tarek Sharif (Yuri at 8 Years Old) , Jack MacGowran (Petya) , Mark Eden (Engineer at dam) , Erik Chitty (Sergei (Old Soldier)) , Roger Maxwell (Beef-Faced Colonel) , Wolf Frees (Delegate) , Gwen Nelson (Female Janitor) , Lucy Westmore (Katya) , Lili Muráti (The Train Jumper)

Directors: David Lean

Writers: Robert Bolt, Boris Pasternak

Tags: love triangle, nurse, loss of loved one, based on novel or book, suicide attempt, world war i, forbidden love, stepparents, daughter, epic, russian revolution (1917), 1910s

The Gospel According to St. Matthew

The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Release Date: 1965-03-03

Genres: Drama

“The Gospel According to St. Matthew” is a thought-provoking biblical drama directed by a Catholic Marxist filmmaker. It delves into the teachings of Jesus, highlighting their revolutionary nature through powerful parables. Released in 1965, the movie follows Jesus as he gathers more followers and faces direct conflict with the authorities while traveling along the coast of the Sea of Galilee. Starring Enrique Irazoqui and Margherita Caruso, this film offers a unique perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus.

Cast: Enrique Irazoqui (Cristo) , Margherita Caruso (Maria (Giovane)) , Susanna Pasolini (Maria (Vecchia)) , Marcello Morante (Giuseppe) , Mario Socrate (Giovanni Battista) , Settimio Di Porto (Pietro) , Alfonso Gatto (Andrea) , Luigi Barbini (Giacomo) , Giacomo Morante (Giovanni) , Giorgio Agamben (Filippo) , Guido Cerretani (Bartolomeo) , Guido Cerretani (Bartolomeo) , Rosario Migale (Tommaso) , Ferruccio Nuzzo (Matteo) , Marcello Galdini (Giacomo Figlio di Alfeo) , Elio Spaziani (Taddeo) , Enzo Siciliano (Simone) , Otello Sestili (Giuda) , Juan Rodolfo Wilcock (Caifa) , Alessandro Tasca (Ponzio Pilato) , Amerigo Bevilacqua (Erode I) , Francesco Leonetti (Erode II) , Franca Cupane (Erodiade) , Paola Tedesco (Salomè) , Rossana Di Rocco (L’Angelo del Signore)

Directors: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Writers: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Tags: christianity, biography, faith, jesus christ



Release Date: 1965-06-01

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Horror

“Repulsion” is a gripping psychological thriller released in 1965. Starring Catherine Deneuve, the movie follows the story of Carole, a young manicurist who suffers from a deep fear of men. When her sister goes on vacation, Carole’s fear intensifies, leading her to experience terrifying hallucinations that push her towards the brink of madness. With a stellar cast and a haunting storyline, this film is a must-watch for fans of psychological suspense.

Cast: Catherine Deneuve (Carole Ledoux) , Ian Hendry (Michael) , John Fraser (Colin) , Yvonne Furneaux (Hélène Ledoux) , Patrick Wymark (le propriétaire) , Renée Houston (Mme Balch) , Valerie Taylor (Mme Denise) , James Villiers (John) , Helen Fraser (Brigitte) , Monica Merlin (Mme Rendesham) , Hugh Futcher (Reggie) , Imogen Graham (Manicurist) , Mike Pratt (Workman) , Roman Polanski (Spoon Player)

Directors: Roman Polanski

Writers: Gérard Brach, Roman Polanski, David Stone

Tags: london, england, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, hallucination, rent, loneliness, black and white, psychosis

I Knew Her Well

I Knew Her Well

Release Date: 1965-12-01

Genres: Drama

“I Knew Her Well” is a captivating Italian film from 1965 that takes us on a journey with a young woman from the countryside who dreams of becoming a star in Rome. However, as she delves into the world of showbiz, she discovers its darker side. With a talented cast including Stefania Sandrelli, Mario Adorf, and Jean-Claude Brialy, this movie offers a compelling exploration of ambition and the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.

Cast: Stefania Sandrelli (Adriana Astarelli) , Mario Adorf (Emilio Ricci, aka Bietolone) , Jean-Claude Brialy (Dario Marchionni) , Joachim Fuchsberger (The Writer) , Nino Manfredi (Cianfanna) , Enrico Maria Salerno (Roberto) , Ugo Tognazzi (Gigi Baggini) , Karin Dor (Barbara) , Franco Fabrizi (Paganelli) , Turi Ferro (Il commissario) , Robert Hoffmann (Antonio Marais) , Franco Nero (Italo – The garage attendant) , Véronique Vendell (Alice Stendhal) , Franca Polesello (Maria – The usherette) , Renato Terra (Man in the Caravan) , Claudio Camaso (Adriana’s First Boyfriend) , Barbara Nelli (Usherette) , Cesarino Miceli Picardi (The Owner of Hairdresser’s) , Solvi Stübing (Susan – the foreign girl) , Rod Dana (TV Interviewer (uncredited)) , Sandro Dori (Man at the Acting Lesson (uncredited)) , Vittorio Duse (Guest at Paganelli’s (uncredited)) , Vittorio Gassman (Vittorio Gassman – in Film Clip (archive footage) (uncredited)) , Loretta Goggi (The Girl Receptionist at ‘Calypso’ (uncredited)) , Gabriella Lepori (The Mother – Adriana’s Neighbour (uncredited))

Directors: Antonio Pietrangeli

Writers: Ruggero Maccari, Ettore Scola, Antonio Pietrangeli

Tags: beach, salon, sunbathing, aspiring actress

The Collector

The Collector

Release Date: 1965-06-17

Genres: Drama, Thriller

“The Collector” is a gripping 1965 movie starring Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar. It follows the story of Freddie, an unfulfilled bank clerk who finds solace in collecting butterflies. When he unexpectedly comes into a large sum of money, he buys a country house and begins planning to acquire a girlfriend in the same meticulous way he collects his butterflies. With a stellar cast and a release date of June 17, 1965, this film promises to keep you on the edge of your seat as Freddie’s disturbing obsession unfolds.

Cast: Terence Stamp (Freddie Clegg) , Samantha Eggar (Miranda Grey) , Mona Washbourne (Aunt Annie) , Maurice Dallimore (The Neighbor) , Edina Ronay (Enfermera, siguiente víctima) , Kenneth More (Amigo de Miranda) , Allyson Ames (Primera víctima) , William Beckley (Crutchley) , David Haviland (Empleado) , William Bickley () , Gordon Barclay ()

Directors: William Wyler

Writers: Stanley Mann, John Fowles, John Kohn

Tags: kidnapping, butterfly, confinement

Juliet of the Spirits

Juliet of the Spirits

Release Date: 1965-10-22

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

“Juliet of the Spirits” is a captivating movie from 1965 that follows the story of Giulietta, a middle-aged woman who becomes suspicious of her husband’s questionable behavior. Intrigued, she attends a seance and discovers a connection with spirits, leading her to uncover painful secrets from her past. With a talented cast including Giulietta Masina and Sandra Milo, this film offers a mystical journey of self-discovery and the realization that her husband may not be as faithful as he seems.

Cast: Giulietta Masina (Giulietta Boldrini) , Sandra Milo (Suzy / Iris / Fanny) , Mario Pisu (Giorgio (Giulietta’s husband)) , Valentina Cortese (Valentina) , Valeska Gert (Pijma) , José Luis de Vilallonga (Giorgio’s friend) , Friedrich von Ledebur (Medium) , Caterina Boratto (Giulietta’s mother) , Lou Gilbert (Grandfather) , Luisa Della Noce (Adele) , Silvana Jachino (Dolores) , Milena Vukotić (Elisabetta – the maid) , Dany París (Desperate friend) , Anne Francine (Psychodramatist) , Sylva Koscina (Sylva) , Elena Fondra (Elena) , Anita Sanders (Susy’s Guest) , Mary Arden (TV Actress) , Cesarino Miceli Picardi (Friend of Giorgio) , Robert Wolders (Corpse at Suzy’s party) , Fred Williams (Principe) , George Ardisson (Dolores’ model) , Elisabetta Gray (Teresina) , Alberto Plebani (Occhio di Lince) , Yvonne Casadei (Lola)

Directors: Federico Fellini

Writers: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano, Brunello Rondi

Tags: eccentric, memory, psychic

Chimes at Midnight

Chimes at Midnight

Release Date: 1965-03-16

Genres: Comedy, Drama, History

“Chimes at Midnight” is a captivating historical drama set in 15th century England. The film follows the power struggle between King Henry IV and his rebellious subjects, led by the charismatic Hotspur. With an impressive cast including Orson Welles and John Gielgud, this movie explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and the difficult choices faced by Prince Hal as he navigates between his duty to his father and his bond with his mischievous companion, John Falstaff. Released in 1965, this critically acclaimed film is a must-watch for history enthusiasts and fans of compelling storytelling.

Cast: Orson Welles (Falstaff) , Keith Baxter (Prince Hal) , John Gielgud (Henry IV) , Jeanne Moreau (Doll Tearsheet) , Margaret Rutherford (Mistress Quickly) , Marina Vlady (Kate Percy) , Walter Chiari (Mr. Silence) , Michael Aldridge (Pistol) , Tony Beckley (Ned Poins) , Jeremy Rowe (Prince John) , Norman Rodway (Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy) , Alan Webb (Justice Shallow) , Fernando Rey (Worcester) , José Nieto (Northumberland) , Andrew Faulds (Westmoreland) , Luis de Tejada () , Patrick Bedford (Bardolph (as Paddy Bedford)) , Ralph Richardson (Narrator (voice)) , Ingrid Pitt ((uncredited)) , Beatrice Welles (Falstaff’s Page)

Directors: Orson Welles

Writers: Orson Welles, William Shakespeare, Raphael Holinshed

Tags: england, double life, virtue, generations conflict, king henry iv, vice, 15th century

The Flight of the Phoenix

The Flight of the Phoenix

Release Date: 1965-12-15

Genres: Adventure, Drama

“The Flight of the Phoenix” is a thrilling 1965 movie that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring an incredible cast including James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, and Peter Finch, the film tells the gripping story of a cargo aircraft that crashes in the Sahara desert. With limited resources, the survivors, led by an airplane designer, ingeniously plan to build a new aircraft using the undamaged wing to escape before their supplies run out.

Cast: James Stewart (Capt. Frank Towns) , Richard Attenborough (Lew Moran) , Peter Finch (Capt. Harris) , Hardy Krüger (Heinrich Dorfmann) , Ernest Borgnine (Trucker Cobb) , Ian Bannen (Crow) , Ronald Fraser (Sergeant Watson) , Christian Marquand (Dr. Renaud) , Dan Duryea (Standish) , George Kennedy (Bellamy) , Gabriele Tinti (Gabriel) , Alex Montoya (Carlos) , Peter Bravos (Tasso) , William Aldrich (Bill) , Barrie Chase (Farida)

Directors: Robert Aldrich

Writers: Lukas Heller, Trevor Dudley-Smith

Tags: thirst, pilot, sahara desert, crew, airplane crash, desert, alcoholic, cult film

Bunny Lake Is Missing

Bunny Lake Is Missing

Release Date: 1965-10-03

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

“Bunny Lake Is Missing” is a gripping mystery film released in 1965. Starring Carol Lynley, Laurence Olivier, and Keir Dullea, the story revolves around a woman who frantically reports her daughter’s disappearance. However, things take a bizarre turn when there is no evidence to prove the existence of her little girl. With a stellar cast and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this movie is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful thrillers.

Cast: Carol Lynley (Ann Lake) , Laurence Olivier (Supt. Newhouse) , Keir Dullea (Stephen Lake) , Martita Hunt (Ada Ford) , Anna Massey (Elvira Smollett) , Clive Revill (Sergeant Andrews) , Finlay Currie (The Doll Maker) , Noël Coward (Horatio Wilson) , Lucie Mannheim (The Cook) , Adrienne Corri (Dorothy) , Megs Jenkins (Sister) , Delphi Lawrence (1st Mother) , Jill Melford (Teacher) , Suzanne Neve (2nd Mother) , Richard Wattis (Shipping Clerk) , Suky Appleby (Felicia) , Victor Maddern (Cabbie) , Dan Jackson (Mover) , Percy Herbert (Policeman at Station)

Directors: Otto Preminger

Writers: John Mortimer, Penelope Mortimer, Marryam Modell

Tags: based on novel or book, baby-snatching, swing, psychological thriller, missing child, pre-school

The Pawnbroker

The Pawnbroker

Release Date: 1964-06-01

Genres: Crime, Drama

“The Pawnbroker” is a captivating movie that takes place in 1965. It tells the story of a Jewish pawnbroker who survived the horrors of Nazi persecution, but lost his faith in humanity. However, as the movie progresses, he comes to a heartbreaking realization about the consequences of his own actions. With talented actors like Rod Steiger and Geraldine Fitzgerald, this film is definitely worth watching.

Cast: Rod Steiger (Sol Nazerman) , Geraldine Fitzgerald (Marilyn Birchfield) , Brock Peters (Rodriguez) , Jaime Sánchez (Jesus Ortiz) , Thelma Oliver (Ortiz’s Girl) , Marketa Kimbrell (Tessie) , Juano Hernández (Mr. Smith) , Linda Geiser (Ruth) , Nancy R. Pollock (Bertha) , Raymond St. Jacques (Tangee) , Baruch Lumet (Mendel) , John McCurry (Buck) , Charles Dierkop (Robinson) , Eusebia Cosme (Mrs. Ortiz) , Warren Finnerty (Savarese) , Jack Ader (Morton) , Marianne Kanter (Joan) , Ed Morehouse (Oratory Award) , Reni Santoni (Junkie Selling Radio (uncredited)) , Morgan Freeman (Man on Street (Uncredited)) , Marc Alexander (Rubin (uncredited)) , Donny Burks (Minor Role (uncredited)) , Robert Dahdah (Jew in Cage (uncredited)) , Hilda Haynes (Mrs. Harmon (uncredited)) , E.M. Margolese (Papa (uncredited))

Directors: Sidney Lumet

Writers: David Friedkin, Morton S. Fine, Edward Lewis Wallant

Tags: based on novel or book, holocaust (shoah), jew persecution, pawnbroker

Von Ryan's Express

Von Ryan’s Express

Release Date: 1965-06-23

Genres: War, Action, Adventure, Thriller

“Von Ryan’s Express” is a thrilling war film from 1965 that stars Frank Sinatra as a courageous colonel leading a group of POWs in a daring escape from Italy during World War II. With the help of a freight train, Sinatra’s character must earn the trust and loyalty of the British soldiers he unexpectedly finds himself commanding. Released on June 23, 1965, this action-packed movie is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of war dramas and Sinatra’s charismatic performance.

Cast: Frank Sinatra (Colonel Joseph L. Ryan) , Trevor Howard (Major Eric Fincham) , Raffaella Carrà (Gabriella) , Brad Dexter (Sergeant Bostick) , Sergio Fantoni (Captain Oriani) , John Leyton (Lt. Orde) , Edward Mulhare (Captain Costanzo) , Wolfgang Preiss (Major Von Klemment) , James Brolin (Private Ames) , John van Dreelen (Colonel Gortz) , Adolfo Celi (Battaglia) , Vito Scotti (Peppino, Italian Train Engineer) , Richard Bakalyan (Corporal Giannini) , Michael Goodliffe (Captain Stein) , Michael St. Clair (Sergeant Major Dunbar) , Ivan Triesault (Von Kleist) , Ian Abercrombie (English POW) , Jacques Stany (Gortz’s Aide) , Robert “Buzz” Henry (American POW) , John Daheim (American POW) , James B. Sikking (American POW) , William Berger () , Arthur Brauss () , Horst Ebersberg () , Donald F. Glut ()

Directors: Mark Robson

Writers: Wendell Mayes, David Westheimer, Joseph Landon

Tags: italian, switzerland, world war ii, prisoner of war, nazi, frontier, escape, train, 1940s

The Sons of Katie Elder

The Sons of Katie Elder

Release Date: 1965-06-23

Genres: Western

“The Sons of Katie Elder” is a classic Western film released in 1965. Starring John Wayne and Dean Martin, it tells the story of four brothers who come together in their hometown for their mother’s funeral, only to find out that their family ranch has been taken over by the town’s gunsmith. With a stellar cast and a gripping plot, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Cast: John Wayne (John Elder) , Dean Martin (Tom Elder) , Martha Hyer (Mary Gordon) , Michael Anderson Jr. (Bud Elder) , Earl Holliman (Matt Elder) , Jeremy Slate (Ben Latta) , James Gregory (Morgan Hastings) , Paul Fix (Sheriff Billy Wilson) , George Kennedy (Curley) , Dennis Hopper (Dave Hastings) , Sheldon Allman (Harry Evers) , John Litel (Minister) , John Doucette (Henry Hyselman) , James Westerfield (Mr. Vennar) , Rhys Williams (Charlie Bob Striker) , John Qualen (Charlie Biller) , Rodolfo Acosta (Bondie Adams) , Strother Martin (Ned Ross) , Percy Helton (Mr. Peevey) , Karl Swenson (Doc Isdell) , Glen Anderson ((uncredited)) , Jerry Gatlin (Amboy / Stationmaster (uncredited)) , Harvey Grant (Jeb (uncredited)) , Loren Janes (Ned Reese (uncredited)) , Boyd ‘Red’ Morgan (Burr Sandeman / J. Plummer, blacksmith (uncredited))

Directors: Henry Hathaway

Writers: Allan Weiss, Harry Essex, Talbot Jennings, William H. Wright

Tags: sibling relationship, texas, revenge, murder

Don Camillo in Moscow

Don Camillo in Moscow

Release Date: 1965-09-18

Genres: Comedy, History

“Don Camillo in Moscow” is a delightful comedy from 1965 that made it to the list of the 20 best voted movies of that year. The movie follows the mischievous priest Don Camillo, who manages to blackmail his friendly rival Peppone into letting him join a Communist delegation on their visit to the Soviet Union. With a talented cast including Fernandel and Gino Cervi, this film promises to bring laughter and entertainment as Don Camillo navigates his way through this unique adventure.

Cast: Fernandel (Don Camillo Tarocci) , Gino Cervi (Giuseppe ‘Peppone’ Bottazzi) , Graziella Granata (Nadia) , Gianni Garko (Scamoggia) , Leda Gloria (Maria Bottazzi) , Saro Urzì (Brusco) , Marco Tulli (Smilzo) , Jacques Herlin (Perletti) , Silla Bettini (Bigio) , Aldo Vasco (Un camarade) , Alessandro Gottlieb (Ivan) , Paul Müller (Le pope) , Mirko Valentin (Le faux russe) , Ettore Geri (Oregov) , Margherita Sala (La femme d’Ivan)

Directors: Luigi Comencini

Writers: Leonardo Benvenuti, Giovanni Guareschi, Piero De Bernardi

Tags: communist, catholic church

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