Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1974: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Fasten your seatbelts, folks! We’re about to take a groovy trip down memory lane to the year 1974 – a golden era of cinema that gifted us with some of the most iconic movies of all time. From heart-stopping thrillers to tear-jerking dramas, this was a year that truly had it all. So, dust off your bell-bottoms, crank up the 8-track, and get ready to revisit the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1974. Whether you’re a film buff, a nostalgia junkie, or just curious about the cinematic gems of yesteryears, this list is sure to spark some fond memories and maybe even inspire a movie marathon. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the reel and dive into a year that was truly a cinematic feast. Lights, camera, action!
The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II

Release Date: 1974-12-20

Genres: Drama, Crime

“The Godfather Part II” is a highly acclaimed crime drama released in 1974. It delves into the captivating story of the Corleone crime family, following the rise of a young Vito Corleone in Sicily and New York during the early 1900s. The movie also explores the endeavors of Michael Corleone as he strives to expand the family’s empire into Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Cuba in the 1950s. With a stellar cast including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Diane Keaton, this film is a must-watch for fans of gripping mafia tales.

Cast: Al Pacino (Don Michael Corleone) , Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen) , Diane Keaton (Kay Corleone) , Robert De Niro (Vito Corleone) , John Cazale (Frederico ‘Fredo’ Corleone) , Talia Shire (Constanzia ‘Connie’ Corleone) , Lee Strasberg (Hyman Roth) , Michael V. Gazzo (Frank Pentangeli) , G. D. Spradlin (Senator Pat Geary) , Richard Bright (Al Neri) , Gastone Moschin (Don Fanucci) , Tom Rosqui (Rocco Lampone) , Bruno Kirby (Young Clemenza) , Frank Sivero (Genco Abbandando) , Francesca De Sapio (Young Mama Corleone) , Morgana King (Mama Corleone) , Marianna Hill (Deanna Corleone) , Leopoldo Trieste (Signor Roberto) , Dominic Chianese (Johnny Ola) , Amerigo Tot (Michael’s Bodyguard) , Troy Donahue (Merle Johnson) , John Aprea (Young Tessio) , Joe Spinell (William ‘Willie’ Cicci) , Abe Vigoda (Salvatore ‘Sal’ Tessio) , Tere Livrano (Theresa Hagen)

Directors: Francis Ford Coppola

Writers: Francis Ford Coppola, Mario Puzo

Tags: italy, italian american, cuba, symbolism, gangster, melancholy, praise, revenge, organized crime, mafia, lawyer, suburb, corrupt politician

We All Loved Each Other So Much

We All Loved Each Other So Much

Release Date: 1974-12-21

Genres: Drama, Comedy

“We All Loved Each Other So Much” is a heartwarming movie released in 1974 that tells the story of three close friends who fought together as partisans during the war. After returning home, they struggle to adapt to the challenges of everyday life, putting their friendship to the test. With a talented cast including Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Gassman, and Stefania Sandrelli, this film is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the power of enduring friendships and the realities of post-war life.

Cast: Nino Manfredi (Antonio) , Vittorio Gassman (Gianni Perego) , Stefania Sandrelli (Luciana Zanon) , Stefano Satta Flores (Nicola Palumbo) , Giovanna Ralli (Elide) , Aldo Fabrizi (Romolo Catenacci) , Marcella Michelangeli (Gabriella) , Elena Fabrizi (Anna Catenacci, Romolo’s wife) , Fiammetta Baralla (Maria) , Dino Curcio (Palumbo) , Isa Barzizza (Elena) , Livia Cerini (Rosa) , Carla Mancini (Lena) , Lorenzo Piani (Enrico) , Amedeo Fabrizi (Amedeo, Romolo’s son) , Aristide Caporale (Man bothering Fellini) , Alberto Postorino (Man in restaurant) , Mike Bongiorno (Himself) , Federico Fellini (Himself) , Marcello Mastroianni (Himself) , Nello Meniconi (Himself) , Guidarino Guidi (Himself) , Ugo Gregoretti (Presenter (uncredited)) , Luciano Bonanni (Torquato (uncredited)) , Ivana Rumor (Restaurant customer)

Directors: Ettore Scola

Writers: Agenore Incrocci, Furio Scarpelli, Ettore Scola


Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes from a Marriage

Release Date: 1974-09-15

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Scenes from a Marriage” is a captivating drama released in 1974 that delves into the complex dynamics of Johan and Marianne’s seemingly perfect marriage. Their relationship takes a tumultuous turn when Johan confesses to having an affair, leading to their separation and impending divorce. As they navigate their separate lives and attempt to reconcile, the film explores the deep bond they share alongside the numerous obstacles that challenge their connection. Starring Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Bibi Andersson, and other talented actors, this movie offers a thought-provoking exploration of love, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships.

Cast: Liv Ullmann (Marianne) , Erland Josephson (Johan) , Bibi Andersson (Katarina) , Jan Malmsjö (Peter) , Gunnel Lindblom (Eva) , Wenche Foss (Modern) , Bertil Norström (Arne) , Anita Wall (Mrs. Palm) , Rossana Mariano (Young Eva) , Lena Bergman (Karin) , Ingmar Bergman (Voice of the Press Photographer (uncredited)) , Barbro Hiort af Ornäs (Mrs. Jacobi (uncredited))

Directors: Ingmar Bergman

Writers: Ingmar Bergman

Tags: midlife crisis, marriage, loneliness, forty something, love affair, divorce, couple, humiliation, selfishness, ex-husband ex-wife relationship, marital separation, cognac



Release Date: 1974-06-20

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

“Chinatown” is a gripping film set in the sun-soaked, morally ambiguous world of pre-World War II Southern California. Starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, and John Huston, it follows private eye Jake Gittes as he delves into a wealthy socialite’s request to investigate her husband’s affair. As Gittes uncovers a tangled web of personal and political scandals, the movie takes us on a thrilling journey filled with double dealings and deadly deceits. Released in 1974, it remains one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Jack Nicholson (J.J. ‘Jake’ Gittes) , Faye Dunaway (Evelyn Cross Mulwray) , John Huston (Noah Cross) , Perry Lopez (Lieutenant Lou Escobar) , John Hillerman (Russ Yelburton) , Diane Ladd (Ida Sessions) , Roman Polanski (Man with Knife) , Roy Jenson (Claude Mulvihill) , Richard Bakalyan (Detective Loach) , James Hong (Evelyn’s Butler) , Bruce Glover (Duffy) , Joe Mantell (Lawrence Walsh) , Roy Roberts (Mayor Bagby) , Noble Willingham (Councilman) , Rance Howard (Irate Farmer) , Jesse Vint (Farmer in the Valley) , Burt Young (Curly) , Lee de Broux (Policeman) , Darrell Zwerling (Hollis I. Mulwray) , Nandu Hinds (Sophie) , James O’Rear (Lawyer) , Beulah Quo (Maid) , Jerry Fujikawa (Gardener) , Belinda Palmer (Katherine) , Elliott Montgomery (Councilman)

Directors: Roman Polanski

Writers: Robert Towne

Tags: rape, sea, river, chinatown, mistake in person, pedophilia, dying and death, barrage, conspiracy, whodunit, los angeles, california, private detective, neo-noir

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein

Release Date: 1974-12-15

Genres: Comedy

“Young Frankenstein” is a hilarious comedy from 1974 that follows a young neurosurgeon who inherits his grandfather’s castle. With an incredible cast including Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, and Marty Feldman, the movie takes a comedic twist on the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein’s work. As the young Frankenstein discovers his grandfather’s reanimation experiment, he goes from doubting its validity to embracing the madness in this entertaining and witty film.

Cast: Gene Wilder (Frederick Frankenstein) , Teri Garr (Inga) , Marty Feldman (Igor) , Peter Boyle (Frankenstein’s Monster) , Cloris Leachman (Frau Blücher) , Madeline Kahn (Elizabeth) , Kenneth Mars (Inspector Kemp) , Richard Haydn (Gerhard Falkstein) , Liam Dunn (Mr. Hilltop) , Danny Goldman (Medical Student) , Oscar Beregi Jr. (Sadistic Jailor) , Arthur Malet (Village Elder) , Richard A. Roth (Inspector Kemp’s Aide) , Monte Landis (Gravedigger) , Rusty Blitz (Gravedigger) , Anne Beesley (Little Girl) , Gene Hackman (Blindman) , John Madison (Villager) , John Dennis (Orderly in Frankenstein’s Class) , Rick Norman (Villager) , Rolfe Sedan (Train Conductor) , Terrence Pushman (Villager) , Randolph Dobbs (Villager) , Norbert Schiller (Emcee at Frankenstein’s Show) , Pat O’Hara (Villager)

Directors: Mel Brooks

Writers: Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, Mary Shelley

Tags: monster, experiment, castle, assistant, bride, parody, laboratory, mad scientist, spoof, horror spoof, black and white, scientist, frankenstein

A Woman Under the Influence

A Woman Under the Influence

Release Date: 1974-11-18

Genres: Drama

“A Woman Under the Influence” is an emotionally gripping film from 1974 that tells the story of Mabel Longhetti, a troubled woman married to a construction worker named Nick. As Mabel’s behavior becomes increasingly unstable, Nick decides to commit her to an institution for six months, leaving him to raise their children alone. With outstanding performances by Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk, this movie explores the challenges of love, family, and the surprising twists that await when Mabel returns.

Cast: Gena Rowlands (Mabel Longhetti) , Peter Falk (Nick Longhetti) , Fred Draper (George Mortensen) , Lady Rowlands (Martha Mortensen) , Katherine Cassavetes (Margaret Longhetti) , Matthew Labyorteaux (Angelo Longhetti) , Matthew Cassel (Tony Longhetti) , Christina Grisanti (Maria Longhetti) , George Dunn (Garson Cross) , Mario Gallo (Harold Jensen) , Eddie Shaw (Dr. Zepp) , Angelo Grisanti (Vito Grimaldi) , Charles Horvath (Eddie) , James Joyce (Bowman) , John Finnegan (Clancy) , Vincent Barbi (Gino) , Cliff Carnell (Aldo) , Frank Richards (Adolph) , Hugh Hurd (Willie Johnson) , Leon Wagner (Billy Tidrow) , Dominique Davalos (Dominique Jensen) , Xan Cassavetes (Adrienne Jensen) , Pancho Meisenheimer (John Jensen) , Sonny Aprile (Aldo) , Ellen Davalos (Nancy)

Directors: John Cassavetes

Writers: John Cassavetes

Tags: mental breakdown, unfaithfulness, los angeles, california

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Release Date: 1974-06-05

Genres: Romance, Drama

“Ali: Fear Eats the Soul” is a heartfelt movie released in 1974 that tells the story of Emmi Kurowski, a lonely cleaning lady who finds companionship in an unexpected place. After striking up a friendship with Ali, a middle-aged mechanic she meets at a bar, their relationship blossoms into something more. However, their spontaneous marriage faces criticism from Emmi’s family and neighbors, forcing them to confront their own insecurities about the future. Starring Brigitte Mira and El Hedi ben Salem, this touching film explores themes of love, acceptance, and societal prejudices.

Cast: Brigitte Mira (Emmi Kurowski) , El Hedi ben Salem (Ali) , Irm Hermann (Krista) , Barbara Valentin (Barbara) , Elma Karlowa (Mrs. Kargus) , Anita Bucher (Mrs. Ellis) , Gusti Kreissl (Paula) , Doris Mattes (Mrs. Angermayer) , Margit Symo (Hedwig) , Katharina Herberg (Bardame) , Lilo Pempeit (Mrs. Munchmeyer) , Walter Sedlmayr (Mr. Angermayer) , Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Eugen) , Karl Scheydt (Albert) , Peter Gauhe (Bruno) , Marquard Bohm (Gruber) , Hark Bohm (Doctor) , Kurt Raab (Car mechanic)

Directors: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Writers: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Tags: germany, foreigner, parent child relationship, husband wife relationship, cleaning lady, munich, germany, unsociability, german-turkish living together, older woman younger man relationship, new german cinema, age-gap relationship

The Conversation

The Conversation

Release Date: 1974-04-07

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

“The Conversation” is a gripping thriller from 1974 that follows surveillance expert Harry Caul, played by Gene Hackman, as he is hired to spy on a young couple in San Francisco. As he records their cryptic conversation, Caul becomes consumed by the tape, haunted by memories of a previous case gone wrong. With a stellar cast including John Cazale, Allen Garfield, and Harrison Ford, this suspenseful film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Gene Hackman (Harry Caul) , John Cazale (Stan) , Allen Garfield (William P. ‘Bernie’ Moran) , Frederic Forrest (Mark) , Cindy Williams (Ann) , Michael Higgins (Paul) , Elizabeth MacRae (Meredith) , Teri Garr (Amy Fredericks) , Harrison Ford (Martin Stett) , Mark Wheeler (Receptionist) , Robert Shields (The Mime) , Phoebe Alexander (Lurleen) , Ramon Bieri (Man at Party (uncredited)) , Gian-Carlo Coppola (Boy in Church (uncredited)) , Robert Duvall (The Director (uncredited)) , Richard Hackman (Confessional Priest / Security Guard (uncredited))

Directors: Francis Ford Coppola

Writers: Francis Ford Coppola

Tags: spy, san francisco, california, technology, saxophone, paranoia, audio tape, wiretap, shadowing, conspiracy, tragic event, surveillance, voyeur

Swept Away

Swept Away

Release Date: 1974-12-18

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy

“Swept Away” is a captivating movie released in 1974 that tells the story of a spoiled rich woman and a rough Communist deckhand who find themselves stranded on a deserted island after wandering away from their cruise. With an incredible cast including Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato, this film takes you on a thrilling journey as the two characters navigate their differences and learn to survive together in this unexpected paradise.”

Cast: Giancarlo Giannini (Gennarino Carunchio) , Mariangela Melato (Raffaella Pavone Lanzetti) , Riccardo Salvino (Signor Pavone Lanzetti) , Isa Danieli (Anna) , Aldo Puglisi (un collega di Gennarino) , Anna Melita (una conoscente di Raffaella) , Eros Pagni (un giornalista di sinistra conoscente dei Pavone Lanzetti) , Vittorio Fanfoni () , Lorenzo Piani () , Giuseppe Durini () , Lucrezia De Domizio () , Luis Suárez ()

Directors: Lina Wertmüller

Writers: Lina Wertmüller

Tags: stockholm syndrome, marxism, deserted island, misogyny, battle of the sexes, woman director, submission, male egos, lgbt interest

Phantom of the Paradise

Phantom of the Paradise

Release Date: 1974-10-31

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Music, Thriller

“Phantom of the Paradise” is a thrilling musical film released in 1974. It follows the story of Winslow Leach, a talented singer-songwriter who gets betrayed by the cunning music producer Swan. After being sent to prison, Winslow suffers a disfiguring accident and seeks revenge on Swan and his rock palace, the Paradise. With a stellar cast including William Finley, Paul Williams, and Jessica Harper, this movie promises a captivating blend of music, romance, and vengeance.

Cast: William Finley (Winslow / The Phantom) , Paul Williams (Swan) , Jessica Harper (Phoenix) , Gerrit Graham (Beef) , George Memmoli (Philbin) , Archie Hahn (The Juicy Fruits / The Beach Bums / The Undeads) , Jeffrey Comanor (The Juicy Fruits / The Beach Bums / The Undeads) , Peter Elbling (The Juicy Fruits / The Beach Bums / The Undeads) , Colin Cameron (Band) , David Garland (Band) , Gary Mallaber (Band) , Art Munson (Band) , Mary Margaret Amato (Swan’s Entourage) , Rand Bridges (Swan’s Entourage) , Jim Bohan (Swan’s Entourage) , Herb Pacheco (Assassin) , Jennifer Ashley (Groupie) , Janit Baldwin (Groupie) , Janus Blythe (Groupie) , Katherine Mastellos (Groupie) , Robin Mattson (Groupie) , Patrice Rohmer (Groupie) , Cheryl Smith (Groupie) , April Troy (Groupie) , Walter Foster (Cop)

Directors: Brian De Palma

Writers: Brian De Palma

Tags: phantom, musical, cult film, rock opera, sing sing, faustian pact

Watch Out, We're Mad

Watch Out, We’re Mad

Release Date: 1974-03-29

Genres: Action, Comedy

“Watch Out, We’re Mad” is a thrilling action-comedy released on March 29, 1974. Starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, the movie follows two drivers who compete in a stunt race to win a dune buggy. However, when a mobster destroys their prized possession, they embark on an exciting adventure to retrieve it, leading to hilarious and action-packed encounters along the way.

Cast: Terence Hill (Kid) , Bud Spencer (Ben) , John Sharp (Jefe) , Patty Shepard (Liza) , Donald Pleasence (Doctor) , Deogratias Huerta (Attila) , Manuel de Blas (Paganini) , Luis Barbero (Jeremias) , Emilio Laguna (Director coral) , Rafael Albaicín (Feriante) , Giancarlo Bastianoni (Gimnasta) , Roberto Alessandri () , Ada Pometti (Chica 1) , José Yepes () , Inés Morales (Chica 2) , José Luis Lizalde () , Omero Capanna (Matón en la fiesta (uncredited)) , Giovanni Cianfriglia (Boxeador (uncredited)) , Rémy Julienne (Matón motorista (uncredited)) , Rocco Lerro (Gimnasta (uncredited)) , Manuel Mateos ((uncredited)) , Franco Moruzzi (Gimnasta (uncredited)) , José Panizo (Bingo (uncredited)) , Osiride Pevarello (Gimnasta (uncredited)) , José Santa Cruz (Lefty (uncredited))

Directors: Marcello Fondato

Writers: Marcello Fondato, Francesco Scardamaglia

Tags: car race, chase, crime boss, car crash, truck driver, dune buggy, bumper car, buddy movie

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Release Date: 1974-11-01

Genres: Drama, History

“The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” is a captivating movie released in 1974 that tells the extraordinary story of Kaspar Hauser, a young man who spent his early years confined in a dark cellar with minimal human interaction. With an incredible performance by Bruno S. in the lead role, the film explores Kaspar’s journey as he discovers the outside world and tries to unravel the mysteries of his past. This thought-provoking and emotionally charged film is definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of intriguing and unique stories.

Cast: Bruno S. (Kaspar Hauser) , Walter Ladengast (Professor Daumer) , Brigitte Mira (Haushälterin Käthe) , Willy Semmelrogge (Ringmaster) , Kidlat Tahimik (Hombrecito, the Indian) , Hans Musäus (Unknown Man) , Michael Kroecher (Lord Stanhope) , Henry van Lyck (Calvary Captain) , Enno Patalas (Pastor Fuhrmann) , Volker Elis Pilgrim (Pastor #2) , Volker Prechtel (Hiltel, the prison guard) , Gloria Doer (Frau Hiltel) , Helmut Döring (Little King) , Andi Gottwald (young Mozart) , Herbert Achternbusch (country boy #1) , Wolfgang Bauer (country boy #2) , Walter Steiner (country boy #3) , Clemens Scheitz (Registrar) , Johannes Buzalski (Police Officer) , Willy Meyer-Fürst (Doctor) , Florian Fricke (Florian) , Alfred Edel (Logic Professor) , Franz Brumbach (bear showman) , Herbert Fritsch (Mayor) , Wilhelm Bayer (employee of the captain)

Directors: Werner Herzog

Writers: Werner Herzog

Tags: liberation, nuremberg, germany, curious

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Release Date: 1974-10-02

Genres: Crime, Action, Thriller

“The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” is a thrilling 1974 movie that made it to the list of the best voted films of that year. Starring Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, and other talented actors, the story revolves around a group of armed men who hijack a subway car in New York City. As they demand a ransom for the passengers, the suspense builds up, leaving you wondering how they could possibly escape. Released on October 2, 1974, this movie is a must-watch for fans of intense and gripping thrillers.

Cast: Walter Matthau (Lt. Garber) , Robert Shaw (Blue) , Martin Balsam (Green) , Hector Elizondo (Gray) , Earl Hindman (Brown) , James Broderick (Denny Doyle) , Dick O’Neill (Correll) , Lee Wallace (The Mayor) , Tom Pedi (Caz Dolowicz) , Beatrice Winde (Mrs. Jenkins) , Jerry Stiller (Lt. Rico Patrone) , Nathan George (Ptl. James) , Rudy Bond (Police Commissioner) , Kenneth McMillan (Borough Commander) , Doris Roberts (Mayor’s Wife) , Julius Harris (Inspector Daniels) , Cynthia Belgrave (The Maid) , Anna Berger (The Mother) , Gary Bolling (The Homosexual) , Carol Cole (The Secretary) , Alex Colon (The Delivery Boy) , Joe Fields (The Salesman) , Mari Gorman (The Hooker) , Michael Gorrin (The Old Man) , Thomas La Fleur (The Older Son)

Directors: Joseph Sargent

Writers: John Godey, Peter Stone

Tags: new york city, 1970s, hostage, mayor, kidnapping, liberation of hostage, hostage-taking, remake, police officer, new york subway

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Release Date: 1974-10-01

Genres: Horror

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is a chilling horror film released in 1974. It follows Sally and her brother Franklin, who, along with their friends, embark on a journey to investigate their grandfather’s potentially vandalized grave. Little do they know, they stumble upon a group of deranged outcasts living nearby, led by the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. As the friends are hunted down one by one, they must fight for their lives and find a way to escape. Starring Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, William Vail, Teri McMinn, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen, John Dugan, and Robert Courtin, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat with its terrifying suspense.

Cast: Marilyn Burns (Sally Hardesty) , Allen Danziger (Jerry Huberman) , Paul A. Partain (Franklin Hardesty) , William Vail (Kirk Waisanen) , Teri McMinn (Pam Willard) , Edwin Neal (Nubbins “The Hitchhiker” Sawyer) , Jim Siedow (Drayton “The Cook” Sawyer) , Gunnar Hansen (Bubba “Leatherface” Sawyer) , John Dugan (Grandpa Sawyer) , Robert Courtin (Window Washer) , William Creamer (Bearded Man) , John Henry Faulk (Storyteller) , Jerry Green (Cowboy) , Ed Guinn (Cattle Truck Driver) , Joe Bill Hogan (Drunk) , Perry Lorenz (Pick Up Driver) , John Larroquette (Narrator (voice))

Directors: Tobe Hooper

Writers: Tobe Hooper, Kim Henkel

Tags: sadistic, gas station, texas, van, midnight movie, leatherface, hitchhiker, slaughterhouse, chainsaw, cannibal, family, polaroid, cult film, grave robber, brutal violence

The Front Page

The Front Page

Release Date: 1974-11-01

Genres: Comedy

“The Front Page” is a 1974 movie starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Susan Sarandon, and more. It tells the story of a journalist who is tired of his job and wants to quit, but his boss is not happy about it. Set in 1974, this film was one of the best voted movies of that year, making it a must-watch for fans of the talented cast and intriguing storyline.

Cast: Jack Lemmon (Hildebrand Johnson) , Walter Matthau (Walter Burns) , Susan Sarandon (Peggy Grant) , Vincent Gardenia (Sheriff) , David Wayne (Roy Bensinger) , Allen Garfield (Kruger) , Austin Pendleton (Earl Williams) , Charles Durning (Murphy) , Herb Edelman (Schwartz) , Martin Gabel (Dr. Max J. Eggelhofer) , Harold Gould (Mayor) , Cliff Osmond (Officer Jacobi) , Dick O’Neill (McHugh) , Jon Korkes (Rudy Keppler) , Carol Burnett (Mollie Malloy) , Paul Benedict (Plunkett) , Allen Jenkins (Telegrapher) , Barbara Davis (Myrtle) , Biff Elliot (Police Dispatcher) , Lou Frizzell (Endicott) , Doro Merande (Jennie) , Noam Pitlik (Wilson) , Joshua Shelley (Cab Driver) , John Furlong (Duffy) , Leonard Bremen (Butch)

Directors: Billy Wilder

Writers: Billy Wilder, I. A. L. Diamond, Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur

Tags: chicago, illinois, journalist, newspaper, marriage proposal, stress, father-in-law, newspaper man

Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

Release Date: 1974-02-07

Genres: Western, Comedy

“Blazing Saddles” is a hilarious comedy released in 1974 that takes place in a town where everyone seems to have the same last name. When a robber baron tries to take over the town, he sends his henchmen to make life unbearable. However, things take a hilarious turn when the town gets its first black sheriff, leading to a series of uproarious events. Starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, and a talented ensemble cast, this movie is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

Cast: Cleavon Little (Bart) , Gene Wilder (Jim) , Slim Pickens (Taggart) , Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr) , Madeline Kahn (Lili Von Shtupp) , Mel Brooks (Governor William J. Le Petomane / Indian Chief) , Burton Gilliam (Lyle) , Alex Karras (Mongo) , David Huddleston (Olson Johnson) , Liam Dunn (Rev. Johnson) , John Hillerman (Howard Johnson) , George Furth (Van Johnson) , Jack Starrett (Gabby Johnson) , Carol Arthur (Harriett Johnson) , Richard Collier (Dr. Sam Johnson) , Charles McGregor (Charlie) , Robyn Hilton (Miss Stein) , Don Megowan (Gum Chewer) , Dom DeLuise (Buddy Bizarre) , Count Basie (Self) , John Alderson (Gum Chewer (uncredited)) , Don Ames (Townsman (uncredited)) , Tom Anfinsen (German Soldier (uncredited)) , David Armstrong (Pressman (uncredited)) , Denny Arnold (Townsman (uncredited))

Directors: Mel Brooks

Writers: Richard Pryor, Mel Brooks, Andrew Bergman, Norman Steinberg, Alan Uger

Tags: gun, saloon, governor, marching band, parody, breaking the fourth wall, spoof, railroad, interrupted hanging, cowboy, western town, western spoof, ceremony, frontier town, saloon girl, coot, self-referential, anarchic comedy, anachronistic

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

Release Date: 1974-11-22

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

“Murder on the Orient Express” is a thrilling detective movie set in 1935. When a train gets stranded in deep snow, detective Hercule Poirot is called upon to solve a murder that took place on the train the night before. With an incredible cast including Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Sean Connery, and Ingrid Bergman, this 1974 release is one of the best voted movies of that year.

Cast: Albert Finney (Hercule Poirot) , Lauren Bacall (Mrs. Harriet Belinda Hubbard) , Martin Balsam (Signor Bianchi) , Ingrid Bergman (Greta Ohlson) , Jacqueline Bisset (Countess Andrenyi) , Jean-Pierre Cassel (Pierre Paul Michel) , Sean Connery (Colonel Arbuthnot) , John Gielgud (Mr. Beddoes) , Wendy Hiller (Prinzessin Dragomiroff) , Anthony Perkins (Hector MacQueen) , Vanessa Redgrave (Mary Debenham) , Richard Widmark (Mr. Ratchett) , Michael York (Count Andrenyi) , Colin Blakely (Mr. Cyrus Hardman) , Rachel Roberts (Hildegarde Schmidt) , George Coulouris (Doctor) , Denis Quilley (Foscarelli) , Vernon Dobtcheff (Concierge) , Jeremy Lloyd (A.D.C.) , John Moffatt (Chief Attendant)

Directors: Sidney Lumet

Writers: Paul Dehn, Agatha Christie

Tags: detective, based on novel or book, repayment, passenger, orient express, investigation, snow, whodunit, train, murder mystery, 1930s

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Release Date: 1974-08-01

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

“Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” is a gripping 1974 movie that follows an American bartender and his girlfriend as they embark on a thrilling road trip through the dangerous Mexican underworld. Their mission? To collect a hefty $1 million bounty on the head of a deceased gigolo. Starring Warren Oates, Isela Vega, and a talented ensemble cast, this film promises an intense and action-packed journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Warren Oates (Bennie) , Isela Vega (Elita) , Robert Webber (Sappensly) , Gig Young (Quill) , Helmut Dantine (Max) , Emilio Fernández (El Jefe) , Kris Kristofferson (Biker) , Chano Urueta (Manchot) , Donnie Fritts (John) , Jorge Russek (Cueto) , Chalo González (Chalo) , Don Levy (Frank) , Enrique Lucero (Esteban) , Janine Maldonado (Theresa) , Tamara Garina (Grandmother Moreno) , Farnesio de Bernal (Bernardo) , Ahui Camacho (El Chavito) , Mónica Miguel (Dolores de Escomiglia) , Paco Pharrez (El Carpintero) , Juan Manuel Díaz (Paulo) , René Dupeyrón (Angel) , Yolanda Ponce (Yolo) , Juan Jose Palacios (Juan) , Manolo (Tourist Guide) , Nery Ruiz (Maria)

Directors: Sam Peckinpah

Writers: Sam Peckinpah, Gordon T. Dawson, Frank Kowalski

Tags: mexico, prostitute, bounty hunter, bartender, revenge, murder, gunfight, brutality, death, suitcase full of money

The Towering Inferno

The Towering Inferno

Release Date: 1974-12-14

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

“The Towering Inferno” is a thrilling disaster film released in 1974. Starring an incredible ensemble cast including Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Faye Dunaway, the movie takes place during the opening party of a poorly constructed skyscraper. When a massive fire breaks out, the lives of everyone inside the tower hang in the balance. With its intense storyline and star-studded cast, this movie is a must-watch for fans of action-packed dramas from the ’70s.

Cast: Steve McQueen (Chief O’Hallorhan) , Paul Newman (Doug Roberts) , William Holden (Jim Duncan) , Faye Dunaway (Susan) , Fred Astaire (Harlee Claiborne) , Susan Blakely (Patty) , Richard Chamberlain (Simmons) , Jennifer Jones (Lisolette) , O.J. Simpson (Jernigan) , Robert Vaughn (Senator Parker) , Robert Wagner (Bigelow) , Susan Flannery (Lorrie) , Sheila Allen (Paula Ramsay) , Norman Burton (Giddings) , Jack Collins (Mayor Ramsay) , Don Gordon (Kappy) , Felton Perry (Scott) , Gregory Sierra (Carlos) , Ernie F. Orsatti (Mark Powers) , Dabney Coleman (Deputy Chief #1) , Elizabeth Rogers (Lady in Buoy) , Ann Leicester (Guest) , Norman Grabowski (Flaker) , Ross Elliott (Deputy Chief #2) , Olan Soule (Johnson)

Directors: John Guillermin

Writers: Stirling Silliphant, Richard Martin Stern, Thomas N. Scortia, Frank M. Robinson

Tags: san francisco, california, fire, helicopter, skyscraper, fire engine, rescue, survival, disaster, explosion, tragic event, trapped, elevator, disaster movie, firefighter, world’s tallest building, trapped in burning building

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Release Date: 1974-12-09

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” is a heartwarming 1974 movie starring Ellen Burstyn, Kris Kristofferson, and a young Jodie Foster. After her husband’s passing, Alice and her son embark on a journey from New Mexico to California, hoping to start afresh. However, financial constraints lead them to settle in Arizona, where Alice takes up a job as a waitress. This touching film explores Alice’s pursuit of a new life and her dreams of becoming a singer, making it a must-watch from 1974.”

Cast: Ellen Burstyn (Alice Hyatt) , Kris Kristofferson (David) , Alfred Lutter (Tommy) , Harvey Keitel (Ben Eberhardt) , Diane Ladd (Flo) , Lelia Goldoni (Bea) , Billy Green Bush (Donald Hyatt) , Jodie Foster (Audrey) , Valerie Curtin (Vera) , Vic Tayback (Mel) , Murray Moston (Jacobs) , Harry Northup (Joe & Jim’s Bartender) , Lane Bradbury (Rita Eberhardt) , Mia Bendixsen (Alice – Age 8) , Dean Casper (Chicken) , Marty Brinton (Lenny) , Ola Moore (Old Woman) , Laura Dern (Girl Eating Ice Cream Cone (uncredited)) , Tami Conner (Mother (uncredited)) , David Adams () , Jackie Bridges () , Steve DeFrance () , Jan Eddy () , Arnold Herzstein () , Henry Kendrick ()

Directors: Martin Scorsese

Writers: Robert Getchell

Tags: waitress, arizona, widow, son, road trip, singer, tucson, arizona, phoenix, arizona

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