Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1981: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because we’re about to take a cinematic DeLorean ride back to 1981! A year that gifted us with a treasure trove of unforgettable films, each one a time capsule of the era’s unique charm and style. From the heart-pounding thrillers to the tear-jerking dramas, the laugh-out-loud comedies to the awe-inspiring sci-fi epics, 1981 had it all. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported back to a time when shoulder pads were in, MTV was new, and the movies were simply unforgettable. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 fan-favorite films from this iconic year, each one a testament to the magic of 80s cinema. Ready to take a nostalgic stroll down celluloid lane? Let’s rewind the tape and dive right in!
Das Boot

Das Boot

Release Date: 1981-09-17

Genres: Drama, History, War

“Das Boot” is a gripping German war film released in 1981. Set during World War II, it follows the intense journey of a German submarine and its crew as they hunt down allied ships, only to find themselves becoming the hunted. With a talented cast including Jürgen Prochnow and Herbert Grönemeyer, this movie takes you on a thrilling and suspenseful underwater adventure, showcasing the crew’s struggle for survival and the limits they push themselves to.

Cast: Jürgen Prochnow (Captain Lieutenant ‘Der Alte’) , Herbert Grönemeyer (Lieutenant Werner) , Klaus Wennemann (Chief Engineer) , Hubertus Bengsch (First Watch Officer) , Martin Semmelrogge (Second Watch Officer) , Bernd Tauber (Kriechbaum) , Erwin Leder (Johann ‘Das Gespenst’) , Martin May (Ullmann) , Heinz Hoenig (Hinrich) , Uwe Ochsenknecht (Chief Bosun) , Claude-Oliver Rudolph (Ario) , Jan Fedder (Pilgrim) , Rita Cadillac (Monique) , Ralf Richter (Frenssen) , Joachim Bernhard (Preacher) , Oliver Stritzel (Schwalle) , Konrad Becker (Bockstiegel) , Lutz Schnell (Dufte) , Martin Hemme (Brückenwilli) , Otto Sander (Phillip Thomsen) , Günter Lamprecht (Weser Captain) , Thomas Boxhammer () , Roger Barth () , Günther Franke (Weser First Officer) , Christian Bendomir ()

Directors: Wolfgang Petersen

Writers: Wolfgang Petersen, Lothar-Günther Buchheim, Dean Riesner

Tags: submarine, based on novel or book, atlantic ocean, gibraltar, world war ii, duty, war correspondent, suicide mission, drinking, sailor, convoy, destroyer, naval warfare, naval battle, battle of the atlantic

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Release Date: 1981-06-12

Genres: Adventure, Action

“Hey, have you heard of the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’? It’s one of the best voted movies of 1981! It’s about Dr. Indiana Jones, a cool archaeologist who gets hired by the government to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant. But here’s the twist – he has to face off against the entire Nazi regime! It stars Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, and a bunch of other talented actors. You should definitely check it out, it was released on June 12, 1981!”

Cast: Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) , Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood) , Paul Freeman (Dr. René Belloq) , John Rhys-Davies (Sallah) , Ronald Lacey (Major Arnold Toht) , Wolf Kahler (Colonel Dietrich) , Anthony Higgins (Gobler) , Denholm Elliott (Dr. Marcus Brody) , Alfred Molina (Satipo) , Vic Tablian (Barranca / Monkey Man) , Don Fellows (Col. Musgrove) , William Hootkins (Major Eaton) , George Harris (Katanga) , Fred Sorenson (Jock) , Anthony Chinn (Mohan) , Eddie Tagoe (Messenger Pirate) , Bill Reimbold (Bureaucrat) , Patrick Durkin (Australian Climber) , Matthew Scurfield (2nd. Nazi) , Malcolm Weaver (Ratty Nepalese) , Sonny Caldinez (Mean Mongolian) , Pat Roach (Giant Sherpa / 1st Mechanic) , Christopher Frederick (Otto) , Tutte Lemkow (Imam) , Ishaq Bux (Omar)

Directors: Steven Spielberg

Writers: George Lucas, Philip Kaufman, Lawrence Kasdan

Tags: saving the world, riddle, nepal, himalaya mountain range, cairo, moses, egypt, whip, treasure, medallion, leather jacket, nazi, hat, mediterranean, ark of the covenant, ten commandments, treasure hunt, excavation, swastika, archaeologist, adventurer, archeology, religious history, 1930s

I'm Starting from Three

I’m Starting from Three

Release Date: 1981-03-05

Genres: Comedy

“I’m Starting from Three” is a heartwarming Italian film released in 1981. It follows Gaetano, a young man from Naples, who decides to embark on a journey to explore different aspects of life and meet new people. With a talented cast including Massimo Troisi and Fiorenza Marchegiani, this movie promises to take you on a captivating adventure filled with self-discovery and meaningful encounters.

Cast: Massimo Troisi (Gaetano) , Fiorenza Marchegiani (Marta) , Lino Troisi (Ugo) , Deddi Savagnone (Gaetano’s Mother) , Vincent Gentile (Frankie) , Laura Nucci (Ida) , Renato Scarpa (Robertino) , Luciano Crovato (Alfredo) , Marco Messeri (Crazy Man) , Marina Pagano (Gaetano’s Aunt) , Lello Arena (Raffaele ‘Lello’ Sodano) , Marta Bifano () , Giuseppe Borrelli (Gaetano’s Friend) , Cloris Brosca (Rosaria) , Ettore Carloni () , Carmine Faraco (Gaetano’s Friend) , Michetta Farinelli (Silvia) , Jeanne Mas (Jeanne) , Michele Mirabella (Suicidal Man) , Giuseppe Piciccio () , Patrizio Rispo (Patrizio) , Giuliano Santi (Umberto) , Giovanni Febraro (Don Ciro (uncredited)) , Alfredo Cozzolino (Rosaria’s Spouse (uncredited)) , Luigi Mazzullo (Patrizio’s Friend (uncredited))

Directors: Massimo Troisi

Writers: Massimo Troisi, Anna Pavignano

Tags: naples, italy, friendship, florence, italy, love, autostop

Mad Max 2

Mad Max 2

“Mad Max 2” is a thrilling post-apocalyptic film set in the Australian Outback. Starring Mel Gibson as the heroic loner, Max Rockatansky, the movie follows his relentless quest for gasoline in a desolate world. Max finds himself up against the charismatic and ruthless Lord Humungus, leading a group of bizarre warriors, in a battle for survival. Released in 1981, this action-packed film is a must-watch for fans of dystopian adventures.

Cast: Mel Gibson (Max Rockatansky) , Bruce Spence (The Gyro Captain) , Michael Preston (Pappagallo) , Max Phipps (The Toadie) , Vernon Wells (Wez) , Kjell Nilsson (The Humungus) , Emil Minty (The Feral Kid) , Virginia Hey (Warrior Woman) , William Zappa (Zetta) , Arkie Whiteley (The Captain’s Girl) , Steve J. Spears (Mechanic) , Syd Heylen (Curmudgeon) , Moira Claux (Big Rebecca) , David Downer (Nathan) , Kristoffer Greaves (Mechanic’s Assistant) , Max Fairchild (Broken Victim) , Tyler Coppin (Defiant Victim) , David Slingsby (Quiet Man) , Kathleen McKay (Victim) , Anne Jones (Tent Lover) , Jerry O’Sullivan (Golden Youth) , Tony Deary (Grinning Mohawker) , Guy Norris (Bearclaw Mohawk) , James McCardell (Tent Lover) , Harold Baigent (Voice of Narrator (voice))

Directors: George Miller

Writers: Terry Hayes, George Miller, Brian Hannant, Byron Kennedy

Tags: explosive, boomerang, mask, exploitation, pilot, villain, chase, post-apocalyptic future, dystopia, deal, feral child, australia, community, ex-cop, truck, sequel, oil, wasteland, gang rape, motorcycle gang, dog, desolate, oil refinery, music box, adventurer, oil tanker, wanderer, action hero, good versus evil

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London

Release Date: 1981-08-21

Genres: Horror, Comedy

“An American Werewolf in London” is a thrilling horror movie from 1981 that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. It follows the story of two American tourists who find themselves under attack by a werewolf in England, but the locals refuse to acknowledge its existence. Starring David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, and Griffin Dunne, this film is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful and supernatural tales.

Cast: David Naughton (David Kessler) , Jenny Agutter (Nurse Alex Price) , Griffin Dunne (Jack Goodman) , John Woodvine (Dr. J. S. Hirsch) , Don McKillop (Inspector Villiers) , Brian Glover (Chess Player) , David Schofield (Dart Player) , Lila Kaye (Barmaid) , Rik Mayall (2nd Chess Player) , Sean Baker (2nd Dart Player) , Frank Oz (Mr. Collins / Miss Piggy (archive footage)) , Paul Kember (Sergeant McManus) , Joe Belcher (Truck Driver) , Paddy Ryan (First Werewolf) , Anne-Marie Davies (Nurse Susan Gallagher) , Colin Fernandes (Benjamin) , Albert Moses (Hospital Porter) , Jim Henson (Kermit the Frog (archive footage)) , Dave Goelz (Beauregard (archive footage)) , Michele Brisigotti (Rachel Kessler) , Mark Fisher (Max Kessler) , Gordon Sterne (Mr. Kessler) , Paula Jacobs (Mrs. Kessler) , Claudine Bowyer (Creepy Little Girl) , Johanna Crayden (Creepy Little Girl)

Directors: John Landis

Writers: John Landis

Tags: london, england, nurse, loss of loved one, intensive care, zoo, dying and death, transformation, full moon, black humor, london underground, yorkshire, rural area, werewolf, creature, moor (terrain), cult film, british pub, dream sequence, hikers, london zoo, practical special effects

Bianco, rosso e Verdone

Bianco, rosso e Verdone

Release Date: 1981-02-20

Genres: Comedy

“Bianco, rosso e Verdone” is a heartwarming Italian comedy released on February 20, 1981. The film follows the adventures of three Italians as they journey back to their hometown to cast their votes in the elections. Pasquale, a Southern immigrant, dreams of an ideal Italy that doesn’t quite match reality, while Furio’s constant nagging puts a strain on his wife. Meanwhile, young Mimmo’s trip to Rome is repeatedly interrupted by concerns for his grandmother’s health. With a talented cast including Carlo Verdone, Irina Sanpiter, and Elena Fabrizi, this movie promises laughter, relatable characters, and a glimpse into the complexities of Italian life in the early ’80s.

Cast: Carlo Verdone (Pasquale Ametrano / Furio Zoccano / Mimmo) , Irina Sanpiter (Magda Ghiglioni) , Elena Fabrizi (Teresa) , Angelo Infanti (Raoul) , Milena Vukotić (Prostitute) , Mario Brega (Er Principe) , Andrea Aureli (Mimmo’s uncle) , Elisabeth Wiener (Pasquale’s wife) , Anna Alessandra Ariorio (Russian girl) , Vittorio Zarfati (Concierge) , Giovanni Brusatori (Doctor) , Guido Monti (Anton Luca Zoccano) , Giuseppe Pezzulli (Anton Giulio Zoccano) , Umberto Amambrini (uomo alla toilette (uncredited)) , Alberto Canepa (il sacerdote (uncredited)) , Eolo Capritti (presidente degli scrutatori (uncredited)) , Angelo Casadei (scrutinatore (uncredited)) , Geoffrey Copleston (uomo russo (uncredited)) , Maria De Sisti (donna grassa al cimitero (uncredited)) , Luciano Foti (scrutinatore (uncredited)) , Fulvio Mingozzi (poliziotto (uncredited)) , Carlo Mucari (poliziotto all’ospedale (uncredited)) , Stefano Natale (Soldato (uncredited)) , Anna Maria Perego (Scrutinatrice (uncredited)) , Maria Tedeschi (Scrutinatrice (uncredited))

Directors: Carlo Verdone

Writers: Leonardo Benvenuti, Piero De Bernardi, Carlo Verdone

Tags: italy, election day

Blow Out

Blow Out

Release Date: 1981-07-24

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

“Blow Out” is a thrilling movie from 1981 that follows Jack Terry, a skilled sound recordist for low-budget horror films. One night, while capturing sounds for his movies, he accidentally records something shocking that leads him down a dangerous path. As he uncovers a sinister conspiracy, Jack must navigate a web of deceit and betrayal, unsure of who he can trust. Starring John Travolta, Nancy Allen, and John Lithgow, this suspenseful film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: John Travolta (Jack Terry) , Nancy Allen (Sally Badina) , John Lithgow (Burke) , Dennis Franz (Manny Karp) , Peter Boyden (Sam) , John Aquino (Det. Mackey) , John McMartin (Lawrence Henry) , Deborah Everton (Hooker) , J. Patrick McNamara (Detective at Hospital) , Roger Wilson (Coed Lover) , Missy Cleveland (Coed Lover) , Curt May (Donahue) , Lori-Nan Engler (Sue) , Barbara Sigel (Girl Lover) , David De Felice (Boy Lover) , Roberto Lombardi (Train Passenger) , Missy Crutchfield (Dancing Coed) , Cindy Manion (Dancing Coed) , Marcy Bigelman (Ecstatic Coed) , Ann Kelly (Studious Coed) , Dean Bennett (Campus Guard) , John Coppolino Jr. (Maniac) , Archie Lang (Mixer) , Dave Roberts (Anchorman) , Claire Carter (Anchorwoman)

Directors: Brian De Palma

Writers: Brian De Palma

Tags: philadelphia, pennsylvania, paranoia, audio tape, hitman, presidential election, yell, politics, faithlessness, conspiracy, tape recorder, whodunit, car accident, audio recording, sound effect, neo-noir, noise

The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead

Release Date: 1981-09-10

Genres: Horror

“The Evil Dead” is a thrilling horror movie from 1981 that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly, Philip A. Gillis, Cheryl Guttridge, Ted Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Bill Vincent, the film follows five college students who accidentally awaken demonic spirits while on vacation. With no way to escape, they must face the consequences of their actions. Get ready for a chilling ride filled with punishment and supernatural terror.

Cast: Bruce Campbell (Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams) , Ellen Sandweiss (Cheryl) , Richard DeManincor (Scott) , Betsy Baker (Linda) , Theresa Tilly (Shelly) , Philip A. Gillis (Fake Shemp) , Cheryl Guttridge (Fake Shemp) , Ted Raimi (Fake Shemp) , Ivan Raimi (Fake Shemp) , Bill Vincent (Fake Shemp) , John Cameron (Fake Shemp) , Scott Spiegel (Fake Shemp) , Dorothy Tapert (Fake Shemp) , Barbara Carey (Fake Shemp) , David Horton (Fake Shemp) , Wendall Thomas (Fake Shemp) , Don Long (Fake Shemp) , Stu Smith (Fake Shemp) , Kurt Rauf (Fake Shemp) , Mary Beth Tapert (Fake Shemp) , Joanne Kruse (Fake Shemp) , Gwen Cochanski (Fake Shemp) , Debie Jarczewski (Fake Shemp) , Sam Raimi (Hitchhiking Fisherman / Evil Force (uncredited)) , Josh Becker (Car Shemp (uncredited))

Directors: Sam Raimi

Writers: Sam Raimi

Tags: falsely accused, audio tape, aggression, log cabin, chain saw, giant plant, lodge, friends, stop motion, zombie, cult film, evil, occult, book of the dead, necronomicon, demonic possession, video nasty

Christiane F.

Christiane F.

Release Date: 1981-04-02

Genres: Drama

“Christiane F.” is a gripping movie set in 1970s Berlin that delves into the dark world of drugs. It follows the story of Christiane, a 14-year-old girl who becomes infatuated with the vibrant disco scene and gets involved with a group of drug users. With a talented cast including Natja Brunckhorst and David Bowie, this film takes you on a journey as Christiane’s life spirals deeper into the dangerous drug scene. Released on April 2, 1981, it’s a captivating portrayal of a young girl’s struggle in a gritty era of Berlin’s history.

Cast: Natja Brunckhorst (Christiane) , Thomas Haustein (Detlev) , Jens Kuphal (Axel) , Rainer Woelk (Leiche) , David Bowie (David Bowie) , Uwe Diderich (Klaus) , Jan Georg Effler (Bernd) , Peggy Bussieck (Puppi) , Christiane Lechle (Christianes Mutter) , Ellen Esser (Kessis Mutter) , Lothar Chamski (Rolf) , Eberhard Auriga (Alter Fixer) , Andreas Fuhrmann (Atze) , Christiane Reichelt (Babsi) , Kerstin Richter (Stella) , Cathrine Schabeck (Linda) , Stanislaus Solotar (Stottermaxe) , Lutz Hemmerling (Bienenstich) , Daniela Jaeger (Kessi) , Bernhard Janson (Milan) , Kerstin Malessa (Tina)

Directors: Uli Edel

Writers: Uli Edel, Herman Weigel, Kai Hermann, Horst Rieck

Tags: berlin, germany, junkie, heroin, prostitution, illegal drugs



Release Date: 1981-03-27

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Action

“Thief” is a thrilling crime film released in 1981, starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld, and Robert Prosky. The movie follows Frank, an expert safecracker who dreams of retiring from his criminal life and settling down with a family. To speed up his plans, he joins forces with a notorious gangster for a major diamond heist. With a stellar cast and an intense storyline, this film is a must-watch for fans of action-packed heist movies.

Cast: James Caan (Frank) , Tuesday Weld (Jessie) , Robert Prosky (Leo) , Willie Nelson (Okla) , Jim Belushi (Barry) , Tom Signorelli (Attaglia) , Dennis Farina (Carl) , Nick Nickeas (Nick) , W.R. Brown (Mitch) , Norm Tobin (Guido) , John Santucci (Urizzi) , Gavin MacFadyen (Boreksco) , Chuck Adamson (Ancell) , Sam Cirone (Martello) , Spero Anast (Bukowski) , Walter Scott (Detective D. Simpson) , Sam T. Louis (Large Detective in Suit) , William LaValley (Joseph) , Lora Staley (Paula) , Hal Frank (Joe Gags) , Del Close (Mechanic #1) , Bruce A. Young (Mechanic #2) , John Kapelos (Mechanic #3) , Mike Genovese (Bartender at Green Mill) , William Petersen (Katz & Jammer Bartender)

Directors: Michael Mann

Writers: Michael Mann, Frank Hohimer

Tags: chicago, illinois, loss of loved one, burglar, car dealer, rain, shadowing, error, safe, idealist, thief, convict, diamond heist, neo-noir

Escape from New York

Escape from New York

Release Date: 1981-05-23

Genres: Science Fiction, Action

“Escape from New York” is a thrilling action film set in a future where Manhattan has become a high-security prison. When convicts hijack the President’s plane and crash it in the city, a tough and resourceful prisoner named Snake Plissken is forced to rescue him. Starring Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, and Ernest Borgnine, this 1981 movie takes you on an adrenaline-fueled journey through a dystopian New York filled with danger and suspense.

Cast: Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken) , Lee Van Cleef (Police Commissioner Bob Hauk) , Ernest Borgnine (Cabbie) , Donald Pleasence (President of the United States) , Isaac Hayes (The Duke of New York) , Season Hubley (Girl in Chock Full O’Nuts) , Harry Dean Stanton (Harold ‘Brain’ Helman) , Adrienne Barbeau (Maggie) , Tom Atkins (Rehme) , Charles Cyphers (Secretary of State) , Frank Doubleday (Romero) , John Strobel (Cronenberg) , George Buck Flower (Drunk) , John Cothran (Gypsy #1) , Nancy Stephens (Stewardess) , Steven Ford (Secret Service #2) , John Carpenter (Secret Service #2 / Helicopter Pilot / Violin Player) , Jamie Lee Curtis (Narrator / Prison Recording Voice (uncredited)) , Nick Castle (Pianist) , Debra Hill (Computer (voice)) , Ox Baker (Slag) , Joe Unger (Taylor) , Garrett Bergfeld (Gypsy #2) , Wally Taylor (Controller)

Directors: John Carpenter

Writers: John Carpenter, Nick Castle

Tags: new york city, taxi, street gang, martial arts, usa president, war veteran, hostage, kidnapping, liberation of prisoners, anti hero, gangster, villain, post-apocalyptic future, dystopia, police operation, attempt to escape, wrestling, rescue mission, cyberpunk, urban setting, cult film, reluctant hero



Release Date: 1981-04-10

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

“Excalibur” is a captivating and surreal film that brings to life the legendary tale of King Arthur. With an all-star cast including Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, and Patrick Stewart, it takes us on a journey from Arthur’s conception to his rise as the king, the quest for the Holy Grail by his loyal Knights of the Round Table, and ultimately his tragic demise. Released in 1981, this adaptation of Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur” is a must-watch for fans of Arthurian legends.

Cast: Nigel Terry (King Arthur) , Helen Mirren (Morgana) , Nicholas Clay (Lancelot) , Cherie Lunghi (Guenevere) , Paul Geoffrey (Perceval) , Nicol Williamson (Merlin) , Corin Redgrave (Cornwall) , Patrick Stewart (Leondegrance) , Keith Buckley (Uryens) , Clive Swift (Sir Ector) , Liam Neeson (Gawain) , Gabriel Byrne (Uther Pendragon) , Robert Addie (Mordred) , Katrine Boorman (Igrayne) , Ciarán Hinds (King Lot) , Niall O’Brien (Kay) , Charley Boorman (Boy Mordred) , Brid Brennan (Lady in Waiting) , Michael Muldoon (Astamor) , Liam O’Callaghan (Sadok) , Garrett Keogh (Mador) , Emmet Bergin (Ulfius) , Eamon Kelly (Abbot (as Eamonn Kelly))

Directors: John Boorman

Writers: John Boorman, Thomas Malory, Rospo Pallenberg

Tags: holy grail, love triangle, england, prophecy, adultery, witch, mythology, magic, fog, castle, knight, vision, king arthur, tournament, duel, battle, mist, excalibur, wizard, lancelot

Escape to Victory

Escape to Victory

Release Date: 1981-06-17

Genres: Drama, War

“Escape to Victory” is a captivating film set during World War II, where a group of POWs find themselves facing an unexpected challenge. Led by an all-star cast including Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and Pelé, the prisoners must use their soccer skills to take on the formidable German National Soccer Team. This powerful movie sheds light on the resilience and courage of prisoners during wartime, making it a must-watch for both sports and history enthusiasts.

Cast: Sylvester Stallone (Captain Robert Hatch) , Michael Caine (Captain John Colby) , Max von Sydow (Major Karl von Steiner) , Pelé (Cpl. Luis Fernandez, Brazil) , Carole Laure (Renée) , Bobby Moore (Terry Brady, England) , Osvaldo Ardiles (Carlos Rey, Argentina) , Paul Van Himst (Michel Fileu, Belgium) , Kazimierz Deyna (Paul Wolchek, Poland) , Mike Summerbee (Sid Harmor, England) , Co Prins (Pieter Van Beck, Holland) , Russell Osman (Doug Clure, England) , John Wark (Arthur Hayes, Scotland) , Søren Lindsted (Erik Ball, Denmark) , Kevin O’Callaghan (Tony Lewis, Ireland) , Gary Waldhorn (Mueller, german coach) , George Mikell (Kommandant) , Laurie Sivell (Schmidt, german goalie) , Arthur Brauss (Lutz) , Robin Turner (a german player) , Michael Wolf (Lang) , Jürgen Andersen (a propaganda civilian) , David Shawyer (Strauss) , Werner Roth (Baumann, german team captain) , Amidou (André)

Directors: John Huston

Writers: Jeff Maguire, Djordje Milicevic, Evan Jones, Yabo Yablonsky

Tags: nazi, sports, escape, football (soccer)

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure

Release Date: 1981-12-09

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy

“Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure” is a thrilling adventure film released in 1981. Starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, the movie follows Alan, who discovers a map to a hidden war treasure on a Pacific island. To protect the map from gangsters, he sneaks onto Charlie’s boat, leading them both on an unexpected journey. Little do they know, the supposedly abandoned island is home to natives and a Japanese soldier still guarding the treasure. Get ready for a captivating tale of friendship, danger, and unexpected twists!

Cast: Terence Hill (Alan Lloyd) , Bud Spencer (Charlie O’Brien) , John Fujioka (Kamasuka) , Louise Bennett (Mama) , Salvatore Borgese (Anlulu) , Kainowa Lauritzen (Ulla) , Mirna Seya (Ejola) , Terry Moni Mapuana (Alua) , Linda Prast (Barmaid at the beginning) , Kathy Lun (Reporter) , Herb Goldstein (Uncle Brady) , Arnie Ross (Warner) , Tom Tully (Marine Captain) , Baba Subraniam (Medicine Man) , Jay Amor (Pirate (uncredited)) , Salvatore Basile (Frisco Joe (uncredited)) , Giancarlo Bastianoni (Hood (uncredited)) , Giovanni Cianfriglia (Hood (uncredited)) , Ottaviano Dell’Acqua (Pirate (uncredited)) , Alex Edlin (Hood (uncredited)) , Roberto Messina (Pirate (uncredited)) , Riccardo Pizzuti (Hood (uncredited)) , Claudio Ruffini (Kador (uncredited)) , Sergio Smacchi (Hood (uncredited)) , Marcello Verziera (Pirate (uncredited))

Directors: Sergio Corbucci

Writers: Sergio Corbucci, Mario Amendola, Gene Luotto

Tags: fistfight

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Release Date: 1981-06-12

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

“Clash of the Titans” is an epic fantasy film released in 1981. It follows the thrilling journey of Perseus, a half-God-half-mortal hero, as he embarks on a series of daring tasks to win the hand of his beloved princess Andromeda. With a star-studded cast including Harry Hamlin, Judi Bowker, and Laurence Olivier, this movie takes you on a mythical adventure filled with taming Pegasus, battling the monstrous Kraken, and facing the terrifying Medusa.

Cast: Harry Hamlin (Perseus) , Judi Bowker (Andromeda) , Burgess Meredith (Ammon) , Maggie Smith (Thetis) , Ursula Andress (Aphrodite) , Claire Bloom (Hera) , Siân Phillips (Cassiopeia) , Flora Robson (A Stygian Witch) , Laurence Olivier (Zeus) , Tim Pigott-Smith (Thallo) , Neil McCarthy (Calibos) , Susan Fleetwood (Athena) , Anna Manahan (A Stygian Witch) , Freda Jackson (A Stygian Witch) , Jack Gwillim (Poseidon) , Pat Roach (Hephaestus) , Donald Houston (Acrisius) , Vida Taylor (Danae) , Harry Jones (Huntsman) , Ferdinando Poggi (Guard Killed by Scorpion (uncredited))

Directors: Desmond Davis

Writers: Beverley Cross

Tags: riddle, witch, mythology, greek mythology, octopus, pegasus, giant bird, zeus, seagull, medusa, poseidon, sea monster, perseus, kraken, gods, ancient greece, folklore, based on myths, legends or folklore, hera, vulture, vindictive, owl, epic fantasy

Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire

Release Date: 1981-05-15

Genres: Drama, History

“Chariots of Fire” is a captivating sports drama set in the class-conscious and religiously divided UK of the early 1920s. The film follows the inspiring journey of two determined young runners, Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, as they train for the 1924 Paris Olympics. Eric, a devout Christian, sees running as a way to worship God’s glory, while Harold overcomes anti-Semitism and class bias in his pursuit of victory. With a talented cast including Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, and Ian Holm, this critically acclaimed movie, released on May 15, 1981, beautifully portrays the challenges and triumphs of these extraordinary athletes.

Cast: Ben Cross (Harold Abrahams) , Ian Charleson (Eric Liddell) , Cheryl Campbell (Jennie Liddell) , Alice Krige (Sybil Gordon) , Nigel Havers (Lord Andrew Lindsay) , Ian Holm (Sam Mussabini) , Nicholas Farrell (Aubrey Montague) , Daniel Gerroll (Henry Stallard) , John Gielgud (Master of Trinity) , Lindsay Anderson (Master of Caius) , Nigel Davenport (Lord Birkenhead) , Dennis Christopher (Charles Paddock) , Brad Davis (Jackson Scholz) , Patrick Magee (Lord Cadogan) , Peter Egan (Duke of Sutherland) , Struan Rodger (Sandy McGrath) , David Yelland (Prince of Wales) , Richard Griffiths (Head Port-Caius College) , Patrick Doyle (Jimmie) , John Young (Rev. J.D. Liddell) , Yvonne Gilan (Mrs Liddell) , David John (Ernest Liddell) , Benny Young (Rob Liddell) , Yves Beneyton (George Andre) , Stephen Mallatratt (Watson)

Directors: Hugh Hudson

Writers: Colin Welland

Tags: underdog, scotland, missionary, jewry, patriotism, mayor, praline, olympic games, olympian sports team, ambition, sports, based on true story, athletics, olympic athlete, cambridge university

History of the World: Part I

History of the World: Part I

Release Date: 1981-06-12

Genres: Comedy

“History of the World: Part I” is a hilarious comedy that takes a wild and irreverent look at various historical events, including the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, and the Spanish Inquisition. With an all-star cast including Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, and more, this movie will have you laughing from start to finish. Released in 1981, it’s definitely a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good dose of humor mixed with history.

Cast: Mel Brooks (Moses/Comicus/Torquemada/Jacques/King Louis XVI) , Dom DeLuise (Emperor Nero) , Madeline Kahn (Empress Nympho) , Harvey Korman (Count de Monet) , Cloris Leachman (Madame Defarge) , Ron Carey (Swiftus) , Gregory Hines (Josephus) , Pamela Stephenson (Mademoiselle Rimbaud) , Shecky Greene (Marcus Vindictus) , Sid Caesar (Chief Caveman) , Mary-Margaret Humes (Miriam) , Orson Welles (Narrator) , Rudy De Luca (Prehistoric Man / Captain Mucus – The Roman Empire) , Leigh French (Prehistoric Woman) , Richard Karron (Prehistoric Man) , Susette Carroll (Prehistoric Man) , Sammy Shore (Prehistoric Man) , J.J. Barry (Prehistoric Man) , Earl Finn (Prehistoric Man / Disciple – The Roman Empire) , Suzanne Kent (Prehistoric Man) , Michael Champion (Prehistoric Man) , Howard Morris (Court Spokesman – The Roman Empire) , Charlie Callas (Soothsayer – The Roman Empire) , Dena Dietrich (Competence – The Roman Empire) , Paul Mazursky (Roman Officer – The Roman Empire)

Directors: Mel Brooks

Writers: Mel Brooks

Tags: inquisition, moses, roman empire, french revolution, musical, stone age, anthology, prehistory, cavemen, 18th century, louis xvi, peplum, timeline, nero, 15th century, spanish inquisition



Release Date: 1981-01-14

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror

“Scanners” is a thrilling sci-fi movie released in 1981 that revolves around a man with extraordinary telepathic abilities. After being captured by agents from a mysterious corporation, he discovers a world filled with others like him, some with sinister intentions of world domination. Starring Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, and Patrick McGoohan, this film takes you on a mind-bending journey filled with suspense and action.

Cast: Jennifer O’Neill (Kim Obrist) , Stephen Lack (Cameron Vale) , Patrick McGoohan (Dr. Paul Ruth) , Lawrence Dane (Braedon Keller) , Michael Ironside (Darryl Revok) , Robert A. Silverman (Benjamin Pierce) , Lee Broker (Security One) , Mavor Moore (Trevellyan) , Adam Ludwig (Arno Crostic) , Murray Cruchley (Programmer 1) , Fred Döderlein (Dieter Tautz) , Géza Kovács (Killer in Record Store) , Sonny Forbes (Killer in Attic) , Jérôme Tiberghien (Killer in Attic) , Denis Lacroix (Killer in Barn) , Elizabeth Mudry (Killer in Barn) , Victor Désy (Dr. Gatineau) , Louis Del Grande (First Scanner) , Anthony Sherwood (Scanner in Attic) , Ken Umland (Scanner in Attic) , Anne Anglin (Scanner in Attic) , Jock Brandis (Scanner in Attic) , Jack Messinger (Scanner at Door) , Victor Knight (Dr. Frane) , Karen Fullerton (Pregnant Girl)

Directors: David Cronenberg

Writers: David Cronenberg

Tags: telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, psychic power, murder, mind reading, paranormal phenomena, scientist, exploding head, drugs

The Howling

The Howling

Release Date: 1981-01-21

Genres: Horror

“The Howling” is a thrilling horror movie released on January 21, 1981. Starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, and Dennis Dugan, it follows the story of a newswoman who, after a terrifying encounter with a serial killer, is sent to a rehabilitation center. However, things take a sinister turn as she discovers that the center’s inhabitants may not be what they seem. With a talented cast and a gripping plot, this film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Dee Wallace (Karen White) , Patrick Macnee (Dr. George Waggner) , Dennis Dugan (Chris) , Christopher Stone (R. William ‘Bill’ Neill) , Belinda Balaski (Terry Fisher) , Kevin McCarthy (Fred Francis) , John Carradine (Erle Kenton) , Slim Pickens (Sam Newfield) , Elisabeth Brooks (Marsha Quist) , Robert Picardo (Eddie Quist) , Margie Impert (Donna) , Noble Willingham (Charlie Barton) , James Murtaugh (Jerry Warren) , Jim McKrell (Lew Landers) , Meshach Taylor (Shantz) , Robert A. Burns (Porn Store Patron) , Kenneth Tobey (Older Cop) , Dick Miller (Walter Paisley – Bookstore Owner) , Don McLeod (T.C. Quist) , Bill Sorrells (Kline) , Ivan Saric (Jack Molina) , Steve Nevil (Young Cop) , Sarina C. Grant (Hooker) , Wendell Wright (Man at Bar) , Herbie Braha (Porno Cashier)

Directors: Joe Dante

Writers: Gary Brandner, Terence H. Winkless, John Sayles

Tags: adultery, based on novel or book, shapeshifting, secret society, cabin, woods, murder, serial killer, werewolf, psychiatrist, hunting, newswoman

Halloween II

Halloween II

Release Date: 1981-10-30

Genres: Horror

“Halloween II” is a thrilling horror film released on October 30, 1981. It follows the relentless pursuit of Laurie, a survivor from a previous encounter with the notorious killer Michael Myers. As Laurie seeks refuge in a hospital, Myers continues his blood-soaked rampage, slashing his way through the staff to reach his favorite victim. With a talented cast including Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) , Donald Pleasence (Dr. Sam Loomis) , Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Leigh Brackett) , Jeffrey Kramer (Graham) , Lance Guest (Jimmy Lloyd) , Pamela Susan Shoop (Karen) , Ana Alicia (Janet) , Kyle Richards (Lindsey) , Tawny Moyer (Jill) , Anne-Marie Martin (Darcy Essmont) , Nancy Stephens (Marion Chambers) , Leo Rossi (Budd) , Cliff Emmich (Mr. Garrett) , Hunter von Leer (Deputy Gary Hunt) , Ty Mitchell (Young Gary) , Nancy Kyes (Annie Brackett) , Ford Rainey (Dr. Mixter) , Dick Warlock (The Shape / Patrolman #3) , Gloria Gifford (Mrs. Alves) , Anne Bruner (Alice) , Dana Carvey (Assistant) , Lucille Benson (Mrs. Elrod) , Billy Warlock (Craig) , Jack Verbois (Bennett Tramer) , Adam Gunn (Young Michael Myers)

Directors: Rick Rosenthal

Writers: Debra Hill, John Carpenter

Tags: sheriff, mask, halloween, sequel, hospital

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