Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1985: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because we’re about to take a cinematic DeLorean ride back to 1985! A year that gifted us with a treasure trove of unforgettable movies that have since become the stuff of legend. From time-traveling teens to Goonies never saying die, 1985 was a year that truly had it all. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported back to a time when shoulder pads were high, hair was big, and the movies were even bigger. Whether you’re a child of the 80s, a film buff, or just a curious time-traveler, this list of the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1985 is sure to spark a wave of nostalgia. So, without further ado, let’s rewind the tape and dive into the cinematic gems that made 1985 a year to remember in movie history.
Back to the Future

Back to the Future

“Back to the Future” is a classic 1985 movie that follows the adventures of Marty McFly, a teenager who accidentally travels back in time to 1955. In his quest to fix the disruption he caused to his parents’ love story, Marty teams up with his eccentric inventor friend Doc Brown. With a stellar cast including Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, this film takes you on a thrilling journey through time, filled with romance, comedy, and plenty of 80s nostalgia.

Cast: Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) , Christopher Lloyd (Emmett Brown) , Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines) , Crispin Glover (George McFly) , Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen) , Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker) , Marc McClure (Dave McFly) , Wendie Jo Sperber (Linda McFly) , George DiCenzo (Sam Baines) , Frances Lee McCain (Stella Baines) , James Tolkan (Mr. Strickland) , J.J. Cohen (Skinhead) , Casey Siemaszko (3-D) , Billy Zane (Match) , Harry Waters, Jr. (Marvin Berry) , Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson) , Lisa Freeman (Babs) , Cristen Kauffman (Betty) , Elsa Raven (Clocktower Lady) , Will Hare (Pa Peabody) , Ivy Bethune (Ma Peabody) , Jason Marin (Sherman Peabody) , Katherine Britton (Peabody Daughter) , Jason Hervey (Milton Baines) , Maia Brewton (Sally Baines)

Directors: Robert Zemeckis

Writers: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale

Tags: clock tower, flying car, car race, terrorist, lightning, guitar, plutonium, inventor, journey in the past, invention, time travel, race against time, bullying, mad scientist, fish out of water, teenage love, destiny, hidden identity, love and romance, teenage life, changing the past or future, 1950s

Come and See

Come and See

Release Date: 1985-07-09

Genres: Drama, War

“Come and See” is a powerful war film released in 1985 that tells the story of Florya, a young boy who joins the Resistance fighters after his village in Byelorussia is invaded by German forces. Alongside a girl named Glasha, Florya returns home to find his family and fellow villagers brutally massacred. The movie follows Florya’s harrowing journey through the nightmarish debris of war, as he battles between despair and hope for survival. Starring Aleksei Kravchenko and Olga Mironova, “Come and See” is a gripping portrayal of the devastating impact of war on innocent lives.

Cast: Aleksei Kravchenko (Flyora Gayshun) , Olga Mironova (Glasha) , Liubomiras Laucevicius (Kosach) , Vladas Bagdonas (Rubezh) , Jüri Lumiste (German Officer) , Viktors Lorencs (German General) , Kazimir Rabetsky (Village Headman) , Yevgeni Tilicheyev (Gezhel) , G. Velts (German) , V. Vasilyev () , Aleksandr Berda (Chief of Staff of the Partisan Detachment) , Vasiliy Domrachyov (Little Policeman) , Nina Evdokimova (Mother) , Igor Gnevashev (Jew) , Valery Kravchenko (Kosach (voice)) , Evgeniy Kryzhanovskiy (Partisan with Glasses) , N. Lisichenok () , Viktor Manaev (Partisan) , Gennady Matytskiy (Kazik) , Takhir Matyullin () , Pyotr Merkuryev (Gleb Vasiliyevich) , Valentin Mishatkin (Policeman) , Yevgeniya Polyakova () , Aleksandra Ravenskikh (German Woman in the Car) , Oleg Shapko ()

Directors: Elem Klimov

Writers: Ales Adamovich, Elem Klimov

Tags: war crimes, world war ii, nazi, wehrmacht, insanity, surrealism, teenage girl, atrocity, genocide, russian army, mine field, horrors of war, premature aging, byelorussia, children in wartime



Release Date: 1985-06-01

Genres: Action, Drama, History

“Ran” is a captivating historical epic directed by the legendary Akira Kurosawa. Released in 1985, this late-life masterpiece reimagines Shakespeare’s King Lear in sixteenth-century Japan. With a stellar cast including Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Terao, and Jinpachi Nezu, the film delves into the destructive consequences of war, betrayal, greed, and the relentless pursuit of power within a family. It’s a majestic and thought-provoking exploration of human folly that will leave you in awe.

Cast: Tatsuya Nakadai (Lord Hidetora Ichimonji) , Akira Terao (Taro Takatora Ichimonji) , Jinpachi Nezu (Jiro Masatora Ichimonji) , Daisuke Ryū (Saburo Naotora Ichimonji) , Mieko Harada (Lady Kaede) , Yoshiko Miyazaki (Lady Sue) , Mansai Nomura (Tsurumaru) , Hisashi Igawa (Shuri Kurogane) , Shinnosuke Ikehata (Kyoami) , Masayuki Yui (Tango Hirayama) , Kazuo Katō (Kageyu Ikoma) , Norio Matsui (Shumenosuke Ogura) , Toshiya Ito (Mondo Naganuma) , Heihachiro Suzuki (Fujimaki’s General) , Kenji Kodama (Samon Shirane) , Haruko Tōgō (Kaede’s lady in waiting) , Reiko Nanjo (Hideota’s concubine) , Tokie Kanda (Sue’s lady in waiting) , Sawako Kochi (Hidetora’s concubine) , Kumeko Otowa (Sue’s lady in waiting) , Takeshi Katō (Koyota Hatakeyama) , Jun Tazaki (Seiji Ayabe) , Hitoshi Ueki (Nobuhiro Fujimaki) , Takao Zushi () , Yoshitaka Zushi ()

Directors: Akira Kurosawa

Writers: Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Oguni, William Shakespeare, Masato Ide

Tags: assassination, gun, castle, kingdom, greed, heir to the throne, epic, revenge, descent into madness, seppuku, inheritance fight, ruins, king lear, feudal japan, black widow, hopelessness

The Color Purple

The Color Purple

Release Date: 1985-12-18

Genres: Drama

“The Color Purple” is a powerful and moving film released in 1985. Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Oprah Winfrey, it tells the story of Celie, an African-American woman who endures unimaginable abuse and prejudice in the South. Despite the hardships she faces, Celie remains resilient, holding onto her dream of reuniting with her sister in Africa. This emotionally gripping tale spans over four decades, shedding light on the strength and perseverance of the human spirit.

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg (Celie Harris Johnson) , Danny Glover (Albert Johnson) , Margaret Avery (Shug Avery) , Oprah Winfrey (Sofia Johnson) , Willard E. Pugh (Harpo Johnson) , Akosua Busia (Nettie Harris) , Desreta Jackson (Young Celie Harris) , Adolph Caesar (Old Mister) , Rae Dawn Chong (Squeak) , Dana Ivey (Miss Millie) , Leonard Jackson (Alphonso “Pa” Harris) , Bennet Guillory (Grady) , John Patton Jr. (Preacher) , Carl Anderson (Reverend Samuel) , Susan Beaubian (Corrine) , James Tillis (Henry “Buster” Broadnax) , Phillip Strong (Mayor) , Laurence Fishburne (Swain) , Peto Kinsaka (Adam) , Lelo Masamba (Olivia) , Margaret Freeman (Odessa) , Howard Starr (Young Harpo) , Daphaine Oliver (Young Olivia) , Jadili Johnson (Young Adam) , Lillian Njoki Distefano (Young Tashi)

Directors: Steven Spielberg

Writers: Menno Meyjes, Alice Walker

Tags: prison, sibling relationship, africa, southern usa, rape, black people, jazz, violent father, violent husband, empowerment, adoption, jazz singer or musician, letter, incest

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Release Date: 1985-02-15

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“The Breakfast Club” is a classic 1985 movie that tells the story of five high school students who find themselves in Saturday detention. With a power-hungry principal overseeing their punishment, the group, consisting of rebel John, princess Claire, outcast Allison, brainy Brian, and jock Andrew, each get a chance to share their personal stories. As the day unfolds, they begin to see each other in a different light, leaving them questioning whether school will ever be the same again. Starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheedy, this film is a must-watch for anyone looking for a relatable and thought-provoking high school drama.

Cast: Emilio Estevez (Andrew Clark) , Judd Nelson (John Bender) , Molly Ringwald (Claire Standish) , Anthony Michael Hall (Brian Johnson) , Ally Sheedy (Allison Reynolds) , Paul Gleason (Richard Vernon) , John Kapelos (Carl) , Perry Crawford (Allison’s Father) , Mary Christian (Brian’s Sister) , Ron Dean (Andy’s Father) , Tim Gamble (Claire’s Father) , Fran Gargano (Allison’s Mom) , Mercedes Hall (Brian’s Mom)

Directors: John Hughes

Writers: John Hughes

Tags: high school, tardy hall, coming of age, detention, 1980s, teenager



Release Date: 1985-02-20

Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction

“Brazil” is a captivating movie released in 1985 that follows the life of Sam Lowry, a low-level bureaucrat seeking an escape from his mundane existence. Through vivid daydreams, he envisions himself as a heroic figure saving a beautiful woman. However, when he becomes entangled in a complex web of mistaken identities, mindless bureaucracy, and deceit while investigating a wrongful arrest, his fantasy world collides with reality. Starring talented actors like Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Robert De Niro, and Michael Palin, this film offers a thought-provoking exploration of the human desire for adventure and the consequences of getting lost in a world of illusions.

Cast: Jonathan Pryce (Sam Lowry) , Kim Greist (Jill Layton) , Robert De Niro (Archibald ‘Harry’ Tuttle) , Ian Holm (Mr. M. Kurtzmann) , Bob Hoskins (Spoor) , Katherine Helmond (Mrs. Ida Lowry) , Michael Palin (Jack Lint) , Ian Richardson (Mr. Warrenn) , Peter Vaughan (Mr. Helpmann) , Jim Broadbent (Dr. Jaffe) , Terry Gilliam (Smoking Man (uncredited)) , Derrick O’Connor (Dowser) , Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Priest) , John Pierce Jones (Basement Guard) , Barbara Hicks (Mrs. Alma Terrain) , Charles McKeown (Harvey Lime) , Kathryn Pogson (Shirley) , Bryan Pringle (Spiro) , Nigel Planer (Charlie–Dept. of Works) , Terence Bayler (T.V. Commercial Presenter) , Gorden Kaye (M.O.I. Lobby Porter) , Jack Purvis (Dr. Chapman) , Howard Lew Lewis (Black Maria Guard) , John Flanagan (T.V. Interviewer / Salesman) , Sheila Reid (Mrs. Buttle)

Directors: Terry Gilliam

Writers: Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown

Tags: bureaucracy, police state, great britain, office, dream, technology, dystopia, government, satire, surrealism, steampunk, dark comedy, terrorism, bombing, cult film, job promotion, repairman, christmas

After Hours

After Hours

Release Date: 1985-08-16

Genres: Comedy, Thriller, Drama

“After Hours” is a thrilling comedy released in 1985 that follows the misadventures of an ordinary word processor who agrees to meet a girl he just met at a coffee shop in Soho. Little does he know, this decision leads him into a nightmarish series of events, making it the worst night of his life. Starring a talented cast including Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, and Linda Fiorentino, this movie is a must-watch for those seeking a mix of humor and suspense.

Cast: Griffin Dunne (Paul Hackett) , Rosanna Arquette (Marcy) , Linda Fiorentino (Kiki) , Teri Garr (Julie) , John Heard (Tom the Bartender) , Tommy Chong (Pepe) , Cheech Marin (Neil) , Catherine O’Hara (Gail) , Will Patton (Horst) , Verna Bloom (June) , Bronson Pinchot (Lloyd) , Robert Plunket (Street Pickup) , Rocco Sisto (Coffee Shop Cashier) , Larry Block (Taxi Driver) , Dick Miller (Waiter) , Victor Argo (Diner Cashier) , Murray Moston (Subway Attendant) , John P. Codiglia (Transit Cop) , Clarke Evans (Neighbor #1) , Victor Bumbalo (Neighbor #2) , Bill Elverman (Neighbor #3) , Joel Jason (Biker #1) , Rand Carr (Biker #2) , Clarence Felder (Bouncer) , Henry Judd Baker (Jett)

Directors: Martin Scorsese

Writers: Joseph Minion

Tags: suicide, new york city, date, subway, nightclub, overdose, artist, surreal, punk rock, thief, murder, surrealism, coincidence, mobster, one night, vigilantism, soho, district, circumstance, bar, vigilante gang



Release Date: 1985-12-13

Genres: Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

“Clue” is a thrilling murder mystery set in 1985. It follows six intriguing dinner guests who find themselves trapped in a mansion after their host, Mr. Boddy, is found dead. With each guest having a motive, it’s up to them and the chatty butler to uncover the killer’s identity before more bodies pile up. Starring an incredible ensemble cast including Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren, Colleen Camp, Lee Ving, and Bill Henderson, this suspenseful film will keep you guessing until the very end. Released on December 13, 1985, it’s one of the best voted movies of that year.

Cast: Tim Curry (Wadsworth) , Eileen Brennan (Mrs. Peacock) , Madeline Kahn (Mrs. White) , Christopher Lloyd (Professor Plum) , Michael McKean (Mr. Green) , Martin Mull (Colonel Mustard) , Lesley Ann Warren (Miss Scarlet) , Colleen Camp (Yvette) , Lee Ving (Mr. Boddy) , Bill Henderson (The Cop) , Jane Wiedlin (The Singing Telegram Girl) , Jeffrey Kramer (The Motorist) , Kellye Nakahara (The Cook) , Will Nye (Cop #1) , Rick Goldman (Cop #2) , Don Camp (Cop #3) , Howard Hesseman (The Chief (uncredited))

Directors: Jonathan Lynn

Writers: John Landis, Jonathan Lynn

Tags: butler, blackmail, board game, mansion, whodunit, maid, old house

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Release Date: 1985-12-20

Genres: History, Romance, Drama

“Out of Africa” is a captivating film based on the true story of Danish author Karen Blixen. Set in the early 20th century, it follows Karen’s journey as she moves to Africa to start a new chapter in her life. With an incredible cast including Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, this 1985 release is a must-watch for anyone seeking a heartfelt and inspiring tale of adventure and self-discovery.

Cast: Robert Redford (Denys George Finch Hatton) , Meryl Streep (Karen Christence Dinesen Blixen) , Klaus Maria Brandauer (Baron Bror Blixen/Baron Hans Blixen) , Michael Kitchen (Berkeley Cole) , Malick Bowens (Farah) , Michael Gough (Lord Delamere) , Suzanna Hamilton (Felicity) , Rachel Kempson (Lady Belfield) , Graham Crowden (Lord Belfield) , Leslie Phillips (Sir Joseph) , Shane Rimmer (Belknap, farm manager) , Joseph Thiaka (Kamante) , Stephen Kinyanjui (Kinanjui) , Mike Bugara (Juma) , Job Seda (Kanuthia) , Mohammed Umar (Ismail) , Donal McCann (Doctor) , Kenneth Mason (Banker) , Tristram Jellinek (First Commissioner) , Stephen B. Grimes (Second Commissioner) , Annabel Maule (Lady Byrne) , Benny Young (Minister) , Sbish Trzebinski (Beefy Drunk) , Allaudin Qureshi (Rajiv) , Niven Boyd (Young Officer)

Directors: Sydney Pollack

Writers: Karen Blixen, Judith Thurman, Errol Trzebinski, Kurt Luedtke

Tags: africa, infidelity, lion, safari, farm, nairobi, romance, kenya, based on memoir or autobiography, syphilis, danish, historical drama, 1910s, big game hunter, cuckolded husband

The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead

Release Date: 1985-04-25

Genres: Horror, Comedy

“The Return of the Living Dead” is a cult classic horror film released in 1985. It follows two clumsy workers, Frank and Freddy, who accidentally unleash a gas in a warehouse, turning corpses into flesh-eating zombies. As the town falls victim to the epidemic, Frank, Freddy, and their boss team up with a mysterious mortician to fight for their survival against the gory and outrageous zombie attacks. Starring Clu Gulager, James Karen, and a talented ensemble cast, this movie is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts.

Cast: Clu Gulager (Burt Wilson) , James Karen (Frank) , Don Calfa (Ernie Kaltenbrunner) , Thom Mathews (Freddy) , Miguel A. Núñez, Jr. (Spider) , Beverly Randolph (Tina) , Brian Peck (Scuz) , Jonathan Terry (Colonel Glover) , John Philbin (Chuck) , Linnea Quigley (Trash) , Jewel Shepard (Casey) , Mark Venturini (Suicide) , Cathleen Cordell (Colonel’s Wife) , Drew Deighan (Paramedic #1) , James Dalesandro (Paramedic #2) , John Durbin (Radio Corpse #1) , David Bond (Radio Corpse #2) , Bob Libman (Tac Squad Captain) , John Stuart West (Riot Cop #1) , Michael Crabtree (Riot Cop #2) , Ed Krieger (Riot Cop #3) , Robert Craighead (Cop #1) , Paul Cloud (Cop #2) , Derrick Brice (Gunnery Sergeant) , Leigh Drake (Dispatcher)

Directors: Dan O’Bannon

Writers: Dan O’Bannon, John A. Russo, Russell Streiner, Rudy Ricci

Tags: cemetery, crematorium, punk rock, undead, zombie, paramedic, attic, warehouse, night of the living dead, walking dead, horror comedy, louisville, louisville, ky

Rocky IV

Rocky IV

Release Date: 1985-11-21

Genres: Drama

“Rocky IV” is a thrilling sports drama released in 1985. It follows the story of Rocky Balboa, who proudly holds the world heavyweight boxing championship. However, his reign is challenged by Drago, a formidable fighter backed by the Soviet Union. With an all-star cast including Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, and Dolph Lundgren, this movie promises intense boxing action and a gripping underdog story.

Cast: Sylvester Stallone (Robert “Rocky” Balboa) , Talia Shire (Adrianna “Adrian” Balboa) , Burt Young (Paulie Pennino) , Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) , Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago) , Brigitte Nielsen (Ludmilla Vobet Drago) , Tony Burton (Tony “Duke” Evers) , Rocky Krakoff (Robert “Rocky” Balboa Jr.) , Michael Pataki (Nicoli Koloff) , Stu Nahan (Commentator #1) , Al Bandiero (American Commentator #2) , Dominic Barto (Russian Government Official) , Danial Brown (Rocky Jr.’s Friend) , James Brown (The Godfather of Soul) , Rose Mary Campos (Maid) , Jack Carpenter (KGB Driver) , Mark De Alessandro (Russian Cornerman) , Marty Denkin (Russian Referee) , Lou Fillipo (Las Vegas Referee) , James ‘Cannonball’ Green (Manuel Vega) , Dean Hammond (Interviewer) , Sergei Levin (Russian Ring Announcer) , Tony Maffatone (KGB Agent) , Sylvia Meals (Mrs. Creed) , Dwayne McGee (Limo Driver)

Directors: Sylvester Stallone

Writers: Sylvester Stallone

Tags: transporter, loss of loved one, cold war, soviet union, boxer, kgb, dying and death, loss of powers, training, matter of life and death, friendship, victory, sports, revenge, siberia, christmas, boxing



Release Date: 1985-02-08

Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

“Witness” is a captivating 1985 movie that takes us on a thrilling journey. Set in a Pennsylvania Dutch community, the story revolves around a detective who goes undercover to protect a young Amish boy who witnessed a brutal murder. With an incredible cast including Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis, this film beautifully combines elements of crime, romance, and cultural exploration, making it one of the best movies of 1985.

Cast: Harrison Ford (Det. Capt. John Book) , Kelly McGillis (Rachel Lapp) , Josef Sommer (Chief Paul Schaeffer) , Lukas Haas (Samuel Lapp) , Jan Rubeš (Eli Lapp) , Alexander Godunov (Daniel Hochleitner) , Danny Glover (McFee) , Brent Jennings (Carter) , Patti LuPone (Elaine) , Angus MacInnes (Fergie) , Frederick Rolf (Stoltzfus) , Viggo Mortensen (Moses Hochleitner) , John Garson (Bishop Tchantz) , Beverly May (Mrs. Yoder) , Ed Crowley (Sheriff) , Timothy Carhart (Zenovich) , Sylvia Kauders (Tourist Lady) , Marian Swan (Mrs. Schaeffer) , Maria Bradley (Schaeffer’s Daughter) , Rozwill Young (T-Bone) , Paul S. Nuss (Amish) , Emily Tracy (Amish) , Fred Steinharter (Amish) , John D. King (Amish) , Paul Goss (Amish)

Directors: Peter Weir

Writers: William Kelley, Earl W. Wallace, Pamela Wallace

Tags: philadelphia, pennsylvania, corruption, detective, police brutality, pennsylvania, usa, amish, witness to murder, barn raising, silo, lancaster, pa

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Release Date: 1985-07-03

Genres: Horror, Drama, Mystery

“Day of the Dead” is a thrilling 1985 movie that takes place in a missile silo, where a group of scientists, civilians, and soldiers are fighting to save humanity from a zombie apocalypse. Starring Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Joseph Pilato, this intense film will keep you on the edge of your seat as tensions rise inside the base and the zombies gather outside. Released on July 3, 1985, it’s definitely one of the best movies of that year!

Cast: Lori Cardille (Sarah) , Terry Alexander (John) , Joseph Pilato (Captain Rhodes) , Jarlath Conroy (William McDermott) , Anthony Dileo Jr. (Pvt. Miguel Salazar) , Richard Liberty (Dr. Logan) , Sherman Howard (Bub) , Gary Klar (Steel) , Ralph Marrero (Rickles) , John Amplas (Fisher) , Phillip G. Kellams (Miller) , Taso N. Stavrakis (Torrez) , Gregory Nicotero (Johnson) , Don Brockett (Featured Zombie) , William Cameron (Featured Zombie) , Deborah Carter (Featured Zombie) , Winnie Flynn (Featured Zombie) , Debra Gordon (Featured Zombie) , Jeff Hogan (Featured Zombie) , Barbara Holmes (Featured Zombie) , David Kindlon (Featured Zombie) , Bruce Kirkpatrick (Featured Zombie) , ‘Wild Bill’ Laczko (Featured Zombie) , Susan Martinelli (Featured Zombie) , Kim Maxwell (Featured Zombie)

Directors: George A. Romero

Writers: George A. Romero

Tags: florida, bunker, insanity, remake, disembodied head, zombie, living dead, zombie apocalypse, mankind forced underground, florida everglades

Fright Night

Fright Night

Release Date: 1985-08-02

Genres: Comedy, Horror

“Fright Night” is a thrilling 1985 movie that follows the story of Charley Brewster, a high school student who stumbles upon the dark secrets of his charming new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige. Despite his efforts to convince others, Charley finds himself alone in his battle against the enigmatic Jerry. With a talented cast including Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, and Amanda Bearse, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as Charley fights to expose the true nature of his neighbor. Released on August 2, 1985, “Fright Night” is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts.

Cast: Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige) , William Ragsdale (Charley Brewster) , Amanda Bearse (Amy Peterson) , Roddy McDowall (Peter Vincent) , Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed) , Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole) , Dorothy Fielding (Judy Brewster) , Art Evans (Detective Lennox) , Stewart Stern (Cook) , Nick Savage (Bouncer #1) , Ernie Holmes (Bouncer #2) , Heidi Sorenson (Hooker) , Irina Irvine (Teenage Girl) , Bob Corff (Jonathan) , Pamela Brown (Miss Nina) , Chris Hendrie (Newscaster) , Prince Hughes (Bouncer #3)

Directors: Tom Holland

Writers: Tom Holland

Tags: vampire, black humor, vampire hunter (slayer), old house, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, mother son relationship, tv actor



Release Date: 1985-10-18

Genres: Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror

“Re-Animator” is a thrilling horror movie released in 1985. Set in a medical college, the story follows a dedicated student and his girlfriend who find themselves caught up in strange experiments involving the re-animation of dead tissue. With a talented cast including Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, and Barbara Crampton, this film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with its bizarre and chilling storyline.

Cast: Jeffrey Combs (Herbert West) , Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain) , Barbara Crampton (Megan Halsey) , David Gale (Dr. Carl Hill) , Robert Sampson (Dean Alan Halsey) , Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Dr. Harrod) , Peter Kent (Melvin the Re-Animated (uncredited)) , Ian Patrick Williams (Swiss Professor (uncredited)) , Bunny Summers (Swiss Woman Doctor (uncredited)) , Al Berry (Dr. Gruber (uncredited)) , Barbara Pieters (Nurse) , Annyce Holzman (E-R Patient Corpse) , Velvet Debois (Slit Wrist Girl Corpse) , Robert Holcomb (Motorcycle Accident Corpse) , Mike Filloon (Bullet Wound to Face Corpse) , James Earl Cathay (Psycho Ward Guard #2) , James Ellis (Psycho Ward Guard #1) , Derek Pendleton (Swiss Policeman #1) , Gene Scherer (Swiss Policeman #2) , Gerry Black (Mace)

Directors: Stuart Gordon

Writers: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, H.P. Lovecraft, William Norris

Tags: experiment, overdose, black humor, insanity, reanimation, laboratory, mad scientist, decapitation, severed head, hospital, zombie, intestines, death, cult film, black cat, based on short story, dead cat, surgical operation, reanimated corpse, medical student, medical school



Release Date: 1985-03-27

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

“Ladyhawke” is a captivating fantasy film released in 1985. Starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, and Michelle Pfeiffer, it tells the story of Captain Etienne Navarre and Lady Isabeau, cursed to transform into a wolf and a hawk respectively. With the help of a thief named Philippe Gaston, they embark on a mission to overthrow a corrupt Bishop and break the spell that keeps them apart. It’s a thrilling tale of love, adventure, and the power of friendship.

Cast: Matthew Broderick (Phillipe Gaston) , Rutger Hauer (Captain Etienne Navarre) , Michelle Pfeiffer (Isabeau d’Anjou) , Alfred Molina (Cezar) , John Wood (Bishop of Aquila) , Leo McKern (Father Imperius) , Ken Hutchison (Marquet) , Giancarlo Prete (Fornac) , Loris Loddi (Jehan) , Charles Borromel (Insane Prisoner) , Massimo Sarchielli (Innkeeper) , Nicolina Papetti (Mrs. Pitou) , Alessandro Serra (Mr. Pitou) , Venantino Venantini (Bishop’s Secretary) , Nanà Cecchi (Bishop’s Woman) , Gregory Snegoff (Cart Driver) , Benito Stefanelli (Bishop’s Guard) , Giovanni Cianfriglia (Fornac’s Men (uncredited)) , Nello Pazzafini (Fornac’s Men (uncredited)) , Augusto Funari (Fornac’s Men (uncredited)) , Omero Capanna (Fornac’s Men (uncredited)) , Mario Novelli (Fornac’s Men (uncredited)) , Giuseppe Marrocco (Priest (uncredited)) , Aldo Formisano (Priest (uncredited))

Directors: Richard Donner

Writers: Tom Mankiewicz, Edward Khmara, Michael Thomas, David Webb Peoples

Tags: moon, monk, swordplay, bishop, cathedral, falcon, twilight, solar eclipse, thief



Release Date: 1985-10-03

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

“Commando” is an action-packed movie from 1985 that follows the story of John Matrix, a former leader of a special commando strike force. When his daughter is kidnapped, Matrix is forced to come out of retirement and take on an army of punks, killers, and even one of his former commandos. With the help of a feisty stewardess and an old friend, Matrix races against time to save his daughter before it’s too late. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this thrilling film is a must-watch for action enthusiasts.

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (John Matrix) , Rae Dawn Chong (Cindy) , Dan Hedaya (Arius) , Vernon Wells (Bennett) , James Olson (Major General Franklin Kirby) , David Patrick Kelly (Sully) , Alyssa Milano (Jenny Matrix) , Bill Duke (Cooke) , Drew Snyder (Lawson) , Sharon Wyatt (Leslie) , Michael Delano (Forrestal) , Bob Minor (Jackson) , Michael Adams (Harris) , Gary Carlos Cervantes (Diaz) , Lenny Juliano (Soldier) , Charles Meshack (Henriques) , Chelsea Field (Vicky the Western Flight Attendant) , Julie Hayek (Susan the Western Flight Attendant) , Hank Calia (Latin Man) , Walter Scott (Cates) , Greg Wayne Elam (Biggs) , George Fisher (Mall Security Guard) , Phil Adams (Officer in Galleria) , Ava Cadell (Girl in Bed at Motel) , Mikul Robins (Boy in Bed at Motel)

Directors: Mark L. Lester

Writers: Steven E. de Souza, Jeph Loeb, Matthew Weisman

Tags: martial arts, terrorist, fight, kidnapping, mercenary, lone wolf, us army, daughter, father, rescue mission, gunfight, los angeles, california, action hero

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Release Date: 1985-05-21

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller, War

“Rambo: First Blood Part II” is an action-packed movie released in 1985. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, and Charles Napier, it follows the story of John Rambo, who is released from prison for a secret mission in the jungles of Vietnam. With a gripping plot and a talented cast, this film is definitely one of the best voted movies of 1985.

Cast: Sylvester Stallone (John J. Rambo) , Richard Crenna (Col. Samuel Trautman) , Charles Napier (Marshall Murdock) , Steven Berkoff (Lt. Col. Podovsky) , Julia Nickson (Co Bao) , Martin Kove (Ericson) , George Cheung (Capt Vinh) , Andy Wood (Banks) , William Ghent (Capt. Vinh) , Vojislav Govedarica (Sgt. Yushin) , Dana Lee (Gunboat captain) , Baoan Coleman (Gunboat captain II) , Steve Williams (Lifer) , Don Collins (P.O.W. #1) , Christopher Grant (P.O.W. #2) , John Sterlini (P.O.W. #3) , Alain Hocquenghem (P.O.W. #4) , William Rothlein (P.O.W. #5) , Tony Munafo (Prison Guard) , Tom Gehrke (Russian Pilot) , Mason Cardiff (Russian Soldier) , Roger Cudney (Chief Radio Operator) , Jeff Imada (Tay’s Soldier) , John Pankow (POW #6) , John Sabol (Radio Operator)

Directors: George P. Cosmatos

Writers: James Cameron, Kevin Jarre, Sylvester Stallone, David Morrell

Tags: vietnam veteran, helicopter, submachine gun, prisoner, prisoner of war, liberation of prisoners, liberation, leech, vietnam, vietnam war, chase, machinegun, us army, forest, photography, government, sequel, revenge, torture, soldier, explosion, bow and arrow, exploding body, agent, russian army, electrical torture, denunciation



Release Date: 1985-06-21

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction

“Cocoon” is a heartwarming sci-fi film released in 1985. It tells the story of a group of seniors who accidentally stumble upon a pool filled with alien cocoons, which grants them a newfound youthful energy. With a star-studded cast including Steve Guttenberg, Tahnee Welch, and Brian Dennehy, this movie is a delightful blend of comedy, drama, and a touch of extraterrestrial adventure.

Cast: Steve Guttenberg (Jack Bonner) , Tahnee Welch (Kitty) , Brian Dennehy (Walter) , Don Ameche (Arthur Selwyn) , Wilford Brimley (Benjamin Luckett) , Hume Cronyn (Joseph Finley) , Maureen Stapleton (Mary Luckett) , Jack Gilford (Bernie Lefkowitz) , Jessica Tandy (Alma Finley) , Clint Howard (John Dexter) , Linda Harrison (Susan) , Gwen Verdon (Bess McCarthy) , Herta Ware (Rosie Lefkowitz) , Barret Oliver (David) , Tyrone Power Jr. (Pillsbury) , Mike Nomad (Doc) , Jorge Gil (Lou Pine) , James Ritz (DMV Clerk) , Charles Rainsbury (Smiley) , Wendy J. Cooke (Alien) , Pamela Prescott (Alien) , Dinah Sue Rowley (Alien) , Gabriella Sinclair (Alien) , Cyndi Vicino (Bank Teller) , Russ Wheeler (Doctor)

Directors: Ron Howard

Writers: David Saperstein, Tom Benedek

Tags: florida, swimming pool, alien, mahjong, boat trouble, cocoon, senior citizen, retirement community, giving away money, retirement home, trespass, defibrillation, charter boat, elderly, benign alien, golden years, rejuvenate

Weird Science

Weird Science

Release Date: 1985-08-01

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction

“Weird Science” is a hilarious 1985 movie starring Anthony Michael Hall and Kelly LeBrock. It follows the story of two unpopular teenagers, Gary and Wyatt, who create a stunning woman named Lisa using their computer. With Lisa’s help, they embark on a series of adventures that push them to step out of their comfort zones and become more confident. This comedy is a fun and entertaining watch, perfect for a movie night with friends.

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall (Gary Wallace) , Kelly LeBrock (Lisa) , Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Wyatt Donnelly) , Bill Paxton (Chet Donnelly) , Suzanne Snyder (Deb) , Judie Aronson (Hilly) , Robert Rusler (Max) , Robert Downey Jr. (Ian) , Steve James (Guy At Table) , Vernon Wells (Lord General) , Michael Berryman (Mutant Biker) , Jill Whitlow (Perfume Salesgirl) , Britt Leach (Al Wallace) , Kym Malin (Girl Playing Piano) , John Kapelos (Dino) , Prince Hughes (Party Guest) , Ann Coyle (Carmen Donnelly) , Suzy J. Kellems (Gymnast) , Chino ‘Fats’ Williams (Bar Patron) , Robin Frohman (Girl in Bathroom) , Alison Carole Lowe (Girl in Upside Down Bathroom) , Rick LeFevour (Policeman (as Rick LeFevor)) , James Huffman (Young Kid at Party (uncredited)) , Michael K. Washko (Mall Shopper (uncredited)) , Ivor Barry (Henry Donnelly)

Directors: John Hughes

Writers: John Hughes

Tags: nerd, biker, based on comic, morphing

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