Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 1997: A Nostalgic Cinematic Journey

Fasten your seatbelts, folks! We’re about to take a cinematic time machine back to 1997, a year that gifted us with some of the most iconic movies of all time. Remember when we first met Jack and Rose aboard the ill-fated Titanic? Or when we were introduced to the magical world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter? Ah, those were the days! This article is your golden ticket to a nostalgic journey through the top 20 fan-favorite movies of 1997. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare to be transported back to a time when VHS tapes were king and the internet was just a baby. Whether you’re a film buff, a nostalgia junkie, or just someone who appreciates a good flick, this list is sure to spark some fond memories and maybe even inspire a movie marathon. Ready? Let’s rewind!
Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Release Date: 1997-12-20

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Life Is Beautiful” is a heartwarming and emotional movie released in 1997. It tells the story of an Italian book seller with Jewish heritage who creates a beautiful fairy tale world for his family. However, their lives take a tragic turn when they are sent to a concentration camp during World War II. The film follows the father’s courageous efforts to shield his young son from the horrors of the camp by convincing him that it’s all just a game. Starring Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, and Giorgio Cantarini, this touching film is a must-watch for its powerful portrayal of love and resilience in the face of adversity.

Cast: Roberto Benigni (Guido Orefice) , Nicoletta Braschi (Dora) , Giorgio Cantarini (Giosué Orefice) , Giustino Durano (Eliseo Orefice) , Sergio Bini Bustric (Ferruccio) , Lidia Alfonsi (Signora Guicciardini) , Giuliana Lojodice (Direttrice) , Amerigo Fontani (Rodolfo) , Pietro De Silva (Bartolomeo) , Francesco Guzzo (Vittorino) , Raffaella Lebboroni (Elena) , Marisa Paredes (Madre di Dora) , Horst Buchholz (Dottore Lessing) , Adelaide Alaïs (German Auxilliary) , Verena Buratti (German Auxilliary) , Hannes Hellmann (German Corporal) , Wolfgang Hillinger (German Major at Party) , Antonio Prester (Bruno) , Gina Rovere (Dora’s Maid) , Laura Susanne Ruedeberg (German Auxilliary) , Richard Sammel (German Lieutenant at Station) , Andrea Tidona (Grand Hotel Doorman) , Dirk K. van den Berg (German Soldier) , Omero Antonutti (Narrator (voice) (uncredited)) , Daniela Fedtke (German Auxiliary)

Directors: Roberto Benigni

Writers: Roberto Benigni, Vincenzo Cerami

Tags: italy, riddle, loss of loved one, bookshop, self sacrifice, mass murder, concentration camp, fascism, world war ii, love of one’s life, deportation, jew persecution, nazi, national socialism, charade, riding a bicycle, story teller, concentration camp prisoner, dying and death

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

Release Date: 1997-12-05

Genres: Drama

“Good Will Hunting” is a heartwarming drama released in 1997 that tells the story of Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT with an extraordinary IQ. When his mathematical talents are discovered, a professor and a therapist join forces to help him overcome his troubled past and unlock his true potential. Starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck, this critically acclaimed film is a must-watch for its captivating performances and inspiring storyline.

Cast: Matt Damon (Will Hunting) , Robin Williams (Sean Maguire) , Ben Affleck (Chuckie Sullivan) , Stellan Skarsgård (Gerald Lambeau) , Minnie Driver (Skylar) , Casey Affleck (Morgan O’Mally) , Cole Hauser (Billy McBride) , Vik Sahay (MIT Student) , John Mighton (Tom) , Rachel Majorowski (Krystyn) , Colleen McCauley (Cathy) , Matt Mercier (Barbershop Quartet #1) , Ralph St. George (Barbershop Quartet #2) , Rob Lynds (Barbershop Quartet #3) , Dan Washington (Barbershop Quartet #4) , Alison Folland (MIT Student) , Derrick Bridgeman (MIT Student) , Shannon Egleson (Girl on Street) , Rob Lyons (Carmine Scarpaglia) , Steven Kozlowski (Carmine Friend #1) , Jennifer Deathe (Lydia) , Scott William Winters (Clark) , Philip Williams (Head Custodian) , Patrick O’Donnell (Assistant Custodian) , Kevin Rushton (Courtroom Guard)

Directors: Gus Van Sant

Writers: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon

Tags: baseball, boston, massachusetts, professor, harvard university, male friendship, ambition, mathematics, genius, love, friends, flashback, janitor, psychologist, university, courtroom, prodigy, math genius

Three Men and a Leg

Three Men and a Leg

Release Date: 1997-12-27

Genres: Comedy

“Three Men and a Leg” is a hilarious Italian comedy released in 1997. The story follows three friends, Aldo, Giovanni, and Giacomo, as they embark on a journey from north to south for Giacomo’s wedding. However, things take a hilarious turn when they are entrusted with a wooden leg by the bride’s tyrannical father-in-law, who also happens to be their boss. With a talented cast and a unique plot, this movie is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Cast: Aldo Baglio (Aldo / Al / Ajeje Brazorf / Count Dracula) , Giovanni Storti (Giovanni / John / ticket inspector / Gino) , Giacomo Poretti (Giacomo / Jack / passenger / Michele) , Marina Massironi (Chiara / Giusy) , Carlo Croccolo (Eros Cecconi) , Maria Pia Casilio (Mrs. Cecconi) , Luciana Littizzetto (Giuliana Cecconi) , Gaetano Amato (Smuggler) , Margherita Antonelli () , Saturno Brioschi (Father of the child at the service station) , Giorgio Centamore (Waiter) , Mohamed El Sayed (Moroccan civil engineer) , Cesare Gallarini (Father of the child who wants to do arm wrestling) , Eleonora Mazzoni (Aldo’s wife) , Rosalina Neri (Aldo’s neighbour) , Vittoria Piancastelli (Giovanni’s wife) , Rodolfo Rezzoli () , Stefano Rossetti () , Antonio Rucco (Carabinieri Marshal) , Augusto Zucchi (Doctor) , Roberto Mannino (Child who wants to do arm wrestling)

Directors: Massimo Venier, Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti

Writers: Massimo Venier, Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Giorgio Gherarducci, Lucio Martignoni

Tags: self-discovery, male friendship, city country contrast, wooden leg, road movie, three wives, three guys



Release Date: 1997-11-18

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Titanic” is a captivating movie released in 1997 that tells the story of Rose DeWitt Bukater, a 101-year-old woman who recounts her experience aboard the ill-fated Titanic. Set in 1912, Rose boards the ship with her mother and fiancé, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi, who win third-class tickets. This epic tale beautifully portrays the ship’s journey from departure to its tragic end on April 15, 1912, and features an incredible cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, and Kathy Bates.

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson) , Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater) , Billy Zane (Cal Hockley) , Kathy Bates (Molly Brown) , Frances Fisher (Ruth DeWitt Bukater) , Gloria Stuart (Old Rose) , Victor Garber (Thomas Andrews) , Bill Paxton (Brock Lovett) , Bernard Hill (Edward Smith) , David Warner (Spicer Lovejoy) , Jonathan Hyde (Bruce Ismay) , Lewis Abernathy (Lewis Bodine) , Suzy Amis (Lizzy Calvert) , Nicholas Cascone (Bobby Buell) , Danny Nucci (Fabrizio) , Jason Barry (Tommy Ryan) , Lew Palter (Isidor Straus) , Eric Braeden (John Astor) , Ewan Stewart (First Officer Murdoch) , Bernard Fox (Archibald Gracie) , Ioan Gruffudd (Fifth Officer Lowe) , Jonny Phillips (Second Officer Lightoller) , Edward Fletcher (Sixth Officer Moody) , Scott G. Anderson (Frederick Fleet) , Martin East (Reginald Lee)

Directors: James Cameron

Writers: James Cameron

Tags: drowning, evacuation, shipwreck, iceberg, forbidden love, ship, panic, titanic, ocean liner, epic, rich woman poor man, based on true story, love, tragedy, disaster, tragic love, historical fiction, class differences, love affair, historical event, lifeboat, star crossed lovers, sinking ship, steerage, rich snob, disaster movie, 1910s, sunken ship

L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential

Release Date: 1997-09-19

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

“L.A. Confidential” is a gripping crime thriller set in the corrupt and brutal world of 1950s Los Angeles. Starring Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kevin Spacey, it follows three detectives who employ different methods to unravel a conspiracy surrounding a series of shotgun murders at an all-night diner. With a star-studded cast and a release date in 1997, this movie is definitely one of the best voted films of that year.

Cast: Russell Crowe (Wendell “Bud” White) , Guy Pearce (Edmund “Ed” Exley) , Kevin Spacey (Jack Vincennes) , Kim Basinger (Lynn Bracken) , Danny DeVito (Sid Hudgens) , James Cromwell (Dudley Smith) , David Strathairn (Pierce Patchett) , Ron Rifkin (D.A. Ellis Loew) , Matt McCoy (“Badge of Honor” Star Brett Chase) , Paul Guilfoyle (Mickey Cohen) , Paolo Seganti (Johnny Stompanato) , Elisabeth Granli (Mickey Cohen’s Mambo Partner) , Sandra Taylor (Mickey Cohen’s Mambo Partner) , Steve Rankin (Officer Arresting Mickey Cohen) , Graham Beckel (Dick Stensland) , Allan Graf (Wife Beater) , Precious Chong (Wife) , Symba (Jack’s Dancing Partner) , Bob Clendenin (Reporter at Hollywood Station) , Lennie Loftin (Photographer at Hollywood Station) , Will Zahrn (Liquor Store Owner) , Amber Smith (Susan Lefferts) , Darrell Sandeen (Buzz Meeks) , Michael Warwick (Sid’s Assistant) , Simon Baker (Matt Reynolds)

Directors: Curtis Hanson

Writers: Curtis Hanson, Brian Helgeland, James Ellroy

Tags: corruption, call girl, detective, based on novel or book, shotgun, femme fatale, domestic violence, whodunit, corpse, district attorney, movie star, good cop bad cop, neo-noir, 1950s



Release Date: 1997-03-21

Genres: Drama, Music, History

“Selena” is a captivating biographical drama released in 1997 that tells the inspiring story of Selena Quintanilla, a talented young singer from a Mexican-American family in Texas. With an incredible performance by Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, the movie follows Selena’s journey to fame, her complicated relationship with her father, and her tragic untimely death. It’s a must-watch for music lovers and those who appreciate powerful storytelling.”

Cast: Jennifer Lopez (Selena Quintanilla) , Jackie Guerra (Suzette Quintanilla) , Constance Marie (Marcela Quintanilla) , Alex Meneses (Sara) , Jon Seda (Chris Perez) , Edward James Olmos (Abraham Quintanilla) , Jacob Vargas (A. B. Quintanilla) , Pete Astudillo (Self – Dinos 1990’s) , Rueben Gonzáles (Joe Ojeda – Dinos 1990’s) , Ricky Vela (Self – Dinos 1990’s) , Don Shelton (Stage Dancer) , Richard Emanuelle (Concert Reporter) , Panchito Gómez (Young Abraham – Dinos 1961) , Richard Coca (Bobby – Dinos 1961) , George Perez (Seff – Dinos 1961) , Brian Fallteen (Club Owner) , Carmen Martínez (Irate Club Goer) , Elisabeth Gonzalez (Irate Club Goer) , Richard Iglesias (Irate Club Goer) , Everett Sifuentes (Lerma’s Club Owner) , Gil Glasgow (Police Officer – 1961) , Rebecca Lee Meza (Young Selena) , Victoria Elena Flores (Young Suzette) , Rafael Tamayo (Young Abie) , Carl William Holler (Neighbor)

Directors: Gregory Nava

Writers: Gregory Nava

Tags: texas, biography, singer, elopement, bustier, fan club

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights

Release Date: 1997-10-07

Genres: Drama

“Boogie Nights” is a captivating film set in 1977, during the era when the adult entertainment industry was thriving. It follows the journey of Eddie Adams, a busboy turned adult film star known as “Dirk Diggler,” as he rises to fame in the world of pornography. With an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, and more, this movie explores the collision of dreams and reality in a time of disco, drugs, and ever-changing fashion trends. Released on October 7, 1997, it was one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg (Eddie Adams / Dirk Diggler) , Burt Reynolds (Jack Horner) , Julianne Moore (Amber Waves) , John C. Reilly (Reed Rothchild) , Heather Graham (Rollergirl) , Don Cheadle (Buck Swope) , Philip Seymour Hoffman (Scotty J.) , Nicole Ari Parker (Becky Barnett) , William H. Macy (Little Bill) , Robert Ridgely (The Colonel James) , Melora Walters (Jessie St. Vincent) , Thomas Jane (Todd Parker) , Ricky Jay (Kurt Longjohn) , Luis Guzmán (Maurice t.t. Rodriguez) , Jack Wallace (Rocky) , Michael Jace (Jerome) , Philip Baker Hall (Floyd Gondolli) , Alfred Molina (Rahad Jackson) , Nina Hartley (Little Bill’s Wife) , Joanna Gleason (Dirk’s Mother) , Kai Lennox (High School / College Kid) , Jonathan Quint (Johnny Doe) , John Doe (Amber’s Husband) , Rico Bueno (Hot Traxx Waiter) , Samson Barkhordarian (Hot Traxx Chef)

Directors: Paul Thomas Anderson

Writers: Paul Thomas Anderson

Tags: pornography, adultery, robbery, drug abuse, husband wife relationship, 1970s, cocaine, porn actor, custody battle, rags to riches, alter ego, coming of age, los angeles, california, drugs, porn industry, disco, voyeurism, 1980s, big dick, mother son relationship

Lost Highway

Lost Highway

Release Date: 1997-01-15

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

“Lost Highway” is a mind-bending movie from 1997 that follows a troubled jazz musician as he gets entangled in a mysterious tale of murder, surveillance, gangsters, and doppelgängers. With a star-studded cast including Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, and Balthazar Getty, this film takes you on a thrilling journey filled with impossible transformations and a perplexing prison cell. Get ready for a gripping and enigmatic cinematic experience!”

Cast: Bill Pullman (Fred Madison) , Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield) , Balthazar Getty (Pete Dayton) , Robert Blake (Mystery Man) , Natasha Gregson Wagner (Sheila) , Richard Pryor (Arnie) , Lucy Butler (Candace Dayton) , Michael Massee (Andy) , Jack Nance (Phil) , Jack Kehler (Guard Johnny Mack) , Henry Rollins (Guard Henry) , Giovanni Ribisi (Steve “V”) , Scott Coffey (Teddy) , Gary Busey (Bill Dayton) , Robert Loggia (Mr. Eddy / Dick Laurent) , John Roselius (Al) , Louis Eppolito (Ed) , Jenna Maetlind (Party Girl) , Michael Shamus Wiles (Guard Mike) , Mink Stole (Forewoman) , Leonard Termo (Judge) , Ivory Ocean (Guard Ivory) , David Byrd (Doctor Smordin) , Gene Ross (Warden Clements) , F. William Parker (Captain Luneau)

Directors: David Lynch

Writers: David Lynch, Barry Gifford

Tags: prison, pornography, dual identity, jealousy, dream, eroticism, sexual frustration, violent husband, paranoia, headache, death row, motel, prison cell, jazz singer or musician, nightmare, gangster, car mechanic, hallucination, suspicion, bedroom, highway, identity crisis, transformation, police, insanity, murder, car crash, surrealism, los angeles, california, videotape

The Game

The Game

Release Date: 1997-09-12

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

“The Game” is a thrilling movie released in 1997, starring Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, and Deborah Kara Unger. It follows the story of Nicholas Van Orton, a successful and detached banker who receives a mysterious birthday gift from his brother. As he delves into the game, Nicholas becomes entangled in a dangerous web of ever-changing rules, blurring the lines between reality and illusion. Get ready for a suspenseful ride as you join Nicholas on this mind-bending adventure.

Cast: Michael Douglas (Nicholas Van Orton) , Sean Penn (Conrad Van Orton) , Deborah Kara Unger (Christine) , James Rebhorn (Jim Feingold) , Peter Donat (Samuel Sutherland) , Carroll Baker (Ilsa) , Anna Katarina (Elizabeth) , Armin Mueller-Stahl (Anson Baer) , Charles Martinet (Nicholas’ Father) , Scott Hunter McGuire (Young Nicholas) , Florentine Mocanu (Nicholas’ Mother) , Elizabeth Dennehy (Maria) , Caroline Barclay (Maggie) , Daniel Schorr (Daniel Schorr) , John Aprea (Power Executive) , Harrison Young (Obsequious Executive) , Kimberly Russell (Cynthia, CRS Receptionist) , Joe Frank (CRS Data Collating Technician) , James Brooks (James the Bartender) , Gerry Becker (New Member Ted) , Jarion Monroe (New Member Victor) , Tommy Flanagan (Solicitor / Taxi Driver) , Bill Flannery (Tubercular Commuter) , Kat Kilkenny (Rattle Gatherer) , John Cassini (Man in Airport)

Directors: David Fincher

Writers: Larry Gross, John Brancato, Michael Ferris

Tags: suicide, sibling relationship, san francisco, california, gun, birthday, restaurant, key, manipulation, danger of life, birthday party, game, millionaire, surprising, trapped in an elevator, birthday present, investment banker, puzzlement



Released in 1997, “Gattaca” is a captivating sci-fi film set in a future society where people’s lives are determined by their DNA. Despite being born with a condition that hinders his dreams of space travel, Vincent Freeman, played by Ethan Hawke, is determined to infiltrate the prestigious GATTACA space program. With a stellar cast including Uma Thurman, Jude Law, and Alan Arkin, this thought-provoking movie explores themes of identity, determination, and the power of human will.

Cast: Ethan Hawke (Vincent Freeman) , Uma Thurman (Irene Cassini) , Jude Law (Jerome Eugene Morrow) , Alan Arkin (Detective Hugo) , Loren Dean (Adult Anton Freeman) , Gore Vidal (Director Josef) , Tony Shalhoub (“German”) , Ernest Borgnine (Caesar) , Blair Underwood (Geneticist) , Xander Berkeley (Dr. Lamar) , Jayne Brook (Marie Freeman) , Una Damon (Head Nurse) , Elias Koteas (Antonio Freeman) , Maya Rudolph (Delivery Nurse) , Elizabeth Dennehy (Preschool Teacher) , Mason Gamble (Younger Vincent) , Vincent Nielson (Younger Anton) , Chad Christ (Young Vincent) , William Lee Scott (Young Anton) , Clarence Graham (Personnel Officer) , Carlton Benbry (Gattaca Hoover) , Susan Jennifer Sullivan (Sequencing Customer) , Ken Marino (Sequencing Technician) , Cynthia Martells (Cavendish) , Gabrielle Reece (Gattaca Trainer)

Directors: Andrew Niccol

Writers: Andrew Niccol

Tags: paraplegic, suicide attempt, cheating, dna, spaceman, new identity, heart disease, fake identity, blood sample, biotechnology, space mission, dystopia, investigation, genetics, hostility, exercise, eugenics

Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco

Release Date: 1997-02-27

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“Donnie Brasco” is a gripping crime drama released in 1997. Starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino, the movie follows an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate the mafia. As he delves deeper into the mob life, he finds himself torn between his loyalty to the law and his growing affinity for the mafia.

Cast: Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco / Joseph D. ‘Joe’ Pistone) , Al Pacino (Benjamin ‘Lefty’ Ruggiero) , Michael Madsen (Dominick ‘Sonny Black’ Napolitano) , Bruno Kirby (Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Santora) , James Russo (Paulie) , Anne Heche (Maggie Pistone) , Zeljko Ivanek (Tim Curley) , Brian Tarantina (Bruno) , Rocco Sisto (Richard ‘Richie’ Gazzo) , Zach Grenier (Dr. Berger) , Gerry Becker (Agent Dean Blandford FBI) , Robert Miano (Alphonse ‘Sonny Red’ Indelicato) , Paul Giamatti (FBI Technician) , Gretchen Mol (Sonny’s Girlfriend) , Tim Blake Nelson (FBI Technician) , Walt MacPherson (Sheriff) , Ronnie Farer (Annette) , Terry Serpico (Strip Club Owner) , Tony Lip (Philip ‘Philly Lucky’ Giaccone) , George Angelica (Big Trin) , Val Avery (Santo Trafficante Jr.) , Madison Arnold (Jilly) , Delanie Fitzpatrick (Daughter) , Katie Sagona (Daughter) , Sara Gold (Daughter)

Directors: Mike Newell

Writers: Paul Attanasio, Joseph D. Pistone, Richard Woodley

Tags: new york city, florida, 1970s, undercover, gangster, based on true story, mafia, mobster, dirty cop, informant, surveillance, card playing, stealing money, marriage counselor, drug deal, fbi agent, brutal violence

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

“The Fifth Element” is a thrilling sci-fi movie released in 1997. Starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Gary Oldman, it takes place in the year 2257 and follows a taxi driver who unexpectedly becomes the savior of humanity. With an all-star cast and an intriguing plot, this film is a must-watch for any sci-fi enthusiast.

Cast: Bruce Willis (Korben Dallas) , Milla Jovovich (Leeloo) , Gary Oldman (Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg) , Ian Holm (Father Vito Cornelius) , Chris Tucker (Ruby Rhod) , Luke Perry (Billy) , Brion James (General Munro) , Tommy Lister Jr. (President Lindberg) , Lee Evans (Fog) , Charlie Creed-Miles (David) , Tricky (Right Arm) , John Neville (General Staedert) , John Bluthal (Professor Pacoli) , Mathieu Kassovitz (Mugger) , Christopher Fairbank (Mactilburgh) , Kim Chan (Mr. Kim) , Richard Leaf (Neighbor) , Julie T. Wallace (Major Iceborg) , Al Matthews (General Tudor) , Maïwenn (Diva Plavalaguna) , John Bennett (Priest) , Ivan Heng (Left Arm) , Sonita Henry (President’s Aide) , Tim McMullan (Scientist’s Aide) , Hon Ping Tang (Munro’s Captain)

Directors: Luc Besson

Writers: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen

Tags: saving the world, new york city, flying car, taxi, cyborg, egypt, anti hero, stowaway, space travel, dystopia, race against time, alien life-form, arms dealer, priest, end of the world, shootout, police chase, cab driver, cyberpunk, cult film, archaeologist, space opera, military, opera singer, futuristic city, ancient evil, cruise liner, elemental, hieroglyphics, spaceship, good versus evil, alien robot

The Devil's Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate

Release Date: 1997-10-17

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror

“The Devil’s Advocate” is a thrilling legal drama released in 1997. Starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, and Charlize Theron, the movie follows an ambitious lawyer named Kevin Lomax who moves to New York for a job at a prestigious law firm. However, as he takes on increasingly high-stakes cases, he soon discovers that his boss has sinister plans in store. Get ready for a gripping story filled with suspense and a stellar cast.

Cast: Keanu Reeves (Kevin Lomax) , Al Pacino (John Milton) , Charlize Theron (Mary Ann Lomax) , Jeffrey Jones (Eddie Barzoon) , Judith Ivey (Alice Lomax) , Connie Nielsen (Christabella Andreoli) , Craig T. Nelson (Alexander Cullen) , Tamara Tunie (Mrs. Jackie Heath) , Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Leamon Heath) , Debra Monk (Pam Garrety) , Vyto Ruginis (Mitch Weaver) , Laura Harrington (Melissa Black) , Pamela Gray (Mrs. Diana Barzoon) , George Wyner (Meisel) , Chris Bauer (Lloyd Gettys) , Connie Embesi (Mrs. Bernice Gettys) , Jonathan Cavallary (Gettys’ Son) , Heather Matarazzo (Barbara) , Murphy Guyer (Barbara’s Father) , Leo Burmester (Florida Prosecutor) , Bill Moor (Garson Deeds (Florida Judge)) , Neal Jones (Larry (Florida Reporter)) , Eddie Aldridge (Florida Bailiff) , Mark Deakins (Florida Lawyer) , Rony Clanton (Junkie in Harlem)

Directors: Taylor Hackford

Writers: Andrew Neiderman, Jonathan Lemkin, Tony Gilroy

Tags: child abuse, southern usa, obsession, bible, seduction, hallucination, ambition, devil’s son, marriage crisis, pact with the devil, crooked lawyer, evil spirit, satan, lust, courtroom, temptation, law firm, manhattan, new york city, seven deadly sins, ethics, legal thriller



Release Date: 1997-07-11

Genres: Drama, Science Fiction, Mystery

“Contact” is a captivating science fiction film released in 1997. Starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, it tells the story of a radio astronomer who receives an extraordinary extraterrestrial radio signal. As the world grapples with deciphering the message and deciding what to do, she faces profound dilemmas, forcing her to navigate between her own beliefs, the truth, and the complexities of reality. Get ready for an intriguing exploration of our place in the universe!”

Cast: Jodie Foster (Ellie Arroway) , Matthew McConaughey (Palmer Joss) , James Woods (Michael Kitz) , John Hurt (S. R. Hadden) , Tom Skerritt (David Drumlin) , William Fichtner (Kent) , David Morse (Ted Arroway) , Angela Bassett (Rachel Constantine) , Geoffrey Blake (Fisher) , Max Martini (Willie) , Rob Lowe (Richard Rank) , Jake Busey (Joseph) , Tucker Smallwood (Mission Director) , Jena Malone (Young Ellie) , Sami Chester (Vernon) , Timothy McNeil (Davio) , Laura Elena Surillo (Cantina Woman) , Henry Strozier (Minister) , Larry King (Larry King) , Thomas Garner (Ian Broderick) , Conroy Chino (KOB-TV Reporter) , Dan Gifford (Jeremy Roth) , Vance Valencia (Senator Valencia) , Donna Kelley (Donna Kelley) , Leon Harris (Leon Harris)

Directors: Robert Zemeckis

Writers: James V. Hart, Michael Goldenberg, Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan

Tags: based on novel or book, nasa, new mexico, extraterrestrial technology, prime number, radio wave, wormhole, fanatic, spirituality, religion, scientist, sabotage, ham radio, alien contact, mechanical engineering, observatory, eccentric man, radio telescope

As Good as It Gets

As Good as It Gets

Release Date: 1997-12-19

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance

“As Good as It Gets” is a heartwarming and humorous movie released in 1997. Starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear, it tells the story of Melvin Udall, a grumpy writer with a knack for offending everyone he meets. When he unexpectedly becomes responsible for his neighbor’s dog and the only waitress who tolerates him faces a personal crisis, Melvin’s life takes an unexpected turn. With a stellar cast and a release date of December 19, 1997, this film is definitely worth watching!”

Cast: Jack Nicholson (Melvin Udall) , Helen Hunt (Carol Connelly) , Greg Kinnear (Simon Bishop) , Cuba Gooding Jr. (Frank Sachs) , Shirley Knight (Beverly) , Jesse James (Spencer Connelly) , Yeardley Smith (Jackie Simpson) , Lupe Ontiveros (Nora Manning) , Skeet Ulrich (Vincent Lopiano) , Harold Ramis (Dr. Bettes) , Bibi Osterwald (Neighbor Woman) , Ross Bleckner (Carl) , Bernadette Balagtas (Caterer) , Jaffe Cohen (Partygoer) , Laurie Kilpatrick (Partygoer) , Alice Vaughn (Partygoer) , Brian Doyle-Murray (Handyman) , Kristi Zea (Mother at Table) , Annie Maginnis Tippe (Daughter at Table) , Patricia Childress (Cafe 24 Waitress) , Rebekah Johnson (Cafe 24 Waitress) , Missi Pyle (Cafe 24 Waitress) , Leslie Stefanson (Cafe 24 Waitress) , Tara Subkoff (Cafe 24 Waitress) , Shane Black (Cafe 24 Manager)

Directors: James L. Brooks

Writers: James L. Brooks, Mark Andrus

Tags: painter, single parent, waitress, restaurant, lone wolf, friendship, road trip, neighbor, author, obsessive compulsive disorder, cowardliness, writer, dog, rude, obnoxious, unlikely friendship, hospitalization, pets, mother son relationship, gay artist, lgbt interest, daily routine, romance novelist, child with illness

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Release Date: 1997-12-25

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Drama

“Jackie Brown” is a thrilling crime film released in 1997, starring an incredible cast including Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, and more. The story revolves around Jackie, a flight attendant who finds herself caught up in a dangerous situation when she gets involved in smuggling money for her gunrunner boss. With the cops on her tail, Jackie devises a clever plan, with the help of a bail bondsman, to keep the cash for herself. It’s a gripping tale of suspense and cunning that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Pam Grier (Jackie Brown) , Samuel L. Jackson (Ordell Robbie) , Robert De Niro (Louis Gara) , Bridget Fonda (Melanie Ralston) , Michael Keaton (Ray Nicolette) , Robert Forster (Max Cherry) , Michael Bowen (Mark Dargus) , Chris Tucker (Beaumont Livingston) , LisaGay Hamilton (Sheronda) , Tommy Lister Jr. (Winston) , Hattie Winston (Simone) , Sid Haig (Judge) , Aimee Graham (Amy – Billingsley Sales Girl) , Ellis E. Williams (Cockatoo Bartender) , Tangie Ambrose (Billingsley Sales Girl #2) , T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh (Raynelle – Ordell’s Junkie Friend) , Venessia Valentino (Cabo Flight Attendant) , Diana Uribe (Anita Lopez) , Renee Kelly (Cocktail Waitress) , Elizabeth McInerney (Bartender at Sam’s) , Colleen Mayne (Girl at Security Gate) , Laura Lovelace (Steakhouse Waitress) , Christine Lydon (Tec-9 Sidney – Chicks Who Love Guns) , Julia Ervin (Steyr AUG Cindy – Chicks Who Love Guns) , Juliet Long (AK-47 Gloria – Chicks Who Love Guns)

Directors: Quentin Tarantino

Writers: Quentin Tarantino, Elmore Leonard

Tags: based on novel or book, airport, arms deal, stewardess, police, heist, money, los angeles, california, drugs, ex-con, neo-noir

Funny Games

Funny Games

Release Date: 1997-09-11

Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller

“Funny Games” is a gripping thriller released in 1997 that follows the terrifying ordeal of a family held hostage by two deranged young men during their vacation. With a stellar cast including Ulrich Mühe, Susanne Lothar, and Arno Frisch, this intense film takes you on a rollercoaster ride as the family is forced to participate in sadistic games for the amusement of their captors. Brace yourself for a suspenseful and chilling experience!”

Cast: Ulrich Mühe (Georg) , Susanne Lothar (Anna) , Arno Frisch (Paul) , Frank Giering (Peter) , Stefan Clapczynski (Schorschi) , Doris Kunstmann (Gerda) , Christoph Bantzer (Fred) , Wolfgang Glück (Robert) , Susanne Meneghel (Gerdas Schwester) , Monika Zallinger (Eva)

Directors: Michael Haneke

Writers: Michael Haneke, Jessica Hausner

Tags: lake, sadism, hostage-taking, remote control, serial killer, psychological thriller, family holiday, golf club, torment, wealthy family, lake house

Men in Black

Men in Black

“Hey, have you heard of the movie ‘Men in Black’? It’s one of the best voted movies of 1997! It’s about a New York City cop who becomes a secret agent after a crazy police chase with an alien. He teams up with Agent Kay, played by Tommy Lee Jones, and together they have to stop an intergalactic terrorist from assassinating two ambassadors. It’s a hilarious and action-packed sci-fi flick starring Will Smith and Linda Fiorentino. You should definitely check it out!”

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) , Will Smith (James Edwards / Agent J) , Linda Fiorentino (Dr. Laurel Weaver / Agent L) , Vincent D’Onofrio (Edgar / The Bug) , Rip Torn (Chief Zed) , Tony Shalhoub (Jack Jeebs) , Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Beatrice) , Mike Nussbaum (Gentle Rosenburg the Arquillian Jeweler) , Jon Gries (Van driver) , Sergio Calderón (Jose) , Carel Struycken (Arquillian) , Fredric Lehne (INS agent Janus) , Richard Hamilton (Agent D) , Kent Faulcon (2nd Lt. Jake Jensen) , John Alexander (Mikey) , Keith Campbell (Perp) , Ken Thorley (Zap-Em Man) , Patrick Breen (Mr. Redgick) , Becky Ann Baker (Mrs. Redgick) , Sean Whalen (Passport Officer) , Harsh Nayyar (News Vendor) , Michael Willis (Cop in Morgue) , Willie C. Carpenter (Police Inspector) , Peter Linari (Tow Truck Driver) , David Cross (Morgue Attendant)

Directors: Barry Sonnenfeld

Writers: Ed Solomon, Lowell Cunningham

Tags: new york city, secret identity, undercover, space marine, illegal immigration, deportation, new identity, giant cockroach, cannon, flying saucer, stay permit, superhero, based on comic, alien, buddy cop, fictional government agency

Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet

Release Date: 1997-09-12

Genres: Adventure, Drama, History

“Seven Years in Tibet” is a captivating movie released in 1997 that tells the story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountaineer who embarks on a Himalayan expedition in 1939. However, his journey takes an unexpected turn when he becomes a prisoner of war during World War II. Escaping with a fellow detainee, Harrer finds himself in Tibet, where he forms a life-changing friendship with the 14-year-old Dalai Lama. Starring Brad Pitt and an ensemble cast, this film offers a powerful narrative that explores the transformative power of friendship and the impact of extraordinary circumstances on one’s outlook on life.

Cast: Brad Pitt (Heinrich Harrer) , Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk (Dalai Lama, 14 Years Old) , David Thewlis (Peter Aufschnaiter) , BD Wong (Ngawang Jigme) , Mako (Kungo Tsarong) , Lhakpa Tsamchoe (Pema Lhaki) , Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė (Ingrid Harrer) , Duncan Fraser (British Officer) , Danny Denzongpa (Regent) , Victor Wong (Chinese ‘Amban’) , Jetsun Pema (Great Mother) , Ama Ashe Dongtse (Tashi) , Sonam Wangchuk (Dalai Lama, 8 Years Old) , Dorjee Tsering (Dalai Lama, 4 Years Old) , Ric Young (General Chang Jing Wu) , Ngawang Chojor (Lord Chamberlain (as Ven. Ngawang Chojor)) , Benedick Blythe (Nazi Official) , Tom Raudaschl (Lutz Chicken) , Wolfgang Tonninger (Hans Lobenhoffer) , Samdup Dhargyal (The Garpon) , Chemchok (Garpon’s Agent) , Tenzin Jangchub (Declaration Monk Official (as Ven. Tenzin Jangschub)) , Angphurba Sherpa (Tibetan General (as Major Angphurba Sherpa)) , Tsering Wangdue (Burly Guide) , Yama Ngudup Cheshatsang (Burly Guide)

Directors: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Writers: Heinrich Harrer, Becky Johnston

Tags: buddhism, himalaya mountain range, austria, mountain, buddhist monk, world war ii, prisoner of war, monsoon, tibet, dalai lama, mountaineer, lhasa, wedding, based on memoir or autobiography, people’s liberation army



Release Date: 1997-09-27

Genres: Drama

“Lolita” is a 1997 movie starring Jeremy Irons, Dominique Swain, and Melanie Griffith. It tells the story of an urbane professor named Humbert Humbert who marries a New England widow to be close to her young and alluring daughter. Released on September 27, 1997, this film made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year.

Cast: Jeremy Irons (Humbert Humbert) , Dominique Swain (Dolores “Lolita” Haze) , Melanie Griffith (Charlotte Haze) , Frank Langella (Clare Quilty) , Suzanne Shepherd (Miss Pratt) , Keith Reddin (Reverend Rigger) , Erin J. Dean (Mona) , Joan Glover (Miss LaBone) , Pat Perkins (Louise) , Ed Grady (Dr. Melinik) , Angela Paton (Mrs. Holmes) , Michael Goodwin (Mr. Beale) , Ben Silverstone (Young Humbert Humbert) , Emma Griffiths Malin (Annabel Lee) , Ronald Pickup (Young Humbert’s Father)

Directors: Adrian Lyne

Writers: Vladimir Nabokov, Stephen Schiff

Tags: based on novel or book, jealousy, obsession, blackmail, professor, lolita, seduction, police, road trip, love, murder, teacher, older man younger woman relationship, lust, desire, illness, underage, voyeurism, flirtation, virginity, sex with a minor

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