Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 2005: Ranked by Votes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a cinematic journey back to 2005! A year that gifted us with a treasure trove of unforgettable movies, from heart-stopping thrillers to tear-jerking dramas, and from laugh-out-loud comedies to mind-bending sci-fi. But which of these cinematic gems truly captured the hearts of moviegoers? Which films left an indelible mark, and more importantly, which ones are still worth a watch (or re-watch) today? Fear not, dear reader, for we have the answers! We’ve crunched the numbers, tallied the votes, and are ready to roll out the red carpet for the “Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 2005: Ranked by Votes!” So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The show is about to begin!
Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice

Release Date: 2005-09-16

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Pride & Prejudice” is a captivating period drama set in the Georgian era, focusing on the lives of the English gentry. The story revolves around Mr. Bennet and his five daughters, whose future happiness and security depend on finding suitable husbands. With a stellar cast including Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, and Donald Sutherland, this enchanting film takes you on a journey of love, societal expectations, and the pursuit of happiness. Released on September 16, 2005, it’s no wonder this movie made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year.

Cast: Keira Knightley (Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet) , Matthew Macfadyen (Fitzwilliam Darcy) , Brenda Blethyn (Mrs. Bennet) , Donald Sutherland (Mr. Bennet) , Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennet) , Jena Malone (Lydia Bennet) , Carey Mulligan (Catherine “Kitty” Bennet) , Talulah Riley (Mary Bennet) , Tom Hollander (William Collins) , Simon Woods (Charles Bingley) , Judi Dench (Catherine de Bourgh) , Claudie Blakley (Charlotte Lucas) , Peter Wight (Mr. Gardiner) , Penelope Wilton (Mrs. Gardiner) , Kelly Reilly (Caroline Bingley) , Rupert Friend (George Wickham) , Sylvester Morand (Sir William Lucas) , Pip Torrens (Netherfield Butler) , Janet Whiteside (Mrs. Hill) , Sinead Matthews (Betsy) , Roy Holder (Mr. Hill) , Jay Simpson (Meryton Milliner) , Rosamund Stephen (Miss de Bourg) , Samantha Bloom (Rosings Governess) , Cornelius Booth (Colonel Fitzwilliam)

Directors: Joe Wright

Writers: Jane Austen, Deborah Moggach

Tags: england, based on novel or book, bachelor, family relationships, prejudice, suitor, period drama, pride, 18th century, opposites attract, gentleman, georgian or regency era, 1790s, sisters

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

Release Date: 2005-09-10

Genres: Drama, Romance

“Brokeback Mountain” is a heartfelt and poignant movie released in 2005. Starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, it tells the story of two cowboys, Jack and Ennis, who find themselves falling in love while working as sheepherders in Wyoming. Despite marrying other people, their complicated and passionate relationship endures for two decades, making this film a powerful exploration of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations.

Cast: Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) , Jake Gyllenhaal (Jack Twist) , Michelle Williams (Alma Beers) , Anne Hathaway (Lureen Newsome) , Randy Quaid (Joe Aguirre) , Linda Cardellini (Cassie Cartwright) , Anna Faris (Lashawn Malone) , David Harbour (Randall Malone) , Roberta Maxwell (Mrs. Twist) , Kate Mara (Alma Del Mar Jr. (age 19)) , Peter McRobbie (John Twist) , Graham Beckel (L.D. Newsome) , Mary Liboiron (Fayette Newsome) , Scott Michael Campbell (Monroe) , Marty Antonini (Timmy) , David Trimble (Basque) , Larry Reese (Jolly Minister) , Valerie Planche (Waitress) , Víctor Reyes (Chilean Sheepherder #1) , Lachlan Mackintosh (Chilean Sheepherder #2) , Tom Carey (Rodeo Clown) , Don Bland (Biker #1) , Steven Cree Molison (Biker #2) , Duval Lang (Announcer) , Dan McDougall (Bartender #1)

Directors: Ang Lee

Writers: Diana Ossana, Annie Proulx, Larry McMurtry

Tags: countryside, homophobia, wyoming, usa, intolerance, marriage crisis, secret love, in the closet, summer, cowboy, lgbt, star crossed lovers, 1960s, closeted homosexual, gay romance, gay theme, gay relationship

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Release Date: 2005-06-10

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

“Batman Begins” is a thrilling superhero movie released on June 10, 2005. Starring Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, and an incredible ensemble cast, it tells the story of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who, driven by tragedy, transforms himself into the iconic Batman to fight against the corruption plaguing Gotham City. With a captivating plot and a stellar cast, this film is a must-watch for any fan of the superhero genre.

Cast: Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne / Batman) , Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard / Ra’s al Ghul) , Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes) , Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth) , Gary Oldman (James Gordon) , Cillian Murphy (Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow) , Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) , Tom Wilkinson (Carmine “The Roman” Falcone) , Mark Boone Junior (Arnold Flass) , Linus Roache (Thomas Wayne) , Ken Watanabe (Decoy Ra’s al Ghul) , Rutger Hauer (William Earle) , Gus Lewis (Bruce Wayne (Age 8)) , Emma Lockhart (Rachel Dawes (Age 8)) , Larry Holden (Carl Finch) , Colin McFarlane (Gillian B. Loeb) , Christine Adams (Jessica) , Vincent Wong (Old Asian Prisoner) , Sara Stewart (Martha Wayne) , Richard Brake (Joe Chill) , Gerard Murphy (Judge Faden) , Charles Edwards (Wayne Enterprises Executive) , Tim Booth (Victor Zsaz) , Rade Šerbedžija (Homeless Man) , Risteard Cooper (Captain Simonson)

Directors: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, Bob Kane

Tags: loss of loved one, martial arts, crime fighter, secret identity, undercover, vigilante, superhero, based on comic, rivalry, tragic hero, ninja, super power, haunted by the past, evil doctor, master villain, unfulfilled love

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha

Release Date: 2005-12-06

Genres: Drama, Romance, History

“Memoirs of a Geisha” is a captivating romantic drama that takes us back to pre-World War II Japan. The story revolves around a young Japanese girl who is forced to leave her family and work as a maid in a geisha house. With a star-studded cast including Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, and Michelle Yeoh, this film beautifully portrays the struggles and triumphs of a penniless girl in a mesmerizing setting. Released in 2005, it’s definitely a must-watch for fans of historical epics.

Cast: Zhang Ziyi (Sayuri) , Gong Li (Hatsumomo) , Michelle Yeoh (Mameha) , Ken Watanabe (Chairman) , Suzuka Ohgo (Chiyo) , Kaori Momoi (Mother) , Koji Yakusho (Nobu) , Youki Kudoh (Pumpkin) , Togo Igawa (Tanaka) , Mako (Sakamoto) , Samantha Futerman (Satsu) , Elizabeth Sung (Sakamoto’s Wife) , Thomas Ikeda (Mr. Bekku) , Tsai Chin (Auntie) , Zoe Weizenbaum (Young Pumpkin) , David Okihiro (Shamisen Teacher) , Miyako Tachibana (Dance Teacher) , Kotoko Kawamura (Granny) , Karl Yune (Koichi) , Eugenia Yuan (Korin) , Yōko Narahashi (Mameha’s Maid) , Kenneth Tsang (The General) , Navia Nguyen (Izuko – Geisha in Green) , Natsuo Tomita (Geisha in Lavender) , Fumi Akutagawa (Yukimoto Teahouse Matron)

Directors: Rob Marshall

Writers: Robin Swicord, Arthur Golden

Tags: japan, sibling relationship, prostitute, mentor, brothel, world war ii, geisha, secret love, loss of virginity, period drama, kimono, sumo, kyoto, japan, 1920s, 1940s, 1930s, student mentor relationship, loss of sister, loss of parents

Coach Carter

Coach Carter

Release Date: 2005-01-14

Genres: Drama, History

“Coach Carter” is a captivating sports drama based on a true story that took place in 1999. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, the movie follows the inspiring journey of a high school basketball coach who made headlines by benching his undefeated team due to their poor academic performance. Released in 2005, this film showcases the importance of education and determination in the face of adversity.

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson (Ken Carter) , Rob Brown (Kenyon Stone) , Robert Ri’chard (Damien Carter) , Rick Gonzalez (Timo Cruz) , Nana Gbewonyo (Junior Battle) , Antwon Tanner (Worm) , Channing Tatum (Jason Lyle) , Ashanti (Kyra) , Texas Battle (Maddux) , Lacey Beeman (Susan) , Octavia Spencer (Mrs. Battle) , Allison Kyler (Dancer) , Cindy Chiu (Bay Hill Cheerleader) , Adrienne Bailon-Houghton (Dominique) , Dana Davis (Peyton) , Sonya Eddy (Worm’s Mother) , Debbi Morgan (Tonya) , Mel Winkler (Coach White) , Paul Rae (Guardian) , Ray Baker (St. Francis Coach) , Roger Lim (Benson Chiu (uncredited)) , Vincent Laresca (Renny) , Sidney Faison (Ty Crane) , Marc McClure (Susan’s Dad) , Jenny Gago (President Martinez)

Directors: Thomas Carter

Writers: Mark Schwahn, John Gatins

Tags: black people, authoritarian education, sports, high school, scholarship, basketball, violence in schools, teacher, teachers and students

Lady Vengeance

Lady Vengeance

Release Date: 2005-07-29

Genres: Drama, Thriller

“Lady Vengeance” is a gripping revenge thriller released in 2005. After being wrongly imprisoned for 13 years, a determined woman sets out to meticulously execute her plan for retribution. Starring Lee Young-ae and Choi Min-sik, this intense film will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cast: Lee Young-ae (Lee Geum-ja) , Choi Min-sik (Mr. Baek) , Kwon Yea-young (Jenny) , Kim Shi-hoo (Geun-shik) , Nam Il-woo (Detective Choi) , Kim Byeong-ok (Preacher) , Oh Dal-su (Mr. Chang) , Lee Seung-shin (Park Yi-jeong) , Kim Bu-seon (Woo So-young) , Ra Mi-ran (Oh Su-hee) , Koh Soo-hee (Ma-nyeo) , Seo Young-ju (Kim Yang-hee) , Kim Jin-goo (Ko Sun-sook) , Kim Ik-tae (Won-mo’s Father) , Lee Yeong-mi (Won-mo’s Mother) , Jang Jeong-ae (Se-hyun’s sister) , Choi Jung-woo (Dong-hwa’s Father) , Park Myung-shin (Dong-hwa’s Mother) , Lee Yong-nyeo (Jae-kyung’s Mother) , Kim Chun-gi (Jae-kyung’s Father) , Won Mi-won (Eun-ju’s Grandmother) , Oh Gwang-rok (Se-hyun’s Father) , Lee Dae-yeon (Prison Head) , Lim Su-kyung (Prison Officer) , Han Jae-duk (Prison Officer)

Directors: Park Chan-wook

Writers: Park Chan-wook, Chung Seo-kyung

Tags: prison, women’s prison, revenge, vengeance, waiting for revenge

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man

Release Date: 2005-06-02

Genres: Romance, Drama, History

“Cinderella Man” is a heartwarming and inspiring movie based on the true story of boxer Jim Braddock. Set in the 1920s, it follows Braddock’s unexpected comeback in the ring to lift his family out of poverty. With a stellar cast including Russell Crowe, Renée Zellweger, and Paul Giamatti, this film is a must-watch for anyone seeking a tale of determination and triumph. Released on June 2, 2005, it’s one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Russell Crowe (Jim Braddock) , Renée Zellweger (Mae Braddock) , Paul Giamatti (Joe Gould) , Craig Bierko (Max Baer) , Paddy Considine (Mike Wilson) , Bruce McGill (Jimmy Johnston) , David Huband (Ford Bond) , Connor Price (Jay Braddock) , Ariel Waller (Rosemarie Braddock) , Patrick Louis (Howard Braddock) , Rosemarie DeWitt (Sara) , Linda Kash (Lucille Gould) , Nicholas Campbell (Sporty Lewis) , Gene Pyrz (Jake) , Chuck Shamata (Father Rorick) , Ron Canada (Joe Jeanette) , Alicia Johnston (Alice) , Troy Amos-Ross (John Henry Lewis) , Mark Simmons (Art Lasky) , Art Binkowski (Corn Griffin) , David Litzinger (Abe Feldman) , Matthew G. Taylor (Primo Carnera) , Rance Howard (Announcer Al Fazin) , James Ritz (Official (Griffin / Baer Fight)) , Fulvio Cecere (Referee McAvoy)

Directors: Ron Howard

Writers: Akiva Goldsman, Cliff Hollingsworth

Tags: transporter, netherlands, world cup, socially deprived family, family’s daily life, boxer, comeback, training, heavy weight, folk hero, biography, daughter, defeat, sports, boxing

Walk the Line

Walk the Line

Release Date: 2005-09-13

Genres: Drama, Music, Romance

“Walk the Line” is a captivating biographical film released in 2005 that chronicles the remarkable life of country music legend Johnny Cash. Set against the backdrop of an Arkansas cotton farm, the movie takes us on a journey through Cash’s rise to fame, as he records alongside iconic musicians like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. With an incredible cast including Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, this movie is a must-watch for music enthusiasts and fans of inspiring true stories.

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (John R. Cash) , Reese Witherspoon (June Carter) , Ginnifer Goodwin (Vivian Cash) , Robert Patrick (Ray Cash) , Dallas Roberts (Sam Phillips) , Dan John Miller (Luther Perkins) , Larry Bagby (Marshall Grant) , Shelby Lynne (Carrie Cash) , Tyler Hilton (Elvis Presley) , Waylon Payne (Jerry Lee Lewis) , Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jennings) , Sandra Ellis Lafferty (Maybelle Carter) , Dan Beene (Ezra Carter) , Clay Steakley (W.S. “Fluke” Holland) , Johnathan Rice (Roy Orbison) , Johnny Holiday (Carl Perkins) , Ridge Canipe (Young J.R.) , Lucas Till (Young Jack Cash) , Carly Nahon (Young Reba Cash) , McGhee Monteith (Reba Cash) , Wyatt Entrekin (Tommy Cash (5)) , Hailey Anne Nelson (Roseanne Cash) , Kerris Dorsey (Kathy Cash) , Delaney Keefe (Cindy Cash) , Victoria Hester (Carlene Carter)

Directors: James Mangold

Writers: James Mangold, Gill Dennis, Johnny Cash

Tags: germany, prison, music record, adultery, loss of loved one, country music, guitar, concert, marriage, single, johnny cash, accident, 1960s, biographical

Sin City

Sin City

Release Date: 2005-04-01

Genres: Thriller, Action, Crime

“Sin City” is a thrilling and gritty film that takes place in a corrupt and dark town. With an all-star cast including Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Clive Owen, the movie follows a group of unlikely heroes as they navigate through a city filled with crooked cops, sexy dames, and desperate vigilantes. Released in 2005, this action-packed film offers a unique blend of revenge, redemption, and a touch of both, making it a must-watch for fans of hard-boiled crime stories.

Cast: Bruce Willis (Det. John Hartigan) , Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan) , Clive Owen (Dwight McCarthy) , Mickey Rourke (Marv) , Rutger Hauer (Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark) , Benicio del Toro (Det. Lt. Jack “Jackie Boy” Rafferty) , Alexis Bledel (Becky) , Michael Madsen (Bob) , Powers Boothe (Senator Roark) , Nick Stahl (Roark Jr./The Yellow Bastard) , Devon Aoki (Miho) , Michael Clarke Duncan (Manute) , Rosario Dawson (Gail) , Carla Gugino (Lucille) , Josh Hartnett (The Salesman) , Jaime King (Goldie/Wendy) , Brittany Murphy (Shellie) , Elijah Wood (Kevin) , Jude Ciccolella (Liebowitz) , Jeffrey J. Dashnaw (Motorcycle Cop) , Jesse De Luna (Corporal Rivera) , Jason Douglas (Hitman) , Tommy Flanagan (Brian) , Rick Gomez (Douglas Klump) , David H. Hickey (Juicer)

Directors: Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller

Writers: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller

Tags: dystopia, based on comic, held captive, based on graphic novel, mysterious killer, doing the right thing, silhouette, neo-noir, short stories

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

“Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” is a thrilling sci-fi movie released in 2005. Set in a galaxy far, far away, it follows the story of Anakin Skywalker, a heroic Jedi who faces a difficult choice when the evil Darth Sidious unveils his plan for ultimate power. With an incredible cast including Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, and Samuel L. Jackson, this movie is a must-watch for any Star Wars fan.

Cast: Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader) , Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) , Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) , Ian McDiarmid (Chancellor Palpatine / Darth Sidious) , Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) , Jimmy Smits (Senator Bail Organa) , Frank Oz (Yoda (voice)) , Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) , Christopher Lee (Count Dooku) , Keisha Castle-Hughes (Queen of Naboo) , Silas Carson (Nute Gunray / Ki-Adi Mundi) , Jay Laga’aia (Captain Typho) , Bruce Spence (Tion Medon) , Wayne Pygram (Governor Tarkin) , Temuera Morrison (Commander Cody) , David Bowers (Mas Amedda) , Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble) , Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) , Rohan Nichol (Captain Antilles) , Jeremy Bulloch (Captain Colton) , Amanda Lucas (Terr Taneel) , Kenny Baker (R2-D2) , Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) , Rebecca Jackson Mendoza (Queen of Alderaan) , Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars)

Directors: George Lucas

Writers: George Lucas

Tags: showdown, vision, cult figure, hatred, dream sequence, expectant mother, space opera, chancel



“Serenity” is a thrilling sci-fi film released in 2005 that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring a talented cast including Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, and Gina Torres, the movie follows the renegade crew of the spaceship Serenity as they find themselves caught in a high-stakes battle between a totalitarian regime and deadly creatures lurking in uncharted space. With an intense plot and a potential threat onboard their own ship, this action-packed adventure is a must-watch for any sci-fi enthusiast.

Cast: Nathan Fillion (Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds) , Summer Glau (River Tam) , Gina Torres (Zoë Alleyne Washburne) , Alan Tudyk (Hoban “Wash” Washburne) , Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra) , Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb) , Jewel Staite (Kaywinnet Lee “Kaylee” Frye) , Sean Maher (Simon Tam) , Ron Glass (Shepherd Derrial Book) , Chiwetel Ejiofor (The Operative) , David Krumholtz (Mr. Universe) , Michael Hitchcock (Dr. Mathias) , Sarah Paulson (Dr. Caron) , Yan Feldman (Mingojerry “Mingo” Rample) , Rafael Feldman (Fantastic “Fanty” Rample) , Nectar Rose (Lenore) , Tamara Taylor (Teacher) , Glenn Howerton (Lilac Young Tough) , Hunter Ansley Wryn (Young River Tam) , Logan O’Brien (Boy Student) , Erik Erotas (Boy Student) , Demetra Raven (Girl Student) , Marley McClean (Girl Student) , Jessica Huang (Girl Student) , Scott Kinworthy (Ensign)

Directors: Joss Whedon

Writers: Joss Whedon

Tags: martial arts, telepathy, spacecraft, dystopia, fugitive, space western, planet, cannibal, space opera, operative, ex soldier, firefly, browncoat

Match Point

Match Point

Release Date: 2005-10-26

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance

“Match Point” is a gripping 2005 movie starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson. It follows the story of Chris, a former tennis player who becomes an instructor and gets entangled in a complex love triangle with Tom Hewett’s sister Chloe and his fiancée Nola. With a stellar cast and a release date of October 26, 2005, this film is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of intense romantic dramas.

Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Chris Wilton) , Scarlett Johansson (Nola Rice) , Emily Mortimer (Chloe Hewett Wilton) , Brian Cox (Alec Hewett) , Penelope Wilton (Eleanor Hewett) , James Nesbitt (Detective Banner) , Ewen Bremner (Inspector Dowd) , Miranda Raison (Heather) , Margaret Tyzack (Mrs. Eastby) , Rupert Penry-Jones (Henry) , Toby Kebbell (Policeman) , Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Townsend) , Matthew Goode (Tom Hewett) , Paul Kaye (Estate Agent) , Mark Gatiss (Ping-Pong Player) , Simon Kunz (Rod Carver) , Geoffrey Streatfeild (Alan Sinclair) , John Fortune (John the Chauffeur) , Anthony O’Donnell (Custodian) , Rose Keegan (Carol) , Zoe Telford (Samantha) , Scott Handy (Hewetts’ Friend) , Selina Cadell (Margaret) , Georgina Chapman (Nola’s Co-Worker) , Colin Salmon (Ian)

Directors: Woody Allen

Writers: Woody Allen

Tags: love triangle, london, england, upper class, adultery, tennis, river thames, sports, love, wealth, lust, gold digger, instructor, social climbing

Lord of War

Lord of War

Release Date: 2005-09-16

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“Lord of War” is a thrilling 2005 movie that follows the life of Yuri Orlov, a daring arms dealer who navigates dangerous war zones while trying to outsmart Interpol agents, rival businessmen, and even his own customers, including notorious dictators. Starring Nicolas Cage, Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto, and Ethan Hawke, this action-packed film will keep you on the edge of your seat as Yuri battles with his conscience and the consequences of his choices. Released on September 16, 2005, it’s definitely one of the best movies of that year!

Cast: Nicolas Cage (Yuri Orlov) , Bridget Moynahan (Ava Fontaine Orlov) , Jared Leto (Vitaly Orlov) , Ethan Hawke (Jack Valentine) , Eamonn Walker (Andre Baptiste Sr.) , Ian Holm (Simeon Weisz) , Sammi Rotibi (Andre Baptiste Jr.) , Tanit Phoenix (Candy) , Shake Tukhmanyan (Irina Orlov) , Jared Burke (Ukrainian Mobster) , David Shumbris (Ukrainian Mobster) , Weston Cage Coppola (Vladimir) , Jeremy Crutchley (Arms Fair Salesman) , Jean-Pierre Nshanian (Anatoly Orlov) , Eric Uys (Ukrainian Mobster) , Stewart Morgan (Ukrainian Mobster) , Jasper Lenz (Gregor) , Kobus Marx (Boris) , Stephan De Abreu (Liev) , Stephen Gregor (Eli Kurtzman) , Tanya Finch (Ingrid) , Lize Jooste (Natasha) , Yaseen Abdullah (Lebanese Customer) , Donald Sutherland (Colonel Oliver Southern (voice)) , David Harman (Colonel Oliver Southern)

Directors: Andrew Niccol

Writers: Andrew Niccol

Tags: new york city, civil war, dictator, hotel, drug addiction, cold war, cocaine, warlord, arms dealer, interpol, car bomb, based on true story, prostitution, liberia

Green Street Hooligans

Green Street Hooligans

Release Date: 2005-09-09

Genres: Crime, Drama

“Green Street Hooligans” is a gripping 2005 movie that made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year. Starring Elijah Wood, Claire Forlani, and Charlie Hunnam, the film follows the journey of American student Matt Buckner, who finds himself immersed in the dangerous world of British football hooliganism after being expelled from Harvard. With a backdrop of loyalty, trust, and the consequences of living on the edge, this thrilling story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Cast: Elijah Wood (Matt Buckner) , Claire Forlani (Shannon Dunham) , Charlie Hunnam (Pete Dunham) , Ross McCall (Dave Bjorno) , Leo Gregory (Bovver) , Marc Warren (Steve Dunham) , Rafe Spall (Swill) , Kieran Bew (Ike) , Geoff Bell (Tommy Hatcher) , Henry Goodman (Carl Buckner) , Francis Pope (Ned) , Christopher Hehir (Keith) , Terence Jay (Jeremy Van Holden) , David Alexander (Nigel) , Oliver Allison (Ben Dunham) , James Allison (Ben Dunham) , Joel Beckett (Terry) , Scott Christie (Ricky) , David Carr (Clives) , Jacob Gaffney (Todd) , Jamie Kenna (Big Marc) , Johnny Palmiero (Garry)

Directors: Lexi Alexander

Writers: Lexi Alexander, Dougie Brimson, Josh Shelov

Tags: london, england, harvard university, sports, hooligan, revenge, football (soccer), cruelty, american, brutality, reputation, woman director, bar fight, firm



Release Date: 2005-05-06

Genres: Drama

“Crash” is a gripping drama set in post-Sept. 11 Los Angeles, where the lives of various individuals from different backgrounds collide over a 36-hour period. With an incredible ensemble cast including Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, and more, this thought-provoking film explores the tensions and complexities of race, class, and prejudice in a city on edge. Released in 2005, it’s no wonder this movie made it to the list of the 20 Best Voted Movies of that year.

Cast: Sandra Bullock (Jean Cabot) , Don Cheadle (Det. Graham Waters) , Matt Dillon (Officer John Ryan) , Michael Peña (Daniel) , Jennifer Esposito (Ria) , Brendan Fraser (Rick Cabot) , Nona Gaye (Karen) , Terrence Howard (Cameron Thayer) , Ludacris (Anthony) , Thandiwe Newton (Christine Thayer) , Ashlyn Sanchez (Lara) , Marina Sirtis (Shereen) , Larenz Tate (Peter Waters) , Beverly Todd (Graham’s Mother) , Kathleen York (Officer Johnson) , Keith David (Lt. Dixon) , William Fichtner (Flanagan) , Daniel Dae Kim (Park) , Ryan Phillippe (Officer Tom Hansen) , Karina Arroyave (Elizabeth) , Dato Bakhtadze (Lucien) , Art Chudabala (Ken Ho) , Tony Danza (Fred) , Loretta Devine (Shaniqua Johnson) , Ime Etuk (Georgie)

Directors: Paul Haggis

Writers: Paul Haggis, Bobby Moresco, Jonathan Woods

Tags: race politics, daughter, installer, police, fall, car crash, racism, los angeles, california, bigotry, social services, collision

Thank You for Smoking

Thank You for Smoking

Release Date: 2005-09-09

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Thank You for Smoking” is a 2005 movie that tells the story of Nick Naylor, a charismatic spin-doctor for Big Tobacco. Despite the health risks, Nick fights to protect America’s right to smoke, all while trying to be a role model for his 12-year old son. When a senator sets out to ban cigarettes, Nick’s ability to manipulate the truth is put to the ultimate test. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, and a talented ensemble cast, this film was released on September 9, 2005, and is one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Aaron Eckhart (Nick Naylor) , Maria Bello (Polly Bailey) , Cameron Bright (Joey Naylor) , Adam Brody (Jack) , Sam Elliott (Lorne Lutch) , Katie Holmes (Heather Holloway) , Rob Lowe (Jeff Megall) , William H. Macy (Senator Ortolan Finistirre) , Robert Duvall (The Captain) , David Koechner (Bobby Jay Bliss) , J.K. Simmons (BR) , Kim Dickens (Jill Naylor) , Connie Ray (Pearl) , Joan Lunden (Joan Lunden) , Mary Jo Smith (Sue Maclean) , Todd Louiso (Ron Goode) , Jeff Witzke (Kidnapper) , Marianne Muellerleile (Teacher) , Jordan Garrett (Kid #2) , Courtney Taylor Burness (Kid #3) , Daniel Travis (Brad) , Richard Speight Jr. (Trainee) , Renée Graham (Tiffany) , Timothy Dowling (EGO Assistant) , Dennis Miller (Dennis Miller)

Directors: Jason Reitman

Writers: Jason Reitman, Christopher Buckley

Tags: capitalism, based on novel or book, smoking, lie, cigarette, research, health, marketing, politics, politician, tobacco, morality, social satire, advertising, lung cancer, lobbyist, tobacco industry, nicotine, father son relationship

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Release Date: 2005-09-05

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is a thrilling and hilarious movie released in 2005. It follows a small-time thief who pretends to be an actor and gets caught up in a murder investigation in Los Angeles. With an all-star cast including Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan, this film is a must-watch for its witty dialogue, unexpected twists, and a touch of romance.”

Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (Harry Lockhart) , Val Kilmer (Gay Perry) , Michelle Monaghan (Harmony Faith Lane) , Corbin Bernsen (Harlan Dexter) , Dash Mihok (Mr. Frying Pan) , Larry Miller (Dabney Shaw) , Rockmond Dunbar (Mr. Fire) , Shannyn Sossamon (Pink Hair Girl) , Angela Lindvall (Flicka) , Indio Falconer Downey (Harry Age 9) , Ariel Winter (Harmony Age 7) , Duane Carnahan (Chainsaw Kid) , Josh Richman (Rickie) , Martha Hackett (Pistol Woman) , Nancy Fish (NY Casting Woman) , Bill McAdams Jr. (N.Y. Cop) , Tanja Reichert (B-Movie Actress) , Jake McKinnon (Creature) , Stephanie Pearson (Teen Harmony) , Christopher Gilman (Protocop) , Brendan Fehily (Local News Reporter) , David Newsom (Agent Type) , Judie Aronson (Gift Bag Girl) , Ali Hillis (Marleah) , Wiley M. Pickett (Homicide Cop)

Directors: Shane Black

Writers: Shane Black, Brett Halliday

Tags: detective, loser, thief, crush, whodunit, los angeles, california, series of murders, hoodlum, female corpse, neo-noir, christmas

A History of Violence

A History of Violence

Release Date: 2005-09-23

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime

“A History of Violence” is a gripping thriller released in 2005 that tells the story of an ordinary family whose lives take an unexpected turn when the father is forced to defend himself by committing a murder at his diner. Starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, and William Hurt, this movie explores the consequences and the spotlight that follows their actions. It’s definitely one of the best voted movies of 2005!

Cast: Viggo Mortensen (Tom Stall) , Maria Bello (Edie Stall) , Ed Harris (Carl Fogarty) , William Hurt (Richie Cusack) , Ashton Holmes (Jack Stall) , Peter MacNeill (Sheriff Sam Carney) , Heidi Hayes (Sarah Stall) , Stephen McHattie (Leland) , Greg Bryk (Billy) , Kyle Schmid (Bobby) , Sumela Kay (Judy Danvers) , Gerry Quigley (Mick) , Deborah Drakeford (Charlotte) , Bill MacDonald (Frank Mulligan) , Aidan Devine (Charlie Roarke) , Morgan Kelly (Bobby’s Buddy) , Ian Matthews (Ruben) , Jason Barbeck (Richie’s Thug) , Bruce Beaton (Richie’s Thug) , Neven Pajkic (Richie’s Thug)

Directors: David Cronenberg

Writers: Josh Olson, John Wagner, Vince Locke

Tags: robbery, double life, dual identity, small town, indiana, usa, distrust, fight, self-defense, marriage, based on comic, revenge, family relationships, mistaken identity, diner, lawyer, mobster, attempted robbery, based on graphic novel



Release Date: 2005-12-23

Genres: Drama, Action, History, Thriller

“Munich” is a gripping historical drama released on December 23, 2005. Set during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, it tells the intense story of a group of Mossad agents who are tasked with hunting down and eliminating the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the tragic hostage-taking and murder of eleven Israeli athletes. Starring Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, and Geoffrey Rush, this film offers a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of the complex world of espionage and revenge.

Cast: Eric Bana (Avner) , Daniel Craig (Steve) , Ciarán Hinds (Carl) , Mathieu Kassovitz (Robert) , Hanns Zischler (Hans) , Ayelet Zurer (Daphna) , Geoffrey Rush (Ephraim) , Gila Almagor (Avner’s Mother) , Michael Lonsdale (Papa) , Mathieu Amalric (Louis) , Moritz Bleibtreu (Andreas) , Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Sylvie) , Meret Becker (Yvonne) , Marie-Josée Croze (Jeanette the Dutch Assassin) , Yvan Attal (Tony) , Ami Weinberg (General Zamir) , Lynn Cohen (Golda Meir) , Amos Lavi (General Yariv) , Moshe Ivgy (Mike Harari) , Raffi Tavor (Minister) , Sharon Alexander (General Nadev) , Samuel Calderon (General Hofi) , Oded Teomi (Mossad Accountant) , Igal Naor (Mahmoud Hamshari) , Mostefa Djadjam (Hussein Abad Al-Chir)

Directors: Steven Spielberg

Writers: Eric Roth, Tony Kushner, George Jonas

Tags: paris, france, assassination, israel, hotel room, terrorist, 1970s, hostage, intelligence, olympic games, munich, germany, mossad, ailul al aswad, plo terrorist group, bomb constructor, baader-meinhof group, olympian village, revenge, terrorist group



Release Date: 2005-02-08

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Horror

“Constantine” is a thrilling supernatural film released in 2005. Starring Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, and more talented actors, it follows the story of John Constantine, a man who has journeyed to Hell and back. When he joins forces with a policewoman to investigate her twin sister’s mysterious suicide, they uncover a hidden world of demons and angels lurking beneath the modern streets of Los Angeles. Get ready for a gripping adventure filled with supernatural twists and turns!

Cast: Keanu Reeves (John Constantine) , Rachel Weisz (Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson) , Shia LaBeouf (Chas Kramer) , Djimon Hounsou (Midnite) , Max Baker (Beeman) , Pruitt Taylor Vince (Father Hennessy) , Gavin Rossdale (Balthazar) , Tilda Swinton (Gabriel) , Peter Stormare (Lucifer) , Jesse Ramirez (Scavenger) , José Zúñiga (Detective Weiss) , April Grace (Dr. Leslie Archer) , Larry Cedar (Vermin Man) , Francis Guinan (Father Garret) , Suzanne Whang (Mother) , Jhoanna Trias (Possessed Girl) , Alice Lo (Old Woman) , Nicholas Downs (Church Attendant) , Tanoai Reed (Midnite Bouncer) , Quinn Buniel (10 Year-Old Constantine) , Ann Ryerson (Old Woman on Bus) , Stephanie Fabian (Molly’s Server) , Connor Dylan Wryn (Teenage Constantine) , Laz Alonso (Morgue Security Guard) , Jeremy Ray Valdez (Liquor Store Clerk Nico)

Directors: Francis Lawrence

Writers: Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis, Kevin Brodbin, Frank A. Cappello, Alan Moore, Enfys Dickinson

Tags: christianity, angel, confession, self sacrifice, exorcism, archangel gabriel, holy water, supernatural, superhero, based on comic, lucifer, redemption, demon, occult, aftercreditsstinger, mysticism, supernatural power, good versus evil

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