Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 2006: Audience Picks Revealed!

Roll out the red carpet and grab your popcorn, because we’re about to take a cinematic journey back to 2006! A year that gifted us with an eclectic mix of movies that made us laugh, cry, and clutch the edge of our seats. From heart-wrenching dramas to adrenaline-pumping action flicks, 2006 had it all. But which films truly captured the hearts of audiences? Which ones had us queuing up at the box office, eager for a second or even third viewing? Well, wonder no more! We’ve dusted off the archives and tallied up the votes to bring you the definitive list of the Top 20 Fan-Favorite Movies of 2006. So, sit back, relax, and let’s rewind to a year of unforgettable cinema. The audience has spoken, and the results are in. Lights, camera, action!
The Prestige

The Prestige

Release Date: 2006-10-19

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

“The Prestige” is a captivating movie released in 2006 that tells the mysterious tale of two rival magicians, played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Their intense competition for supremacy takes them on a lifelong journey filled with obsession, deceit, and jealousy, leading to dangerous and deadly consequences. With an incredible cast including Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, and David Bowie, this film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys thrilling and mind-bending stories.

Cast: Christian Bale (Alfred Borden) , Hugh Jackman (Robert Angier / Gerald Root) , Michael Caine (Cutter) , Scarlett Johansson (Olivia Wenscombe) , Rebecca Hall (Sarah Borden) , David Bowie (Nikola Tesla) , Andy Serkis (Alley) , Piper Perabo (Julia McCullough) , Jim Piddock (Prosecutor) , Samantha Mahurin (Jess Borden) , Mark Ryan (Captain) , Jamie Harris (Sullen Warder) , Daniel Davis (Judge) , Roger Rees (Owens) , Ricky Jay (Milton) , Christopher Neame (Defender) , Monty Stuart (Stagecoach Driver) , Ron Perkins (Hotel Manager) , Anthony De Marco (Boy) , Chi Chaoli (Chung Ling Soo) , John B. Crye (Voice) , William Morgan Sheppard (Merrit) , Ezra Buzzington (Ticket Hawker) , James Lancaster (Moderator) , Johnny Liska (Scalper)

Directors: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Priest

Tags: competition, obsession, magic, diary, dying and death, class society, illusion, tricks, hostility, class, partner, rivalry, steampunk, nikola tesla, tesla coil

The Departed

The Departed

Release Date: 2006-10-04

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime

“The Departed” is a gripping crime thriller released in 2006. Set in South Boston, it follows the intense battle between the police and the Irish Mafia. With an all-star cast including Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon, the movie explores the dangerous world of undercover agents and moles, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Cast: Jack Nicholson (Francis ‘Frank’ Costello) , Leonardo DiCaprio (William “Billy” Costigan, Jr.) , Matt Damon (Staff Sgt. Colin Sullivan) , Mark Wahlberg (Staff Sgt. Sean Dignam) , Vera Farmiga (Dr. Madolyn Madden) , Martin Sheen (Capt. Oliver Charles Queenan) , Ray Winstone (Arnold “Frenchy” French) , Anthony Anderson (Trooper Brown) , Alec Baldwin (Capt. George Ellerby) , Kevin Corrigan (Cousin Sean) , James Badge Dale (Barrigan) , David O’Hara (Fitzy) , Robert Wahlberg (Lazio) , Kristen Dalton (Gwen) , Thomas B. Duffy (Govenor) , Richard Hughes (Uncle Edward) , Chance Kelly (Exam Instructor) , Larry Mitchell (Younger Priest) , Mark Rolston (Delahunt) , J. C. MacKenzie (Realtor) , Mary Klug (Billy’s Aunt) , Robert ‘Toshi’ Kar Yuen Chan (Triad Boss) , Peg Holzemer (Mrs. Kennefick) , Gurdeep Singh (Pakistani Proprietor) , Armen Garo (Providence Gangster #1)

Directors: Martin Scorsese

Writers: William Monahan, Alan Mak, Felix Chong

Tags: undercover, boston, massachusetts, irish-american, gangster, police, friends, remake, crime boss, organized crime, mafia, undercover cop, mobster, mole, state police, police training, realtor

The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others

Release Date: 2006-03-15

Genres: Drama, Thriller

“The Lives of Others” is a captivating movie set in 1984 East Berlin. It follows the story of a secret police agent who becomes deeply engrossed in the lives of a writer and his lover while conducting surveillance on them. With a talented cast including Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Mühe, and Sebastian Koch, this film offers a gripping portrayal of the complexities of human relationships under the watchful eye of a repressive regime. Released in 2006, it’s definitely one of the best movies of that year.

Cast: Martina Gedeck (Christa-Maria Sieland) , Ulrich Mühe (Gerd Wiesler) , Sebastian Koch (Georg Dreyman) , Ulrich Tukur (Anton Grubitz) , Thomas Thieme (Bruno Hempf) , Hans-Uwe Bauer (Paul Hauser) , Volkmar Kleinert (Albert Jerska) , Matthias Brenner (Karl Wallner) , Charly Hübner (Udo) , Herbert Knaup (Gregor Hessenstein) , Bastian Trost (Häftling 227) , Marie Gruber (Frau Meineke) , Volker Michalowski (Schriftexperte) , Werner Daehn (Einsatzleiter in Uniform) , Hinnerk Schönemann (Axel Stigler) , Thomas Arnold (Nowack) , Ludwig Blochberger (Benedikt Lehmann) , Martin Brambach (Einsatzleiter Meyer) , Hubertus Hartmann (Egon Schwalber) , Paul Faßnacht (Onkel Frank Hauser) , Paul Maximilian Schüller (Junge mit Ball) , Susanna Kraus (Andrea) , Michael Gerber (Zahnarzt Dr. Czimmy) , Fabian von Klitzing (Tagesschausprecher) , Harald Polzin (Wächter)

Directors: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Writers: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Tags: germany, berlin, germany, berlin wall, corruption, german democratic republic, stasi, blackmail, cold war, soviet union, propaganda, freedom of speech, house search, artists’ life, spying, government, interrogation, surveillance, heartbreak, east germany, communism, political thriller

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

Release Date: 2006-12-14

Genres: Drama

“The Pursuit of Happyness” is a heartwarming movie released in 2006 that tells the story of a struggling salesman who takes on the responsibility of raising his son while embarking on a life-changing career opportunity. Starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and Thandiwe Newton, this film explores the challenges and triumphs of a father’s determination to provide a better life for his child.

Cast: Will Smith (Chris Gardner) , Jaden Smith (Christopher Gardner) , Thandiwe Newton (Linda Gardner) , Brian Howe (Jay Twistle) , James Karen (Martin Frohm) , Kurt Fuller (Walter Ribbon) , Dan Castellaneta (Alan Frakesh) , Joe Nuñez (Driver Who Hits Chris) , David Fine (Big Guy Rodney) , Takayo Fischer (Mrs. Chu) , Kevin West (World’s Greatest Dad) , George Cheung (Chinese Maintenance Worker) , Geoff Callan (Ferrari Owner) , Scott Klace (Tim Brophy) , Rashida Clendening (Bus Driver) , Peter Fitzsimmons (Doctor) , Maurice Sherbanee (Roy The Old Neighbor) , Zuhair Haddad (Cab Driver) , Victor Raider-Wexler (Landlord) , Mark Christopher Lawrence (Wayne) , George Maguire (Police Clerk) , Adam Del Rio (Shoe-Spotting Intern) , Rueben Grundy (Businessman) , Ming Lo (Young Executive) , Stu Klitsner (Dr. Strauk)

Directors: Gabriele Muccino

Writers: Steven Conrad

Tags: san francisco, california, single parent, homeless person, bus, worker, homelessness, work, church service, bad luck, biography, based on true story, salesman, stockbroker, poor

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

Release Date: 2006-02-23

Genres: Action, Thriller, Science Fiction

“V for Vendetta” is a thrilling and thought-provoking movie set in a dystopian future where Great Britain is ruled by a fascist government. The story follows a mysterious masked vigilante named “V” who fights against the oppressive regime. With an incredible cast including Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, this 2006 film takes you on a gripping journey of rebellion and freedom.

Cast: Natalie Portman (Evey Hammond) , Hugo Weaving (William Rookwood / V) , Stephen Rea (Chief Inspector Eric Finch) , Stephen Fry (Gordon Deitrich) , John Hurt (Chancellor Adam Sutler) , Tim Pigott-Smith (Creedy) , Natasha Wightman (Valerie Page) , Rupert Graves (Dominic Stone) , Roger Allam (Lewis Prothero) , Ben Miles (Dascomb) , Sinéad Cusack (Delia Surridge) , Eddie Marsan (Etheridge) , John Standing (Bishop Lilliman) , Imogen Poots (Young Valerie Page) , Clive Ashborn (Guy Fawkes) , Emma Field-Rayner (Guy Fawkes Lover) , Ian Burfield (Tweed Coat Fingerman) , Mark Phoenix (Willy Fingerman) , Alister Mazzotti (Baldy Fingerman) , Billie Cook (Little Glasses Girl) , Guy Henry (Heyer) , Cosima Shaw (Patricia) , Megan Gay (BTN News Poppet) , Roderic Culver (BTN News Poppet) , Andy Rashleigh (Fred)

Directors: James McTeigue

Writers: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Alan Moore, Harvey Price

Tags: detective, fascism, revolution, fascist, dystopia, government, chancellor, based on comic, revenge, torture, hatred, masked vigilante, vengeful spirit, activist, vengeful, 2020s

Pan's Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth

Release Date: 2006-10-10

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, War

“Pan’s Labyrinth” is a captivating movie released in 2006 that tells the story of a 10-year-old girl named Ofelia. Living with her strict stepfather and pregnant mother, Ofelia discovers a decaying labyrinth where she meets a mysterious faun. To reunite with her real father, Ofelia must complete three terrifying tasks. With a talented cast including Ivana Baquero, Maribel Verdú, and Sergi López, this film is a must-watch for its enchanting storyline and stunning visuals.

Cast: Ivana Baquero (Ofelia) , Maribel Verdú (Mercedes) , Sergi López (Capitán Vidal) , Doug Jones (Fauno / Pale Man) , Ariadna Gil (Carmen) , Álex Angulo (Dr. Ferreiro) , Roger Casamajor (Pedro) , Manolo Solo (Garcés) , César Vea (Serrano) , Iván Massagué (El Tarta) , Gonzalo Uriarte (Francés) , Eusebio Lázaro (Padre) , Francisco Vidal (Sacerdote) , Juanjo Cucalón (Alcalde) , Lina Mira (Esposa del alcalde) , Mario Zorrilla (Jefe de botiquín) , Sebastián Haro (Capitán Guardia Civil) , Mila Espiga (Esposa del doctor) , Pepa Pedroche (Conchita) , Lalá Gatóo (Jacinta) , Ana Sáez (Paz) , Chani Martín (Trigo) , Milo Taboada (Joven) , Fernando Albizu (Maquinista) , Pedro G. Marzo (Encargado)

Directors: Guillermo del Toro

Writers: Guillermo del Toro, Raúl Monge

Tags: spain, resistance, servant, anti hero, fairy tale, franco regime (francoism), army, princess, love, woods, cruelty, hiding, labyrinth, magic realism, mythological, dark fairy tale, children in wartime, post spanish civil war, faun

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Release Date: 2006-07-26

Genres: Comedy, Drama

“Little Miss Sunshine” is a heartwarming and hilarious movie released in 2006. It follows a quirky and colorful family as they embark on a road trip to California in an old van, all to support their little girl Olive in a beauty pageant. With an incredible cast including Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Steve Carell, and more, this film is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Cast: Greg Kinnear (Richard Hoover) , Toni Collette (Sheryl Hoover) , Steve Carell (Frank Ginsberg) , Paul Dano (Dwayne Hoover) , Abigail Breslin (Olive Hoover) , Alan Arkin (Edwin Hoover) , Bryan Cranston (Stan Grossman) , Beth Grant (Nancy Jenkins) , Wallace Langham (Kirby) , Matt Winston (Pageant MC) , Julio Oscar Mechoso (Mechanic) , Marc Turtletaub (Doctor #1) , Jill Talley (Cindy) , Brenda Canela (Diner Waitress) , Chuck Loring (Convience Store Proprietor) , Justin Shilton (Josh) , Gordon Thomson (Larry Sugarman) , Steven Christopher Parker (Teen Boy #1) , John Walcutt (Doctor #2) , Paula Newsome (Linda) , Dean Norris (State Trooper McCleary) , Lauren Shiohama (Miss California) , Mary Lynn Rajskub (Pageant Assistant Pam) , Jerry Giles (Funeral Home Worker) , Geoff Meed (Biker Dad)

Directors: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Writers: Michael Arndt

Tags: sibling relationship, california, husband wife relationship, family’s daily life, highway, literature professor, beauty contest, beauty queen contest, road trip, family relationships, family holiday, road movie, woman director, beauty pageant

Children of Men

Children of Men

“Children of Men” is a gripping sci-fi thriller set in the year 2027, where humanity faces a devastating crisis as no new babies are being born. Clive Owen plays a former activist who embarks on a dangerous mission to transport a miraculously pregnant woman, portrayed by Clare-Hope Ashitey, to a sanctuary at sea. With an all-star cast including Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, this thought-provoking film explores the hope and desperation of a world on the brink of extinction. Released on September 22, 2006, it’s one of the best-voted movies of that year.

Cast: Clive Owen (Theo Faron) , Clare-Hope Ashitey (Kee) , Pam Ferris (Miriam) , Chiwetel Ejiofor (Luke) , Julianne Moore (Julian Taylor) , Michael Caine (Jasper Palmer) , Oana Pellea (Marichka) , Charlie Hunnam (Patric) , Danny Huston (Nigel) , Peter Mullan (Syd) , Jacek Koman (Tomasz) , Phaldut Sharma (Ian) , Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi (Baby Diego) , Mishal Husain (Newsreader) , Rob Curling (Newsreader) , Maria McErlane (Shirley) , Michael Haughey (Mr. Griffiths) , Tehmina Sunny (Zara) , Michael Klesic (Rado) , Ilario Bisi-Pedro (Cigar Man) , Caroline Lena Olsson (Caroline) , Dhafer L’Abidine (Dhafer) , Jon Chevalier (Café Customer) , Rita Davies (Café Customer) , Kim Fenton (Café Customer)

Directors: Alfonso Cuarón

Writers: Alfonso Cuarón, David Arata, Timothy J. Sexton, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, P.D. James

Tags: police state, england, hippie, rebel, based on novel or book, refugee camp, miracle, future, dystopia, chaos, childlessness, government, faith, survival, birth, alcoholic, bombing, dying, fertility, 2020s

The Fall

The Fall

Release Date: 2006-09-09

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama

“The Fall” is a captivating movie released in 2006 that takes place in a hospital in 1920s Los Angeles. It follows the story of a stuntman who, while recovering from an injury, weaves an enchanting tale for a young girl with a broken arm. As the line between reality and fiction blurs, their imaginations transport them into a world of mythical heroes. Starring Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru, this film is a mesmerizing journey that will leave you spellbound.

Cast: Lee Pace (Roy Walker / Black Bandit) , Catinca Untaru (Alexandria) , Jeetu Verma (Indian / Orange Picker) , Marcus Wesley (Otta Benga / Ice Delivery Man) , Leo Bill (Darwin / Orderly) , Julian Bleach (Mystic / Orange Picker) , Justine Waddell (Nurse Evelyn / Sister Evelyn) , Kim Uylenbroek (Doctor / Alexander The Great) , Aiden Lithgow (Alexander’s Messenger) , Emil Hostina (Alexandria’s Father / Blue Bandit) , Sean Gilder (Walt Purdy) , Daniel Caltagirone (Sinclair / Governor Odious) , Robin Smith (Luigi / One Legged Actor) , Ronald France (Otto) , Andrew Roussouw (Mr. Sabatini) , Michael Huff (Dr. Whitaker) , Grant Swanby (Father Augustine) , Ayesha Verman (Indian’s Bride)

Directors: Tarsem Singh

Writers: Tarsem Singh, Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis

Tags: suicide attempt, remake, morphine, hospital, storytelling, 1920s



Release Date: 2006-12-07

Genres: Action, Drama, History

“Apocalypto” is a captivating movie set in the ancient Mayan civilization. It follows the story of a man whose peaceful life is shattered when a violent invading force disrupts his world. Fueled by his love for his family, he embarks on a dangerous journey to save his way of life, facing fear and oppression along the way. With a talented cast and a gripping storyline, this 2006 release is definitely worth watching.

Cast: Rudy Youngblood (Jaguar Paw) , Raoul Max Trujillo (Zero Wolf) , Gerardo Taracena (Middle Eye) , Iazua Larios (Sky Flower) , Antonio Monroy (Chilam) , María Isabel Díaz Lago (Mother in Law) , Dalia Hernández (Seven) , Jonathan Brewer (Blunted) , Morris Birdyellowhead (Flint Sky) , Carlos Emilio Báez (Turtles Run) , Amilcar Ramírez (Curl Nose) , Israel Contreras (Smoke Frog) , Israel Ríos (Cocoa Leaf) , Espiridion Acosta Cache (Old Story Teller) , Mayra Sérbulo (Young Woman) , Rodolfo Palacios (Snake Ink) , Lorena Heranandez (Village Girl) , Itandehui Gutierrez (Wife) , Sayuri Gutierrez (Eldest Daughter) , Hiram Soto (Fish Hunter) , José Suárez (First Temple Sacrifice) , Ariel Galvan (Hanging Moss) , Bernardo Ruiz (Drunkards Four) , Ricardo Diaz Mendoza (Cut Rock) , Richard Can (Ten Peccary)

Directors: Mel Gibson

Writers: Mel Gibson, Farhad Safinia

Tags: loss of loved one, solar eclipse, slavery, village, maya civilization, forest, tribe, native american, human sacrifice, central america, ancient civilization, 16th century, ancient language film

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Release Date: 2006-11-14

Genres: Adventure, Action, Thriller

“Casino Royale” is a thrilling 2006 movie starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, who is sent on his first mission as a 00 Agent. Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world’s terrorists, from winning a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro. With the help of Vesper Lynd and Felix Leiter, Bond enters the dangerous poker game, making it the most important mission of his career.

Cast: Daniel Craig (James Bond) , Eva Green (Vesper Lynd) , Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre) , Judi Dench (M) , Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter) , Giancarlo Giannini (René Mathis) , Caterina Murino (Solange Dimitrios) , Simon Abkarian (Alex Dimitrios) , Isaach De Bankolé (Steven Obanno) , Jesper Christensen (Mr. White) , Ivana Miličević (Valenka) , Tobias Menzies (Villiers) , Claudio Santamaria (Carlos) , Sébastien Foucan (Mollaka) , Malcolm Sinclair (Dryden) , Richard Sammel (Adolph Gettler) , Ludger Pistor (Mendel) , Joseph Millson (Carter) , Darwin Shaw (Fisher) , Clemens Schick (Kratt) , Emmanuel Avena (Leo) , Tom Chadbon (Stockbroker) , Ade (Infante) , Urbano Barberini (Tomelli) , Tsai Chin (Madame Wu)

Directors: Martin Campbell

Writers: Paul Haggis, Ian Fleming, Robert Wade, Neal Purvis

Tags: italy, poker, casino, based on novel or book, terrorist, banker, money, free running, torture, mi6, british secret service, montenegro

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond

Release Date: 2006-12-07

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Action

“Blood Diamond” is a gripping 2006 movie set in war-torn Sierra Leone. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, it tells the story of an ex-mercenary turned smuggler and a Mende fisherman who team up on a dangerous mission. Their goal is to recover a rare pink diamond of immense value while also rescuing the fisherman’s son, who has been forced into becoming a child soldier. With intense action and a heart-wrenching plot, this film is a must-watch from 2006.

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (Danny Archer) , Djimon Hounsou (Solomon Vandy) , Jennifer Connelly (Maddy Bowen) , Kagiso Kuypers (Dia Vandy) , Arnold Vosloo (Colonel Coetzee) , Antony Coleman (Cordell Brown) , Benu Mabhena (Jassie Vandy) , Anointing Lukola (N’Yanda Vandy) , David Harewood (Captain Poison) , Basil Wallace (Benjamin Kapanay) , Jimi Mistry (Nabil) , Michael Sheen (Simmons) , Marius Weyers (Van De Kaap) , Stephen Collins (Ambassador Walker) , Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (M’Ed) , Ato Essandoh (Commander Rambo) , David S. Lee (Cockney Journalist) , Percy Matsemela (Commander Zero) , Klemens Becker (German Minister) , Grant Swanby (UNCHR Official) , Adetokumboh M’Cormack (R.U.F. Trainer) , Tyrone Keogh (SA Page) , Mduduzi Mabaso (Rebel 1) , Nathaniel Ramabulana (Rebel 2) , Zenzo Ngqobe (Rebel 3)

Directors: Edward Zwick

Writers: Charles Leavitt, C. Gaby Mitchell

Tags: africa, rebel, loss of loved one, journalist, journalism, slavery, mercenary, diamond mine, sierra leone, bootlegger, fisherman, special unit, smuggling (contraband), rwandan genocide, oppression, 1990s, private military company



Release Date: 2006-01-26

Genres: Drama, Action

“Fearless” is a captivating martial arts film released in 2006, starring Jet Li, Sun Li, and a talented ensemble cast. Set in China during the early 20th Century, it tells the inspiring story of Huo Yuan Jia, who overcomes personal tragedy to become a renowned fighter, embodying the true essence of martial arts and becoming a national inspiration. With thrilling action sequences and a powerful message, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Cast: Jet Li (Huo Yuanjia) , Sun Li (Moon) , Dong Yong (Nong Jinsun) , Shido Nakamura (Anno Tanaka) , Pau Hei-Ching (Yuanjia’s Mother) , Chen Zhihui (Chin) , Leung Ting (Lai) , Qu Yun (Grandma) , Ma Zhongxuan (Zhou) , Nathan Jones (Hercules O’Brien) , Jacky Heung (Chin’s Godson) , Brandon Rhea (Belgian Fighter) , Philippe Millieret (French Businessman) , Anthony De Longis (Spanish Swordsman) , Jean Claude Leuyer (English Boxer) , Mike Leeder (Fight Referee) , Yi Shixiong (Liu Zhensheng) , Chen Fusheng (Xu Dashan) , Zheng Shiming (Xia Xiang) , Lu Yuhao (Child Huo Yuanjia) , Zhu Qilong (Child Nong Jinsun) , Shang Yapeng (Child Zhou) , Wang Qi (Gui) , He Ju (Town Idiot) , Xu Ailing (Jade)

Directors: Ronny Yu

Writers: Chris Chow, Chi-long To

Tags: martial arts, kung fu, patriotism, blindness and impaired vision, sake, restaurant, shanghai, china, hope, tea, respect, exile, rice, biography, beggar, friendship, based on true story, historical, qing dynasty

This Is England

This Is England

Release Date: 2006-09-12

Genres: Drama, Crime

“This Is England” is a heartwarming movie set in 1983 England, following the journey of a troubled young boy. After a fight, he unexpectedly befriends a group of skinheads who become like family to him. Based on the director’s own experiences, this film features a talented cast including Thomas Turgoose, Stephen Graham, and Jo Hartley. Released on September 12, 2006, it’s definitely one of the best voted movies of that year!”

Cast: Thomas Turgoose (Shaun) , Stephen Graham (Combo) , Jo Hartley (Cynth) , Andrew Shim (‘Milky’) , Vicky McClure (Lol) , Joseph Gilgun (Richard ‘Woody’ Woodford) , Perry Benson (Meggy) , Andrew Ellis (Gadget) , Jack O’Connell (Pukey Nicholls) , Rosamund Hanson (Smell) , Kieran Hardcastle (Kes) , Danielle Watson (Trev) , Chanel Cresswell (Kelly) , Hannah Walters (Trudy) , Kriss Dosanjh (Mr Sandhu) , George Newton (Banjo) , Michael Socha (Harvey) , Frank Harper (Lenny) , Terry Haywood (Football Kid)

Directors: Shane Meadows

Writers: Shane Meadows, Andrew Vickers

Tags: skinhead, england, vandalism, drugs, falklands war, cult film, xenophobia, 1980s

Black Book

Black Book

Release Date: 2006-09-14

Genres: Drama, Thriller, War

“Black Book” is a gripping World War II drama set in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. The movie follows a brave Jewish singer who goes undercover at the regional Gestapo headquarters to aid the Dutch resistance. With a talented cast including Carice van Houten and Sebastian Koch, this intense and suspenseful film is a must-watch for history buffs and fans of thrilling war stories.

Cast: Carice van Houten (Rachel Stein / Ellis de Vries) , Sebastian Koch (Ludwig Müntze) , Thom Hoffman (Hans Akkermans) , Halina Reijn (Ronnie) , Waldemar Kobus (Günther Franken) , Matthias Schoenaerts (Joop) , Theo Maassen (Prison Guard with Baret) , Derek de Lint (Gerben Kuipers) , Christian Berkel (General Käutner) , Dolf de Vries (Notary Wim Smaal) , Peter Blok (Van Gein) , Michiel Huisman (Rob) , Ronald Armbrust (Tim Kuipers) , Frank Lammers (Kees) , Johnny de Mol (Theo) , Xander Straat (Maarten) , Diana Dobbelman (Mrs. Smaal) , Timothy Deenihan (Canadian Colonel) , Nolan Hemmings (British Intelligence Captain) , Skip Goeree (Ronnie’s Husband) , Bert Luppes (Mr. Tjepkema) , Marisa van Eyle (Mrs. Tjepkema) , Garrick Hagon (British General) , Ronald de Bruin (Dutch SD in Train #1) , Menno van Beekum (Dutch SD in Train #2)

Directors: Paul Verhoeven

Writers: Paul Verhoeven, Gerard Soeteman

Tags: in love with enemy, netherlands, world war ii, prosecution, singer, nazi occupation, 1940s, the hague, dutch resistance



Release Date: 2006-03-17

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

“Volver” is a captivating Spanish movie released in 2006. Starring Penélope Cruz and Carmen Maura, it tells the story of a woman who tries to hide her daughter’s murder while starting a new life. Things take an unexpected turn when her supposedly deceased mother pays a visit to her sister. With a talented cast and a gripping plot, this film is definitely worth watching if you’re into suspenseful dramas.

Cast: Penélope Cruz (Raimunda) , Carmen Maura (Irene) , Lola Dueñas (Sole) , Blanca Portillo (Agustina) , Yohana Cobo (Paula) , Chus Lampreave (Tía Paula) , Antonio de la Torre (Paco) , Carlos Blanco Vila (Emilio) , María Isabel Díaz Lago (Regina) , Neus Sanz (Inés) , Leandro Rivera (Production Assistant) , Pepa Aniorte (Neighbor) , Yolanda Ramos (TV Presenter) , Elvira Cuadrupani (Neighbor) , María Alfonsa Rosso (Neighbor) , Fanny de Castro (Neighbor) , Eli Iranzo (Neighbor) , Carlos García Cambero (Carlos) , Magdalena Brotto (Neighbor) , Isabel Ayúcar (Neighbor) , Concha Galán (Neighbor) , Mari Franç Torres (Neighbor) , Natalia Roig (Neighbor) , Agustín Almodóvar (Hardware Store Employee (uncredited)) , Mila Espiga (Neighbor (uncredited))

Directors: Pedro Almodóvar

Writers: Pedro Almodóvar

Tags: child abuse, rape, fire, sexual abuse, madrid, spain, return, solidarity, village, superstition, death, ghost, abusive father

Lucky Number Slevin

Lucky Number Slevin

Release Date: 2006-02-24

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

“Lucky Number Slevin” is a thrilling crime movie released in 2006. It follows Slevin, who finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous feud between powerful criminal bosses. With an all-star cast including Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Bruce Willis, this film keeps you on the edge of your seat as Slevin tries to outsmart an infamous assassin and find a way out of his perilous situation.

Cast: Josh Hartnett (Slevin) , Morgan Freeman (The Boss) , Ben Kingsley (The Rabbi) , Lucy Liu (Lindsey) , Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat) , Stanley Tucci (Det. Brikowski) , Mykelti Williamson (Sloe) , Peter Outerbridge (Dumbrowski) , Michael Rubenfeld (Yitzchok) , Kevin Chamberlin (Marty) , Dorian Missick (Elvis) , Scott Gibson (Max) , Corey Stoll (Saul) , Robert Forster (Murphy) , Sam Jaeger (Nick Fisher) , Danny Aiello (Roth) , Jennifer Miller (Slevin’s Girlfriend) , Janet Lane (Gloria (Blondie)) , Oliver Davis (Henry) , Sebastien Roberts (The Guy) , Darren Marsman (Slim Hopkins) , Gerry Mendicino (Benny Begin) , Matthew G. Taylor (Featured (uncredited)) , Shira Leigh (Hottie) , Daniel Kash (Bodyguard #1)

Directors: Paul McGuigan

Writers: Jason Smilovic

Tags: assassination, assassin, identity, sniper, fbi, mistake in person, gangster, gambling debt, boss, murder, sniper rifle, horse racing, gambler, hoodlum

Letters from Iwo Jima

Letters from Iwo Jima

Release Date: 2006-12-19

Genres: Action, Drama, War

“Letters from Iwo Jima” is a captivating war film released in 2006. Set during World War II, it offers a unique perspective by recounting the intense battle of Iwo Jima from the viewpoint of the Japanese soldiers who fought in it. With a talented cast including Ken Watanabe and Kazunari Ninomiya, this movie provides a thought-provoking and emotional portrayal of the historic conflict.

Cast: Ken Watanabe (General Tadamichi Kuribayashi) , Kazunari Ninomiya (Private Saigo) , Tsuyoshi Ihara (Colonel Baron Nishi) , Ryo Kase (Private Shimizu) , Shido Nakamura (Lieutenant Ito) , Hiroshi Watanabe (Lieutenant Fujita) , Takumi Bando (Captain Tanida) , Yuki Matsuzaki (Private Nozaki) , Takashi Yamaguchi (Kashiwara) , Eijiro Ozaki (Lieutenant Okubo) , Nae Yuuki (Hanako) , Nobumasa Sakagami (Admiral Ohsugi) , Lucas Elliot Eberl (Sam) , Sonny Saito (Medic Endo) , Steve Santa Sekiyoshi (Kanda) , Hiro Abe (Lt. Colonel Oiso) , Toshiya Agata (Captain Iwasaki) , Toshi Toda (Colonel Adachi) , Ken Kensei (Maj. General Hayashi) , Ikuma Ando (Ozawa) , Akiko Shima (Lead Woman) , Masashi Nagadoi (Admiral Ichimaru) , Mark Moses (American Officer) , Roxanne Hart (Officer’s Wife) , Ryan Carnes (Marine at Clearing)

Directors: Clint Eastwood

Writers: Paul Haggis, Iris Yamashita

Tags: world war ii, cave, dying and death, pacific war, iwo jima, pacific theater, anti war, japanese army, imperial japan, 1940s

The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland

Release Date: 2006-01-12

Genres: Drama

“The Last King of Scotland” is a gripping historical drama set in Uganda during the turbulent times of President Obote’s downfall. The story follows a young Scottish doctor, Nicholas Garrigan, who embarks on an adventurous journey and finds himself becoming the personal doctor of the newly appointed leader, General Idi Amin. With an incredible cast including Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy, this 2006 film offers a captivating portrayal of power, loyalty, and the consequences of being entangled in a dictator’s regime.

Cast: Forest Whitaker (Idi Amin) , James McAvoy (Dr. Nicholas Garrigan) , Simon McBurney (British Diplomat) , Gillian Anderson (Sarah Merrit) , Kerry Washington (Kay Amin) , David Oyelowo (Dr. Thomas Junju) , Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga (Masanga) , Adam Kotz (Dr. David Merrit) , Barbara Rafferty (Mrs. Garrigan) , David Ashton (Dr. Garrigan – Senior) , Sarah Nagayi (Tolu) , Stephen Rwangyezi (Jonah Wasswa) , Sam Okelo (Bonny) , Dick Stockley (Times Journalist) , Chris Wilson (Perkins) , Daniel Ssettaba (Kay Amin’s Servant) , Giles Foden (British Journalist 1) , Andrew Williams (British Journalist 2) , Martina Amati (Italian Journalist) , Devon Diep (Nurse (uncredited))

Directors: Kevin Macdonald

Writers: Peter Morgan, Jeremy Brock, Giles Foden

Tags: dictator, africa, based on novel or book, 1970s, general, mass murder, kidnapping, naivety, luxury, diplomat, charisma, polygamy, uganda, dictatorship, historical fiction, doctor, idi amin, scottish, kampala

Inside Man

Inside Man

Release Date: 2006-03-17

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

“Inside Man” is a thrilling heist movie released in 2006. Starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and Jodie Foster, it follows a detective who finds himself negotiating with a gang of armed robbers who have taken hostages in a Manhattan bank. As the detective battles corruption charges, tension rises as he tries to outsmart the criminals and save the day.

Cast: Denzel Washington (Detective Keith Frazier) , Clive Owen (Dalton Russell) , Jodie Foster (Madeleine White) , Christopher Plummer (Arthur Case) , Willem Dafoe (Captain John Darius) , Chiwetel Ejiofor (Detective Bill Mitchell) , Carlos Andrés Gómez (Steve) , Kim Director (Stevie) , James Ransone (Steve-O) , Bernie Rachelle (Chaim) , Peter Gerety (Captain Coughlin) , Victor Colicchio (Sergeant Collins) , Cassandra Freeman (Sylvia) , Peter Frechette (Peter Hammond) , Gerry Vichi (Herman Gluck) , Waris Ahluwalia (Vikram Walia) , Rafael Osorio (Bank Guard) , Rodney “Bear” Jackson (Bank Guard) , Daryl Mitchell (Mobile Command Officer Rourke) , Ashlie Atkinson (Mobile Command Officer Berk) , David Brown (Mobile Command Officer Carnow) , Robert C. Kirk (Mobile Command Officer Borinsky) , Frank Stellato (Mobile Command Detective) , Ken Leung (Wing) , Marcia Jean Kurtz (Miriam Douglas)

Directors: Spike Lee

Writers: Russell Gewirtz

Tags: new york city, bank, hostage, bank manager, kidnapping, ultimatum, nazi, court case, heist, anti-semitism, police detective, bank robbery, hostage situation, financial transactions, bank vault, dark past, manhattan, new york city, secret past, crooked banker, secret, public figure

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